23 July, 2009

Anger in White America

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by Dr. Kevin MacDonald.

“Sarah Palin emerged in the presidential campaign of 2008 as the candidate of the Republican base — the people the globalist elites in the party pander to every four years so that if everything breaks right, they may have a chance of winning. Palin is the very image of White fertility and small town Americana — all that the globalist Republican elite despises. ‘Despises’ is much too mild a word for how the Democrats see her.”


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  7. 51 Responses to “Anger in White America”

    1. Nonurbania Says:

      Lutjens the Internet “activist” still doesn’t get it.

      Palin the miscegenating whore. Palin the part jew. Palin the …. blankety blank blah blah. Same shit, different day. Polly wanna cracker?


      “Palin is the very image of White fertility and small town Americana — all that the globalist Republican elite despises.”

      …is all that matters to nonurban whites with real lives not centered in the fantasies of easy online “white nationalist” personality cults.

      MacDonald has essentially pissed on Lutjens’ parade of do-nothing-but-talk-tough form of Internet “activism.”

      Understandably, it pisses him off.

      Human parrots don’t like to be told that their “strategy” is fucked.

      Take voting, for example. Sure, we’re not gonna vote our way out of this on the national scale or by creating a new national political party. Independent campaigns, however, can assist us in organizing and acquiring civil legitimacy at local levels in nonurban communities.

      There is no reason to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

      Much more than local political campaigns are needed, of course.

      MacDonald has made a good start by pissing in Internet “nationalism’s” urban cornflakes. Look for it to continue.

      We have ten-twenty years to pull this off. That’s 2019-2029 for the math-challenged. Not 2040. Not 2060. Get it together Lutjens or get fucked.