1 August, 2009

Online Book

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“My Awakening” by David Duke, audio version:


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    1. Hoff Says:

      How The Jews Dumb Down Goyim – that would be you

      lf you was a jew and want to control the world, in essence control all the 200 states of the world, would you want goyim to know that you is in control of their state? Of course not, so what do you want: Bright and educated or as stupid and ignorant (m)asses possible?
      What you do is you dumb down the (m)asses. How you do it is that you find the dumbest jew-loving shabbat goyim there are, pay them a little extra and tell them they are “intellctuals”, call them “journalist” and post them up in the jew run Talmud Vision, TV.
      What you have now is stupid people who believes that the dumb goy they see on TV is an important person who will tell them how the world works. What the jews do is that they promote STUPIDITY. Fox News, aka Faux Nonsense is a very clear and easy to understand how the jews is dumbing down the (m)asses.
      Bill O’lier is bashing some “liberals”, ie goyim commi scumbags. Stupid republicans thinks: -There they got it! Finally someone who tell the libs off! What the jews is doing is that they take the steam off the frustrated republicans. That is all there is to it. The stupid mouthpiece Bill O’lier will not change a thing.
      lt’s the same thing with Jesse Ventura, stupid and ignorant rep’s will tell themself: -Now, there you got it! Why the jews is posting up JV is because he takes the steam off frustrated people. Why the jews post up STUPID goyim like Brian Kilmeade is because ignorant people like JV will get a free shoot. Brian Kilmeade is a sitting duck, even the most stupid person can think he is smart compared to Brian Kilmeade. That is why the jews post him up. The jews promotes stupidity.
      Jesse Ventura will not change a thing. Just as the fraud Alex Jones will not change a thing. l don’t say that JV is a fraud, but he is ignorant, and what will ignorant goyim teach you about the jews? Not a thing.
      What do all people you see onTalmud Vision, TV have in common? They will all deny that there is a jewish conspiracy. This is why the jews post them up, they will all tell you hell-bent that it’s anything BUT the jews.
      Occasionally the jew will post up someone like Bollyn who will say it’s the jews. The only reason the jews do that is to be able to ridicule anyone that says it’s the jews. lt’s the same scam all over. People who are stupid will smile and say things like tin-hat on, and then think they are the smart ones.
      What the jews promotes is STUPIDITY. Talmud Vision, TV = Stupidity and ignorance in order to dumb down the (m)asses. Whatever the jews do in their propaganda-machine is that they promotes stupidity and ignorance. For the self-imposed “intellectual” goyim the jews promotes another jewish stupidity – the bogus, smear-slander accusation “antisemite”.
      Many goyim who think of themself as educated and intellectuals use a lot of their time to think and speak about “antisemitism”. They feel “smart” when they know how to spell “antisemite”. What is “antisemitism” really? Just another jewish fraud to dumb down goyim. Only stupid and ignorant people will take the jewish fraud accusation “antisemite” serious. Most people can’t say, less spell “antisemite”, for them the jews post up Jesse Ventura, Alex Jones, Bill O’lier etc.

      “”It’s a Trick, We Always Use It.” (calling people “anti-Semitic”)”


    2. Hoff Says:


      The whole book in full text online.


    3. Hoff Says:

      The jewish Frankfurt School was all about dumbing down the whole academia in the whole western world. That is what all the jewish “intellectuals” spend their entire life thinking about: How can we dumb down goyim so much that they don’t understand that we want to control their state – with out they understand that we jews controls their state?

      That is what PC is. Dumbing down goyim.

    4. Emily Says:

      Allelujia. The problem is when non-geu starts to listen to the jeu. All jews have inferiority complexes–why they’re called Jews in the first place! THEY don’t even know where the word originates from. Why they turn myth into reality. Be true to yourself and self will show you everytime.

    5. Parsifal Says:

      Duke comes across as a Council of Conservative Citizens type, a typical Southern right-winger who’ displays only a respectable tinge of Eurocentric racism. But I hear that back in the 70s and 80s, Duke was the Bill Clinton of the Ku Klux Klan, a real womanizing con-man/flake of little or no character. His former associate Tom Metzger has lots of war-stories about this self-important self-promoter. And his so-called Ph.D is from some school in the Ukraine. I take everything this guy says with a proverbial grain of salt.

    6. Hoff Says:

      When Victims Rule – a six MB book online in full text. No pic’s, only six MB text. This is the, to my knowledge, the biggest ever written book about the jews. 10.ooo or so excerpts from jewish only sources.


    7. Socrates Says:

      Parsifal Says: “Duke comes across as a Council of Conservative Citizens type, a typical Southern right-winger who’ displays only a respectable tinge of Eurocentric racism… I take everything this guy says with a proverbial grain of salt.”

      I disagree. Duke’s public writings/statements about Jews, Blacks, etc. have been accurate and helpful to the WN cause. And “My Awakening” is an important book.

    8. Irma Grese Says:

      I didn’t know that about Duke, Parsifal, re: his womanizing. I just finished up his “My Awakening” and he seems to have it down regarding nigs, spics and the jewish problem. I hope the allegations aren’t true. Now I don’t mean to excuse bad behavior, because if they are true then he should be called on it, but I’ve noticed over the last several months from lurking at a number of sites that WN’s tend to want to line up the firing squad in a circle. Can’t we just focus on destroying the enemy?

    9. Parsifal Says:

      You’re absolutely right, Irma. We need to focus on dealing with the real enemy, as he is getting stronger every day. I just don’t trust the Don Blacks and David Dukes in this struggle. If and when the bullets start flying, will they reallly join the fight, or will they run for cover, as I suspect? Anyway, you and Socrates are correct. I’ll keep the rumor-mongering to a minimum.

    10. Dante Says:

      Don Black is an obvious sell-out, now allowing mods who hate other WNs more than the enemy (even some, like JJT, who says Jews treat him better than white gentiles (small w) do) run his forum because he gets more members, thus more paying members, if he makes the forum more mainstream. David Duke on the other hand has exposed the Jew like few other men have done in the post-war West. My Racial Awakening and The Jewish Supremacism are very helpful books. Duke may shake hands with Don Black because he owns the largest “WN” forum, but if Duke had been just an ordinary member in the forum, posting the things he writes in his books, he would have been put on moderation and then banned long ago.

    11. Marwinsing Says:

      Irma’s ghost says, “WN’s tend to want to line up the firing squad in a circle.” – LOL! That’s a classic! Too damn true and so applicable to WN (circles) in general. I be rememberin’ dat.

    12. Irma Grese Says:

      Not ghost, Marwinsing – Valkyrie! Sitting up here with Wotan, Thor, Frigga and all the gang; fighting, chugging beer, singing war songs and whatnot. Occasionally we look down at Hell and laugh at Anne Frank as she and the rest of the dead kikes and niggers ROAST in a vast ocean of boiling shit, snot, syphilitic rat pus and AIDS-infected donkey cum! Every so often one of Surtr’s fire demons comes along to bufu the hell out of her with it’s 18″ long flaming barbed cock, but nastily enough she seems to enjoy that part. No surprise there, eh?

    13. Parsifal Says:

      Someday we’ll all be in Valhalla.