20 September, 2009

The Vicissitudes of Tolerance: Jewish Faculty and Students at Clark University

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How times have changed re: gentile attitudes toward Jews. Note the mention of Boas, and Atwood:


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  7. 7 Responses to “The Vicissitudes of Tolerance: Jewish Faculty and Students at Clark University”

    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      There are too many so-called institutions of higher learning in this country today, with too many people wasting time and their parents’ money fooling around in them when they should be out working. Only those wishing to be doctors, engineers, scientists and the like should go to University. Law students can do what Abe Lincoln did, just pass a state bar exam, pay a fee and that’s it. Colleges and universities are just Jew-controlled money-making scams full of silly White girls and faggy Marxist professors.

    2. old dutch Says:

      Most of these early 20th century Jewish & Eastern European “professors” had the most sketchy of credentials, if any real credentials at all. It was a common practice in those days to call one’s self “doctor” or “professor” and claim a European education & practice. LOL.

    3. Adam Says:

      From the article:

      Atwood’s anti-Semitism was invisible, or at least irrelevant, to the Jewish students who enrolled during his tenure as president. Yetta Silverman Ferdinand, who studied for her masters in psychology in the late 1920s, was neither aware of any anti-Semitism nor “subjected to discrimination.”40 From alumnus Samuel Sleeper’s vantage point, Clark was an institution free of prejudice. “You never felt uneasy,” he explained. “You never felt a little tension…. Your Jewishness just didn’t matter…. The question of nationality or religion never entered the picture, at least when I was there.”41 Thelma Lockwood, who entered Clark in 1942, the first year that Clark opened its doors to undergraduate women, also had no memories of anti-Semitism.42 In his book The Making of an American Psychologist, Seymour Sarason, class of 1942, wrote that “in my three years at Clark, I cannot recall a single instance where I felt discriminated against because I was Jewish. At the same time, I was aware of several things: there was not a recognizably Jewish name under any of the pictures on that seminar wall; there were very few Jewish names in departments of psychology anywhere in the country…. But there were a lot of Jews who were psychologists several miles away at Worcester State Hospital.”43 Irving Sigel, class of 1943, knew about Atwood’s anti-Semitism but, “since it was not a new phenomenon for most of us, we could endure it and get out of school what we set out to do. That Atwood and his cronies were bad guys did not have the negative effect on me as far as my education was concerned. His antisemitism was primarily directed at the faculty.”44 Despite Atwood’s bias, Clark University provided a hospitable environment for Jewish students.
      For Sigel, the benefits of a Clark education outweighed the costs of Atwood’s bigotry.

      So, according to the Jewess who wrote the article, Clark University president Atwood was “biased”, “anti-Semitic”, a “bigot”, and an all around “bad guy” because he fought to keep Jews from being disproportionately represented in the student body. Oy gewalt! It’s a mini-holycawst! Yet by the kike authoress’ own admission, the young rat-faces that attended Clark never even noticed any anti-Semitism, emanating from that or any other quarter.

      Yep, not much has changed. That sounds about like white people of today. There they were, trying their absolute hardest to be racially collectivist and stick up for the white race in their lame, sporadic, ineffectual way, and all they were able to achieve was a milque-toast anti-Semitism, not even noticed by most of the parasites in attendance – even in what was supposedly anti-Semitism’s heyday, at a time when they were in complete control! No wonder the Jews took it away from them. With the Jews’ inborn hatred of all other races, and their racial ability to work together as a team which is encoded in their DNA, it was like taking candy from a baby!

      This is a textbook case highlighting genetic differences between whites and Jews, and a demonstration of why whites trying to outjew the Jew by mimicking his tactics will never work.

    4. Ein Says:

      A VERY interesting article! Slanted journalism, of course (written by Shelly Tennenbaum, what else) eg. “the xenophobia that plagued America”, “pernicious antii-Semitism”, etc.

      Nonetheless, it filled in some information that I was curious about — such as the dates when “Jewish exclusion” was practiced.

      And btw, that is slanted terminology too. The accurate term would be “Jewish limitation”, not Jewish “exclusion”. No one was excluding them!

      Princeton tried to limit them to 3% … their proportion of the national polulation. Well, what’s unfair about that? THAT WASN’T EXCLUDING THEM! And at Harvard, after the implementation of “exclusionary tactics”, the Jewish proportion of students fell to 16% . That’s equivalent to 1/6th of the population and over FIVE TIMES MORE than their percentage. What’s unfair? They were still grossly over-represented.

      It’s abundantly clear that they didn’t want fairness and equality, they wanted to take over. They wanted to dominate. They wanted to have it all. And that’s exactly what they have done.

      Now, not only the student body and faculty are top heavy with Jews, but even the administrations and university presidents are Jewish. So now they are routinely discriminating against whites and gentiles, and telling this is good for us.

    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      Is it any wonder the most “prestigious” universities in America today are nothing but a joke? Every year, those universities set a few seats aside for some token homeless Black drug-addict or a fat Mestiza welfare-queen so those idiots can get their extremely important degrees in Sociology or Black History. Makes the Jews
      look like great humanitarians.

    6. JH Says:

      One great man did teach at Clark : Robert Goddard

      They should rename the University after him.

    7. Ein Says:

      One great man did teach at Clark : Robert Goddard.

      Goddard? His father’s name was Nahum.