19 September, 2009

White Art

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P. Buckley Moss. Her work is folksy, with an Amish vibe:

[Web page] (click on the links under “Code”).



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  7. 6 Responses to “White Art”

    1. Antagonistes Says:

      The stark simplicity of her art is its charm, reminiscient of the Japanese prints that inspired Van Gogh.

      She has a winning combination–celebrating family, faith, and farm.

      I did notice, however, that in the painting, “Abilities” (I think), there were some blacks. I am sure this is for the artistic principle of variation, because I feel sure that VERY FEW blacks would buy this type of art.

    2. 2050 Says:

      Except for that one out of many dozens her art is uplifting and pleasant to look at. It brings good memories and good feelings.
      What white art does.

    3. 2050 Says:

      yuck, just found another diversity is our strength type pic of hers. “Growing Stronger Together”

      Why is it every white person thinks they have to pay homage to ‘diversity’? I know why, just get irritated about the blinders people wear.

    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      Good point, 2050. Is this broad a Quaker, or something? Hey lady, it’s not 1820 anymore!

    5. old dutch Says:

      You really can’t call this lady a folk artist, because she is professionally trained at one of the nations leading art schools. By the same token, she has blended Matisse with a 1950’s commercial style to develop a unique niche for herself.

      You might want to check out “RAW” magazine which includes all types of folk, outsider & raw art…some of it amusingly “anti-semitic” for lack of a better word.

    6. Marwinsing Says:

      RAW’s got some nice stuff.

      Meet a rare designer: Neville Brody; and his work.

      Meet a rare painter: Conrad Botes; and his work.

      True creative white men create from their cocks ‘n balls…

      Good art makes jootube-wrestling look like pansy’s play.

      Go to London’s Tate Modern and stare at Picasso’s “Le Danse” (1924) for a few minutes, reflect, and know that white art lives forever.