14 October, 2009

Afghanistan: “Mr. Change” Sends Thousands More U.S. Troops to Fight for Zionism

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Change? What change? Jewish imperialism (Zionism) marches forward regardless of who is president of America [1]:


[1] “One can almost gauge the degree to which a nation is Zionist-controlled by the number of troops it has sent to Afghanistan.” — article “Why Afghanistan?” by Christopher Bollyn

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  7. 19 Responses to “Afghanistan: “Mr. Change” Sends Thousands More U.S. Troops to Fight for Zionism”

    1. 2050 Says:

      Very true. My daughter-in-law is one that had to be sent over to save us from people who hate our freedom a month after she married my son. They were both just back from Iraq. He’ll deploy later.
      Thanks for the change big O.

    2. Lutjens Says:

      Last time I checked this was a 100% volunteer military. No use in whining when you get sent off to an unpopular war. You signed the dotted line – now shut the fuck up and go serve your Jew masters. It’s what you wanted to do. Just be aware the nigger in the Black House does not have your backs.

    3. Luke Says:

      Lutjens is 100 percent right. I long ago lost my sympathy for the members of the U.S. military, after the lies about fabricated WMDs and links between 9-11 and Iraq and Saddam became common knowledge among just about everyone who had an IQ higher than their shoe size.

      Plus, once the 9-11 related dvds started to roll out – 911 Mysteries and 911 Missing Links being the two best of the bunch, and I talked to quite few military guys who said they’d watched them all – but, when I asked those guys when they were going to get their asses out of the military and stop letting Zog use them, all they did was paste a odd looking half-grin on their faces, and mumble some feeble excuse about not being able to afford to get out.

      To those military guys? You lost my respect completely. And I will shed no tears when you get your ass blown up or shot off, or come home infected with Depleted Uranium – as payment for working for your Jew masters.

    4. Spaceman Says:

      You got that right Lutjens. Yeah, its a travesty how bad ZOG has abused military personnel, but like you said its an all volunteer military right now. I cant feel sorry for any moron who joined up in the last 8 years, when they knew they would be going to war. I saw something the other day that said military recruitment was at the highest level since 1973. I know the job market is bad, but damn, Id rather work at McDonalds than get killed for ZOG in some desert hell. I’m also sick of hearing this crap from returning ZOG soldiers and their families and their boot-licking supporters about how they are “fighting for our freedom” in Iraq and Afghanistan. Such bullshit.

    5. Blackshirt Says:

      As a former member of the US military who saw the light a long time ago, I completely agree with you guys. I know a few guys who were in with me back years ago who went back into the reserves before 9/11 to get college money, etc. and now they are screwed. One of them almost has his 20 years in, so he doesn’t want to get out, although he completely despises the government he serves. He realizes the mistake he made, but now he’s stuck since there are no jobs around where he lives even if he were to get out. I suspect that many of the people who go into the military right now do so out of complete desperation as a result of the shitty economy.

      I heard the same thing Spaceman heard about the Armed Forces meeting their recruiting quotas for the first time in many years this year. Now if I were a conspiracy junkie I would chalk that up to a manufactured depression which leaves many White working class men without jobs to do and conveniently fills the ranks of ZOG’s cannon fodder. Interesting, isn’t it?

    6. Tim McGreen Says:

      I notice that almost all the US military personnel fighting those imperialist wars of aggression going on right now in the Near East are White. Where the hell are all the Black and Brown soldiers, sailors and marines? I thought the Army in particular was full of stupid, worthless niggers. Where did they all go?

      And 2050, shame on your son for letting his own wife get sent to fight in Iraq. Only the most cowardly and pathetic country would ever send its own women to war. And I guess when your grandaughter turns 17, she’ll be fighting alongside Mom and Dad, too?

    7. Blackshirt Says:

      “I thought the Army in particular was full of stupid, worthless niggers. Where did they all go?”

      The Army is full of stupid, worthless niggers. Just like the rest of the services, but they just aren’t in the combat arms. You see, niggers don’t like dirty work, they get in places like logistics and support. When I was in the Corps that is the way it was. Whenever I had to go and get something from the supply companies, they were swarming with coons. Not only that, but women weren’t in the combat arms either, so they were back in the “rear with the gear” and with the mud men. Women Marines usually fit into one of two categories, lesbian or “mudshark”(term for white women who fuck niggers). This was back in the ’90s, but I’m sure it’s the same now.

    8. Tim McGreen Says:

      Yep, White men do almost all the fighting and dying in the military, while the ‘boons and the WACs are humping away in the supply closet back at the base. But if any battle-hardened White soldier, sailor or marine was to display a Confederate flag license plate on his truck or Waffen SS tats on his arms, you just know some Black or Jew superior officer would jump all over him for it. That’s the kind of gratitude that White warriors can expect for putting their lives on the line for this country.

    9. Tim McGreen Says:

      I’ll wager there are a lot of Crips, Bloods, MS-13s and Latin Kings in the US military. Do they get prosecuted for their gangbanger tats and for showing their racial “pride”? Why aren’t those spics and niggers being put on the front lines? Maybe it’s because ZOG knows that those Taliban and Al Qaeda guys wouldn’t be intimidated by a bunch of spic and nigger gangbangers in uniform?

    10. Spaceman Says:

      Definitely a lot of gang members. I remember reading that in Desert Storm there was street gang graffiti left on walls in Iraq. Probably some left during these last 2 wars too. Didnt ZOG get so desperate for troops a few years back that they were allowing guys with gang tattoos to join? Also convicted felons and mental defectives? Guess the recession/depression has helped cure the lack of recruits. Like Blackshirt said, its interesting. I wonder, were military recruiting numbers up in the 1930s, during the Great Depression?

    11. TimMcGreen Says:

      I never thought about that question of military recruiting during the Depression. But back then, the US military was very small and didn’t need a lot of people anyway. Only since the end of WWII has America’s “peacetime”(ha, ha) military remained consistently large and desperate for bodies.

    12. Tim McGreen Says:

      I never thought about that question of military recruiting during the Depression. But back then, the US military was very small and didn’t need a lot of people anyway. Only since the end of WWII has America’s “peacetime”(ha, ha) military remained consistently large and desperate for bodies.

    13. 2050 Says:

      A society that sends it’s women to war while there are men at home is a sick one.

      Pat Schroeder, former congresswoman from Colorado who was on the House Armed Services Committee, was instrumental in getting women as close to combat as possible. And don’t underestimate the power of the propaganda shows on the people like Army Wives.

      Tim, Shame on my son and shame on our country. Unlike most, My son is fully aware that he is a tool of zog, but is too busy outdrinking his buddies and being a badass. He and his comrades have no problem blowing Haji’s head off. You know, I think it’s an outlet for a lot of the implicitly racist to murder a non-white. They(zog) use the natural racist feelings of our people to kill their enemies. (of course, these guys would as quickly show how ‘not racist’ they are and kill white people in any country that they were told to do so. But they are scared to utter the ‘n’ word on the phone in case someone hears.

      btw, the niggers are over there. They’re at the FOB in ‘supporting roles’. While the white men roll out, the coons are at the base with the white women. My kid said, “they’re afraid to roll out of the gate.”

      ^^funny, blackshirt, after i wrote that , i scrolled down a bit and saw that you said pretty much the same thing. haha. What this means of course is that this is common knowledge in the kwa, but the country collectively pretends like it’d not true.

      Tim~ A sure way to out of the military, or not have to go, is to have a Swazi or something tattooed on your body. Some people do it just for that.

      Have you noticed the constant TV commercials where the parents are talikng about their kids ‘wanting to make a difference’ and ‘be a part of something bigger than themselves’ and ‘talking with their kids’ about joining the military? I think these are propaganda pieces aimed more at the parents, so they’ll be more willing to sign their kids up while they’re still 17, so they can get them commited to joining.

      High schools have full time recruiters stationed in them now too. Get them signed up while they’re 17, too young to know shit.

      The Economic Draft is in full force.

    14. Ein Says:

      That’s not enough. Rahm Emanuel (Obama’s handler) wants to institute a mandatory draft.

    15. Tim McGreen Says:

      You know what, ein? I almost support the idea of a Draft. Yes I do! There are so many young apathetic idiots in this country who couldn’t care less about all the atrocities being committed by their govt in their name. But drafting their sorry asses would make them start caring REAL FAST. And there wouldn’t be any more college deferments, either, so all those war-mongering politicians would have to pluck their own spoiled, good-for-nothing sons out of Yale and Harvard and send them off to boot camp as well, along with all the hillbillies and niggers. How democratic is that?

      Let’s see how enthusiastic the American public is for attacking Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan, etc. if their own kids are forced to fight! And if the parents and their sons don’t like it, then they will have no choice but to stand up for the first time in their stupid cowardly lives and do something about it.

    16. Adam Says:

      According to the military’s own statistics, about 25% of female soldiers get raped. And that’s just the number that report it. The real figure is doubtless higher.

      The military is perhaps the greatest engine of miscegenation in America; certainly it is at least in second place, right behind the schools. Giving niggers command authority over white women is utterly insane, from a racial or any other point of view. If the Chimp-in-Chief in is able to set up his own Revolutionary Guards, as he has announced his intention to do, and Rahm Emmanuel’s plan of enacting a universal draft for this becomes a reality, it’s as good as done that 25% or more of ALL draft-age white women will soon be taking nigger dick. The barracks for these private armies of Obamanots will be nothing but rape camps.

    17. Howdy Doody Says:


    18. Howdy Doody Says:

      The barracks for these private armies of Obamanots will be nothing but rape camps.

      Un Quote

      Those who have grown up with Congoids, served in the military or have been prison know this.

      More proof that media and the regime is One.

    19. Adam Says:

      Hmm. I notice that the embedded link my post above got screwed up somehow. That link should have been: