25 October, 2009

Conspiracy in the UK

Posted by Socrates in anti-White themes, Britain, dispossession & destruction, Diversity, diversity is hate, England, immigration, multiculturalism, Socrates at 12:34 pm | Permanent Link

Well, well, a plot to displace/replace the White people of Britain with foreigners. If Britain were sane, those government officials would be charged with a crime: treason:


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  7. 18 Responses to “Conspiracy in the UK”

    1. Blackshirt Says:

      These British politicians are pure evil. To think that some White politicians would be complicit in destroying the indigenous population of their country, their own flesh and blood, is almost unbelievable. Social Marxism really is a mental illness.

    2. CW-2 Says:

      The truth is out at last, though anybody with half a brain could see and understand the evil that has been perpetrated on the British people for the past decade.
      This conspiracy to destroy the White race is not limited to Britain, the same tide of mud has inundated most countries of Western Europe.

    3. Adam Says:

      Such “conspiracies” occur because the global technological system makes them possible, and indeed, inevitable. This is why “the same tide of mud has inundated most countries of Western Europe,” and America. Conspiring to bring about something that is going to happen anyway doesn’t amount to much. The effect, if any, is only to accelerate a pre-existing trend. But what difference does it make if it takes one generation or ten to flood all white countries with mud? In the long run, the white race is doomed so long as this simple fact eludes our collective understanding.

    4. Tom McReen Says:

      Britain isn’t sane because it’s jewish, to point out the obvious.

    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      White people are the indigenous inhabitants of the British Isles, unless you consider the Neanderthals, who lived there for 100,000 years before early prehistoric Whites showed up. But that side, shouldn’t the indigenous White peoples of those Isles have the RIGHT to decide whom they want and don’t want in their own country????? And if they don’t have that right, then why not?

    6. Cowboy Zeke Says:

      These snide little faggots hate you white man, they want to see your women taken by niggers, and other non white scum and you denied any sort of peace or enjoyment in your life. They hate you because they are abnormal, evil, and vicious and will hate you and try to destroy you until one of you are dead. What is your choice, you or them? Who deserves to live, who deserves to die?

    7. Nordlander Says:

      OF COURSE the socialists had a secret purpose for mass immigration. All socialist parties in the West know that it will mean permanent election victories for them. And the destruction of right-wing values, when even right-wing parties have to turn to socialist policies to have any hope of ever winning elections again.

      They do it because they hate conservative values and the White race, which is the logical conclusion of their oppressor-oppressed worldview invented by Karl Marx.

      The socialist parties also knew that the media would love them and favor them – the media in Britain are as dominated by Jews as in America.

    8. Nordlander Says:

      The story says Labour kept quiet about this so as to not alienate their working-class voters. Yes, the workers in the West betrayed their countries for short-term profit throughout the 20th century. That is the significant result of mass democracy. How ironic that their descendants are now the victims of their greed – beaten and raped by the darkskins. The workers could have voted for the Right, but no – they wanted money for nothing, so they didn’t care what else the socialist parties were up to, as long as the election bribes kept coming. This was especially true in Britain where the workers traditionally hated people with educations. Thanks to Labour and the leftist networks the middle class and upper class lost control of British culture, which is why Whites in Britain are far more violent and criminal today than Whites in America. They also drink and brawl a lot more.

    9. Ian Says:

      They are not all jews. Ken Livingston, Archbishop Carey, Gordon Brown, David Cameron, Billy Bragg etc..

    10. Tim McGreen Says:

      The Jew would not be able to do anything without large amounts of help from corrupt and cowardly gentiles.

    11. Nordlander Says:

      The Jew would not be able to do anything without large amounts of help from corrupt and cowardly gentiles.

      Yes, but I would like to say that the old “is it the jews who are to blame or is it us for letting them in” is actually irrelevant. Might as well ask if we should blame the air for giving them oxygen. The task is the same no matter what answer you choose: to inform people of what is going on, to expose jews in media and politics, and to organize.

    12. Michael Mavros Says:

      On the BBC tele-lynching of BNP leader Griffin the slimy scumbag jew Jack Straw made it sound that about half of the dead soldiers from Britain were dotheads and sandniggers duriing WW 2. While the American nigress on the panel insinuated that there where no real indigenous people in Britain. And the useful idiot whites in the audience clapped and cheered these liars on. With most White people being so stupid there is no wonder why these kikes and the traitors that rule with them are getting away with the biggest crime of treason in history.

    13. th Says:

      Lets see, the experts tell us that the first people of europe were mongoloids, the first people on earth were from africa and they were negroid. Then the only other race being caucasoid is from no where. We must truly be sons of nordic gods then. What the hell? In the Joo-nited States we are taught that mexicans are a race, as well as peurto ricans, canadians on and on. There is no truth anywhere and truth is illegal.

    14. Tim Says:

      Sadly, whites are allowing this to happen because the tv jewish gods tell them what to think. The fact that there are no riots and revenge towards the gentile shabbos goy bastards, jews and nonwhite hordes proves that the UK is done.

      Their ancestors would fight back in same manner. People do not understand the power of the tv.

    15. Ein Says:

      Canadians are a race? That’s news to me.
      Probably to them too!

    16. Bob Says:

      There are still more whites than muds in Britain. It’s their land if they will fight for it.

      They won’t! Too much psychological inbreeding and, more importantly, BNP false hope.


      They must like circumcised dick with their holy shepherd pie over there!


    17. Ian Says:

      As nordlander writes, the idea of class is powerful in Britain. Until the 1950s class status was quite clear, then in the 1960s it became confused, which allowed the very rich metropolitanists to get even richer. The traditionalist landed gentry lost a lot of their wealth and almost all their social position. The titled aristocracy has maintained some wealth and status.
      Some people use immigration and race as counters in class conflict. Indeed there was strong marketting of immigrants as helping to bring down the upper class, with immigrant elements nearly all adopting a ‘leftist’ pose. To this day moneyed immigrants such as Keith Vaz MP, enthusiastic associate of Indian billionaire big business, maintain a socialist pose within British society.

    18. Ein Says:

      Very interesting comments, Ian and Nordlander! Thanks.
      I wish you had expanded more upon them. You sound like you are personally familiar with the situation.