22 October, 2009

In Defense of Anti-Semitism

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by Edgar J. Steele.

(a .pdf file): [Here].

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  7. One Response to “In Defense of Anti-Semitism”

    1. David Baker Says:

      In the long, painful history of Jewish persecution, there lives a group of people known the world over as “Anti-Semites”. As are most of the derogatory terms emanating from the perpetual victim’s syntax, the moniker (allegation) is actually false. The so-called “Jews” who trade so successfully on their aura of persecution have no semitic bloodline. They are in fact descended from Russian Khazars, and are in no way related to Biblical Hebrews, or Arabs. This is just one facet of the mountain of misinformation that flows out of their media propaganda centers. It is a phrase that is supposed to strike fear into the hearts of people who dare tread on the thin ice that surrounds our hallowed Jewish victims. Oosh oosh oosh.. Frankly, they’ve worn that tired term to a frazzle, and I believe the world’s gentile population will learn to ignore it, along with other frequently repeated Jewish accusations (Like the ‘Holocaust’)