2 October, 2009

NATO – a Tikkun Olam Vehicle – Kills More Civilians

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Let’s review: “NATO” stands for “North Atlantic Treaty Organization.” Look on a map. Is Afghanistan located anywhere near the North Atlantic? (nope). NATO is basically a military arm of America – recall the U.S.-led NATO bombing of Serbia in 1999:


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  7. 15 Responses to “NATO – a Tikkun Olam Vehicle – Kills More Civilians”

    1. Marwinsing Says:

      All these organisations sound very suspect. Which is why WHITE NATIONALISM is a dangerous thing to be associated with. Me, I prefer LEADERLESS RESISTANCE. Having said that, how many of you regulars here (of which I AM) buy into all this crap when the truth is so blindingly EASY to see?



      I rest my case.

      [A short ditty: this evening, whilst engaged in a conversation with the bloke with whom I regularly sup, my ears pricked up to the murmurs of a LWB (Liberal White Bitch) seated behind me, who, up until recently, I had been screwing, but of course had to dump – for the aforesaid and obvious reasons… “He’s not well… he’s not well,” it murmured sanctimoniously to its pal… WELL OBVIOUS-DAMN-LY! This piece of clitoral CRAP watches Oprah & Days Of Our Lives 24/7! LOL! Fuckit me’s given up restin’ mah case! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha… wimmin! Brainwashed! Well, 99.9% of them – save for Irma, Susan… and a few others – M]

    2. Marwinsing Says:

      Anyone who claims to be a part of LEADERLESS RESISTANCE and, who OWNS A TV SET – is a cunt – and, were I to be that LEADERLESS RESISTANCE LEADER, would have… his HEAD REMOVED. ’nuff said.

      I walk my talk.

    3. Cranky Frank Says:

      As Solzhenitsyn remarked in an interview, there is no difference between US and NATO actions. The organization’s initial purpose may have been to ostensibly counter the Soviet sphere of influence in the phony-baloney “Cold War,” but now it is essentially just an excuse for the US to drag European armies into its suicidal military blunders against jew-hating muds.

    4. CW-2 Says:

      I read somewhere that the real US agenda in Afghanistan is the dismemberment of Pakistan. Now that may be pure disinformation but it may contain some truth. Pakistan is a raghead country with nuclear weapons, (allegedly not very good ones), and ZOG has decreed that no muslim country may threaten precious little yidsrael.

    5. Cranky Frank Says:

      I never heard that explanation before, CW-2, though it may hold some water. Solzhenitsyn was convinced that the NATO occupation of Afghanistan and its expansion of influence in Central Asia as a whole was part of a grand Western strategy to encircle Russia and destroy its sovereignty. Many others make the more obvious assumption that the occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq were designed to provide staging areas for the forces that will be stampeded against Iran when Big Jew finally decides that Democracy needs a few million more bodies added to its already humongous corpse heap. FAEM’s “Maguire” suggested that drugs were a prime factor (about halfway down the page):


      Whatever the real reason(s), it should be obvious to every thinking person in the world by now that “Spreading Democracy” is little more than a front for the State-sanctioned variety of international crime.

    6. CW-2 Says:

      Some interesting comments and quotes on http://www.faem.com, thanks C.F.

    7. exalted grand-master oberführer double diamond jim! Says:

      “leaderless resistance” CAN work…….it couldn’t work in the past because a resistance group needed some central authority to issue orders/instructions/information….with the rise of the i/net….such “a central authority” is no longer necessary….targets can be “acquired” & information “accessed” via email lists, news-groups, ‘blogs, internet message boards & forums;

      the “cell structure” has been a viable insurgent strategy since the early communist days of the late nineteenth century and, perhaps, even before…..the only difference now is that we don’t have an endless source of finance/money like International Kikery, who, basically, financed bolshevism….

      never-the-less, money can be acquired and, if necessary, from the same source although via different avenues such as, for instance, the kidnapping & ransom of rich & powerful kikez…..even just rich kikez….of whom, thanks to their greed & white stoopidity, there are a veritable multitude……jewz are, primarily, cowards, so…..they will, of course, pay up as & when required, as & when desired, to retrieve their fellow hebes….or, wtf’s left of them……!…….

      “kidnapping kikes” could well be a lucrative “money-spinner” for future WN insurgent cells….especially since most Western police forces are becoming muddier and, hence, more incompetent……

      “kidnapping” being, how-ever, one of those crimes that requires a certain amount of intellectual acument to solve!….

      the biggest danger: the actual collection of the ransom which can be solved, in these days of internet banking, by said ransom being deposited, for instance, in a bank account in a foreign country (preferably a tax haven) and, after being jiggled around between a n° of different accounts, on evidence that it has been “honoured” by a reliable third-party, said kike can, possibly, be released!

      the veritable epidemic of “kidnappings” in a Turd World mud cuntry like Mexico clearly illustrates the potentialities of this enterprise!
      (even more so in Western nations because most Mexicunts are poor and the powerful, rich elites there are small in n°…..how-ever, most Western nations, particularly the ‘Kwa, have lots & lots of kikez….personally, i’d estimate over 20million in the ‘Kwa alone….hence, lots & lots of potential ransoms!)

      ultimately, it’s basic Sun-Tzu….you tailor yr tactics to fit the particular circumstances of the situation!

    8. Tim McGreen Says:

      I’m no Mohammedan, but I’m rooting for the Taliban and Al-Qaeda. They are the only ones with the courage to stand up and fight Zionist world domination. Maybe someday we’ll do the same thing, although we must keep in mind that groups like the Taliban and Al Qaeda are not and never can be our friends or allies.

      The Afghan war is also forcing hundreds of thousands of Afghan refugees to leave their country and invade White countries like Australia and France, which means there will now be more rapes, robberies and murders in those White countries, along with more strain on their public services.

      Why doesn’t anyone care about all of this????

    9. Tim McGreen Says:

      And I haven’t forgotten that piece of shit Bill Clinton’s murderous attack on the White people of Serbia ten years ago, which was also carried out under the imprimateur of NATO. I hope the Serbians haven’t forgotten, either. Death to NATO. It serves as the muscle of the Jew World Order.

    10. Hoff Says:

      but now it is essentially just an excuse for the US to drag European armies into its suicidal military blunders against jew-hating muds.

      Hoff: NATO is nothing but a jewish proxy war machine, just as America is. NATO is just a branch in the jews proxy war machine. in Scandinavia we now have Battle Groups, that is what they are called, in english, there are no Scandinavian words used for it. So now we also are “spreding democracy”with bukkets. Geeee .. wounder why they don’t like us.

      First we kill and maim them by the millions and then we tell them: You now have democracy. See what you got … women can drive cars and you can watch homos on national Talmud Vision, TV 24-7.

    11. Cranky Frank Says:

      Right you are, Hoff. The Christian-inspired “do-gooder” mentality is where much of the support for these protracted massacres comes from. The term “foreign aid” triggers in the minds of most images of dirt-poor brown kids getting free food and school supplies being offloaded from helicopters to them, because the Navy’s run that sappy piece of shit ad on TV so many times. It tends to remind me, however, of the American bombing campaign that helped the Khmer Rouge take over and further brutalize Cambodia for four years, along with the (relatively) recent antics of Georgia’s resident judeo-sock puppet Saakashvili.

      I wonder what NATO’s next major region of interest will be after West-Central Asia has been sufficiently devastated in the eyes of the Self-Chosen. The Pacific Rim, perhaps?

    12. joeglas Says:

      I dont want to sound like a broken record,but Im still amazed at those bewailing the fate of Serbia.Former Yugoslavia was de facto a Serbian colony where Serbs were the ruling and priviliged nation and ruled the country with the help of the army and police, as in the royalist version.In Zagreb,the Croatian capital,66 % of the uniformed and well over 80% of the secret police were Serbs.Snce 1912. Serb regimes have systematically slaughtered,colonized and plundered their neighbours.In the autumn of 1944. serb communists slaughtered some 40 thousand members of the Hungarian minority within a month,over 65.000 members of the German minority including 8000 children perished in Serb camps in 1945-1946 and by conservative estimate,some 200.000 Croat civilians and POWs were slaughtered from May to september 1945 alone.Yugoslavia was a Serb dominated Frankenstein which was doomed to disappear from the stage of history,and the Serbs fared lightly during the process.

    13. Tim McGreen Says:

      I deplore and condemn all White-on-White warfare, whether it’s perpetrated by Serbs or Germans or the British or the Russians. I’m certainly no expert on the Balkans, but I do know that the Serbs are a very White ethnic group in a part of Europe that has been heavily Turk-ifed and Islam-o-sized over the centuries. And I do know that they are close allies of Great Russia. And I do know that General Tito kept that complex federation of ethnic and religious groups known as Yugosalvia free and strong for many years.

      What NATO and the Jew World Order have done to Serbia and that whole region is criminal. Tens of thousands were killed so that all remnants of White European nationalism could be destroyed. The present map of the Balkans looks absurd. How much longer can it all last?

    14. Ein Says:

      Tito (Josip Broz) was not a Serb.
      His father was a Croat and his mother a Slovene.

    15. passing through Says:

      Josip Broz known as Tito was a Polish Jew Freemason, his motto was “brotherhood and unity”, sound familiar, usa freemason republic? He executed the Serbian patriot and American patriot ally General Draza Mihajlovic, who helped rescue American air men when Serbia itself was invaded by Hitler. One million Serbs were slaughtered at Jasenovac at the hands of the Croatian Ustashi and their Roman Catholic clerics, at Medjugorje and other places. Tito allowed Kosovo, which is Serbia’s own Vatican if you will, to be overrun by Albanian thugs, pimps and drug dealers who have been terrorising the Christians Serbs in Kosovo for decades, and now destroying ancient churches, monasteries and raping the nuns and terrorizing what’s left of the indigenous Serbs there. Serbia was a prosperous kingdom with a constitutional monarchy and royal family and Croatians who are also white hate the Serbs and will do anything to murder them which they did in WW2 and in the ethnic cleansing of Krajina in the 1990s which the JEWNITED STATES helped and also using depleted uranium bombs to destroy people, who are now dying of cancer. Thanks white goy american for your fuckin support. I wish the spics run over your country just like you handed kosovo over to the albanium scum. You really deserve that.