30 October, 2009

Tennessee: Another Defendant in Christian-Newsom Murder Case Found Guilty

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Lemaricus Davidson has been found guilty. Two more suspects still face trials in this case:


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    1. confederate Says:

      news flash: the nigger was sentenced to death.

    2. Adam Says:

      Lemaricus Davidson has been found guilty. Two more suspects still face trials in this case:

      This is a little surprising to me. Last I read in the forum’s discussion thread on this, additional semen stains from two unidentified males not so far connected with the case had been found in Channon’s panties. From a legal point of view that’s a very bad complication, since a good defense lawyer could use that fact to cast doubt on whether the murders were perpetrated by the defendants, and imply that perhaps instead they were done by those unidentified males. On the other hand, I suppose it may not matter since Tennessee may hold accessories to murder equally responsible as the actual murderers. In any event, DNA testing could reveal whether the DNA is from niggers or not. But I doubt such testing will ever be done, since as we all are constantly advised, “race doesn’t matter” in the American jewdicial system.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      Unfortunately, there’s no way those ugly, vicious apes will ever be put to death. Every Jew defense lawyer and Jew legal defense fund in the country would tumble over themselves in the rush to keep that from happening, with money being no object. So the homies can look forward to spending the rest of their lives in prison, where they will be regarded as heroes by the other simian inmates. Besides, nigs like prison life, what with their slave mentality and all.

      Funny thing…..a few months ago, I wrote a letter to CBS News, NPR, The New York Times, The New York Post, the Boston Globe and the local NBC affiliate informing all of them about those horrific crimes in Knoxville, as they apparently were completely unaware of the Channon/Christopher rape-torture-murders. Astonishingly, none of those prestigious news-gathering organizations thought it was important enough to cover the story.

      The Day of the Rope cannot come soon enough…

    4. Jim Says:

      A hundred years ago when there still some real White men with balls in this country, those savage nigger beasts who committed those unspeakable actrocities against Channon and Chris would have been hanging from the nearest tree within 24 hours of the occurrance.

    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      And you know what else, Jim? the police back then either would have looked the other way or even helped the White mob string the coons up. But now, we have to fear the police and let them take care of what we used to take care of ourselves. Even just putting an empty noose on a tree these days is enough to warrant a Federal investigation.

    6. 2050 Says:

      Don’t sweat it, they’ll be replaying movies about Scott Peterson or some other white guy who killed someone, so Kwans will know where to place their distrust and fear.