29 November, 2009

Interracial Perceptions and the Role of Political Theology

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by Tom Sunic.

“Although race, IQ and heredity are of crucial importance in studying the birth and death of civilizations, other factors, such as religion or political theology cannot be shrugged away. There is a tendency among White nationalists and some prominent scholars and activists to harp only on the issue of race and IQ, forgetting the role of ideology in their study of the culture of Western suicide.

Is there a ‘liberal gene,’ a ‘communist gene,’ or a ‘Christian gene’? Why do millions of intelligent Whites embrace strange non-European political theologies, even at the price of rejecting their own racial heritage?”


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    1. Irma Grese Says:

      I’m going to start hanging out at that site more often. It looks like one of the more intellectual WN spots on the web.

    2. Justin Huber Says:

      Tom Sunic is my favorite writer at the Occidental Observer. I like him because he seems to be a sincere fascist and he isn’t afraid to take a few shots at capitalism, the sacred cow of the so-called respectable right. On the whole, O.O. is a pretty good site.

    3. Knuculus Dragula Says:

      I like Tom’s thoughts too, although his jealousy of Nordic types seems to be surfacing more and more in his columns. This Irishman would beat the hell out of him and his toughest friend if need be. Simply to show him not all non-Slavs are wusses. The nigs and spics I bashed growing up in L.A. were far tougher than Tom ever was – simply because I doubt Tom has ever been in a fight. Ever. If he had, he wouldn’t say some of the things he has. He may make claims to the contrary, but I’m sure it’s “Croat windage”. But he does make good points.

    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      Dr. Sunic should have included an “abstract” of his essay at the top of the page. That’s what real scholars do. And I have to take strong exception to his characterization of Russian males as being more Mongol than White, both interms of appearance and behavior. That kind of anti-Slav hostility gets us exactly nowhere.

    5. 2050 Says:

      Mongol?? I must have missed that. Went back through it, but hmmm.
      I didn’t pick up any anti-slav hostility at all. I thought it was pro-slav. Wasn’t that the point.

    6. Tim McGreen Says:

      Sunic wrote that Russian women are beautiful, but that Russian men look and act like Asiatic brutes, or words to that effect. Isn’t Sunic a Serbian or something? You’d think he’d be a little kinder to his Russian brothers.

      And of course the Russians are going to be tough as nails, after all the brutal invasions and occupations of their country for so many centuries. Living under Mongol occupation for 200 years must have been especially rough.

    7. Me Says:

      What “science” has done to climate change, they already did to the questions of IQ and differences between the races. Although the notion of sub-sahara africans building submarines is laughable, you won’t find any acceptance amongst the indoctrinated of criticism when it comes to the dogma that all races have identical potential and abilities.

      Modern science has become a sick joke. We are living in the midst of truley dark ages.

    8. Scots Irish and Bloodthirsty Says:

      Sunic does come off a bit anti-Slav. He also comes off as anti-Nordic in his last two columns. At least the last two that I have read. Maybe he’s just trying to goad certain groups of whites into action. The Slavs and others have become hardened because of the treatment from the jews in the last century, and a lot of the Nordics have become soft because of brainwashing from the kikes who needed a different approach in the Northern / Western areas of Europe and in the US.

    9. Captainchaos Says:

      I’m sure Sunic didn’t mean to imply there are no Slavic men who approximate the Nordic type; otherwise, how could there also be Slavic women that approximated the Nordic type without like men in their breeding population to propagate just that type?

      Of course we know that there are, Putin has blond hair and blue eyes.

      Sunic’s commentary is more a rhetorical criticism dressed in anthropological garb of the deleterious effects of Bolshevism on the traditional values and family structures of the countries in question. The silver lining is Slavic peoples are ethnically conscious, if not racially conscious – which is indispensable for their survival. Better to be White trash and live, than to be bourgeois and slated for extinction.