1 November, 2009

Tennessee: Lemaricus Davidson’s Sentence: Death

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Of course, this being AmeriKwa, he will enjoy years of life before the state finally snuffs him:


  • 5 Responses to “Tennessee: Lemaricus Davidson’s Sentence: Death”

    1. lawrence dennis Says:

      That’s if the state finally snuffs him. Jewish lawyers will get his sentence reduced to life without parole based on the “racism” of the death penalty.

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      Notice how the ape’s Jew lawyers put their client in a nice conservative suit and glasses that he doesn’t need. Nice try, assholes.

      And Lawrence is right, the coon will never get executed. In fact, he’ll probably become a cause celebre among the limousene liberals in Hollywood. Can’t you just imagine Susan Sarandon, Whoopi Goldberg and Bono making impassioned speeches before the UN General Assembly demanding the release of the “political prisoner” Lemaricus Davidson?

    3. VON Says:

      I doubt he will actually be put to death…it normally takes 15 years to execute from the time of sentence.

      Can you just imagine what sort of political climate we will be in 10-15 years from now?

      Cause celebre indeed.

    4. abc Says:

      There’s an interesting column at VDARE about this. Not only the lawyer defends the accused, but also the prosecutor and even the judge! Amerikwa!

    5. Joe B. Says:

      Group home mother Alice Rhea: “He my son. I love him. He has such potential. If you put him in a structured environment, he does everything he should. I think he can be an influence to young men for years to come.”

      Hollywood apparently has already depicted a character like this talking baboon on death row, called “The Green Mile” (1999), which I have never viewed. Like the above she-boon, it appears that they depicted a sympathetic view of the character.