31 December, 2009

Image for WNs

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Reject cultural Marxism. (Click on the image for a URL link to it):

  • 9 Responses to “Image for WNs”

    1. joe Says:

      Very nice.

    2. Frank Toliver Says:

      This would be a great tshirt design.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      For those timid souls who are still afraid of the swazi, this symbol should work nicely. How could anyone take offence at an equal sign with a red diagonal line through it?

    4. Doug Says:

      I recommend something less clear, more cryptic, like an all black/white design with the crossbar being vertical rather than diagonal. Cops have their blue line with black bars on top and bottom, gays have their little gay blue/yellow equal sign, WN could have this sticker.

    5. abc Says:

      I don’t like this one. Equality is too vast a concept to reject. Is it against equality of chances, against fairness? Hard to sell, it looks too “supremacist”.

    6. Jim Donaldson Says:

      I opt for a white infinity symbol.

    7. Nordlander Says:

      I like it! Short and to the point. We are not equal. Different result is the result of differing biology, not “oppression” as the Marxist egalitarians claim.

      Biological diversity – the diversity the Left HATES. All must be the same, they say; one coffee-colored, dumbed-down mass. We disagree.

      When I was a kid, we had a teacher who forced the smartest kids in class to erase several pages of math problems that they had solved, because they were too far ahead of the rest of the class. It was inconceivable that these kids should be allowed to develop their superior minds for the benefit of real progress – all that mattered was that socialist dogma about equality be enforced. That the low got the promised satisfaction of dragging down the high. That is leftism in a nutshell. Oppose it.

    8. Tim McGreen Says:

      What about the Celtic Cross? I’ve seen it on that “White Power Worldwide” flag.

    9. virgil Says:

      free men are not equal; equal men are not free.