16 December, 2009

Men of Valor: We Must Have Such Men if the West Is to Survive

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Yes, it’s another William Pierce Wednesday:

“Several weeks ago the actor Marlon Brando was interviewed on a television talk show, and he got a little careless. He blurted out something which everyone in the media and in show business knows, but which no one is supposed to say. Marlon Brando said that Jews own and run Hollywood, and that they run it for their own benefit: they run it to suit themselves and no one else. The films they make portray other ethnic groups unfavorably, but the Jews portray themselves only in the most favorable light.

Well, sir, what else is new? Next someone will be announcing that the earth goes around the sun!”


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  7. One Response to “Men of Valor: We Must Have Such Men if the West Is to Survive”

    1. JJ Says:

      It’s OK when they say it.