23 December, 2009

Proving White Is Black

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by Dr. William Pierce.

“I have written before about the breakdown of the judicial system in this country. Right after the O.J. Simpson trial last year I pointed out that the courts in America have become terminally corrupt. I gave you an example of this corruption: the 1992 trial of a young White man named George Loeb in a Florida court. That was a case in which Mr. Loeb and his wife had gone to a supermarket to shop and in the parking lot nearly had their car struck by a car driven by a young Black male. Angry words were exchanged. Then the Black male drove away, and the Loebs did their shopping.”


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    1. Honkey Tonk Man Says:

      The first pro-white audio I ever listened to was from the old “National Alliance” . I downloaded a program from Dr.William Pierce and was hooked. I listened to every show he did multiple times.
      …. It was the begining of my education about why whites where getting fucked over and who was responsible for it…..the JEW!
      I miss his shows dearly and wish he was still here.

      “Nobody ever defended anything successfully,there is only attack and attack and attack some more.”
      …..General George S.Patton

    2. zoomcopter Says:

      I could almost hear Dr Pierce’s intonation of the phrase, “White Racist” while reading the article. He had a very unique way of emphasizing certain words and ideas. He made an indelible impression on me.

    3. 2050 Says:

      from Pierce:

      [blockquote]White Americans have been so brainwashed and browbeaten by the controlled media that they are afraid to express even the tiniest bit of racial feeling. There is nothing they fear more than being thought to be “racist.” Some of them have even let their natural racial feelings become inverted: their racial consciousness has become racial self-hatred. They automatically favor the non-White side in any racial issue.[/blockquote]

      That is so true. It really is the crux of the problem we face.

    4. Bret Ludwig Says:

      I really have come to enjoy tremendously listening to Dr. Pierce’s old broadcasts. Even though they are all quite dated in terms of news currency, the themes are still all too relevant.

      My favorite ones are where he talks about the plight of Whites in the former Rhodesia. From Zimbabwe: Liberal Consequences May, 2000 :

      I used to want to kill all of these people. I wanted to round up every earnest college girl and long-haired freak and every hand-clapping hymn-singer who had demonstrated for Black rule in Rhodesia, or for a boycott of South Africa, or for Black voting rights in the South, or what have you, make them dig an enormous burial pit, and then machine-gun all of them. I wanted to obtain all of the old membership lists of the organizations to which these people had belonged, so that they could all be rounded up and done away with. They have done so much damage in this world, and then walked away from it without the least regret for what they’ve done, without the least understanding of the harm they’ve caused, that it seemed to me that the proper thing to do was just kill them all.

      Well, I understand now that that’s not really necessary. There are just too many trendy idiots in the world. They are not even inherently evil. They lack the ability to distinguish good from evil. They have no more inherent morality than animals do. They have no souls. They have only the ability to recognize what is trendy at the moment. The people who need to be killed are the ones who set the destructive trends for the idiots. They are the real liberals, the ones who are really sick and need to be put down. “

      You can just picture him in front of the mic reading this. It’s superb. And I must say he was right.