2 December, 2009

The Lesson of Amy Biehl

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by Dr. William Pierce.

“People have told me that I talk too much about the Jews. They have told me that I should focus more on America’s race problem, that I should talk more about how Black crime and Black welfare and Black — may I call it ‘culture’? — are degrading our civilization. White people don’t have their homes burglarized by Jews, these critics tell me. Jews don’t sell heroin to our children on school playgrounds. It’s the Blacks and Mexicans who are the problem. And Jews don’t throw their trash in their yards and get on welfare. So get off the Jews’ case and tell us how we can solve the race problem before it destroys America.”


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  7. 3 Responses to “The Lesson of Amy Biehl”

    1. Coup D'Etat Says:

      Jews are the main concern in any racial conflict. They set the fires and often times are in the center of fanning the flames. We not only have to worry about this, but we also have to worry about the psychos and the idiots who think they have a clue.

      Below is a video of the psychos and idiots who are willing to stoop themselves lower than the non-Whites. Good possibility they are mixed breeds. And, oh, of course there is always a jew in the woodpile fanning the flames. Can you pick out the jew? Hint: It has large upper eyelids. The other two hints would be too obvious. Notice its reaction. It thinks it’s great that White Europeans should be deported. Some want ICE to be shut down. Others, well, you can tell they should be arrested and deported. The irony of this is that ICE just stood around and did nothing. Hmmm, must be those powers that are who have millions and billions of dollars are telling ICE how to do their jobs, including telling them not to arrrest any jews caught with illegal aliens in their meat packing plant companies.

      What’s most noticeably idiotic about these people is their lack of education. Columbus was not the first to discover America. It was Leif Erickson, a Viking and the son of Erickson “The Red.” He was the first to discover America and in that time frame Indians did not exist. Besides, Columbus was a Sphardic jew, not a typical White European. But hey, what do the jews care just as long as they have control over the media and influence false teachings against the Whites. Many of the idiots will say, “Nah, jews are not the problem. It’s the mexicans, blacks, and the asians are the problem. None of these pieces of vomit and their non-profit organizations would exist without the jews control over the media, the news on TV or in print. None of these pieces vomit and their non-profit organizations would spring up in popularity and with power without the jews’ control over money, allowing federal grant monies (from White taxpayers) to be part of their capital making the head people in these organizations rich, including the Anti-Defamation League who go out of their way making sure Whites are reversed discriminated against. So much for their slogan “Anti-Defamation.” As long as the jews are not discriminated against, then everything else is okay.


    2. CW-2 Says:

      WN, wherever they live, are indebted to Dr W Pierce and his life’s work. A quote from the article.
      “We hear this message of surrender and death from so many people, many institutions, but behind all of them stand the master manipulator: the jew.”

      So true. Every aspect of the media is saturated with anti-White messages, both overt and subliminal.

    3. Chonodomarius Says:

      Columbus wasn’t a Jew. They did a DNA test on his brother, no yid taint.