10 December, 2009

You Need to Deconstruct Your Whiteness, Dude

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(But first, you gotta fork over 535 Federal Reserve Notes. A bargain!). Maybe the people who gave the world to mankind (i.e., White folks) aren’t so great after all? But if Whites aren’t the superior humans, then who is? Did negroes give the world great literature? Did Mexicans invent electricity? Did Jews give us the airplane and the automobile? Further, if “race doesn’t matter” – as we are told by the media and the schools – then why focus on White people in a college course?


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  7. 26 Responses to “You Need to Deconstruct Your Whiteness, Dude”

    1. John A Says:


      Sixth person down – and I thought Cornel West was the quintessential Ph.D bullshitter:
      “Her award winning master’s thesis was entitled The Development of the Colonized Filipino-With a Capital F which was a qualitative exploration on the theoretical development of colonial mentality. Presently, her dissertation project is a qualitative study on the effects of critical lessons on race and racism on high school students and how its effect informs the symbiotic development of racial identity.”

      According to this site, she has a Ph.D from UCLA.


    2. Andrea Dworkin Says:

      It will be great when the college industry collapses. Giving minorities and average to dumb people commoditized degrees for jobs that don’t exist is like trying to polish a turd…

      There are 3000+ colleges and universities in the USA, that’s like 2800 too many.

      ‘The world needs ditchdiggers too, Danny!’ -Judge Smails

    3. Ein Says:

      “It will be great when the college industry collapses. ”

      Yes indeed. As another savvy poster commented yesterday, college should be reserved for scientists, engineers and doctors. Well, maybe architects and a few other categories. But most of these people don’t belong in college at all. They should be put to work at something productive and useful (as they once would have been).

      I read the other day that up until 1832, there were only two universities in England! Nonetheless, the Brits seem to have done quite well back then. Extremely well, in fact, giving birth to the Industrial Revolution and a great many of the scientific advances that we know today, and leading the world in standards of civilized living.

      What we don’t need are all of these over-edjumicated Bantus and cranky feminists with their degrees in sociology and obscure, newly invented “disciplines” that cater to the disgruntled and the incompetent, and career students who are still working on degrees at thirty-five. All as an excuse to avoid facing the real world.

      Yes, I say: “Put ’em to work!”

    4. Andrea Dworkin Says:

      Even scientists seem like intellectual busts these days…Aren’t they the ones pushing the Global Warming scam?

      Everyone should try to hone that latent blue collar skill or trade in lieu of the collapse of many worthless paper shuffler jobs in the economic downturn…

    5. zoomcopter Says:

      “History MX M151C, no textbooks required, click here, to add to cart”

      Cookie cutter classes, for cookie cutter minds. Swallow the blue pill, move along, to the next class in Jewish indoctrination. What a huge waste of precious time and youthful energy. If it weren’t for all the trolls, here, VNN could easily serve as a college education, in itself. The really important knowledge is not taught in college, it is taught, here, on VNN.

    6. abc Says:

      I think Global Warming is no scam, but the other Inconvenient Truth that’s left aside is the impact of mass immigration on the environment and global warming…

    7. zoomcopter Says:

      abc Says:

      10 December, 2009 at 2:38 pm

      I think Global Warming is no scam, but the other Inconvenient Truth that’s left aside is the impact of mass immigration on the environment and global warming…

      Didn’t a wealthy Jew co-opt the Sierra Club with a multimillion dollar donation, on the only condition that they “ignore” the obvious destruction of illegal immigration on our enviroment? Money can co-opt nearly anyone.

    8. Kuda Bux Says:

      For the love of money

      Since 1996, leaders of the Sierra Club have refused to admit that immigration driven, rapid U.S. population growth causes massive environmental problems. And they have refused to acknowledge the need to reduce U.S. immigration levels in order to stabilize the U.S. population and protect our natural resources. Their refusal to do what common sense says is best for the environment was a mystery for nearly a decade.

      Then, on Oct. 27, 2004, the Los Angeles Times revealed the answer: David Gelbaum, a super rich donor, had demanded this position from the Sierra Club in return for huge donations! Kenneth Weiss, author of the LA Times article that broke the story, quoted what David Gelbaum said to Sierra Club Executive Director Carl Pope:

      “I did tell Carl Pope in 1994 or 1995 that if they ever came out anti-immigration, they would never get a dollar from me.”

      In 1996 and again in 1998, the Club’s leaders proved their loyalty to Gelbaum’s position on immigration, first by enacting a policy of neutrality on immigration and then by aggressively opposing a referendum to overturn that policy. In 2000 and 2001, Gelbaum rewarded the Club with total donations to the Sierra Club Foundation exceeding $100 million. In 2004 and 2005, the Club’s top leaders and management showed their gratitude for the donations by stifling dissent and vehemently opposing member efforts to enact an immigration reduction policy.

      Mr. Gelbaum is entitled to restrict how his donations to the Sierra Club Foundation are spent. But he should NOT be permitted to influence how other members’ dues or donations are spent or to dictate policy choices via the threat of withholding contributions. That is completely inappropriate.

      Even worse, Sierra Club leaders accepted Gelbaum’s conditions in secret and forced a modification of the Club’s policy to conform to his wishes. Furthermore, Club leaders certainly shouldn’t have misrepresented immigration reductionists as anti-immigrant or racist in order to guarantee Gelbaum’s donations; there is nothing inherently racist or anti-immigrant about sustainable levels of immigration.

      Worst of all, the U.S. population continues to grow by about 3 million people per year, of which nearly half are immigrants, and two-thirds of the growth is a result of immigration, if the children of immigrants are included. Our forests continue to be clearcut to provide construction materials, our groundwater is depleted to provide water for our growing population, we grow more and more dependent on foreign sources of oil, and we are unable to reduce our output of greenhouse gases, all thanks to our burgeoning population.

      We don’t like it when the oil, timber, coal, and nuclear power industries oppose environmental reform, yet we understand why they do it: for the love of money. Is it any better when the Sierra Club opposes environmental reform for the love of money?


    9. joe from oh Says:

      Ironic that the cost of this “college” course is $535.

      Precisely the number of race traitors in the Congress.

    10. Tim McGreen Says:

      Cheryl Matias Padua is now offically on my Royal Shit List. I can just imagine what that worthless, anti-White liberal twat must look like….Butt-ass ugly, big clown nose, 4’11” and 175 lbs., unkempt bird’s-nest hairdo, big, dumb-looking, outdated glasses like Peggy Hill wears, puts on the same ugly brown pant-suit every day, a weird-looking hairy wart on an even weirder-looking face, box full of sticky sex-toys in the closet, only friend is her old lesbian cat…………..What a douchebag.

    11. Tom McReen Says:

      “But Have You Analyzed the Matter Using Neofeminist, Gestalt-Theory Relativism Combined with Postcolonial Structuralism and Postmodern, Gender-Neutral Methodology?”

      “Understanding Whiteness in American History and Culture: Deconstructing White Privilege for the Reconstruction of an Anti-Racist White Identity (Online)”

      Spot the difference. Padua’s hate course was anticipated by an earlier VNN topic.

    12. Warlord Says:

      Would be nice if some retired activist could take the course and use it to challenge their premises. I know that retirees now take college classes for the enjoyment of learning, not the degree. If they throw you out, you are not looking for a degree, so it wouldn’t matter. You can probably get you tuition back by threatening suit and publicity.

      As for the Sierra Club, it serves as a warning for any organization not to rely too much on any one doner (unless the doner is the founder – then it would reflect his viewpoint anyway).

      The Warlord

    13. 2050 Says:

      Sounds like Harvard’s Noel Ignatiev, the jew who wants to abolish the white race by getting rid of white ‘privilege’.

      (actually i should change that ‘is abolishing’ cause this theme is catching on quick and spreading.)

      Amazing that non-whites can have classes on abolishing our race, but for us to do the same would be shouted down as evil and racist, we’d be sued for trying to take away the civil rights of ‘minorities’ and it would be illegal to try in the first place.

    14. Doug Says:

      The university system seems to have expanded with universal suffrage. Egalitarianism has pushed many unequals away from their proper place, specialized labor occupations, and into higher education where they take classes of information they can’t fully comprehend/value, nor will ever use, based on their limited aptitude. Only maybe the top 10% should go to universities, the rest should learn a trade well and innovate in that direction. Now, we have lots of dolts with degrees who know little but know the terminology, so appear to be wise to the rest who didn’t get higher education.

    15. Howdy Doody Says:

      VNNF is off line tonight.

      DOS attacked ?

    16. zoomcopter Says:

      Real education is to be found, here, on VNN. There are 2 kinds of people, in the world. Those that have been educated as to the true nature of the Jew and those that are not. All else, is purely academic. Master the hard sciences, if you must, to succeed, but allow VNN to teach the knowledge which really matters.

    17. Tom McReen Says:

      It’s impossible to go back to watching the ‘news’ on the MSM when you have the net, it’s scary how far behind the MSM is when it comes to political issues. Not that they care if you happened to see the propaganda that was supposed to be ‘coverage’ of the Copenhagen CONference.

    18. scottie_too_hottie Says:

      ph.d musi8c
      : Zbigniew Preisner and Arvo Part

    19. Anti-Human Resources Burea Says:

      zoomcopter has to be right, because we can’t all be eggheads like the guys at OccidentalDissent.

    20. Andrea Dworkin Says:

      There are no eggheads, only pretentious academics. Wouldn’t these eggheads be eggheading the hell out of their alleged knowledge and doing something useful and substantive with it if they were truly intelligent?

      Most of these alleged intellectuals haven’t been able to live and prosper in the private sector where real men work, unlike the shelter of college ivory towers or flunky gov’t jobs.

    21. Tim McGreen Says:

      All those Jew mathematicians, “intellectuals”, philosophers, economists, etc. would be as helpless as turtles on their backs if it weren’t for the huge money-making scam known as Academia. Institutions of higher learning were not orignially meant to be places of refuge for the weak, parasitic elements in society.

      Most state-run colleges and universities started off as state agricultural or teaching schools and most privately-run schools of higher education were for religious study. The Jews and their Goy fronts have debased all of Society’s once cherished instutions into absurd jokes.

    22. Dagon Says:

      Having been involved in academia both as an undergrad and as a grad student for a few years I can say that not all disciplines put up with such Frankfurt School-derived ridiculousness like ‘Deconstructing Whiteness.’ Outside the Social Sciences, hard facts and emperical evidence still rule over ideology.

      Still, the fact that there is no alternate ‘Deconstructing Jewishness and Jewish Priviledge’ or ‘Deconstructing Negritude and Black Priviledge’ for Whites to take, tells us volumes about what has happened to academia and who is in control of the wider discourse at Universities in the West.

      Lastly, I’m tired of this topic. We are all aware that, at least in general, the modern Humanities are largely run by the opposition. No big mystery there. Can’t we move on to another topic?

    23. scottie_too_hottie Says:


      some ezra pound in the u-tube site have fun………………

    24. Z.O.G. Says:

      “Deconstructing Niggerdom 101”

      Now that’s a class I would take!

    25. Z.O.G. Says:

      # abc Says:
      10 December, 2009 at 2:38 pm

      I think Global Warming is no scam,

      Oh, boy. You have no idea just how BIG a scam it really is. Did you read my posts in the Copenhagen Treaty thread about the Jews who are behind this whole thing?

    26. Ein Says:

      “I’m tired of this topic. We are all aware that, at least in general, the modern Humanities are largely run by the opposition. No big mystery there. ” — Dagon

      Unfortunately, it is a big mystery to a huge number of people, who wouldn’t have the slightest what you are talking about.