5 January, 2010

Book Review: “Disgrace”

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DISGRACE, reviewed by Stephen Clark

It’s another year of Hollywood in blackface. Three films  dealing with blacks came to us all at once. PRECIOUS, where, after dealing with 200 plus pound welfare mammies on the streets and in the grocery line hullking fore and aft, I’m to watch how sensitive and tragic their lives are. I’ll pass. There’s THE BLIND SIDE, where Sandra Bullock takes in a black boy, and her family raises him to become a football star, based on a real-life story. It’s an example of feel-good (‘Jesus-football-negroes’).  And there is INVICTUS, where Nelson Mandela and South African rugby team do a kumbaya to show racial unity. No films about Santa or Jesus, but our real gods seem to be sports and diversity. So I’m reading books.

I just finished J.M. Coetzee’s DISGRACE, published in 1999. Coetzee, a South African writer, won the Booker prize with this study of a man’s decline in the new South Africa, one that isn’t necessarily new and improved.  David Lurie is a professor of literature, in his fifties, a character found in much contemporary literature, the college professor who bangs his students while he wonders about death, existence, and culture. A similar Jewish version is in Phillip Roth’s THE DYING ANIMAL, and John Updike created several studies of academic roistering.  As one of his characters remarks in MEMOIRS OF THE FORD ADMINISTRATION, getting a crack at the more nubile students was considered one of the perks of academia.

David teaches at Capetown University College just after the whites caved in. The Great Rationalization has come, which to David means dumbing down. The school becomes Cape Technical University. His lit courses are replaced by Communications 101, 201, etc. He is allowed one lit course a semester because it’s good for morale. He teaches Wordsworth. His morale is also kept up by sex. Divorced, with one daughter who lives in a lesbian commune, David sees Soroya, an employee of Discreet Escorts. He enjoys her Indian features and the clockwork manner of her lovemaking. She doesn’t get in the way. Life is good. Or is it?

‘Is he happy? By most measurements, yes…however,
he has not forgotten the last chorus of OEDIPUS:
Call no man happy until he is dead.’

Soroya leaves the company. David tries to contact her, but the agency won’t tell him where she went. They cheerfully offer other exotics: Malaysian, Chinese, Thai: you name it.

David picks a secretary from his office. She complains about drug peddlers hanging around her son’s school. Now the police do nothing. She and her husband are on the list to emigrate to New Zealand. She envies David’s generation, how they had it easier. He asks what she means. ‘Now people just pick and choose which laws they want to obey. It’s anarchy. How can you bring up children when there’s anarchy all around?’ David has no answer. They have sex, but she’s too emotional for him. David wonders if the proper business of the old is preparing to die. He notices Melanie Isaacs, one of his Wordsworth students. David meets her on the street, takes her to his place and seduces her. She doesn’t show the usual gratitude or control he expects from lovemaking. She disappears from class. Won’t take her exams. David is concerned.

He should be.  Her father has lodged a charge of sexual harassment against him. The Committee judging him is made up of foreign names: Hakim, Manas, Farodia. David offers no defense. He was wrong, and will take his punishment. The committee is astounded, and insist on some kind of defense.

No. David was wrong, and he’ll take his punishment.  He is kicked off the staff.  David later explains to Lucy, his daughter, that the Committee wanted more than repentance. They wanted grovelling, counseling:

‘It reminds me too much of Mao’s China. Recantation, self-criticism, public apology. I’m old-fashioned. I would prefer simply to be put against a wall and shot. Have done with it.’

Without his job, David is adrift in the new South Africa, a useless white man. He decides to visit Lucy and take a holiday. She is the amiable, thoughtful kind of woman you see in natural fibers or signing petitions. She calls David by his first name, and wonders at his disgrace: ‘You shouldn’t be so unbending. It isn’t heroic to be unbending.’

Lucy’s life is anything but heroic. Her lesbian friends have taken off,  best not to mention what happened. She grows vegetables. Daffodils. Looks after dogs people leave while on vacation, although one dog’s owners have taken off, leaving it abandoned. The kennel’s yapping bothers David as he starts on a new project, an opera about Byron and his younger mistress.

David meets Petrus, a black man who…is what? He used to work Lucy’s farm, but in the new South Africa he’s become a ‘co-proprietor’, and has two wives. He does serious farming and can no longer be the ‘dog man’ and look after the kennel. David takes on this task. He feels cozy in Lucy’s world, ‘of dogs and daffodils’, of   ‘the way her bare toes grip the red earth, leaving clear prints.’ She and petrus sell vegetables at the local market. She reads EDWIN DROOD in bed.

Lucy introduces David to Bev Shaw, who runs an animal shelter, ‘…Dumpy, cropped hair, no neck.’ She and her equally nondescript husband are too amateurish to heal the animals, mostly dogs that the blacks can’t and won’t care for:

‘The trouble is, there are just too many of them, says Bev Shaw. “They don’t understand it, of course…they would just multiply and multiply if they had their way, until they filled the earth. They don’t think it’s a bad thing to have lots of offspring. The more the jollier.’

Is Bev describing dogs or blacks?  In the country, all seems to run together.  David and Lucy’s idyllic life ends when three men come to the house. They are allowed to make a phone call, but David and Lucy are overpowered. She is raped. David is knocked out and set on fire, but it is only lighter fluid and not petrol, so he is just burned. The men take the rifle Lucy had but never used, shoot all the dogs, then rob the house and drive off in David’s car.  Lucy shouted for Petrus. Oddly enough, Petrus was nowhere to be had.

Lucy is in shock and retreats to her room. David takes charge. The police are called. They are polite and in crisp uniforms, but seem unable to help. Ettinger, a neighbor, a crusty old German who is armed, does what he can.  ‘The best is, you save yourself, because the police are not going to save you, not any more, you can be sure.’

David runs the farm while Lucy hides. Petrus reappears.  ‘Yes,’ Petrus says, ‘It is very bad, a very bad thing. But you are all right now.’  Not a word about Lucy. David thinks:

‘Because of the disgrace. Because of the shame. That is what the visitors have achieved; that is what they have done…they put her in her place, how they showed her what a woman was for.’

David comes to rely on Petrus:

‘What appeals to him is Petrus is his face and hands. If there is such a thing as honest toil, then Petrus bears its marks. A peasant, a PAYSAN, a man of the country. A plotter and schemer and no doubt a liar too, like peasants everywhere. Honest toil and honest cunning.’

His respect for Petrus is mixed with suspicion while he recognizes Lucy is an amateur farmer compared to Petrus. David imagines Petrus would like to have Ettinger’s land, but the tough old German is armed, has barbed wire, a fellow peasant ready to fight back. Yet Ettinger’s son fled to Germany. Peasants, in order to survive, must have sons. Ettinger failed.

Unable to help Lucy, David returns to the city to catch up on things. Stragglers now live on the roadside. A mob broke into his apartment and ransacked it.  He wonders if his Beethoven tapes were used, or simply tossed on the rubbish. The police call him. His car is found. He goes to the station, but it’s the wrong car. The police don’t care. You want it or not? It’s an eerie reminder when Petrus said he’d get his car back. All would be well.

David’s opera about Byron and his mistress comes and goes. He tries to compose on an old banjo. An opera for banjo.

David visits Mr. Isaacs, Melanie’s father. Isaacs insists on David having dinner with the family as an act of Christian forgiveness, but the tension at dinner isn’t forgiving.  David sees Melanie in a play, a terrible new piece with a gay hairdresser and black customer. Melanie’s performance matches the mediocre play. He returns to the farm.

Lucy, now semi-recovered, tells David she is pregnant. He is outraged. ‘Already he is calling it the CHILD when it is no more than a worm in his daughter’s womb’,  Lucy marked ‘like a dog’s urine.’  She and David go to a party at Petrus’s hut to celebrate a new marriage. It is best to stay on good terms with him. There, the only whites among a large clan, David stiffens.  Among Petrus’s clan is one of the rapists.

He is Pollux, a boy with ‘flat expressionless face and piggish eyes.’ David is furious. Lucy cautions him to do nothing. David insists Lucy leave the farm. She won’t. Anyway, she says ‘it’s not a farm…It’s just a piece of land where I grow things.’

David angrily confronts Petrus. Send Pollux away? Petrus is indifferent:

‘Now I must tell him to go away because of this thing that has happened?
You come to look after your child. I also look after my child.’
‘Your child? Now he is your child, this Pollux?’
‘Yes. He is a child. He is my family, my people.’
So that is it. No more lies. MY PEOPLE. As naked an answer as he could wish. Well, Lucy is HIS PEOPLE.’

Petrus says it is bad, but also ‘It is finish.’ He proposes marriage. Not between Pollux and Lucy, for the boy is too young, between him and Lucy. David is outraged at Petrus’s calm.  Petrus merely says that in the country it is dangerous for a woman to be alone. Now David sees it all. The rape was planned by Petrus to get Lucy’s land. Peasant cunning. While David, Lucy, and millions of whites went along with everything, they forgot Africa was always waiting to break out and return. Now that they gave up power, they must make their peace with it.

Lucy agrees to marry Petrus. She tries to calm David by saying it is only an alliance, not a real marriage where she won’t have to sleep with Petrus. But she needs protection.

David, when he returned, started having sex with Bev, both of them on the floor of the animal shelter. He still needs sex, even if its a fat loser like Bev. David decides to stay and help Lucy have the child, realising that for all her talk of an alliance, she is living on borrowed time. he takes on the job killing dogs at the animal shelter, even one he grew attatched to. He is alone. The dog man.


DISGRACED has a cold, tragic feel to it. I was impressed by Coetzee’s style, and also his refusal to make a warm, fuzzy ending, with blacks and whites compromising into one world. No INVICTUS here. Against the hopeless ‘individualism’ of David and Lucy is a kaffir world that has all the warmth and pity of an ant colony.

I’m reminded of KING LEAR. Both stories have men and daughters who pay a price for giving up power. Lear’s vanity overcame his sense of survival, of not realising what chaos his abdication would send Britain into. I read DISGRACE as a study of a man’s inability to see his life in whole, and the penalty for losing touch of the world for the sake of immediate pleasure.  David and Lucy  are examples of bourgeois life and its inability to fight for its own survival.

DISGRACE is also like KING LEAR in that Lear, before he dies, at least gets to kill the man who hung Cordelia. When David sees Pollux peek in the window at Lucy dressing, he rages and decks him, then turns an old bulldog loose on the boy. Pollux runs off. ‘I will kill you!’ he shouts twice, surely a threat he’ll be able to make real when Petrus decides it’s convenient. When it comes time to do away with Lucy, Petrus, with Mandela’s leadership, won’t even have to make it look like and accident.

I’m sure Coetzee hasn’t intended DISGRACE as a warning to whites, merely a cool description of the end of two people’s comfortable and semi-meaningless lives; David and Lucy examples of Orwell describing Britain full of millions of civilized but useless people.  But Coetzee does offer a view of the realities of the new South Africa  that counters the relentlessly grinning face of Mandela.  He describes rape and agression, something the rest of  the world ignores.

It is necessary for DISGRACE to show whites impotent, for David to silently argue against using a gun. As Jean Raspail, author of THE CAMP OF THE SAINTS said, you may write about race and the whites reaction to becoming extinct, but you must never show them fighting back. Then it becomes Fascist, and won’t be printed. Needless to say, if Coetzee had shown David and Lucy fighting back or perhaps joining with Ettinger, DISGRACED wouldn’t have been published, let alone win the Booker prize.


This book is what I call the GRAN TORINO school of thought, where whites are shown confronted with a racially changing world that isn’t friendly to them. Now  that the white race seems heading for extinction, the establishment will allow it to  be talked about, since the race’s means of resistence are incapable of being roused.  I once wrote Harold Covington after I read his Northwest trilogy, asking if he would want to write about his experiences in Rhodesia, but he replied that we must write of no more defeats, but to prepare a new world and place for our race; perhaps an American Voortrek is all that will save us. DISGRACED had a powerful, moving effect on me, again in a way I’m sure Coetzee didn’t intend. It makes me more than ever want to see us unify to save ourselves.


Certainly DISGRACE reminds me of one of Dr. Pierce’s analogies. He tells of a Gypsy family that moves into your neighborhood. You and your church accept them; after all, you want to be fair. You meet the Gypsies at a party, especially liking an older Gypsy who seems to be civilized, is humorous, and a good neighbor.

Then things disappear from your garage. The noise from the Gypsies is loud. Some of their women take to doing tricks and inviting customers. You complain to the older Gypsy. He agrees. Some of your stolen goods are returned, and it gets quiet for awhile. Then it starts again. You see the old man, but now he shakes his head. They are, after all, his family, and he wishes he could do something, but…

‘And what you finally understand is that your Gypsy problem cannot be solved by thinking about your Gypsy neighbors as individuals. …as a whole they have ruined your neighborhood…if you want to solve this problem, it has to be solved as a whole.’

David would like to fight but can’t. Like Kowalski in GRAN TORINO, he’s too isolated and estranged from his communal sense to fight. Lucy is the female liberal, and when confronted with brute force and no one to guide her, simply submits, even though it’s a death sentence. Feminism is only a slow process of extinction.


The canary in the mine shaft.  We’ve heard that analogy over and over, like others such as in harm’s way, the Hitler of our time…all the pat phrases the neocons want us to use to save Israel, the canary whose death will mean we’ll run out of air, that western civilization…the white world…will die unless we keep gallant little Israel alive. I think there is a canary, but it’s South Africa instead  of gallant little you-know-who. After all, Mandela and Obama have amazing similarities: both are black leftists with negligible political experience who smile a lot and seem less to have been elected than anointed by the media. And behind both lie Petrus and what he stands for.

DISGRACE is a  warning.

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  7. 41 Responses to “Book Review: “Disgrace””

    1. John Norman Howard Says:

      Standing ovation. I don’t think I’ve ever read a more cogent and piercing review… and I’ve read plenty.

    2. sean gruber Says:

      Standing ovation seconded. Every White should read this review, and this book. More mention of the jew cause behind this horror would have been appreciated.

      The time has come to get rid of the jew.

    3. A. Says:

      Strangle the daughter and then burn the nigger’s place and kill as many of the filth as you can. I wouldn’t be able to read a book like that.

    4. A. Says:

      To the reviewer: Quit dreaming of unity where others will do your fighting for you. You have to have a family and teach them to be hard as nails so no one will mess with you, except maybe once. I couldn’t read a book like this because I would soon discover that all I wanted to do was punch every character in the face until it was a mass of ruddy pulp. That is where the book would end, when I had mentally murdered everybody in it.

      That is a healthy response. Why is yours unhealthy? And I ask you this because I want you healthy.

    5. zoomcopter Says:

      Great review.

      “David would like to fight but can’t. Like Kowalski in GRAN TORINO, he’s too isolated and estranged from his communal sense to fight”

      Our sense of community IS very important. The Jews have it, and we lack it.

    6. Igor Alexander Says:

      “The Jews have it, and we lack it.”

      We lack it because the jews destroyed it.

    7. Igor Alexander Says:

      Great review, though I don’t think I’ll be buying the book — sounds too depressing.

    8. virgil Says:

      all whites should evacuate from africa. once the west is liberated, the continent can then be “liberated” and colonized. the chinese are now taking over africa. china will probably need to be carpet-nuked. the long term survival of our race will indeed necessitate some drastic measures.

    9. Leviticus Jackson Says:

      Books like that are written by emasculated losers who don’t know what to do are overwhelmed by the situation and just go into the corner and cry. Do you think the Vikings would of put up with such nonsense? Fight to the end and take as many of them as you can with you!

    10. half soldier Says:

      The whole thing smells of a jew rat, I read Raspails camp of the saints several times, and with more disgust every time, and what good did it do to read it? Nothing, except for the dirty look a red head librarian in Minnesota gave me when I checked it out.
      France has been a basket case for years, and it started back when the Gallic tribes lost to Julius Caesar, they just couldn’t quit bickering and fighting with each other, and what happened to the Vikings? Same story, they all settled down and became good jeboo worshippers, once the King had converted, and did’nt they go on squabbeling unable to found a united Kingdom in Scandinavia, and now they bring in muds to miscegenated with, and send out money, material and know how to feed n’breed mo mudz.

    11. zoomcopter Says:

      The movie will be soon be available on DVD.

    12. half soldier Says:

      apparently this tard “David” was a lily livered liberal from day squat, and found his true calling in teaching “Litter”ature…. oh yeah Lucy gets impregnated after being raped once sounds a little greater than the odds of winning the lottery, get real ole Petrus was peckin’ on that sno-ho long before Pollux who was probably goin’ after the family goat.

    13. half soldier Says:

      Whites have to grow up, there is nothing romantic about sex, its not sanctified by some preacher and a marriage ceremony, what we have to take out of it is the jew commercialization of sex by smashin’ the jews enterprize and stranglehold on the media. We need a book burning of all jew( and Jews) litterature startin’ with the mold testament, then a complete ban on advertizement via the mail, billboards tv, radio, ya want to buy junk than ya need to go find it on your own time .

    14. half soldier Says:

      The canary in a “litter”ature class, yeah thats way I describe that David kat, no doubt he promoted multi-culturalism, they all do… Lets do away with all these book learnin’ monks thats what the Vikings did, one of the better things they did, too bad they couldn’t torched more of those abbeys and cloisters

    15. half soldier Says:

      They probably would have gotten rid of monastaries, except for the fact these guys were in to the moonshine business long before the Kennedy clan

    16. half soldier Says:

      HELLO, I’M THE NEW AND IMPROVED YAHVEH, and I wouldn’t spare Sodom Afreaka, for the sake of David/Lucy/niglet/Pollix pee stain

    17. Nordlander Says:

      The whole thing smells of a jew rat, I read Raspails camp of the saints several times, and with more disgust every time, and what good did it do to read it? Nothing, except for the dirty look a red head librarian in Minnesota gave me when I checked it out.
      France has been a basket case for years, and it started back when the Gallic tribes lost to Julius Caesar, they just couldn’t quit bickering and fighting with each other, and what happened to the Vikings? Same story, they all settled down and became good jeboo worshippers, once the King had converted, and did’nt they go on squabbeling unable to found a united Kingdom in Scandinavia, and now they bring in muds to miscegenated with, and send out money, material and know how to feed n’breed mo mudz.

      Behold, the most worthless commentary I have heard in at least a year. Some bitter loser complaining about peoples he knows jack shit about. So “half soldier,” what have you ever done for the race. Exactly, you have done nothing. And what is happening with your country? Exactly, overrun by non-Whites. But you come up with slurs against the French and Scandinavians instead. (“united Kingdom of Scandinavia” – are you a moron, to write something that completely irrelevant? Evidence says yes.)

      “smells of a jew rat”? Someone writing a book warning Whites, and you say he must be a Jew? Like I said, the most worthless comment I have read in a year. Sorry that librarian was eyeing you angrily, I can see it left scars and you need to blame someone for it.

    18. steven clark Says:

      I can understand people not liking the book, although it is well-written. I liked Coetzee;s use of language, sentences, and pacing. He didn’t waste words. As I said, I doubt he intentionally wanted to show white suffering. As he said in a biography, ‘I prefer a feudal society with its strictures as opposed to the DIRIGISTES of Apartheid.’ I think that means Apartheid was too free enterprise for him; it’s a trait of Anglo-educated people to use foreign words instead of just say what they want to say.

      But I think the book is an example of a race not standing together.
      It’s valuable in that. I would like to get the opinions of any South Africans.

      As for France being Jewed, France was a strong racial power for a long time, and Scandinavia was as well. I think the recent decline is what I’d call the final results of the wrong side winning WWII, and what in effect was a hundred year’s war on race.

      I also want a healthy literature for whites. Alex mentioned a high school program of education. Maybe for a class, DISGRACE would be
      a good teaching tool for racial awareness.

      I think an undercurrent of the book was black unity and white divisiveness. Yes, we think too damned much about sex and being
      considerate and ‘individual,’ and we know who uses that against us. As Kipling said:

      ‘Uncock the rusted trigger/uncook the frozen dynamite/but be careful, o my country/when my country grows polite.’

    19. Terrorsaurus Says:

      Zoomcopter said: “Our sense of community IS very important. The Jews have it, and we lack it.”

      What sense of community? I don’t know any of my neighbors. A couple of whites moved in next door. I saw them doing so and we exchanged names, which I’ve since forgotten. We haven’t talked since. The middle-aged white across the street waved at me once. The middle-aged white woman across the street once spoke to me about break ins and offered to keep an eye on the place when I’m away. Several months later I saw here working in her yard and she acted frightened when I tried to say hello.

      Mexicans live in the other next door. I once had to endure going in their shithole of a house, and it’s apparent they’re all a bunch of fucking slobs. Typical spic behavior.

      These are all my experiences with my “community”.

      White Americans suck, by and large. But it can’t be helped. They’ve been raised in a completely judaized society and are essentially Christian jews. This can be witnessed when they call America “the greatest country in the world”. In other words, they’re saying “I’m chosen by God”. And really, what’s so f’n great about this big fat jewy nightmare called America?

      Henry Ford once remarked “It means nothing to a white man that another man is white, but it means everything to a jew that the fellow at his door is a jew.”

      If anything, whites are generally spiteful (or jewy) towards one another. My asshole brother got to talking about the wondrous Kimbo Slice. I pointed out that the Exalted Household Name Negro has an MMA record of 4 and 1. I then asked if he had ever heard of Fedor Emelianenko who has a record of 33 and 1. “I don’t know most of those guys’ names.” he replies.

      WHY? Why is 4 and 1 Kevin Ferguson aka Kimbo Slice an Exalted Negro Household Name while 33 and 1 Fedor Emelianenko is known only in MMA circles and in his homeland?

      BECAUSE 4 AND 1 IS A NIGGER AND 33 AND 1 IS A WHITE MAN. But he’ll never make the connection because he’s been taught that negroes are heroic freedom fighters (Invictus) while white men are warlike mass murderers (Schindler’s List).

      Sure, there’s the phenomenon called white flight, where whites move out of the rapidly darkening cities, but they’ll only discuss the why behind this phenomenon behind closed doors.

      I think Glenn Miller titled his book “Cowardice, the White Man’s Survival Strategy”. You can read it at his website, if interested.

      White community = being apathetic at best and spiteful at worst towards fellow whites while going out of their way to cater to non-whites in every way imaginable lest they be called racist

    20. Terrorsaurus Says:

      White community?

      “Most men will give more thought to the breeding of their dogs than they will to the breeding of their daughters.”


      White extinction?

      We deserve it.

    21. Ian Says:

      I looked at this book in a book shop, but didn’t buy it. I read the opening chapter about his relationship with the asian prostitute. She was more decisive and certain than him. I can see how the book turns out from this review. The asian prostitute, a mother of two, is not about to go under to negro rapists. The intellectual white man obviously does go under, following his radical lesbian daughter. Fiction, but maybe relevant.

    22. half soldier Says:

      The White master goes home? The Whites have a weakness, that weakness is called compassion, I call it stupidity, even Adolf Hitler totally despised the compassion of the Viennese upper classes in Habsburg Austria. What can we do for South African Whites? Send them popcorn balls for Christmas? Write a letter to our Kahngress Men/Women/? asking them to embargo South Africa until the niggers protect minorities? Unless some miracle occurs, and South Africa breaks lose from the African continent and drifts North they’re toast, Whites will be extinct as the do-do birds at a coyote convention. What good can come from this book, well one thing only if the opportunity ever arises, is to totally annhilate muds

    23. sean gruber Says:

      The book is called DISGRACE, and it portrays the title very well, exactly like the author set out to do. He shows the readers that these characters are a DISGRACE. Weak, disgusting, liberal characters. They go down the drain without a whimper. It’s a horror story, a nightmare…a nightmare that is real. The author thinks this nightmare is a DISGRACE, and he’s hoping other people will get as mad about these worthless liberal pussies as we are. I hope so, too. The book did win a big prize, the Booker Award, which is surprising. Did it win because it shows whites curling up and dying? Did it win because it’s white death-porn? I dunno. But any decent white reading it will stand up with his eyes blazing with anger and stomach churning with disgust. Good. We need more anger and disgust. We need to “take arms against a sea of troubles, and by opposing, end them.” (Shakespeare)

    24. Igor Alexander Says:

      “These are all my experiences with my ‘community’.”

      I’ve said it in the forum and I’ll say it again here: multiracialism makes whites more atomized, not less. When you start flooding a community with racial (or even ethnic) aliens, you’re effectively destroying the sense of community. Whites then go into “each man for himself” mode. Whites had a sense of community before jews opened wide the gates to the Turd World.

      Look at any major city 40 years ago and look at it today. Compare the attitudes of the whites inhabiting those cities then and now. I rest my case.

    25. Igor Alexander Says:

      “…while white men are warlike mass murderers (Schindler’s List).”

      If only it were true!

    26. A. Says:

      BS Gruber. Here’s the author’s bio:


      And fuck litterature. If this is what it has turned into, burn it, burn it all.

    27. A. Says:

      Mr. Clark, your review is well written, my concern is you are not getting the big picture. Whites are soon (in my children’s lifetime) to be a dispossessed minority in many parts of the world. This kind of book is not what they need to survive and thrive in such a hostile environment. A modern day White Illiad charting the course of a White man home is more to the point. Why don’t you give it to us?

    28. A. Says:

      Sorry, Odyssey, not Illiad.

    29. half soldier Says:

      As you say Igor, Whites are atomized by the very presence of aliens, be they bantus, gooks , mexicans etc…… The fact is very well demonstrated by flocks of birds, you’ll never see a flock of geese being led around bya crow.. Okay then what does hold such monstrosities as the jew golem empires together? No. 1 a core population , the jews which are beyond reproach, no. 2 a heirarchy of racial favorites, a petting order, niggers on the 3rd rank of the totem pole, Mexicans climbing over them to the 2nd rank, an untouchable caste like poor Whites rednecks, crackers etc., a class of technocrats,engineers, dentist, doctors, mostly Whites that keep the machinery running, but really sell out their own for a Lexus and 4000 sq. ft McMansion.

    30. half soldier Says:

      If you want to see how birds react to an Urban setting, watch which ones dominate the air space, mostly the Starlings who are much like Muds fast breeding and agressive, and I might say quite uniform in appearance.. Ugly shits just like Mexishits.
      The jews are having a hard time selling nigger athletes, and partial gook/nigger/ white golfers, but go back to that petting order shop continuosly to drag out a new improved hero for the TV viewing tards.

    31. half soldier Says:

      Even in creating the multi-racial monstosities mud empires, the jews are not the original inventors, but lifted it straight out of gutters of Calcutta.

    32. John Norman Howard Says:

      The author is definitely a sort of hypocrite in that he was a voice in the anti-apartheid movement, and then when he and his ilk got their wish, he high-tailed it to Australia because “When he initially moved to Australia, he had cited the South African government’s lax attitude to crime in that country as a reason for the move”.

      Well, DUH, Mr. Coetzee!

      Still, I take heart in that he called his work “Disgrace”, not “Just Desserts”… and more than one big-nig in SA has complained about the ‘racism’ of the book.

      Anyway, I could see using this work as a screening of sorts, for potential “recruits for the revolution” in high school. Give this book to a class as required reading, and without previous commentary or instruction, merely ask the students for their opinion on the work.

      Those who mouth the usual platitudes about SA and multiculturalism can be ignored.

      Those who voice disgust and anger (showing they haven’t been buffaloed by previous public school and MTV media indoctrination) will be noted (on the quietus, of course!) as solid genetic specimens with future potential for the correct sort of further education and training.

    33. half soldier Says:

      Right on Mr. Howard, we need to get the reactions of students, when the day occurs that we have our own educational institutions, the responses to such books would be of primary benefit of weeding out misfits …. I for one believe the jews have lost control of their golem of political correctness, but the “Thang” is on automatic pilot now. destined to blow up under the chosen’s beaks… Don’t forget the jews were taking some heat from the new Black South Africa, being called racists by human rights groups for their brutality against the Pals… ant then Voila right out of nowhere 9/11

    34. steven clark Says:

      I like the comments here, and if some of you are angry, good. As for using DISGRACE as a screening for one’s racial strength, I agree. I know one man, a real liberal sort who went to SA and was happy ‘it’s free’, and he’s always praising black literature and heroes…and of course lives nowhere near them. The typical liberal.

      To me the example of David and Lucy was that the ‘civilized’, higher culture intellectual types will be the first to go when (if?) America loses its white majority. They will die very fast. had the book been
      written from Ettinger’s viewpoint, it would have been a different book. And probably wouldn’t have gotten published.

      Is Coetzee a hypocrite? Probably. I am a writer and semi-intellectual, but I’ve washed my hands of the literate classes. They’re useless in saving our race. Like Goering said, ‘when I hear the word ‘culture’, I reach for my revolver.’

      I wonder if the SA tragedy was due to the colonial nature of that country. Perhaps SA’s 1776 was the Boer war, and they lost, making it a certainty the British/capitalist view would predominate. Even the Kiwis and Aussies seem prone to this. Remember if the British had their way, the Indians wouldn’t have been touched or
      removed. An America with a dozen separate Indian states would have been unimaginable. Sad as it was, Jackson’s expulsion policy made perfect racial sense.

      A book that reminds me of DISGRACE was V.S. Naipaul’s A BEND IN THE RIVER, about an Indian expat who runs a shop in an African country like the Congo. Unlike David, he has no hopes of getting along. When the government makes him sell his shop to a black man who, as the ‘owner’, comes in and reads comic books all day,
      the hero gets his money, hides it and flees…just ahead of the authorities. The Indians always seem to have an instinct for survival the whites in Africa lost. I think of those white farmers in Zimbabwe and shake my head.

      As for books on white survival and racial organizing, there is of course Covington’s NW trilogy. I like them. Another book I liked was an English one, RETRIVED FROM THE PAST, about England
      when the oil runs out and a county forms its own nation. It’s racial
      only in the subtext, but shows local people BONDING and ORGANIZING to defend English culture. The cities, of course, had everyone die out since there was no food, and that meant the mud problem solved itself quickly. It’s all well and good to show us with our guns blasting away, but we need to show how to wake people up…something like the ECOTOPIA books, where (in the 70’s), the NW was seen as an ecological nation. More and more the only hope we have is to form such a homeland. The TITANIC is lost. let’s get some lifeboats.

      I have some favorite books I might share in another essay.

      As for neighbors, I’ve always tried to get to know mine, and we at least were on a hello basis. Older people are easier to bond with than the young, but I’ve always known students and we at least could nod to each other. However, I’m getting a lot of blacks, and it’s not a happy experience. Even a really super liberal friend of mine who lived in a ‘diverse’ neighborhood moved out when the shootings started and some black guy tried to assault her (her German shepard took care of that).
      Like Alex has said, white people KNOW all about blacks and muds.
      Even David KNOWS. Lucy KNOWS. But they won’t struggle.

    35. half soldier Says:

      To me the example of David and Lucy was that the ‘civilized’, higher culture intellectual types will be the first to go when (if?) America loses its white majority.

      yup, I can see a parallel course that Amerikwa and the late South Africa have in common. Both were colonies of slimey limey land, one broke away with the aid of the soon to be decapitated French monarchy, the other just got loose from the Jewnited kingdom by fiat, limey land itzelf ended up being colonized by wogs, voodoo blacks from the caribbean, Amerikwa IS BEING COLONIZED AND REORGANIZED INTO THE NEW AMERICAN UNION, South Africa, so far from God/ close to Yahveh and nigger hordes is being suffocated.

    36. half soldier Says:

      The same treatment South Africa got, was probably what the jews and wanabee jews of New England would have down to the Southern States, but for the kkk, and the lower proportion of niggers, plus the armed populace, and economic boycott wouldn’t have had as much an effect as on an industrial society. Another big factor was the jews and cohorts intentions to utilize America to batter away at Europe, thus they needed a source of menchen material to serve up as cannon fodder.

    37. half soldier Says:

      See the new improved South Africa, your future!

    38. Tyr Says:

      Mr. A.,

      Your are right. You stated it clearly and without ambiguity.

      Let me tell you a story about one of my ancestors:

      He was of German extraction and settled in what is now Minnesota. Was a ‘pacifist’ due to wars in Europe. Had a wife and kids. Injuns raid the settlement. Killed and scalped the kids, raped the wife. Wife was basket case after and killed herself later. He went medieval. The old beserker awakened. He was a Prussian military officer and hard as nails as you describe. Everyone told him “You’ll never find them…” “Move on…” And the 19th cen version of “Can’t we all just get along….?” Of course, those who had no loss or never saw and cleaned up the tragedy said this being under the spell of Christianity too. Easy words from weaklings. Anyway, one by one after stalking, searching, hunting he found who the perps were and liquidated them all along with collateral damage. He then was forever the enemy of Injuns and did have great influence in wanting them gone – permanently. The ‘pacifism’ was burned out of him.

    39. Tyr Says:

      There is a moment in Mugabe and the White African that suddenly and vividly defines the banality, the infantile pointlessness, of those directing Zimbabwe’s violent collapse into anarchy. Peter Chamada, the son of Mugabe’s political ally Nathan Shamuyarira, has arrived on a white farmer’s land in his shining new ToyotaPrado and is taking photographs on an expensive mobile phone. He glares, wild-eyed with contempt, into the camera and declares, ‘This land is now my home. The government has taken it from you people [the white farmers] to redistribute to the poor black majority. This land belongs to the black peasants.’


    40. New America Says:

      in reply to Tyr:

      A thousand thoughts and feelings are no substitute for the right mindset.

      You are absolutely correct.

      We have been tolerant, of those who are not only intolerant of us, but hate us, and wish to destroy us, our Families, and our Race.

      There is Something WRONG with that mindset.

      Our feelings, our very tools of Consciousness, have been so perverted by our Racial Enemies that we have become the laughingstock of the world.

      Again, the profoundly important words of Terrible Tommy Metzger:

      Who do I blame?

      I blame us for letting it happen to us.

      They are supremely organized, on all levels, AGAINST us.

      One way to begin organizing, FOR us, is with this American3p.org, the America Third Position people.

      Of course, the larger goal, to which we should all set our compasses upon, is Harold Covington’s Northwest Republic – a Racial Homeland, for the White Race.

      The A3P is a good place to begin building political effectiveness.

      Otherwise, we shall become as Dispossessed, in our own lands, as the Whites are, in Zimbabwe, today, and South Africa, all too soon.

      The Purpose Of Judaism is The Genocide of the White Race.

      We Have A Duty To Our Racial Destiny.

      Covington’s Call – a White Homeland, for OUR Posterity, in a Northwest Republic – remains the Highest and Best Hope for OUR Posterity.

      Take Control Of The Destiny That Is Rightfully Yours.

    41. Anon Says:

      *** David and Lucy are examples of bourgeois life and its inability to fight for its own survival. ***

      Excellent. My relatives and 98% of my friends (US) have no fury, no sense of self-preservation. NOTHING . . . NO THING will goad them out of their complacency. Same with blacks, Muslims, illegals. No reaction. Dinner table conversation — petty details about nothing.

      This coming fiscal disaster will at least strip away the available funds used to pay off the parasite blacks and immigrants. Wealth has corrupted this nation and allowed many survival issues to be ignored.