21 January, 2010

Classic Linder Spintros

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“Is there anything funnier or ghastlier than a jew sitting in moral judgment of a human?”

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    1. George Washington Says:

      YES!!! Ragheads sitting on oil that America uses. Targeted AIDS viruses or a few Neutron devices would clear the fields for American oil operations. Imagine: Free oil!!! Why do we put up with this?

    2. Luke Says:

      “White men failed to identify jews as the enemy. That was the fundamental mistake, made by church and government. The failure to identify jews as a hostile, parasitic, competitive species and eradicate it was the single biggest mistake the white race has made in its long history. It is a mistake that can be and must be corrected.” — Alex Linder, VNN Forum, May 2009.

      This is one that always makes me crave a cold beer, accompanied by thoughtful reflection.

    3. Luke Says:

      “The challenge is not to join the existing elite but to form a new one. A new elite based on honor and blood, rather than status and money. That’s how the Nazis did it. That’s the true alternative to the System. NOT being a whore. What a kooky fresh idea. NOT selling out? Unthinkable – yet strangely attractive…As I say, ours is a quest, a cause, it is not a career. You should see that Sam Francis tried to have it both ways – that is exactly why I advocate forcing people like him to come down on one side or the other. Sam Francis and Pat Buchanan are and were career girls, and that’s what they will always be. The type of change we seek does not come from career girls, it come(s) from essentially religious crusaders.” – Alex Linder

      Another one that stirs the flame of white survival.

    4. virgil Says:

      18 millions for real!

    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      “Is there anything funnier or ghastlier than a jew sitting in moral judgment of a human?”

      How about Jews always preaching love, peace, diversity and tolerance (that’s the funny part), followed by gruesome Zionist attrocities against Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip, especially against pregnant women and babies? (that’s the ghastly part.)