19 January, 2010

More About Haiti

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Not mentioned in the Haiti earthquake news is the fact that part of the burden for the quake’s death/injury toll is on the Haitians themselves, e.g., they have too many children vis-a-vis their economic status (which has led to over-crowding), and Haitian building-construction methods and regulations are, we must assume, not the best:


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    1. half soldier Says:

      if the jews want to see their Golem, the US of Zog continue its proxy war for the shitty in the middle East, they better find a way to ditch the flotilla of “aid” to the turd whrlld showcase Haiti. The jews also better ditch that monkey with the surround around coterie of yids in the shack on 1600 Pennsylvania. My perception tells me that Marrano jew Senator Reids comments about he mulatto CIC were met to test the waters for a removal.

    2. half soldier Says:


      How long is it gonna take ya to get your shit together down there? Well thats too fukkin long! We’re going to send you all the monkey loving shamans to assist you, such as The Reverend Jim Jones, along with a boatload of orange coonaid, and “dixie cups”, billery and hillery with a couple of spades( not racial pun) to dig those mass ass graves and throw their fukking worthless carcasses in on top as a sacrificial offer to the voodoo gods… And what better niggers to have on hand for a good riddance ceremony than the Rebbbberen Jesse, and Al Sharpton… Hope ya get the picture, because once the niceties are over we can big, big papa doc with big big baby doc to give all of you a bigger bang than you ever got with a mule. Hastal la vista baby doc

    3. half soldier Says:

      We will allow seconds to be served of the Orange Coonaid, to bigger bucks and winches

    4. half soldier Says:

      Come on y’all no pushin’ in the line, we’s headed to glory land, why St. Peter hisself, is waitin’t to usher us into the showers of blessins”

      Oh my chillum, ain’t nuthin to compare to dat dere Hebbin, why ya gits, oven roasted chikken legs mawnin , noon, and night

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    5. old dutch Says:

      Roman Catholics love future Haitian felons:

      Feel the love…

    6. half soldier Says:

      Wait a minute Baby Doc, theys mo of dem de 200,000? I’m afraid you ain’t been livin’ ups to de contract, I sah gonna have to re-Nigg gotiate dat contract we had, but dats okay you won’ts get the case of malt liqqer fo de performance, but as a consolation repemuration you gets a double douse err-dose that is of Uncle Jim Jones Orange Coonaid.

    7. Kuda Bux Says:

      “. . .and others pulling at America’s heart strings. . .”

      Zing went the strings- of my heart. . .


    8. half soldier Says:

      Jim Jones for prez of Haiti!

    9. half soldier Says:

      Now my chillun , just close dem big bug eyes and takes a taste of dis sweet hebbenly nektar,,, yeah lets it sink in to yo blue gums.
      No times at all yous be in ju-ju land, oven roasted chicken legs a hangin’ from dem dead trees,
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      Now trys to be civil when de rabbi comes long to collects all dem gold fillings, why yous gonna gets a whole new body, garonteed

    10. Bill mj Says:

      Check out all the help comin from de bruthas in the homeland. Not even libya ….. …….. …t

    11. th Says:

      Its a damned shame, whitey ends up paying for these black bastards even in other countries. Instead of dropping food and water they should be dropping hand guns. Niggers are wonderful at killing each other. The estimate of dead niggers in Hait is 80,000. Just think then for a minute. The way they breed thats about 400,000 niggers that won’t ever exist in the next ten years. Since coons average about 5 niglets each. Thats really great news! Now we need an earth quake, fire, tornado anything please in Tel Aviv.

    12. half soldier Says:


    13. half soldier Says:

      HATE TO BREAK THE GOOD NEW TO YOU th, yes miracles do happen

      The Haitian government declared a state of emergency on Monday, six days after a magnitude 7.0 earthquake laid waste to much of the nation and its capital, Port-au-Prince, killing at least 200,000, according to the latest estimate.

    14. half soldier Says:

      Don’t forget each female over the age of 5 counts for at least 2

    15. whodareswings Says:

      “In supporting [the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee] and IsraAID, we are not only helping the Haitian people,” said Steve Nasatir, President of the Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago. “We also are spotlighting the Jewish people and Israel in a part of the world that might not otherwise be positively exposed to the compassion of Jewish people and the Jewish State.”

      Q13-Fox News: January 18, 10:30 p.m. — Haiti — beginning with a view of crowded hospitals, swarmed with grieving relatives — crying and screaming and whimpering — so crowded, so dirty — chaotic –blood is everywhere — harried doctors covered with sweat and a thousand stains — Hurry!! unless this boy gets to a surgeon he will die — rotting in his own gangrenous flesh — then a spark of hope — some nameless American doctor says, only Israel!!, only Israel from the other side of the world!!!!, has come to help Haitians!!! — Israel!!! Oh Israel!!! — It makes me ashamed to be an American — Ashamed!! Ashamed to be an America!!! repeats the (purported?) doctor– where are the Americans??? — it makes me ashamed that American has done nothing she says again and again (air time is expensive but this message is important) — Nothing!!! The Americans have given nothing to help the brave Hatians!!! — then, in a parklike setting — Omigod, there it is!!! — the Israeli flag — The Star of David, waving bravely in the Haitian sky — the Israeli hospital — no crowds — lots of empty cots — everything is clean and orderly —  Oh! the reporter gushes! You have portable x-ray systems — yes we have the best equipment — proud Israeli surgeons, without patients, preening for the TV cameras — immaculate Israeli surgeons —  immaculate in their starched uniforms — a view from a hospital tent shows green lawns and trees in the distance without a Haitian to be seen — not one Haitian (perhaps the magic Israeli doctors have cured everyone) — Jewish doctors have been famous for centuries (but in Europe their only specialty for a thousand years has been abortions) — (One can only suggest that Israelis have lots of surplus emergency medical capacity since they would never dream of helping the Gaza Palestinians….) — (But perhaps the Israelis are there to help Jews…. most of the sweatshops in Haiti are Israeli owned….) — Oh!!! The Israelis are here!!!  — Oh, Israel!!! — Israel!! — So generous, so sweet, not like the worthless Americans — You saw it here first, on Fox News…. and you’ll be seeing it again….Perhaps the Israelis should adopt the orphans and take in the refugees….

    16. half soldier Says:

      Nothing like Shoah buisness, 1 year ago the jews were mass murdering the Palestinians, and now they got to come to the rescue. Hell nothing new under the sun is there? Try as they may they don’t fool anybody, Haiti is gonna be ditched, simply because the jews need every last drop of blood of the US Zog , can’t afford to have the troopz tied down poe-licing Haiti, they’ve got to be fighting and dyin for lil shitty.
      Real bang up job on the pals with out hardly a whimper from the jew controlled media, but don’t think it will go on forever

    17. half soldier Says:

      Ya sure the film was shot in Haiti? Probably on some back lot in Hollywood, or in Miami another jew infested enclave

    18. half soldier Says:

      The jews probably dumped some Pals out of their hospital beds, and pulled Pal babies out of incubators to haul the shit over to Haiti. yeah after they fleeced their body organs

    19. th Says:

      I got the 80,000 number days ago, while traveling. I don’t know what was more difficult, holding back my laughter watching the comedy on CNN or not puking watching the others looking on in horror and sympathy for the island niggers. 200, 000, now thats a great number. Mother nature is my hero!

    20. Justin Huber Says:

      I would be skeptical of the 200,000 figure. Whenever there is some natural disaster involving blacks the mainstream (Jew controlled) media outlets start throwing out numbers like these. Much like they did with Hurricane Katrina. What is certain though, is that probably thousands of these quake victims will end up over here-permanently.

    21. half soldier Says:


    22. Henry Says:

      The number keeps going up. I’ve seen that 200,000 figure several places by now. They’re all just estimates, of course. Nothing is ever certain or clear in a place like Haiti. Will it eventually climb to 6 million? Who knows.

      Well, no. Not possible. That number has already been taken.

    23. Henry Says:

      And nobody better try referring to the “Haitian Holocaust” either!
      That term has already been copywritten. It belongs to somebody else.

    24. Tim McGreen Says:

      Actually, wasn’t it some large Negro factory worker who murdered Mary Phalen and not the Jew sweatshop owner Leon Frank?

      Anyway, even if 200,000 anthropoids were killed off in Haiti, their numbers will be quickly replaced, as each Haitian she-boon is born pregnant and will have several litters consisting of at least a half dozen nigglets each by the age of 10.

    25. Joe 90 Says:

      I hate to be a party pooper, but given how prolific the nigger is, 200,000 is but a blip.

    26. Ein Says:

      By sending them food and medicine you’re contributing to the NEXT 200,000.

      The generation who’ll be swarming our shores (again!) 20 years from now.

    27. half soldier Says:

      saw babies whose skulls had been cracked open like watermelons,” she added. “The best doctors could do is put a wrap around their heads and cover them and leave them to die.”

    28. half soldier Says:


    29. half soldier Says:


    30. half soldier Says:


    31. Tim McGreen Says:

      Yes, it certainly is good news that Barry Obongo and his despicable Obongocare are now in big trouble, thanks to the election of Scott Brown in Massholechusetts. But unfortunately Brown is still a right-wing neo-kahn who will take orders from Big Jew without hesitation. And the 6.1 aftershock earthquake in Haiti is causing me to believe that even Nature herself has had enough of the niggers. There may yet be some hope for this world after all.

    32. half soldier Says:

      Yes, it certainly is good news that Barry Obongo and his despicable Obongocare are now in big trouble, thanks to the election of Scott Brown in Massholechusetts. But unfortunately Brown is still a right-wing neo-kahn who will take orders from Big Jew without hesitation. And the 6.1 aftershock earthquake in Haiti is causing me to believe that even Nature herself has had enough of the niggers. There may yet be some hope for this world after all.
      my only consolation is maybe Fat Face Teddy is spinning like hawg on a spit in hell.
      I just hope all those bleedin heart shamans and their flocks of stoopid white geese are all in Haiti, when it the sky falls flat on it , or it flips over and drowns all the niggers.

    33. David Baker Says:

      If goyim are ever going to stem the tide of Jewish rule, we will need to understand that ALL non-Jewish people are subject to Jewish perfidy, proxy wars and race baiting. The world must come to a consensus on the subject of how best to conquer this scourge. It doesn’t matter if one is black, Haitian, French, Asian, Indian, or Eskimo, we are each under the yoke of Jewish control, and we are too stupid to realize they have used their media to pit us against each other. Ignorance of this fundamental Jewish tactic inhibits thinking people from candidly relating how we got to this point. Mankind needs the assurance that others will sacrifice their money and effort in time of need (while jews award themselves at lavish banquets, figuring out more ways to relieve us of our hard-earned money). Eventually, even the most toadish Jew suck will discern that we have been duped into this racist turmoil for the sole purpose of deflecting our attention away from the most successful racial cabal.

    34. half soldier Says:

      If goyim are ever going to stem the tide of Jewish rule, we will need to understand that ALL non-Jewish people are subject to Jewish perfidy, proxy wars and race baiting. The world must come to a consensus on the subject of how best to conquer this scourge
      Yes, the lion will lie down with the lamb, and the lil child shall play upon the asps nest, and a little white child shall lead them, we are the world kumbayi!

      No, you’re wrong! Only Whites are subject to jew perfidy etc. , have you ever heard jew call for the extinction of any of mud tribes? Get real, don’t try to soft soap reality, like somebody trying to negotiate with a charging elephant

    35. half soldier Says:

      Why does this candidly sit down an discuss our common grievences over tea and cakes, sound a bit phony? Like the story of the Russian hunter meeting up with the Bear in the Forest: ” Heh, Ivan don’t point that gun at me, all I want is something to eat, and I imagine you just want to have my fur to get warm, go ahead put the gun, down I’m sure we can work this out to our mutual benefit” Ivan the hunter puts down the gun, and then Whammo! Dead Hunter. Hours later , the Bear having dined on Ivans carcass, murmers rather apologetically, ” Well Ivan we both got what we wanted, Da? You were cold and wanted to be warm, and I was Hungry and wanted to be fed.

    36. half soldier Says:

      Never trust muds. Even if the jew didn’t exist the muds are our enemies

    37. half soldier Says:

      You either want a mud world or White, their ain’t no choices, somebodys to go.

    38. half soldier Says:

      Numero uno priority is to stem the mud invasion, then will get rid of jew rule. World wide!

    39. Kuda Bux Says:

      Number one priority is breaking up jew control of information.

    40. Henry Says:


      Amazing! You know, I was thinking of something like that just yesterday; just a fantasy then. That or a tidal wave to finish things off and wash the nigger-place clean. Simply amazing.

    41. Henry Says:

      I meant to say “nigger-polluted place”. It needs to be washed clean of them. Yes, maybe there is a god in heaven after all. It could make me a believer.

    42. half soldier Says:

      Amazing! You know, I was thinking of something like that just yesterday; just a fantasy then. That or a tidal wave to finish things off and wash the nigger-place clean. Simply amazing.
      Let Mother nature make a real Black history to remember. On a side note I had been thinking about Haiti for several months now, as I studied a world geography book, it had a photograph titled “Fisherman cast their nets in the tranquil waters off HaitI”

    43. half soldier Says:

      Don’ts believe isah gonna be eatin any seafoods comin’ outta dem waters fo a long long time

    44. half soldier Says:

      The overkill on niggers, is not helpin’ the nigger sit coms and nigger ball games, its even hurtin’ his excellency the mud lord.. I bet the Jews really hate an all nigger cast as we see from footage of Haiti, ya seen one nigger , you’ve seen um all.. I’m wonderin’ why they don’t have English blonde babes reporting from Haiti, like they do from Afghanistan? They really are startin to look like apes in mans pants, it don’t take much to bring the nigger out, they can’t handle a lack of control,,, obongo is probably sweatin’ it out now, one never knows when he’ll grab one of his jew handlers.

    45. Curious Says:


      By Patrick B. Craine
      PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti, January 19, 2009 (LifeSiteNews.com) – Capitalizing on the compassion of developed nations towards Haiti following the disastrous 7.0 scale earthquake last Tuesday, the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) has launched a fundraising appeal in order to further their aims in the devastated pro-life nation.

    46. half soldier Says:

      Boy I’d love to see Obongo, really lose it, and go Apeshit, thottle the lil jew fink Timmy Geithener, or smash the face of that fat jew boy Shumer.. How much do you want to bet that the jews surrounding Obongo, don’t have body guards to shoot at the first sign of the first apes hysteria. “Quick! Get Dr. Finklestein here, I think the Chief Executive has had a hard on attack!

      Later that Evening Katy Cureic on ZNN (zionist news network) wearing a black mini skirt : ” We are so sorry to inform you, that Ole blue gums errr… President Obongo, has taken a turn for the worse, after a news conference.”

    47. half soldier Says:

      Who is next in odor, for the office of president, after the Vice president? I believe Madame Secretary of State Hillary is somewhere in the line up for crimes committed

    48. Joe B. Says:

      I was just thinking, in a fantasy sense. If there had not been any recent earthquakes in haiti, and we merely blockaded haiti by sea (the dominican mulattoes have erected good land barriers), it’s likely that the vast majority of the haitian population would die off.