13 February, 2010

“Jewish Guilt”

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A mention of “Jewish guilt” here. Even though you hear about Jewish guilt, it doesn’t exist in the real sense of the word “guilt.” Gentiles feel real guilt, like about driving through a red traffic light, or about failing to visit a sick friend promptly enough. Jews, on the other hand, 1) hen-peck each other about stupid little things and the pecking creates a “guilt,” or 2) worry about themselves “not being Jewish enough” in their daily routines, which, they instinctively know, poses a threat to the collective Jewish community, and so feel/induce a “guilt” about it. In other words, “Jewish guilt” is a cultural product and not genuine self-reproach/remorse. (Can you imagine a Jew feeling genuine guilt about, say, swindling someone in a business deal? Ha!).

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  7. 20 Responses to ““Jewish Guilt””

    1. sean gruber Says:

      Ayrans feel guilt only when they have been assholes.

      Jews feel “jewish guilt” only when they think they haven’t been asshole-ish enough.

      The good people feel guilty when they behave badly.

      The evil people feel “guilty” when they behave less badly than they normally do.

    2. Andrea Dworkin Says:

      If our lives were total lies like the Jews, we would feel guilt too. Fake heritage, fake names, fake history, fake ideas, and all the psychoses entailed from having to keep all those lies straight despite all the evidence to the contrary.

    3. Howdy Doody Says:

      Guilt ? More like Paranoia, that a put upon peoples possibly could one day say no more.

    4. sean gruber Says:

      “Fake heritage, fake names, fake history, fake ideas, and all the psychoses entailed from having to keep all those lies straight”

      You just described the Kwa. It’s FULL of jews. Like in the movie “THEY LIVE.” Even your big box mega-churches are run, staffed, and attended by jews and mischlings. World War 2 was the genetic watershed for jews in the USA. Since then, the avid interbreeding of pod people and humans has proceeded without check. The country is now at a late stage of decomposition; it died long ago. We are basically witnessing maggots running around.

      New nations must arise from here and there in the “heartland,” and dispose of the corpse of the stinking corpse of the old one.

    5. sean gruber Says:

      and dispose of the stinking corpse of the old one.

    6. Tim McGreen Says:

      Near the end of the article, the author observes that GW Bush did not look or act very WASPish. I’ve noticed that, too. Bush Jr. has wavy hair, big bushy eyebrows, little beady eyes, a spoiled, arrogant, cowardly and immature disposition and kind of a tan-colored complexion.

      Hmmm, what kind of ethnic group produces assholes like that?

    7. Tim McGreen Says:

      Oh, and Bush Jr. is also cruel, pitiless and an unapologetic liar with a hard-on for disobedient Muslim countries, yet more tell-tale signs that he is at least partially a you-know-who.

    8. sean gruber Says:

      President Lyndon Johnson was a Texan kike. Like every other state in the “Union,” Texas is controlled by jews.

      Bush Sr. and Jr. share another characteristic with the classic tapirman. They fake who they are, where they’re from. They actually aren’t even Texas people at all.

      If we knew the truth, we would see that practically everything we are told – and practically everything we were told since we popped out of the womb – is a lie.

      We are LIVING the movie “They Live.” A lot of masks are coming off now.

    9. Tim McGreen Says:

      {If we knew the truth, we would see that practically everything we are told – and practically everything we were told since we popped out of the womb – is a lie.}

      Santa Claus…A lie.

      The Tooth Fairy…A lie.

      The Baby Jesus…A lie.

      Abe Lincoln a hero?…Lie.

      MLK a hero?…Lie.

      The Holocaust…A lie.

      Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq…A lie.

      Racial equality…A Lie.

      Democracy…A Lie.

      Global Warming…A lie.

      Vietnam War…A lie.

      The Jewish controlled press…Liars.

      ZOG politicians…Liars.

      Right-wing talk show hosts…Liars.

      Limousene liberals…Liars.

      Herr Gruber is right, the Truth is very difficult to find in this world. But the Truth is too hard to accept or deal with for most people anyway, so they just keep on believing those comfortable old lies instead.

    10. Ein Says:

      Tim says: “GW Bush did not look or act very WASPish. I’ve noticed that, too.
      Bush Jr. has wavy hair, big bushy eyebrows, little beady eyes, a spoiled, arrogant, cowardly and immature disposition and kind of a tan-colored complexion. ”

      I’ve noticed that also. Long wondered about it. And you forgot to mention that he has a hooked beak to go with those beady eyes. Not a big beak, no, but it’s still enough of a beak that he could catch a fish with or peck a burrow in a tree. His mother came from a magazine-publishing family. Hmmm. Maybe that’s where the light needs to be shined. Oh, and the sneaky, dishonest character and the lust for easy money to go with the “cowardly and immature disposition”. Something, somewhere, doesn’t seem right.

    11. zoomcopter Says:

      Bush wasn’t clever enough to be a Jew. I’ve had pet rocks smarter than George W. He is a former coke snorting, alcoholic cheerleader, nothing more.

    12. Henry Says:

      From what I’ve read, they say GWB had a fairly high IQ — just didn’t use it. Lazy, rather than dumb. A lazy, spoiled rich boy who never had to work or strive. Anyway, no one claims he’s a full-blooded Jew, whatever he is. And I don’t believe in this nonsense about Jews being so smart either. Sneaky, wiley, deceiftul, devious — yes. Jews are all of that. And so was Dubya Bush. But intelligent? Please!!!
      What sort of intelligent people would be a tribe of anally obsessed coprophiles? What sort of intelligent people would get themselves in trouble for thousands of years, make themselves hated everywhere, and never learn a thing from it? Doesn’t sound very smart to me.

    13. Coup D'Etat Says:

      Jews feeling guilty? Impossible. Jews don’t have a conscience. They pretend to feel guilty to gain sympathy from others.

    14. Tim McGreen Says:

      I think Henry is right. The belief that Jews are smarter than everyone else is, well, a canard.

    15. Tim McGreen Says:

      “Jewish guilt”: The mother of all oxymorons.

    16. Dagon Says:

      As I see it obviously one has to let the scales fall from one’s eyes and see exactly WHO is telling you that a specific meme is true – be it that ‘Jews are smarter and have been more opressed, unreasonably so, than other groups’, that ‘women are disenfranchised’, or that ‘white men are uniquely patriarchal and have a distinct predeliction more than any other group toward a suppossed ‘authoritarian personality’ a la Archie Bunker.’

      Once you discover WHO is repeating these abjectly false notions – these canards – then you realize that they are doing so for particular reasons germane to the specific ethnic interest of THEIR own in-group and to the detriment of the targeted out-group, YOUR in-group. Once you make that inference you never trust anything they say again and take your first but important step into the wider world of reality.

      Interestingly enough, I have indeed found many Jews and many other non-whites to be intelligent however to the extent this is possible at all arises from the fact that they put a premium on acting tribally and monopolizing the commanding heights of academic and social discourse which necessarily crowds out perspectives of other groups not their own. Then, once they are in place, they can aggressively promote a self-serving image of themselves as unique and innately superior to the rest of us with no one else around to contradict them. That high intelligence is any MORE innate in a Jew, or an East Asian, than a white person is a total crock however. Yet, this is one of many memes that they have had us believing in by repeating it often enough over the past several decades. Tell a lie often enough and it becomes accepted.

      I’ve known a few non-whites including a few Jews who I will freely award the sobriquet of ‘brilliant.’ However, I will emphasis the qualifier in the first sentence – ‘few.’ I’ve long gotten the sense that most non-whites often described as ‘brilliant’ by others as well as by the usually fawning and uncritical mass media, are rarely as creatively intelligent as is the average white person of even slightly above average intelligence. Rather, I just get the completely un-empericall based, yet no less real, intuition that however bright these non-white subjects might be, they usually all have a tendency to run with the pack rather than developing new technologies, discursive methods, and world-views as most brilliant whites have. Individualism may be the achilles heel of our people at this particular juncture in time – faced as we are with the predations of much more tribal peoples – however, that same individualism has served us well in the past and has made our brilliance indubitably more flexible, and thus stronger, more durable, and more lasting than their ocassional flashes of brilliance ever could be. Their tribalism also means that in their group effort to squash us as a group their machinations will one day become obvious to even the most willfully blind and they will be seen – as a group – for what they are.

    17. TY GRANT Says:

      Investigators suspect John B. Goodman was drinking when he ran a stop sign and plowed into Scott Wilson’s car. At the accident scene Scott Wilson’s friend have created a memorial in his honor. Meanwhile, many are asking why the suspected…
      1 hour ago
      The Palm Beach Post
      WELLINGTON – International Polo Club founder and owner John Goodman was involved in a two-car crash that left another man dead Friday morning, the organization says. Goodman had a few injuries but was otherwise OK, said John Wash, president…
      Los Angeles Times
      Jason Schultz, The Palm Beach Post
      WELLINGTON — As crowds cheered at one of the International Polo Palm Beach club’s premier polo matches Sunday afternoon, a mother sat by herself on the banks of a canal about a half mile south of the polo club. Lili Wilson sat at the spot…
      Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel
      14 hours ago
      Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office
      Goodman blasted through a stop sign and slammed into a Hyundai, according to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office . The crash sent the Hyundai tumbling into a canal, where its driver, 23-year-old Scott Patrick Wilson, died. “He was just…
      Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel
      Alcohol suspected in crash that injured Polo Club founder,…
      WELLINGTON — Authorities suspect alcohol played a role in a fatal crash this morning in which John Goodman, founder and owner of the International Polo Club Palm Beach, ran a stop sign in a black Bentley convertible, causing a crash that…
      Palm Beach Interactive
      ?Palm Beach Interactive
      Person found dead in car in Lake Worth canal, International…
      A person was found dead in a car that had sunk in a canal overnight at Lake Worth Road and 120th Avenue, and International Polo in Wellington confirmed that founder and owner John Goodman was injured in the crash. Palm Beach County…
      Palm Beach Interactive
      Polo Club Members Talk About Founder’s Crash
      WELLINGTON, Fla. — Members of the International Polo Club Palm Beach described Friday’s fatal crash involving local millionaire and club founder John Goodman as a “tragedy.” They said their thoughts and prayers are with the family of Scott…
      WPBF News 25
      12 hours ago
      ?WPBF News 25
      Houston millionaire crashes Bentley, kills driver in…
      WEST PALM BEACH, Florida – A Houston millionaire was involved in a fatal accident early Friday near West Palm Beach Florida, according to CBS12.com . CBS12.com reported that John Goodman, 46, ran a stop sign and crashed his Bentley into a…
      UCF graduate killed in crash, Florida businessman to blame
      An Orlando man with so much potential is suddenly killed in a car wreck in West Palm Beach, and police say a prominent Florida businessman is to blame. Now, police want to know if the multi millionaire was drinking and driving. The mother…
      Myfoxorl and O
      19 hours ago
      Initial report on Wellington crash released
      Goodman, International Polo Club founder. Deputies say they found him down the road. He was taken to the Wellington Regional Medical Center with minor injuries. According to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office the 46 year old Goodman was…

    18. Tim McGreen Says:

      I noticed something….Both LBJ and Bush Jr. had/have ranches, but neither one of them was ever seen on a horse. A real Texas rancher would be riding his horse all the time around his property. But JEWS are NEVER seen riding horses, are they?

    19. Tim McGreen Says:

      I think the Winter Olympics are faggy, but I like that skier Lindsey Vonn. She’s a real Aryan Nordic beauty! Could you ever imagine a Negress, Jewess or Latrina on a pair of skis? Only Whites are really capable of graceful and beautiful movement, as in ballet, figure skating, diving competitions, etc. The lower races would look like dancing bears if they tried to perform ballet or anything like that. Not that I want to insult any bears by comparing them to muds, mind you.

    20. th Says:

      Its quite refreshing to see that others know gw bush is a jew. That is one jew of jews! Most disturbing is the line of aryan men waiting their turn to die in one of his wars. Its a damn shame.