27 February, 2010

Race: It Matters

Posted by Socrates in black culture, graphics/toons, Socrates, Western culture, White identity, White-culture-as-superior at 4:00 pm | Permanent Link

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  7. 64 Responses to “Race: It Matters”

    1. nom de guerre Says:

      Do Vultures have any dietary restrictions? Maybe if they’re the chosen.

    2. Neptune Says:

      How many blacks are there in this list?

      Ernst Werner von Siemens
      George Westinghouse
      Henry Ford
      Alexander Solzhenitsyn
      Serguei Pavlovich Korolev
      Wernher von Braun
      Kelly Johnson
      Wolfgang Ernst Pauli
      Richard Wagner
      Felix Wankel
      Blaise Pascal
      Wilhelm Weber
      Carl Friedrich Gauss
      Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
      Johannes Gutenberg
      Thomas Edison
      Immanuel Kant
      Arthur Schopenhauer
      Gustav Kirchhoff
      Robert Bunsen
      Paul Gottlieb Nipkow
      Alexander Graham Bell
      Guglielmo Marconi
      Edward Lawry Norton
      Léon Charles Thévenin
      Hendrik Antoon Lorentz
      Charles Lindbergh
      Wilhelm Wien
      Charles-Augustin de Coulomb
      Lord Rayleigh
      Aurel Boleslav Stodola
      Henri Poincaré
      Jean Le Rond d’Alembert
      Arthur Cayley
      The Wright brothers
      Andrew Wiles
      Linus Torvalds

      All of them are inventors, astronomers, mathematicians, composers, philosophers, scientists.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      Well, none o’ dem White folks is as good as Famous Amos. Dat brutha be makin’ sum fime choclit chip cookies, yessuh!

    4. nom de guerre Says:

      Hell pretty soon we won’t have to worry about streets or streets signs, the mexishits have pretty well graffitied them all over, and the snow and ice this winter have pretty well cratered them with chug holes wide and deep enough looks like Nam after a mortar attack

    5. nom de guerre Says:

      Fuck ,what are we comparing here? The whole fuckin’ cuntry is overrun with spics, and I mean all 50 states and territories! I wish I could recall that Preacher on Shortwave I listened to up in Minnesota in the mid-90’s he had good broadcast about the “Browning of America” back then he predicted the whole god-damn cuntry would fall to the Mexishits.

    6. nom de guerre Says:

      Lets talk about the Mexishits, niggers are a threat but they didn’t invade the cuntry. Numero uno enemy is the Mexishits! The stoopid god damn Spainiards went along with greasy Marrano jews, and the Papists to produce the sweltering greasy Mexishits, No they had no intentions producing a White nuevo Spain, but a sweat shop for the injuns to dig up silver and gold for their Catherdrals and pedophile priests, yeah and they went after the Injun pussy to produce the killer bees of the human race, the Mestizo, with a slap of the ole tar brush from Caribbean niggers.

    7. Dave Says:

      Nom de Guerre ,First is the jew! I used to get very riled up about the mexicans when I lived amongst them,and I mean amongst them as in I had an apt in the middle of their U.S version of tiajauna.Beer bottles,graffiti,pissing in the parking lot,yes sir,the full experience!

      I still get riled and pissed of course,but fortunately I no longer live amongst them.However, if not for the jew we would clearly not have this problem,and if not for ourselves we would not have the jew. Maybe not you or I,but our ancestors and members of our own race have been so careless,we see this now and know full well the problem must be rectified. which brings us full circle to the main question,the reason we are all here.What to do?

    8. nom de guerre Says:

      Thanks Dave, yeah who can blame mexicans for being mexicans, or niggers for being niggers? I think the big problem is we don’t see the forest but the trees.. I remember as a kid growing up in Southern California, and occasionaly a wet back livin’g in the bushes would show up asking for water, hell you felt sorry for them, and that was the first mistake. When Ronald Reagan signed an amnesty bill for about 3 million illegals, did he not ask people to vouch for these illegals, yeah just like the trojan horse. The problem is power vacuum. Look at the Chinese when the government tried to bring in the Central Asian nomads Uighers to work in the factories , the Han Chinese literally bashed them to death.. So who really has a government of the people, the Chinese or the Americans?

    9. nom de guerre Says:

      What to do? First, the artificialities of nation states has to be destroyed, followed by some sort of globalist socialism. Second the false notion of a middle class has to be pauperized by draconian taxation. We don’t destroy this wetback dream until we throw every god damn notion of fair play and liberalism out the window

    10. nom de guerre Says:

      The Chinese factory workers nipped the Uigher problem in the bud, they did’nt buy that just a few uighers are all right. Totally different from Whites, among Chinese power comes from the base, not the top of the social pyramid.

    11. nom de guerre Says:

      Maybe not you or I,but our ancestors and members of our own race have been so careless,we see this now and know full well the problem must be rectified. which brings us full circle to the main question,the reason we are all here.What to do?
      If only the Japanese would save us now

    12. Jochen Says:

      The boundless sins of present-day humanity in this direction may be shown by one more example. From time to time illustrated papers bring it to the attention of the German petty-bourgeois that some place or other a Negro has for the first time become a lawyer, teacher, even a pastor, in fact a heroic tenor, or something of the sort. While the idiotic bourgeoisie looks with amazement at such miracles of education, full of respect for this marvelous result of modern educational skill, the Jew shrewdly draws from it a new proof for the soundness of his theory about the equality of men that he is trying to funnel into the minds of the nations. It doesn’t dawn on this depraved bourgeois world that this is positively a sin against all reason; that it is criminal lunacy to keep on drilling a born half-ape until people think they have made a lawyer out of him, while millions of members of the highest culture-race must remain in entirely unworthy positions; that it is a sin against the will of the Eternal Creator if His most gifted beings by the hundreds and hundreds of thousands are allowed to degenerate in the present proletarian morass, while Hottentots and Zulu Kaffirs are trained for intellectual professions. For this is training exactly like that of the poodle, and not scientific ‘education.’ The same pains and care employed on intelligent races would a thousand times sooner make every single individual capable of the same achievements.

      But intolerable as this state of affairs would be if it ever consisted of anything but exceptions, equally intolerable is it today in places where it is not talent and inborn gifts that decide who is chosen for higher education. Yes, indeed, it is an intolerable thought that every year hundreds of thousands of completely ungifted people are held worthy of a higher education, while other hundreds of thousands with great talent remain deprived of higher education. The loss which the nation thereby suffers is inestimable. If in the last decades the wealth of important inventions has increased amazingly, especially in North America, it is not least because there materially more talents from the lowest classes find opportunity for higher education than is the case in Europe.

      For invention, drilled knowledge does not suffice, but only knowledge animated by talent. But in our country today no store is set on this; it is only good marks that matter.

      Quoted from Mein Kampf, Vol 2 Chapter 2

    13. Ein Says:

      nom de guerre Says:
      “The African huts pictured look almost civilized compared to the trash zone I live in, I don’t see alot of litter around or graffiti all over, I imagine all the stray dawgs have long been eaten, so no barking dawgs, and I don’t imagine there is the occasional boom boxer driving around blasting the neighborhood.”

      Of course.! You don’t have any trash around because they don’t have anything to litter. You don’t have graffitti because they don’t have any paint, they don’t know how to write, and they don’t have any buildings to write on. Trash comes from manufactured items, and they don’t have manufactured items. No wrappers, no boxes, no paper and plastic waste, thus no junk. In fact, they don’t have ANYTHING to waste, since they don’t have anything to begin with. You have to make it before you can wear it out and throw it away. But these Negroes never made anything in the first place.

      Well, life is much simpler that way. Our former poster, Adam, (whatever happened to him?) who hated technology and wanted us to go back to this, would have loved it there. … Not!

    14. Tim McGreen Says:

      Tom McReen, Shabbos Shabazz, New America, Kurt O’Brien, Adam aka “Dietrich”…….Love them or loathe them, it’s just not the same around here without them. Oh well, at least this site is still better than Stormfart.morgue.