2 February, 2010

Robert Faurisson in Teheran, the Victories of Revisionism

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by Bradley R. Smith: [Here].

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    1. Nordlander Says:

      This is typical for the Jewish system’s modus operandi. When they can’t use the law to put a man in jail or crush him financially, they can at least keep searching his house and interrogating him, call his family and colleagues, and ruin his life that way.

      A man like Faurisson has to live in fear not only of the authorities but of the ZOG-created terrorist groups that attack dissenters, burning their cars and homes, and ambushing them in the street and in their homes. About this, creatures like Chirac say nothing, because the communist terrorists are their shock troops.

      Does anyone still think we Westerners live in “democracies”? Or put in other words, is there any doubt of what democracy really is: just another dictatorship, now with the media in charge. With elections won through endless scares, populist spending, slave morality creating shock troops of the lowest who can shout down, beat up, and threaten dissenters. It is inevitable that democracy will give the victory to the side – the Left – that caters to the low, since only they have the free time for permanent political action. The good people spend their time going to work and taking care of their kids.


      In December 2006, Jacques Chirac, French president at the time, made it known that he was asking for an investigation into Professor Faurisson’s participation in the “Holocaust” conference recently held in Tehran. That investigation was immediately opened by the minister of Justice, with a Paris magistrate being put in charge. In 2007 and 2009 the Professor was subjected to arrest and brief detention at the Vichy police station, as well as two searches of his house. On both occasions he refused to talk, and the police found none of the things they were looking for. However, a new detention and house search (with five armed policemen) remain possible at any moment. As a result the living conditions of the Professor and his wife, who is a heart patient, are distressful.

      The Professor’s Tehran paper — “The Victories of Revisionism” — is henceforth available here

    2. whodareswings Says:

      Before Bradley Smith went to the Tehran Holocaust Conference he made an appeal to readers of Smith’s Report, his monthly newsletter, asking for donations to buy a video camera to record the proceedings there and also to shoot some extra footage afterwards of ordinary Iranians going about their daily business. The idea was to give viewers a peek behind the propaganda curtain at the sort of society that would host a weekend long inquiry into the holocaust legend. So I sent Bradley some bucks because his pitch sounded reasonable and I wanted to help him document the conference. A neighbor sent him a considerably larger donation than mine to support this project, too. The Tehran Holocaust Conference was four years ago. Usually, to commemorate the event and to share information with those who can’t be there, even pseudo academic conferences like that one eventually publish the papers that are presented and the speeches delivered. Bradley asked for and was given money to film these proceedings yet no videos of Tehran have ever been forthcoming from him. When I wrote to ask where i could obtain an official copy of the papers presented at the conference Smith’s could only answer, “That’s a good question.” What went on there, anyway? Why has no information on who was present and what was discussed been made available by the Iranians that hosted the conference or the revisionists who participated in it? Faurisson’s speech is old news. Who were the others from around the globe who attended and what did they have to say? I’m still feeling stiffed.

    3. Truthteller Says:

      That scumbag Mark Weber never went to the conference in Iran, because he is a gutless piece of shit. Yet he tried to take advantage of the same conference via a video he produced, and that horrible attendance on the ‘Hannity & Colmes on the Fox News Channel.

    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      As I’ve said before, whodareswings, that Bradley Smith character looks like a flaky, untrustworthy old bastard. And your anecdote just proves I was right. There are more flakes, conmen, kooks, sell-outs, hypocrites and backstabbers in the White Struggle than in any other movement I know of.

    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      You know what happened at that Tehran Holohoax Conference? The usual right-wing shit, ie, “Let’s all meet, eat and then retreat”. There were probably a lot of Persian hookers at that conference, too. No doubt many of those “Holocaust Revisionists” had to be treated for the Clap later on.

    6. Zoroastro Says:

      Kikes will go ballistic on this, they’ve war mongered for lesser things in the past…One has to admire both the courage of President Ahmedinejad and the intrepid French historian Faurisson.

    7. Nordlander Says:

      I can see that many of the regular commenters here at VNN are more useless than the people they criticize. Always prepared to drag down; sounds exactly like what ADL trolls would do. Whodares, Truthteller and Tim McGreen hasten to curse but can’t be bothered to comment on the topic at hand, Faurisson and his writings. Oh, the commenters who are too lazy to click on the OP link in forum threads are always more numerous than those who are not that full of themselves – such is the nature of internet forums. As for those who ask for documents from the conference, if you would care to look you would find one under the link provided in the OP.

    8. Nordlander Says:

      A lot of theory can be written about democracy and what kind of rule we live in. But the best description is the different treatment of news in the Jewish-controlled media, as Dr. Pierce describes in this broadcast. This is what controls the elections. Luckily, the internet is bringing the truth to more and more people, and the Jews find that Whites can’t be kept in the dark any longer.

      Take, for example, the media and government hullabaloo about the lynching of a Black ex-convict in Texas by three boozed-up White ex-convicts in June. Lynching, of course, is a nasty business, and one can’t tolerate that sort of lawless, undisciplined behavior in a civilized society, even when it’s only a Black ex-convict who gets lynched. But watching the Clinton government and the controlled news media carry on about this particular lynching, one could not help but wonder, when was the last time the government or the media made such a fuss about a Black-on-White crime?

      I remember something which happened just seven months ago in New Jersey. A pretty, little, ten-year-old White girl, Lauren Relyea, was dragged into a vacant lot near her home in Piscataway, raped repeatedly, and then beaten and stabbed to death and her body mutilated: a truly horrible crime. The rapist and killer was a 24-year-old Black, and the affair was in the papers in New Jersey and New York for a day. Of course, national television ignored it, and so did Mr. Clinton, because the victim was only a little White girl, not a Black ex-convict.

      Another crime which is in the news in Hawaii but nowhere else is the rape and murder of a White tourist in Hawaii by three native Hawaiians. The tourist was 23-year-old Dana Ireland, a lovely blonde girl, who was vacationing after graduating from college. The three Hawaiians were driving in a rural area near Kapoho, on the eastern edge of the island of Hawaii, when they saw Dana riding a bicycle. They swung their car around and deliberately struck her with it, knocking her off her bicycle and breaking her pelvis. They stuffed the badly injured girl into the trunk of their car, drove around for several hours smoking cocaine, then pulled off the road, dragged the girl out of the trunk, gang-raped her, and sexually tortured her. Finally, they beat her in the head with a tire-iron and left her to slowly bleed to death. An ambulance, called by a White neighbor, but manned by native Hawaiians took nearly an hour to reach her. Police found deep bite marks on her body, as well as numerous other injuries. One of the most shocking aspects of this atrocity is that it happened nearly seven years ago, on Christmas Eve 1991. The Hawaiians who raped and killed Dana were only arrested by the Hawaiian police and charged, after years of procrastination, as a result of the insistence by Dana’s parents that something be done. The trials of the Hawaiian killers are still being delayed. Prosecuting native Hawaiians for crimes against Whites is not politically popular in Hawaii. And it’s not politically popular in the White House either. In any event, Mr. Clinton has not been on television about the horrible crime against Dana Ireland the way he was about the recent lynching of a black ex-convict in Texas.

    9. Nordlander Says:

      The result of democracy in South Africa, where a Jewish TV mogul made Whites feel ashamed of the country they had built and made them turn it over to the Black animals they had invited as labor:

      I’ll tell you about another benefit of democracy in South Africa. It’s a popular sport among the Blacks of South Africa called “jack rolling.” A Black gang will cordon off a whole block in a suburb of Johannesburg, so that no one can go either in or out, and then they will systematically gang-rape every woman and girl inside the cordon. They do this sort of thing in the Black townships all the time, but now that the situation is much more democratic they’ve extended their sport to White areas. Since 1994 the rape of White women by Blacks in South Africa has soared from almost nothing to the point where no White woman feels safe. A woman is raped by Blacks in South Africa every 83 seconds on the average — the highest per capita rate in the world — and the proportion of White women among those raped is continuing to increase.

      All too typical is what happened in the home of Leon and Gina Erasmus in early June. While they were sitting at dinner, armed Blacks burst into the house. They tied up Leon and made him watch while they gang-raped 18-year-old Gina, who was nine months pregnant. Also watching was Gina’s three-year-old niece. One of the Black rapists shouted to his friends, “Look, every time we do this it gets easier. These Whites are too scared to move.” The police in newly democratic South Africa have for all practical purposes given up trying to stop these rapes or catch the rapists. Sometimes Black policemen themselves are rapists.

    10. Tim McGreen Says:

      {Nordlander Says:

      4 February, 2010 at 4:08 am

      A lot of theory can be written about democracy and what kind of rule we live in. But the best description is the different…….
      Nordlander Says:

      4 February, 2010 at 4:10 am

      The result of democracy in South Africa, where a Jewish TV mogul made Whites feel ashamed of the country they had built and made them turn…..}


      You know, I could’ve sworn that Neo-conlander, aka Tom McReen, posted these two exact same messages on the “Democracy” thread as well. I guess he’s annoyed that no one paid any attention to his messages there, so he reposted ’em here on this thread.

      Try writing something interesting, McReen. Then other people will shower you with the praise that you so desperately crave.

    11. whodareswings Says:

      Nordlander, I read Faurisson’s Tehran Holocaust Conference speech four years ago. Its old news I tell you. It looks like the conference was a lively and well attended event. Too bad we’ve never learned much about it from Bradley Smith or Faurisson himself. Scroll down and check out all the other the participants. WTF were their talks about?


    12. N Says:

      True, the Iranians have never got round to publishing the contents of the conference, or even anything from it at all as far as I know.

      That said, some papers (other old news that never made the news) are here:


    13. N Says:

      Anyone home?