11 February, 2010

Standards: Two, If It Concerns the Jew

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Oy vey, there are always two standards, Moshe! The late Charlie Wilson aided hard-core Muslims in their fight against Soviet aggressors. That was called “good” – in fact, Hollywood made a movie about it which portrayed Wilson positively. But had Wilson aided hard-core Muslims in their fight against Jewish aggressors (i.e., Israel), that would have been called “bad.” (And today, U.S. law prohibits aiding hard-core Muslim groups):


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  7. 10 Responses to “Standards: Two, If It Concerns the Jew”

    1. Nordlander Says:

      Fewer of the accounts of his life went on to relate that many of the same Mujahideen whom Wilson had helped to fund, including Osama bin Laden, eventually used Afghanistan as a base for terrorism that would quickly bite the hand that had fed it. Twelve years after the withdrawal from Afghanistan of Soviet troops, their place had been taken by American soldiers responding to the attacks of 9/11.

      “Responding” to the attacks of 9/11? I don’t remember which Bush Cabinet member who said it, but Paul Wolfowitz’ first suggestion after 9/11 was to invade Iraq, which the neocons had been demanding since at least the mid-nineties, to stop Iraq’s support for the Palestinian resistance. This was only changed to invading Afghanistan first because that was where al-Qaeda was, and it would be hard to sell the American people on invading Iraq only.

      So note, once again: they cared nothing about al-Qaeda, they wanted Iraq.

      Furthermore, the Afghan government offered to hand over bin Laden to be tried in a U.S. trial if the U.S. could show any evidence to his guilt that could hold up in a court of law. Colin Powell swore before the United Nations that the U.S. had such evidence. But they didn’t show it to Afghanistan, which would have given them Usama bin Laden without a fight. And Powell has since then admitted that he lied, which he called “the worst stain on my reputation.”

      Those “terrorists” look like the more honest ones in this story by far. They said clearly that they want the U.S. to stop funding the Palestinian genocide, to take their armies out of Saudi Arabia, and to stop bombing and starving Iraq ever since 1990. Perfectly reasonable demands.

      Anyhow, yes, it is funny how the heroes of the Soviet-Afghan war have suddenly been labeled terrorists. The Pashtun are doing the same now as what they did then: defending themselves against foreign invasions. Look at it from their view, they have been invaded throughout history, never been left alone, by Greeks or Mongols or British or Soviets or Americans. What else is there for them to do but fight? Especially since they always win in the end. Let them be, all they want is to herd their goats and sell their daughters in peace.

    2. Nordlander Says:

      At other times, he appeared less conciliatory: “We were fighting the evil empire,” he said in 2007. “It would have been like not supplying the Soviets against Hitler in World War II. Anyway, who the hell had ever heard of the Taliban then?”

      Does U.S. foreign policy look less like a straight arrow and more like a drunken joyride? That’s what happens when you pick sides according to what is best for the Jews and Israel for the moment. Problem is, everyone in the world will run up against the U.S. at one point or another, and then you have to kill them when you were funding them just a moment ago. For a consistent policy, do business with whoever has what you want to buy, and don’t pick sides in wars, other than to promise to defend White countries if they are invaded by non-Whites. Easy enough.

    3. Nordlander Says:

      Correction, that should be: “everyone in the world will run up against the Jews at one point or another.” But now that I think of it, do I even need to substitute “Jews” for “U.S.”?

    4. Nordlander Says:

      But this was not satisfactory to the boy, who decided to exact further retribution at the ballot box. Using his learner’s licence, he offered to drive people to polling stations on local election day. He ferried almost 100, mostly black, voters to the polls, dropping each one off with the phrase: “I don’t want to influence your vote, but I’d like you to know that Charles Hazard poisoned my dog.” Hazard lost by 16 votes.

      Tee-hee. No wonder his whore consumption, described in the story, was only “endearing” to the voters – or more precisely, was presented that way by the media owners who decide what angle the voters look at things from. If this guy had ever lifted a finger against the Jews, how would his whoring have been described in this eulogy?

    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      The reason that there are ZOG occupation mercenaries in Iraq and Afghanistan right now is to surround and eventually attack Iran. There will be no peace in the world until the USA and the Zionist Entity are destroyed.

    6. J.J Says:

      We all remember the anti Russian pro Afghan muslim Hollywood trash Rambo 3. The jews were pushing it down every kwans throat back in the day. I think that it time the Russians made their own Afghan action film where the local freedom fighters destroy ZOG aggressors.

    7. Tim McGreen Says:

      It doesn’t matter if the Jew in question is a Khazar or a Sephardic Jew, they all look and act like Jews to me.

    8. Bob Farker Says:

      As Sarah “Nailin” Palin sell your soul to the KIKE and ride the wave. This Kike Puppet is the new Ross Perot! Bought and owned by the Jewish Mafia!

    9. Nordlander Says:

      J.J, speaking of war movies, I enjoyed watching The Beast, about a Soviet tank crew getting lost in Afghanistan. The tank is being tracked by a group of Pashtuns with an rpg launcher, led by a young man whose father was killed by the Russians. One of the crewmen is being thrown out and tied to a rock by the vicious commander, and he is found by the Afghans. The women want to hack him to pieces as revenge for their dead husbands and brothers; that’s the kind of toughness women should have, not like the fake toughness in the West today. The Russian manages to say Nanawateh, Sanctuary, before they can cut him up, which obligates the Afghans to let him live. Lucky for them, because he becomes central in taking down the tank. Even though he doesn’t speak their language, there is a friendship between the young Russian and the young Afghan turned tribe leader. Fortunately not one of those war movies that insert romantic stories where there shouldn’t be any.

      Funny quote from the movie, illustrating the problem of fighting a low-tech insurgency when your supply lines are thin:

      Koverchenko: Well, sir, the roadwheel’s cracked. Kaminski drank our brakes. We’re low on petrol. The battery’s low. We’re losing oil. If the engine heats up it’s gonna seize. The terrain, obviously against us. We have no rations. The Mujas behind us don’t seem to run on rations, petrol, or anything we know of. And they have an RPG. Their aim is getting better. Sir.

      And another one, talking to the Afghan interpreter:

      Koverchenko: Why did that rebel we ran over laugh at me?
      Samad: He wasn’t laughing at you, he was happy. Such men believe if they die in a holy war they will go to paradise.
      Koverchenko: Is that what you believe?
      Samad: After university, I don’t know what I believe.

    10. Emily Says:

      Nordlander, very succinctly educative, the way you wrap things up & cut thru grease. Iscicles through glaciers…How abt Jean-Claude V Damme’s upcoming bout in Maucau next month? He shd as J.J. insists make a movie w/Russians cleaning up local mafia, then showing the world what real freedom fighters do. Thanx.