15 March, 2010


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The British National Party is playing a rigged game. Even if it complies with current government rules, the rules can be tweaked or misinterpreted as needed. By the way, Jews birthed England’s Race Relations Act:


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  7. 53 Responses to “BNP vs. NWO/JWO”

    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      All I know is that rich people get away with committing crimes that the poor and mentally ill do not get away with. If you steal billions from your investors, or lie to Federal investigators about your involvement in an illegal stock trading scheme, you go to a Club Fed for a couple of months, or maybe get a few months of home confinement at your Connecticut mansion. If you are poor and steal a few bucks out of the cash register at a gas station, you’ll get ten years hard time in a fllthy, dangerous prison. The rich can afford to have armies of top-flight lawyers fight for them and to pay the Court to stay out of jail……………The poor do not have such luxuries.

      I’m really sick of the whole present System in the USA. It’s one of the most unjust and tyrannical on Earth.

    2. torrence Says:

      I wish to comment on the points TM makes on prisons. Tim’s views are forward thinking and correct. In a future Aryan society, efforts need to be directed to create a system which is truly rehabilitative for the offender and compensatory toward the victims and society. Let them work to compensate for a victim’s loss and reimburse the community for the costs of such programs through productive work. America’s present penal institutions are rotted both in philosophy and practice.

      I really don’t like nor use the post-its of ‘liberal’ or ‘conservative’. As a National Socialist, I find that too much is borrowed from both these polarities in the construction of a NS world-view to allow for honest or accurate identification with either camp. And be careful Tim! From your posts (“It’s hard to understand what goes through a liberal’s mind sometimes..”), I take it you consider yourself a conservative. But your views on prisons will hardly find a comfortable reception in the ‘conservative’ camp in America.

      The police forces in Germany were also not armed. I have never observed any weaponry worn by police in the movie reels form the time. Observe carefully the police accompanying Hilter when he moved about large throngs of people. I may be wrong, but I don’t recall seeing any.

      Middle Ages’ Eruopeans were armed and ready to defend? No, I don’t think so. Had they such means, there would have been no centuries of abusive serfdom.

    3. Wilton Says:

      Tim, I all know is non whites laugh and hi five each other over how easy it is to get away with crime in White-Manland. They know they can do shit here they could never do in the shit holes they came from. They can rape and rob and get a few years of being fed and sheltered. The Arabs, Turks, and niggers in Europe can gang rape a beautiful White girl and get a year in prison. The prisons there have nicer living arrangements then most poor people in the US have. The Jews run all the financial scams in White-Manland and not in Arab or Asian lands because they know here they get a slap on the wrist and a couple of years in a country club, while in non White lands they get fucked in the arse. The White man is the laughing stock in todays world for a reason…..