15 March, 2010


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The British National Party is playing a rigged game. Even if it complies with current government rules, the rules can be tweaked or misinterpreted as needed. By the way, Jews birthed England’s Race Relations Act:


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  7. 53 Responses to “BNP vs. NWO/JWO”

    1. A. Says:

      How can the BNP be against the JWO when it is part of it?

    2. Blackshirt Says:

      Haven’t we beat this topic to death? There’s no hope for Britain through the ballotbox… I think any hope of that kind of change ended in the 1980s.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      The two postings above are spot-on. Did Griffin really think his Party would somehow avoid being subjected to endless legal harassment? What a fool.

    4. CW-2 Says:

      Although Griffin is either a fool or a colaborator the rank and file BNP are generally a good bunch and are working with enthusiasm to mobalise support in the coming General Election. They should do well but are likely in for a disappointment.
      Whatever the result we can use to our advantage. The sense of betrayal, anger and frustration not only in WN but within white Britain as a whole can only grow. Will the trigger event occur before or after the muds achieve a majority, at present it’s too close to call.

      PS it’s probable that jewLabor will just scrape in with a parliamentary majority. The electorate is beginning to see Cameron’s ‘conservatives’ as more multiculti, more pro-immigration and more pro-fag, (if that were possible!), than Brown and his jew and homosexual infested government.

    5. Luke Says:

      We all should remember that the Jewish enemy has disarmed the White British – several years ago, following what looked suspiciously like one of their trademark false flag ‘lone lunatic gun nut’ shootings of lots of innocent people. So, unless there is an underground organization – much like the Irish Republican Army, and they have a pipeline for weapons and supplies – I cannot see how the White British are going to ever be able to take their nation back.

      So, remember – whites in America cannot, under ANY circumstances ever tolerate any attempt to take our firearms away from us. No matter what the cost, no matter how hard we have to fight – we must maintain our weapons.

    6. nom de guerre Says:

      Lets put BNP down the memory hole, shall we Winston?
      One thing thats absurd is the acronym BNP, that the same as British National Petroleum, recall what happened to the Church of the Creator bunch.

    7. the bastard from ballarat Says:

      you know what the most ridiculous thing is?

      ordinary Brits have to “bargain” with the alien tribe that has slimed its way into power and beg for a few crumbs from the table….as in sure! we’ll let you have your “nationalist” party, providing you play by our rules and admit hundreds of mud people!

      that’s right!

      they have to grovel for some-thing that is their birth right! and which, by rights, they should just TAKE!

      (plenty of weapons in Eastern Europe, or, so i’m told!…..how far is that from the UK again?)

    8. CW-2 Says:

      Luke, that incident in Scotland 10 years ago where a ‘lone gun nut’ killed a bunch of kids and their teacher was very suspiciously like an inside job. Blair used the murders as a convenient excuse to consficate ALL hand guns. Much of the ‘evidence’ has been sealed for 100 years! That alone should have set alarm bells going.

      IIRC there was a link on bpp.org.uk to an article connecting the murderer to a high level pedo ring in Scotland closely associated to Blair’s government. Highly speculative and may even be a false flag to discredit WN who repeat the story, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

    9. Blackshirt Says:

      “We all should remember that the Jewish enemy has disarmed the White British”

      Listen, you can’t just explain away what has happened to the UK by saying “the Jews did it”. “the Jewish enemy” didn’t disarm the White British, the White British did it to themselves. The White British are responsible for those that they have ruling over them, and they are now reaping what they have sown. The “sense of fairness” has blinded people in the UK to the point where they have gone over the abyss and handed their country to the muds. I don’t care what you call me, defeatist or otherwise, the UK is beyond hope in my eyes. Nothing short of a massive bloody purging of the UK of non-whites will save it, and judging by the modern Brit’s aversion to conflict, that isn’t going to happen. Sorry, you aren’t going to get wide-eyed, idealistic hooey from me, just a smack of reality.

    10. CW-2 Says:

      Blackshirt is correct, Der Tag isn’t going to happen any time soon. The feeling of impotent frustration is evident just below the surface, but how these feelings will be able to find expression as an explosion of rage is the big problem.
      The same can be said of all Western European countries, France in particular is in a worse demographic situation than Britain. A cold shower of reality is no excuse for giving up the fight. Aryans have faced much worse odds in the past and eventually prevailed. All we need is the spark to take light in one country.

    11. th Says:

      Once the hebs have filled an aryan land with non aryan refuse, then that voting shit isn’t ever going to work in aryan favor. With christain do-goodism and heb backed multi-culturalism the wants and wills of aryan people will continue to be ignored. The only reason to be registered to vote is jury duty. You never know you might find yourselves in a position to help an aryan person avoid the gulag.

    12. ajiarcher Says:

      Luke, do a web search about the port arthur massacre in Australia, talk about a false flag. It happened not many weeks after the Aussies shot down a gun ban proposal, that was sponsored by a yid.

    13. Wilton Says:

      I read a few non WN websites that have a large European presence. Most of them are in the 20-39 age bracket and the vast majority of them are fervently anti gun. They see no reason for non military or police to own a gun. They think the gun laws in the US are absolutely insane and think were barbarians because we believe in the right to bear arms. They don’t seem to understand that blacks and Latinos are to blame for the large number of violent crimes. The anti gun propaganda in Europe has been very successful, the Jews face no resistance in their unarming of Europe.

    14. Wilton Says:

      Blackshirt is right, you just can’t blame the Jew for the banning of guns in the UK. The Jews just proposed it, but the British goy was quick to accept it in their knee jerk reaction after the shooting there. Go ask the average European who isn’t affiliated to any racial movement and more then likely they will think private citizens owning guns is ludicrous. I mean they despise the American right to bear arms.

    15. Tim McGreen Says:

      But Wilton, who indoctrinated those young, liberal European idiots to think so negatively about gun ownership? I’ll give you a hint…It was the Jews and their decadent goy fellow-travellers. I’m sure that the average European of the Middle Ages thought being well-armed was essential to one’s survival. And dammit, they were right!

    16. Wilton Says:

      Tim we’ve been indoctrinated too, but we haven’t fallen for it. You can’t excuse the anti gun Europeans of all responsibility. Do not underestimate just how anti gun the average Euro is today. I think a lot of them would rather legalize pedphilia than gun ownership. I’ve seen Euro’s call Americans fucking scum on websites because they own guns, and believe it is a God given right.

    17. Blackshirt Says:

      I have to side with Wilton on this. While I was traveling throughout Europe a few years ago whenever the issue of firearms came up even Europeans with “right wing” views seemed to be anti-gun. I think only Finland and some of the formerly Communist Eastern European states have modest gun freedoms. From what I have read and seen, Finland is the best country in Europe for gun owners.

    18. Tim McGreen Says:

      Isn’t it insane how some Western European countries legally permit bestiality and homosexual activity with people as young as 12, yet questioning details about the Holohoax, complaining about the Mohammedan takeover of Europe or owning an ordinary gun are considered monstrous crimes!

      Only the Slavs can save us now.

    19. nom de guerre Says:

      Only the Slavs can save us now.

      Lets face it , The West is finished without a spiritual revival and move away from consumerism.. the west kneecapped itself several times, first with the religious wars of the reformation, second with the pussified philosophies of the 18ths century with such notables as Rousseau castrating the French and British intelligentsia. 3rd with the self flagellating murderous wars of the 20th century for the alltime stupid idea of spreading democracy, and creating trading blocs. Do we really deserve to be saved?

    20. nom de guerre Says:

      As Gore Vidal wrote the combination of cruxifix and dollar sign proved our undoing.

    21. Wilton Says:

      Finland seems to have sane gun laws. I don’t what the gun laws are like in the Slavic lands. You have some Slavs like Czechs and Slovaks that been totally demoralized. The most fervent anti gun Europeans are British, Germans, French, and Scandies I’ve come across. They see no reason to have a gun, they think only the military should have them. If you don’t share their opinion you’re a piece of shit, they have no flexibility when it comes to guns. There are a million and one reason why guns should be legal, but people who’ve lived under the nanny state can’t comprehend it.

      Getting back to the BNP, they are a bunch of sellouts. They only stand for one thing, that is they are against Islam. If all the brown and black Muslims left Islam tomorrow the BNP would accept them, because they put culture before RACE! I feel some sympathy for the race wise British that donated money to the shitty little party that uses the acronym BNP.

    22. nom de guerre Says:

      There are a million and one reason why guns should be legal, but people who’ve lived under the nanny state can’t comprehend it.
      I take the Shane viewpoint, a guns is a tool, only as good or bad as the person using it. First though as the Nazi Party pointed out you have to give people the will to survive, without that a gun is really more or less another trinket and not a tool
      I believe Swiss have the best idea though with each adult male a lifelong defender of the nation

    23. Kuda Bux Says:

      “They see no reason to have a gun, they think only the military should have them.”

      Aren’t they mildly curious about the second amendment?
      Don’t they ask why? They can’t see that “their” own governments could turn against them.

    24. CW-2 Says:

      Europeans have a big psychological problem, they have lost the will to live. Or more accurately the will to live was stolen from them by the masters of propaganda, the jew media bosses. If that primal will to power can again be exposed by scraping away decades of jew lies, then gun ownership will be seen as life affirming.

    25. Tim McGreen Says:

      It’s hard to understand what goes through a liberal’s mind sometimes…besides the wind, that is. They never seem to be the least bit worried about the need to defend themselves from a tyrannical government or from rampaging Blacks. I guess they think the police will protect them from harm. But they’re always bitching about the cops using “racial profiling” against colored suspects! Liberals must have a friggin’ death-wish. I hope their wish come true.

    26. Wilton Says:

      I’ve seen Euros call Americans who defend their homes with deadly force barbarians/pigs/pieces of shit. They brag about how no one in Europe would be killed during a home invasion because no one has guns. They think the police are going to save them when a nigger or Muslim robs their house and rapes their wife and daughters. When you’re living in a rural area or can’t get to a phone no cop is going to save you. Having a gun is just practical. When society breaks down and shit his the fan which it will eventually I want a gun for some protection.

    27. Igor Alexander Says:

      “From what I have read and seen, Finland is the best country in Europe for gun owners.”

      What about Switzerland? It’s been decades since I’ve been there but I remember that at the time it wasn’t uncommon for fairly average people to have machine guns displayed openly in their apartments.

    28. Igor Alexander Says:

      “They think the gun laws in the US are absolutely insane and think were barbarians because we believe in the right to bear arms.”

      It’s exactly the same mentality as Canadians and American East Coast liberals.

    29. Igor Alexander Says:

      Actually, I shouldn’t generalize that way about Canadians because I don’t think most Canadians really want gun control. It’s mostly the Toronto yuppies that are after it, and they all too often get the final say.

    30. Igor Alexander Says:

      “But Wilton, who indoctrinated those young, liberal European idiots to think so negatively about gun ownership?”

      Something to remember about England in particular is that it was only relatively recently that even police officers started carrying guns there.

      I think a lot of Brits are still in denial that their country has changed, and especially about why it has changed.

    31. Igor Alexander Says:

      “They see no reason to have a gun, they think only the military should have them.”

      The maternal side of my family came from France and I can attest that the French are indeed very anti-gun (though it needs to be said that most of the people on that side of the family are leftists).

      “If you don’t share their opinion you’re a piece of shit, they have no flexibility when it comes to guns.”

      Hey, what else is new? They’re liberals. Anyone who doesn’t agree with them isn’t just wrong, but evil.

    32. Igor Alexander Says:

      Hey, I have an idea: why don’t we just shoot all the liberals? I mean, what are they going to do — shoot back? Hahaha!

    33. Igor Alexander Says:

      “They can’t see that ‘their’ own governments could turn against them.”

      They can’t see that their governments already have turned against them.

    34. Igor Alexander Says:

      “Europeans have a big psychological problem, they have lost the will to live.”

      Let’s face it — Europe lost its best DNA over the course of two world wars. It’s no wonder all that’s left are a bunch of sheeple.

    35. Igor Alexander Says:

      “When society breaks down and shit his the fan which it will eventually I want a gun for some protection.”

      Euros with half a brain left living under oppressive nanny states will just have to resort to buying a firearm off the black market.

    36. Tim McGreen Says:

      “Something to remember about England in particular is that it was only relatively recently that even police officers started carrying guns there.

      I think a lot of Brits are still in denial that their country has changed, and especially about why it has changed.”
      I remember reading an interview wih Robert Plant of the British group Led Zeppelin, who expressed shock at seeing American police officers carrying guns when his band first visited the USA in late 1968. Imagine that!

    37. Wilton Says:

      Two subjects that usually turn a Euro into a foaming out the mouth nutter is guns and the death penalty. The Euro’s not only detest the death penalty, they think people who use it are barbarians. Shit, they don’t believe in long prison sentences in most of Europe for any crime. I think in some of the Scandie countries the most you can get for murder is less than 20 years. There are Muslims raping brutally gang raping beautiful European girls and getting two or three years in prison. European prisons aren’t usually a terrible place to be in the first place, people in prison live better then free people in Somalia or Kurdistan. The naive Euo’s still think you can rehabilitate negroes and muds. The Western European has gone so soft and liberal I have a very hard time to relating to them anymore. I don’t think the situation in Eastern Europe and the Balkans is as bad?

    38. Tim McGreen Says:

      I don’t beleive in prisons. They are not Aryan in origin, they are Asiatic. Prisons are dirty, dangerous places that make bad men worse. They also need a huge, expensive bureacracy to maintain them, so it becomes neccesary to incarcerate as many people as possible in order to justify keeping that prison bureacracy in existence. Prisoners also tend to be poor, uneducated, unable to obtain competent legal representation and are often suffering from mental illness….No decent White society should ever allow these kinds of gross injustices to occur.

      Instead of prison, send offenders to clean, safe open-air work camps and make them pay off their debt to society through useful and honest labor. I’m referring only to White prisoners, of course. Mud invaders who commit violent crimes deserve no mercy at all.

    39. Wilton Says:

      Sounds like you might be a communist there Tim? Prisons are not the problem, the revolving door is the problem. If people got longer prison sentences, the less of a problem they would be. Not every White person is a warm and fuzzy guy who deserves to be treated with kid gloves, there are more then enough White people who deserve years in prison or death. Your stance on crime is liberal-marxist. Instead of punishment you want to cuddle criminals.

    40. Tim McGreen Says:

      Um, the so-called “communists” have put tens of millions of people in prison, Wilton, so I don’t know what you’re talking about. I guess you’re from Europe and don’t realize that the USA has the highest incarceration rate in the world. Are you saying that stuffing a bunch of criminals in tiny cells with nothing to do all day but watch TV and make homemade weapons is good for them and for society??? Prisons do not rehabilitate, they just warehouse defective people for certain periods of time before unleashing them again on society.

      Non-violent offenders should be released from prison before they become violent offenders. Send them to work camps, if necessary. Murderers and rapists should be put to death. What could be simpler or fairer that that? I don’t see any coddling or hand-holding taking place.

    41. Ein Says:

      “From what I have read and seen, Finland is the best country in Europe for gun owners.”

      Switzerland requires every adult male citizen to keep a gun and know how to use it. They are also required to attend military practice (I think it’s twice a year).

      As For Europeans in the Middle Ages, the peasantry were kept disarmed and helpless. Only aristocrats, knights, and gentry had the right to bear arms (hence, only they had a “coat of arms”). Wearing a sword was formal court attire (and, technically, still is); a sword was simply a symbol of who you were/are — an aristocrat who had the right to be armed, a sign of status.

      But out of that disarmed helplessness of the peasants, evolved the arts of boxing and fighting with staves (shepherd staffs, as in Robin Hood). The peasants had to learn to defend themselves with what they had — their hands and sticks. Eventually, in England at least, the yeomen (freemen) gained the right to have weapons too, a precious right which their descendents in the Americas fiercly defended at the time of the Revolution. Hence our constitutional guarantees, which aren’t comprehended by most continentals (except Swiss).

      Btw, isn’t it uinteresting that the European monarchies — from the French kings to the Popes today — relied on Swiss guards for their protection? During the French Revolution, the Swiss guards fought and went down to the last man, slaughtered by the Parisian mob, keeping their oath to defend the royal family. There is a monument to them in Paris today.

      Most Europeans living today, anyone under 65, have known only peace and security. They expect their welfare governments to take care of them, in every aspect. But peace doesn’t last forever. It never does. When the economy collapses and when the Moslems and Africans begin rampaging, those soft, pampered Europeans who scoff at gun-toting Americans will be left helpless before the rioting mobs. They’ll wish they had some weapons.

      By the way, it’s interesting that in the Paris suburbs the Moslems and “urban youths” seem to be very well armed, better even than the police, unlike the surrounding French population. I’ve read (Trifkovic) that arms are pouring in through sources such as Bosnia. Wasn’t it nice of us to have created a nice, safe, Moslem foothold in Europe (Bosnia) through which such contraband can be imported? Many thanks to Mad Albright, Bill Clinton and Gen. Wesley Clark!

    42. Wilton Says:

      Hey Tim,

      The US has millions upon millions of niggers and spics, so there should be no surprise the US has one of the highest incarceration rates in the world. You have a heavily Hollywood/Jew influenced view of prisons. Most prisoners in prison are living better in prison then they would in the streets. When I watch prison shows on MSNBC I see a bunch of healthy looking prisoners, most are well built and in better shape then people not in prison. What a person does with their personal time in prison is their choice. Some choose to become more criminal, others use their time to learn. A lot of revolutionary figures got their inspiration from what they learned reading books in prison. Forcing people to work outdoors for little or no money is communist in nature to me. I expect to hear that shit from Pol Pot, not Aryan Tim McGreen

    43. Wilton Says:

      When the Muslim North Africans and niggers were rioting in France a few years ago they were able to repel the police from coming into their neighborhoods. I believe a few French officers were hit with shotgun pellets. With the French population being older and more rural then the North Africans and niggers they are going to need guns to protect themselves. The situation in the UK is similar, whenever I read about someone getting shot there it is a nigger doing the shooting. The ban on guns hasn’t stopped them from getting their hands on them. The ban on guns doesn’t effect the Jews in Europe as much because they can just pack up move to the US or Israel when the shit hits the fan, but the native Europeans are stuck.

    44. Ein Says:

      “The ban on guns doesn’t effect the Jews in Europe so much because they can just pack up move to the US or Israel when the shit hits the fan.”

      Yes, since the Great Jewish Triumph of 1945, they have taken great care to insure that white countries worldwide will be receptive to them and borders will be kept open. That is, above all, I believe, the main concern behind their obsessive commitment to open-borders. And this is non-negotiable.

      Remember the story of the ship, the St. Louis, full of Jewish “refugees” from Europe, which went from country to country, and steamed up the coast of North America — and no country would take them because of one legal technicality or another? They want to insure that such a story NEVER happens again! When the mess hits the fan the NEXT time, as it always does throughout their history, they want to be sure that they will be received with welcome arms and lavish benefits that are reserved just for refugees (meaning Jews). This time (I mean next time), they are going to be prepared. As they say, “Never again!”… and they mean it.

      Meanwhile, all the white countries of the world must endure open borders and support generous refugee programs, along with all the problems they bring (including racial displacement), just for the sake of the Jews…. the next time. They’re taking no chances about that. This is one of their unconditional requirements, and anyone who doesn’t support Open Borders is branded an “evil racist hater” who must be smeared and destroyed in every way possible. It is not a subject open for negotiation.

    45. Ein Says:

      “A lot of revolutionary figures got their inspiration from what they learned reading books in prison.
      Forcing people to work outdoors for little or no money is communist in nature to me. I expect to hear that shit from Pol Pot, not Aryan Tim McGreen”

      So, what would you have them do? Yes, a lot of revolutionary figures , as well as anti-western, anti white Muslim fanatics, are hatched in prison. And a lot of them hit the weights preparing for the outside, or else hit the law books and become legal experts so they can advise all the others on every minute legal loophole that they can take advantage of.

      Would you prefer to have them do that — while you subsidize their comfortable (and idle) life in prison, even to the extent of earning their college degrees (while the rest of us have to WORK to support them)? What would you prefer — that they work to earn their keep, or that we work to support them, while they prepare to subvert us?

    46. Tim McGreen Says:

      Wilton, I guess you don’t realize something that most others here, I daresay, DO realize….Niggers and Spics thrive in prison environments, whereas many White prisoners often commit suicide or go insane behind bars. The “homies” love to engage in raping, rioting and strutting around like barnyard roosters in prison, so incarceration is really almost a reward for their bad behavior. And the recidivism rate for all ex-cons is something like 70%. So much for being “correctional” institutions.

      The Nazi government apparently agreed with my philosophy of outdoor work camps as being more conducive to correcting antisocial behavior than conventional incarceration. Haven’t you ever heard of Arbeit Macht Frei?

      After the White Power Revolution, we will have to demolish all of those grim, ugly prisons and use instead the methods of punishment and justice practiced by our pre-Christian ancestors.

    47. Henry Says:

      The Old South had chain gangs, and they were certainly not commies!

      Better to make prisoners work and earn their keep than to lie about idle and eat other people’s food while they plan their come back when they get out.

    48. Wilton Says:

      Henry the old South was also full of Jew luvin capitalist Jeboo freaks. The prisons there weren’t exactly like what Tim is calling for.

    49. Wilton Says:

      Ein I would have them doing prison jobs, not working for “society” or some business. Prison is for punishment of the individual, not for the benefit of some company. Prisonn is a fact of life, yes we have to subsidize it, or don’t have it at all.

    50. Wilton Says:

      Tim were not talking about race, were talking about criminals. Your initial post sounded like you didn’t think prisons should exist in a white society. I disagree, people who do certain things deserve to be punished. I don’t give a shit what the Nazi’s did, they did as much as stupid shit as they did smart shit. If you robbed my house and stole my money and all i did to you was give you a job outside, you’d probably think I’m an idiot and rob my house again if you needed to. If you robbed my house and money and I took a baseball bat and beat you over your head, I doubt you want to rob my house again.

    51. Tim McGreen Says:

      All I know is that rich people get away with committing crimes that the poor and mentally ill do not get away with. If you steal billions from your investors, or lie to Federal investigators about your involvement in an illegal stock trading scheme, you go to a Club Fed for a couple of months, or maybe get a few months of home confinement at your Connecticut mansion. If you are poor and steal a few bucks out of the cash register at a gas station, you’ll get ten years hard time in a fllthy, dangerous prison. The rich can afford to have armies of top-flight lawyers fight for them and to pay the Court to stay out of jail……………The poor do not have such luxuries.

      I’m really sick of the whole present System in the USA. It’s one of the most unjust and tyrannical on Earth.

    52. torrence Says:

      I wish to comment on the points TM makes on prisons. Tim’s views are forward thinking and correct. In a future Aryan society, efforts need to be directed to create a system which is truly rehabilitative for the offender and compensatory toward the victims and society. Let them work to compensate for a victim’s loss and reimburse the community for the costs of such programs through productive work. America’s present penal institutions are rotted both in philosophy and practice.

      I really don’t like nor use the post-its of ‘liberal’ or ‘conservative’. As a National Socialist, I find that too much is borrowed from both these polarities in the construction of a NS world-view to allow for honest or accurate identification with either camp. And be careful Tim! From your posts (“It’s hard to understand what goes through a liberal’s mind sometimes..”), I take it you consider yourself a conservative. But your views on prisons will hardly find a comfortable reception in the ‘conservative’ camp in America.

      The police forces in Germany were also not armed. I have never observed any weaponry worn by police in the movie reels form the time. Observe carefully the police accompanying Hilter when he moved about large throngs of people. I may be wrong, but I don’t recall seeing any.

      Middle Ages’ Eruopeans were armed and ready to defend? No, I don’t think so. Had they such means, there would have been no centuries of abusive serfdom.

    53. Wilton Says:

      Tim, I all know is non whites laugh and hi five each other over how easy it is to get away with crime in White-Manland. They know they can do shit here they could never do in the shit holes they came from. They can rape and rob and get a few years of being fed and sheltered. The Arabs, Turks, and niggers in Europe can gang rape a beautiful White girl and get a year in prison. The prisons there have nicer living arrangements then most poor people in the US have. The Jews run all the financial scams in White-Manland and not in Arab or Asian lands because they know here they get a slap on the wrist and a couple of years in a country club, while in non White lands they get fucked in the arse. The White man is the laughing stock in todays world for a reason…..