3 March, 2010

Superman, Volkswagen, and Lazar Kaganovich

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by Dr. William Pierce.

“I have a number of news reports on my desk which have come to me from around the world during the past couple of weeks. These reports deal with various events in a half-dozen countries, but they all have one element in common: organized Jewish groups with their hands out, demanding money, demanding sympathy, demanding the punishment of their critics. Some of these reports reveal an arrogance, greed, and pushiness so extreme as to be almost comical. For example, a couple of recent issues of “Superman” comics — issues 81 and 82, to be specific — had Superman fighting the Germans in the Warsaw ghetto back in the 1940s. The Germans were the bad guys, and the residents of the ghetto, who had names like “Baruch” and “Moishe” and were shown wearing yarmulkes, were the good guys. Superman was saving Moishe and Baruch from being shipped off to a concentration camp by the Germans. Pretty standard pro-Jewish, anti-German “Holocaust” propaganda, of the sort we’ve been seeing for the past 60 years, right?”


For the audio version of this article, go [Here] and scroll down to 07-25-1998.

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  7. 11 Responses to “Superman, Volkswagen, and Lazar Kaganovich”

    1. Andrew Says:

      Guys – the forum is down. I hope you’re back up and running soon….

    2. Andrew Says:

      Alex – I saw that you made an appearance on the forum the other day, after quite a long absence. If you were away for health reasons, I hope you’re better now…

      If you’ve had a chance to read “the Christ Files”, and if you have time to post some comments on the forum, I for one would be very interested to read them.

      Anyway – welcome back. I (and many others I’m sure) hope to see further insightful commentary and analysis from you in the future. I hate to be negative, but with the demise of “Goyfire” and “Radio Istina” this website is a shadow of its former self. Here’s hoping you can rejuvenate it with a healthy dose of Linderism….

    3. cursed coonz & yidz Says:


      and of course after you watch the clip you will see who is behind marrying all these faggot dc coonz and of course it is the fucking heb rabbitz

    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      Even as a little kid, I never liked those “superhero” comic books. They were crudely drawn, corny and just plain obnoxious looking. In other words they were thoroughly JEWISH.

      Sesame Street is also a Jew indoctrination tool for Gentile kids…..All the Whites, Blacks and Mestizoes live together in a SPLC-ADL approved multiracial urban commune. Sick.

    5. Jugurtha Says:

      There is a guy on trial right now for killing 3 Jews in WWII.Kaganovich killed millions and no one made the slightest effort to bring him to justice.Maybe Weisenthal,Klarsfeld and the rest of the hypocrits has another agenda besides “justice”.

    6. tunnelrat Says:

      What the hell do they want? Superman is a Jew. Supernan is a Jewish name. You have to say it fast and pronounce the “a” in man as a short i sound, like this: supermin. Like Foxman, Lieberman, Weisman, etc. Most of the comic book super-heros are Jews, as in Saul Spiderman, Abe Ironman, Irv Superman, and Lev Batman to name a few.

    7. Klassikality Says:

      Comic Books are just ridiculous. They are purely a jewish invention. Jew M.C. Gaines (Ginzberg) originated the comic book format. His son Bill went on to run the very kosher Mad Magazine. Jew Martin Goodman ran Marvel Comics, which featured Captain America punching out Hitler on the cover of the first issue in early 1941, before the US entered the war.

      The sad thing is witnessing these grown White men in their 20s, 30s, 40s, going to Comic Book shops to purchase these wastes of paper.

    8. Tim McGreen Says:

      “Comic Book Guy” from “The Simpsons” is a good characterization of what those White, middle-aged comic book nerds are like. However, that TV show is the creation of a Heeb who calls himself James Brooks.

    9. Dagon Says:

      As an undergrad in College, I got interested in modern Russian history. As I mainly do, most of my reading was outside of that which were assigned for my classes. In reading about Soviet history the horrors of Stalinism engrossed me – all the more because, although they are known in the West, on the scale of sheer wickedness and despotism they ALWAYS come a distant second to the ‘crimes of Hitler’ in the minds of most Westerners today or at least most Americans.

      I’d always been aware of the seemingly lemming-like attraction of Jews to leftism but once I came to understand the width and breadth of Jewish involvement in the crimes of the Bolshevik Revolution and Soviet Union, my blood ran cold and I could never view latter day leftish Jewish intellectuals and activists the same way again. Before I saw them as, at worst, merely deluded, now I see them as positively dangerous.

      My Mom spent time in Germany in the ’60s and ’70s teaching on a US Army base for the DOD. She had another American friend there who came to believe that the Germans would ‘do it again, if they ever got the chance.’ He was wrong. It is not the Germans we should be concerned about but rather the ‘self chosen.’ It is THEY who already DID IT in Russia, Ukraine and Belorus, and ARE DOING IT AGAIN, in the US and Western Europe today.

      Once I came to know about Yezhov, Yagoda, Kaganovich, Kaminiev, Trotsky, Mekhllis and the rest and their murder of at least 20 million Ingo-Europeans suddenly I just didn’t care about the suppossed predations of Germans on Jews real or inflated AFTER the Germans had watched the goings on in the USSR in preceding decades. It just wasn’t important any more. Funny how that happens……

    10. Dagon Says:

      As for comics, I completely agree. There’s always been an ‘Ewwwww’ voice in my head when I see ANYONE, white or not, reading them. I was always on some level repelled by comics as a kid and still am today – much of that time of course my repulsion was merely instinctual as this was before I became wise to the prepoderance of certain groups in certain areas of our decaying cultural life.

    11. nom de guerre Says:

      I used to be an avid fan of comic books, Not the Superman or Batman, but some of the Classic Jule Verne types, The Olde West, and I thought the art work was pretty good and the plots also.. I like the journey to the center of the earth, war of the worlds etc.