29 April, 2010

Globalists Harassing Serbs Again

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If only the Serbs weren’t White, the globalists would leave them alone? Regardless, the facts surrounding the Serbs don’t matter to the heavily-Jewish NWO crowd – facts like this: in the modern era, the part-White Albanians started the violence (against the White Serbs), beginning with Albanian student uprisings at Pristina University in Kosovo in 1981, which led to widespread anti-Serb violence. But when the Serbs retaliated, the West only focused on – you guessed it – the Serb response. As if defending yourself is a crime. What makes the Serb nationalism all the more interesting is that they were ex-communists/leftists (at least the leaders were, e.g., Milosevic), which shows that nationalism can/does trump politics, a little detail not lost on the Jews who run the West [1]:


[1] some have argued that Serb leaders “switched to nationalism when it looked like communism/socialism was running out of gas,” a charge that can probably only be verified by the Serbs

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    1. tbow002 Says:

      “a little detail not lost on the Jews who run the West”

      They wont be runnin it for much longer. The political winds are shifting and trust in jewish intentions and their agenda has collapsed completely.

    2. Eumaeus Says:

      white or whatever, the Albanians are a bunch of heroin smuggling crooks and muslim terrs. Screw em. Send em across the Dardanelles and let the goat-fucking Turks eat em for breakfast.

      Now, Serb versus Croatian, that is a bad conflict that requires peacekeepers. No business fighting each other.

    3. J.J Says:

      This comment from some liberal twat makes me laugh.

      ‘Dodik and other Bosnian Serb leaders are disgusting fascists who need to be dealt with more firmly by the civilized world. Denying a proven genocide is unconscionable and it can only mean that they are planning to commit yet another genocide.’

    4. WP Moore Says:

      Balkans Update

      Journalist and author Chris Deliso discusses the multiple conflicting claims on the (regional/national/ethnic) identity of Macedonia, economic instability that threatens the Euro currency and the EU in general, the longstanding conflict between Turkey’s religious government and secular military, the lasting legacies of the Ottoman and Byzantine empires in Asia Minor and the possible incorporation of Kosovo into a Greater Albania.

    5. Emily Says:

      Like they found and used the Taliban to instigate for them, they used the Serbs to attack the unarmed groups. The Serbs are an , isolated, internal group of mostly peasant stock, that haven’t had much–if any–contact with other societies. Their culture is rather boorish, so it makes for very easy infiltration. Given arms and a wash of cash & then told they’re in the spotlight of media war blitz (They don’t know WHY), their heads swell & suddenly they’re following orders to kill, rape, pillage. Sound familiar?

    6. J.J Says:

      Unarmed groups? The Bosnian muslims and Albanians were hevily armed by the Americans and by the Saudis. Emily why do you support NATO/ZOG murder of Europeans? The Serbs were defending Europe against a combined Judeo-Islamic aggression. Don’t fall for the ZOG media lies about rape camps and ethnic cleansing. Listen to Dr Pierce speak about the conflict on the old ADV broadcasts.

    7. ED! Says:

      Oh My God (“Thor”), a people, a Nation with an old history that wants to be left alone and not be invaded by towel head shit, chopped-up, and controlled from without? Well, the Jew World Order and their Chicken-Shit Christian enforcers just will not stand for that!


    8. CW-2 Says:

      The jew plan for the EU is to continue the program of removing national borders and national sovereignty. When that goal is achieved the floodgates to North Africa and the Mid East will be opened, even more than at present, and Europe will be buried in an avalanche of mud.
      The jew world order can’t tolerate a nation such as Serbia with a proud independent spirit and a centuries long tradition of fighting the mud hordes. Such defiance could be catching!

    9. Tim McGreen Says:

      Funny how the Jewsmedia and the Jew-controlled governments of the West only care about the plight of Muslims when it suits their needs. They weep and moan over the killing of Bosnian Muslims by White Serbians, yet couldn’t give two shits about all the Muslims in Occupied Palestine being massacred by the Zionists or all the Iraqi and Afghan Muslims being slaughtered by US forces. The main goal is to destroy all pro-White and pro-nationalist movements in Europe so that the whole continent can be turned in a Jew-run Superstate.

    10. tc Says:

      …and though the noon bell tells every day of the victory of the christian forces led by the Hungarian Hunyadi(white) over the muslime hordes of Mehmed II around Nándorfehérvár(a then Hungarian fort/city You may have heard of as Belgrade)…there are not many ears/brains to listen…as the cycles repeat themselves…

      A Hungarian in defense of the Serbs, whatever may have happened between us lately – ‘cos in what is coming, we’ll have to rely on each other – against all popular national(chauvinistic) sentiments.

    11. peacekeepers Says:

      “Now, Serb versus Croatian, that is a bad conflict that requires peacekeepers. No business fighting each other.”


      nice, white, anglo american “peacekeepers”…you are more hated than jews, retards can’t figure out why

    12. ustashi Says:


    13. Rescue Slavic Women Says:



    14. destroy the Khazars Says:

      Serbian writer Dejan Lucic on the Khazars