24 April, 2010

Mississippi: White Nationalist Leader Murdered; Blacks Charged

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Sad news, but what was Barrett thinking? White leaders usually avoid Blacks. (The media calls Barrett a “White supremacist.” A curious term. If Whites aren’t supreme, who is?):


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    1. Blackshirt Says:

      He didn’t deserve to be killed like that, but why was he employing niggers?

      I wonder if anyone in our movement would feel sorry for any other white person who employed niggers or wetbacks if this were to happen to them?

      Beyond feeling like he shouldn’t have met that kind of end, I can’t say I ever supported the guy, and I’ll tell you why. He always claimed to be a “Nationalist”, but not a White Nationalist. He tried to recruit skinheads into his organization, which he claimed was not “Nazi”. As a matter of fact, he had nothing but bad things to say about “Nazis” and he often flew ZOG’s banner (the US flag). No, he wasn’t my type of guy. He was more of a conservative, right-wing Christard.

    2. John A Says:

      It’s my understanding that the man was a fag. He always surrounded himself with “young men.”

      At the end of the day, you’ll probably find that he was thinking with his dick instead of his head and that caused his demise.

    3. Luek Says:

      Whatever his faults, Richard Barrett fought the good fight and walked the walk after doing the talk. He was NOT just another windbag who accurately point out the problem but offer no realistic solutions.

      Also, never ever empoly niggers to do menial chores around your house even if you are a senior citizen like Barrett was. I know cutting the grass is hard if you’re over 50 but do it yourself or get a white kid to do it.

    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      John A, you may be right about Barrett being queer. It sounds plausible. Why else would he want some Black buck around his property doing yardwork all day? Unfortunately, there are a lot of homos and weirdos in the so-called White Struggle, so if Barrett was looking for some monkey-man action, then he definitely got what he deserved.

    5. Donald E. Pauly Says:

      Richard Barrett, of Blessed Memory, was the only one who was ever able to beat the Poverty Pimp, aka Morris Dees, in court. He won numerous court cases against cities who refused permits for right wing causes to march.

      I spoke to him on the phone about helping the Yuma Two. They were arrested for false imprisonment of some Mexican illegal aliens. He offered to help but Mississippi is a long way from Yuma. Jerry Spence returned my emails but Richard Steele ignored emails and phone calls.

      For some reason, Barrett refused to name the Jew. He was a champion of the Old South. The photos of all the skinheads with no shirts looked bad on his website. As of this writing it is untouched at http://www.nationalist.org .

      There is a real Negro in the woodpile here. A freshly released felon supposedly knifes him to death over a salary dispute. I smell something kosher here.

    6. John Halston Says:

      Yes indeed Barrett was a fag.

    7. Jim Says:

      If he was a faggot, refused to name the jew, and employed niggers, he couldn’t have been much of a White Nationalist. Neverthless, if he was able to win a court case against shithead Dees he must have had something on the ball.

    8. Kevin Goldskin Says:

      Let us stop talikng about His personal chracter. The afroboy that killed him was doing his inherant duty to his race. 60% of all afroboys are glad. 20% are bothered by the publicity. The other 20% are opposed, but say nothing.
      The time has come to focus on the psychological warfare that the Afroboi have secretly been waging against we Goldpeople. They call it black s.w.a.t. tactics, and are very secretive about it. First and formost, thay have been hijacking words and terms from our language, and causing the world to misinterpet the true meaning.
      People of Color and Brother are the foremost examples. Gold People are the People of Color. Brother is a deeply close and meaningful word that We Gold People
      must expose and take back with repercussions. The list goes on. Notice how they hijacked the word ;Soul’ back in the 60s soulmusic era. The Afroboi have been engaged in hijacking the ‘cool’ ways, walks, talks, actions, strengths, dress, looks, ever since they saw the original ‘Fritz the Cat’ movie back in the late 60s.
      I am an elder amongst we fair skins. I have suffered horrific hate crimes numerous times in my lifetime. *As a writer and composer and historian, I am dedicated to my own beloved gold race first. You have surely noticed my choice of words by now. I am mentally accustomed to these descriptive words and phrases. I intensionally retrained my mind long ago. I prey that soon the whole country will embrace these true and unoffensive words, phrases, and discriptions. My brothers and sisters, you must become aware of the powerful assault on our customs and language. The term White was originally used as a discription of Purity. We are not ‘White’ in color. The Afroboys are Black in color. (actually black isn’t a color)
      We are not ‘Colorconcious’ because ‘we are color’ and blend into nature well.
      The Afroboi are colorconcious because they are black and do not blend into nature. Many are jealous and angry at ‘God’ inside. They can’t punish him or beat him up for it. So, who’s next in line. You and I. This is a real scenerio. It is good that these days, the Afroboys look more like gold people, and shave their heads, “though it is a shame” and that the Afrogirls cosmetically change their Afrohair to Caucasian hair. But, that is their problem, and they are not allowed to hold a resentment toward Gods Gold People for it. Now, let wefairskins finally say this. When the Afroboys stop calling Gold Men ‘Whiteboys’, which is their way amongst themselves, of calling a Gold Man a ‘boy’, we may stop calling the ‘Afroboi’ Afroboys, or Blackboys. Brothers and Sisters, in your self-talk, retrain your mind and look for the many more word hijackings that are an insult and a heracy to hunanity. When most gold people understand the magnitude of this Afro-s.w.a.t assault, it will backfire on the Afroboi, and they will have start all over in trashing your discription, and polluting your language.