23 May, 2010

More About Elena Kagan

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Would there be a political Left in America without Jews? Yes, but just barely. The Left was built by The Tribe. Look at the communist party, for example. Nearly every top communist official was a Jew, e.g., Benjamin Gitlow, Jay Lovestone, Israel Amter, Bertram Wolfe, Alexander Bittelman, William Weinstone, Herbert Aptheker, Nicholas Hourwich, V. J. Jerome:


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    1. Virgil Says:

      She is unqualified. A pinko commie dyke kikess piece of garbage. She should be deported to Israel!

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      Kagan is Barry Sotero’s idea of divershitty on the Supreme Court…She’s an ultra left-wing lesbo Jewess from Harvard who was raised in Jew York City.

      Can it get any sicker than that?

    3. festerbestertester Says:

      Obama buys his way to re-election! Jewish money and non White votes.

    4. BuzzardBreath62 Says:

      Everything you have written is true…….and yet she will reign over you white man. How does that make you feel? Have you had enough? I wrote in once before…I will repeat what I wrote. Your worst enemy is any white man with a badge and a gun. They have proven that in Waco, Rubt Rudge, and recently MI., and Vermont. White people have no problem rolling out the tanks and turning them on you. However, they would never do it to niggers, jews, or spics. Father Yahweh said, ” In the last days, a white mans worst enemy will be of his own household. He is right!!!!! Thank you white police officers for the raping and killing of whites all over this country. They way you protect the niggers and spics……makes me so pround to ba an American. FUCK ALL OF YOU PIGS!!!!!!!!

    5. Howdy Doody Says:


    6. Howdy Doody Says:

      Edgar Steel won’t be appointed that’s a for sure.

    7. David Baker Says:

      Howdy Doody,

      You’re correct, Edgar Steele is not ‘approved’ for any public office. One good reason he’s not is that he would not automatically support Israel. Another reason is that Steele (like myself) is involved in Holocaust Revisionism. He’s also a practicing racist, which, considering how many ‘ethnically-conscious’ politicians are entrenched in our legislature, would seem like hypocrisy to exclude him on that basis. Liberal ideologies leave no room for dissent, or the placement of officials in positions that would involve oversight and/or sanction of their agendas who are not ‘onboard’ with the program. Liberals must construct a rigid code of obedience, complicity, and a singular political ideology to sustain their rule over their subjects. That they have done. Just how much they’ll damage our nation before an ‘Edgar Steele’ type will be tendered to ‘correct’ their little ‘mistakes’, will be the measure of how much of America will be left to salvage.

    8. David Baker Says:


      You’ve hit upon an interesting facet of our law enforcement system. Reviewing the case histories of criminals and the crimes they commit, one is confronted by an obvious effort by the ‘system’ to SUSTAIN the crime rate. There are actually very few criminals who warrant the police, the courts or prison system. Put these low-lifes away, and you have prevented many horrific crimes. Not surprisingly, you’ve also eliminated the need for so many policem…persons…judges, bailiffs, guards, sheriffs, clerks, lawyers ad infinitum. You might even get the impression that these people know they’re keeping themselves in business on the public’s dime. Like the military, they can always point to some ‘indicator’ that their services are required. California’s “Three Strikes” laws resulted in a significant reduction of violent crimes, robberies, and rapes. The perps KNEW they would wind up in prison for a long stretch if they continued their miscreant behavior. Of course, Jewish defense attorneys emphasized the fact that some minor infraction designated as the criminal’s Third Strike crossed the boundary of Constitutional guarantees against excessive punishment for said infraction (Please note: These crimes were not inflicted upon Jews. Otherwise, they would breach the “Hate” barrier..) but one must understand these crooks KNOW they’ve brought themselves to that point. I’m afraid the criminal ‘enterprise’, like every other Jewish government-expanding agenda, has unleashed a torrent of crime upon Americans that will only increase as the MTV generation matures.

    9. festerbestertester Says:

      The Jews have switched their game plan. They are now pushing the idea of more females in responsible positions diverting the fact that there are 3 Jews on the Supreme Court!

    10. Tim McGreen Says:

      There has been some mention in the press that Kagan may possibly be a dyke (POSSIBLY…ha!). But there’s been almost no mention of the fact that the ugly, mannish-looking bitch is also a Jewess. If it’s mentioned at all, they only say that she would be the third person on the Court who is of the Jewish “faith”. Nothing wrong with that, right? Just a coincidence, right? A person’s religion is his own business. The Jewish “faith” encourages hard work and a good education…American values! Jewish “conspiracy”? That’s a canard, a forgery like the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion…..Anti Semitic hate speech! How dare youNO place in OUR democracy for thinking must be outlawed Jewsuperior to all Jewstop hate thinkforever you resist youdie likein Russia andpalestine too YES

    11. David Baker Says:


      In California, we have three jewish dykes vying for senate and gubanitorial elections. Two of them are former CEOs for major corporations (Me thinks they obtained those lofty posts to improve their respective company’s chances to gain government contracts set aside for female-run firms). I also believe that this cat-and-mouse game the media is playing with their sexual orientation projections is designed to deflect our attention away from the fact that they are all Jews. This is but one of many means Jews utilize to get into positions of power. Discovering the secret of how jews operate is as simple as reading their history.

    12. Tim McGreen Says:

      You’re right, DB, the Jews are not trying too hard to hide what they’re up to, it’s just that most Goyim are too lazy, indifferent or clueless to find out for themselves.

    13. David Baker Says:

      Here’s a song parody that covers a few bases in this thread. Sung to “We are Siamese” from “Lady and the Tramp”

      A stretch limousine arrives at an elegant hotel, which is the site for another G-X Meeting of billionaire financiers. Two large noses protrude from the rear door, and a familiar ring of a tamborine is heard.

      “Vwee arre Zionese, if you please

      Vwee vwill brreak yourr knees if you don’t please

      Now vwee mulling overr New Vwoild Orrderr ploy

      Vwee tell many big lie to contrrol these goy

      Vwee make vwarr on Islam just to take theirr oil

      Using cannon fodderr, U.S. boys and goils

      Soon vwee vwill have owall the chips to bet and rraise

      Vwhile the goyim starrve to death on thirrd vwoild vwage

      Vwee vwerre vwoiking on this scheme as Bolsheviks

      But the heat in Rrussia made us hit the brricks

      Now vwee have a Holocaust to vwhine about

      Even though the prroof of it is moch in doubt

      Vwee arre Zionese, now you owall know

      Vwee arre so superriorr to you, scmoe!

      Soon you’ll have to lick ourr boots forr owall time

      You refuse? Vwell vwee make that a HATE CRRIME!!!”

    14. Tim McGreen Says:

      DB, you should copyright those lyrics before the Jews steal them and use them in some Mel Brooks “Springtime for Hitler”-type musical!