16 June, 2010

A Trial in Jasper

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by Dr. William Pierce.

“Last week they had a trial in Jasper, Texas, of 24-year-old John King, one of three White men accused of killing a Black by dragging him behind their pickup truck. The media made a real circus of the trial. Every night on the television news programs Tom Brokaw and the other network news announcers reminded us with a grim face and a sober tone about the gruesome nature of the killing. Over and over again they showed us the chain which had been used to drag the Black. They showed us the asphalt road along which he was dragged, with painted circles on the road wherever the police had found blood. And they told us what an awful White racist John King was. They showed us his tattoos. They told us that he was a petty criminal who had been in prison. They read us some of the letters he had written expressing his dislike for Blacks. And the media people really rubbed all of this in hard — “White racist, gruesome killing, Black victim, hate crime, evil Whites, good Blacks” — it was like a ritual chant, over and over again, until they even had a hardened cynic like me flinching. That’s the power of television.”


For the audio version of this article, go [Here] and scroll down to 03-06-1999.

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