2 June, 2010

AIDS and the Cult of Equality

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by Dr. William Pierce.

“The organization which I head, the National Alliance, has for the past five years or so been publishing warnings about the dangers of contracting AIDS through sexual contact with non-Whites. We have warned, for example, that heterosexual Black males are 14 times as likely as heterosexual White males of being carriers of HIV, the AIDS-causing virus. Our data came from the U.S. government’s Centers for Disease Control and were entirely accurate at the time. Of course, we were lambasted by the Jewish media and by a great many Politically Correct White people as well — “racially sensitive” Gentiles who take their lead from the Jewish media — for providing these warnings. We were denounced as “haters,” and horror was expressed that we would publish such information.”


For the audio version of this article, go [Here] and scroll down to 2-13-1999.

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  7. 11 Responses to “AIDS and the Cult of Equality”

    1. Virgil Says:


    2. Jim Says:

      According to the Orwellian jew-think in today’s topsy turvy ‘Kwa it is “hate” for anyone to voice any opposition to savage AIDS infected niggers screwing our naive White women or gang banging White male inmates in our prisons. The niggers are the “darlings”of the jews and virtually ANY criticism of them as a group is verboten. The only thing more “hateful” to these kike bastards is when any normal hetrosexual White man professes a desire to live in a society free from the perversions inherent in a jew controlled world.

    3. festerbestertester Says:

      White guilt–the Indians, Blacks, the Holocaust, Chinese “coolies”, migrant workers, Gays, and much more! With all that to be guilty about no wonder the White man was impotent and did not have enough kids! The Jews rub their hands in glee and point the way to the cemetary!

    4. th Says:

      The thing is DR Pierce got his facts from the government run CDC. The facts were accurate at the time, but somehow deemed racist. Only the jew run media could equate a disease with racism. Niggers are the kings of disease, because of the way they live. Filth and a life style that revolves around sex and jerking ones body to the sounds of drums. Thats not racism, thats niggerdom. Most whites have no reason to fear aids unless they are fags and or associated with niggerdom. The thing that made the NA of Dr Pierce’s era was everything was based on fact, this left the jew speechless at times.

    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      I guess the Jewsmedia is tired of the AIDS “crisis”, because I haven’t heard much about it for the last ten years or so. They also apparently got tired of the “homeless crisis”, “crack babies” and the Darfur “tragedy”. Bird Flu, Swine Flu, Mad Cow Disease, Legionaires’ Disease……..all old hat.

      Their latest kick is of course “global warming”. They’ve been whining about that for a good 15 years now, so I think it’s almost time for another Jewsmedia-manufactured crisis to replace it.

      And even though we are all supposed to be through with racial segregation, the Red Cross out of necessity still has to segregate Negro blood from White blood for fear of AIDS and whatever else Negro blood is contaminated with.

      I’d love to see some douchy White or Jew liberal who needs a blood transfusion tell his doctor that he is no racist and will therefore accept a transfusion of Negro blood into his veins, “Because we all bleed red”. But that won’t happen, because even the most holier-than-thou liberal knows there ARE differences between the races, differences that could literally kill you.

      I really hate liberals.

    6. M. Kraus Says:

      Most whites have no reason to fear aids unless they are fags and or associated with niggerdom.

      Yes, and I can remember in the 80s, when AIDS became a political issue, Americans were solemnly assured that, by 1990, we would ALL have at least one friend or relative who had AIDS. Well, guess what. That didn’t happen. I never knew anyone who had AIDS. Neither did any of my friends or relatives.

    7. Captain Slappy Says:

      I tell you what, here and now, I learned QUICK why Blacks are not allowed to give blood to the Blood Mobile when it shows up.
      (Not that I was ever in the military back in ’91 and got a lot of laughs over stuff happening)

      I worked (briefly) as a customer service rep (DSL) and since the town (about 40 miles from me) gives out free “edumacation” to all these…freaking immigrants from India, Pakistan, Nigeria…you name it, there is MORE than enough to give blood, BUT the Blood Mobile told ME:

      “Ummm…..No sir. We don’t take any foreign blood, as we don’t have a way to really test blood (except for Iron deficiencies).”
      (I pondered this, because they didn’t test MINE….hmmmm.)

      This is because when the Blood Mobile pulled up, I said to hell with it, give blood like a nice person…..(and get off work for like an hour, or however long I can drag it out)…..then I noticed….nothing but WHITE people giving blood.

      I mean, this is a college town FULL of people…..and here I am giving blood….and nobody else can? (That is the question I asked)

      LATER is when I caught what she ACTUALLY meant, but was “politically” not trying to say.

      “Ummm….No sir. We don’t take any darkie blood, or anyone most likely diseased from America or unAmerican countries”.

      Crazy….they will educate these diseased freaks for free, but they won’t help me. Better yet, they will let them get within 20 feet of me carrying the friggin’ PLAGUE…..

      Thank you, Moronic Government/Jews/Whoever Else.
      I REALLY appreciate that. REALLY.

    8. George Wallace Says:

      NEWFLASH – Helen Thomas wants the jews out of the Jewnited States of Afromerica. Damn! How’s she gonna do that? A whole lot of Americans are gonna be watchin’ that one!

    9. Henry Says:

      Jimmy– you are a far-out case!

      Do you have any documentation for ANY of this?

    10. Tim McGreen Says:

      Good for Helen Thomas! The Jewsmedia establishment never liked that Lebonese woman. Of course, she too is a Semite and a rather trollish-looking one at that. But I’ll take Helen Thomas over Thomas Friedman, Chris Wallace and Charles Kikehammer any day!

    11. Henry Says:

      I see now the latest news is that Helen Thomas” career is OVER! The whole Washington establishment — media and government — have turned against her.

      Should we be surprised?