15 June, 2010

Marriage, Children Now Optional

Posted by Socrates in disgenics, dispossession & destruction, feminism, General Decline, genocide, genocide by jew, jewed culture, leftism, Socrates, Western culture at 8:20 am | Permanent Link

We live in an era where continuing your race is a lifestyle choice. Thanks, Jews:


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  7. 73 Responses to “Marriage, Children Now Optional”

    1. Ein Says:

      Excellent, excellent post from Orion … as well as the further comments from Jim and Dave Baker!

      I confess I almost didn’t read Orion’s post because I usually don’t have much patience with such longies, but in this case I’m glad I did. Thank you, Orion!

      “Orion touched on one important facet of Jewish gentile control: Media indoctrination. That is why one of the initial efforts of Jews ‘training’ their hosts is to dominate the media.”

      I recall, from studying Shaw’s plays, long ago, that Shaw expressed the goal , “to instruct while entertaining” …(I forget his precise terminology). That was often the purpose of didactic, socially concerned playwrights such as Shaw. But the Jews add another motive to instructing while entertaining: Profit. The Jews always want to make money. They’re very profit minded. So they’ll brainwash you while they’re making money at it too. In other words, they’re screwing you in every possible way. And they convince you you’re having a good time while it’s happening. That’s chutzpah.

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      No, O*R*I*O*N has not provided a “brilliant analysis” at all. “Soap” and “Taxi” were two great TV shows from the 1970s, as was “Love American Style”, “The Gong Show” and “Barney Miller”. Just because the Jews are involved in some way with a TV show or movie doesn’t mean we have to avoid it the way that Mohammedans supposedly avoid pork and alchohol.

      Ein, you are correct to avoid exceedingly long posts, especially ones without any paragraphs or indentations. The ability to communicate effectively and concisely is key. If someone cannot grasp that simple concept, then we should not reward him by taking the time to read his online musings.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      You know who I’m really angry at? Not the Blacks or the Mexicans or even the queers and the Jews. The real bad-guys, IMHO, are the White, WASPy, rich, Ivy-League educated elitist swine, that’s who.

      They are the ones who let their daughters marry Jew boys. They are the ones who have shipped our industrial and manufacturing jobs to slave-labor countries. They are the ones who have allowed the non-White hoardes to come in here and drive down the cost of labor, forcing the White Man to compete with Pedro for an ever-shrinking number of jobs. They are the ones who become the traitorous Senators, Federal Judges, banking executives, industrialists and Capitalist backstabbers. They are the ones who pass the laws that are designed to favor the rich and impoverish everyone else. They are the ones who are promoting Free Trade and other Globalist poison. They have betrayed their fellow White man and woman to curry favor with the Jews and to make lots of shekels at the expense of the White Bourgeoisie and Proletariat.

      Class Warfare, you say? You goddamn right. I hope those rich White pigs get slaughtered by their Mestizo gardeners and servants……Conquest of the Planet of the Apes…Good for us…Death to the Exploiter.

    4. Jim Says:

      You are absolutely right, Tim. It is in the genetic nature of jews, niggers, and spics to act the way they do. They can’t help being what they are, but it is inexcusable for a so called “White man” to behave in such an dishonorable way. There is NOTHING worse than a White race traitor.

    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      This is your future, White Man, unless you do something about it soon:


    6. O*R*I*O*N Says:

      Jim said: . . . “Soap” and “Taxi” were two great TV shows from the 1970s, as was “Love American Style”, “The Gong Show” and “Barney Miller”. Just because the Jews are involved in some way with a TV show or movie doesn’t mean we have to avoid it . . .

      The point is, Tim, that there is an inverse relationship between the amount of time you spend watching those “great” TV shows of yours, and the amount of time you can spend on “class warfare”.

      What about the later shows I critique? “Friends”, “S.A.T.C.” -are those “great” too?

    7. O*R*I*O*N Says:

      sorry, should have been Tim said, not Jim.

    8. Tim McGreen Says:

      Sex and the City was a cable series for middle aged, menopausal career women who couldn’t find a husband. However, I will admit that out of curiosity I have watched a few episodes, just to see what all the hoopla was about. The “cultural corrosion” you speak of was not as bad as you claim. For instance, Miranda decided to keep her baby rather than have an abortion, something that critics said was an example of “jumping the shark”. I agree, the show lost some of its edge after that episode.

      Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to wage some more class-warfare. See? I know how to budget my time.

    9. David Baker Says:

      I have tried to derive some entertainment value from current movies and television shows, but they just seem so predictable. How many assertive women browbeating their male cohorts, husbands and boyfriends should we be exposed to? Crass, vulgar language and toilet humor now substitute for comical ingenuity among Hollywood writers. Valley Girl/ghetto dialogue are so pervasive in scripts, one almost requires a quick course in Ebonics and Valley-speak to follow the screenplay. Today, I can sit through virtually an entire installment of ANY current sitcom, talkshow or comedy movie and not even crack a smile. I do have a sense of humor, but my idea of funny is apparently foreign to the folks who churn out such sophomoric humor.

    10. Tim McGreen Says:

      One of the very few laugh-out-loud sitcoms I ever saw was “Married with Children”. You can say it was nothing but Jewish junk TV all you want, but there is a version of that series currently being produced in Russia that’s very popular with Russian audiences. Most people like to laugh, with the exception of about 3/4 of the people who post here.

    11. David Baker Says:

      Tim, Al Bundy was my hero! The series lasted awhile, which proves some good comedy productions will stand the test of time. Another fairly good show broadcast awhile back was “WKRP in Cincinnati”. I just can’t generate any interest in current comedy fare. Wanda Sykes should be “Wanda Sucks”. She isn’t funny at all. Even Mr. Fallon has fallen sharply from his peak at SNL. MASH got waaayyy too preachy, and many other comedies are merely vehicles for the liberal agendas. “The Office” is dull, and strangely scripted. “Seinfeld” must have appealed to younger audiences, because to me (I’m 57) he was just an obnoxious, wisecracking Jew, whose brand of off-color humor is familiar, and not particularly funny. The great comedies were great because they made people laugh. “Gilligan’s Island” was my favorite. “Green Acres” was pretty good. “I Love Lucy” had some absolutely hilarious material in their screenplay. Fortunately, I have DVDs of most of those shows, and it is with much enjoyment that I pop them in the player for some genuine entertainment. I will give some more current sitcoms a fair shake, and watch enough of an episode to judge whether they are worth further viewing. So far, they’ve only resulted in my changing the channel.

    12. Tim McGreen Says:

      I agree with everything you said, DB. That babooness Wanda Sykes is just plain obnoxious and uppity. I haven’t watched Saturday Night Live in years. The last good cast they had included Phil Hartman, Jan Hooks and Victoria Jackson. That was 15 years ago. No, more like 20!

      I’ve only watched a few moments of The Office and I didn’t like it. They have that annoying hand-held camera that jiggles around and then zooms in on someone after they supposedly say something funny or become the butt of someone else’s joke. I couldn’t stand the Seinfeld show, even before I became racially concious and Jew-wise. With the exception of Married With Children, the Simpsons, South Park and one or two other shows, most TV fare since the early 1980s has been pretty lame.

    13. Yahoody Doody Says:

      O*R*I*O*N Says:

      sorry, should have been Tim said, not Jim.


      Is there a difference? Don’t worry about it!

      Is “Jim” the new Blackshirt”?
      (Oh, youre so right Tim. Youre absolutely right Tim. I always agree with you Tim. Youre so smart Tim.)

    14. Jim Says:

      Yahoody, what is all this “Jim” is the new Blackshirt bullshit? Tim is a highly intelligent and informed commenter. I complement him when I agree with him on issues and critcize him when I disagree. Let’s dispense with all the ad hominem attacks and act like civilized White men instead of a bunch of silly ass school girls.

    15. David Baker Says:

      Jim, many Jews are of the Talmud ilk, and follow a path that affirms their racial supremacist beliefs. Their history is little more than a repetition of their agendas: Control the media, control finance, ‘influence’ goyim leaders, create strife between genders, races, political parties, homo and heterosexuals, ad nauseum. Then, as the gentile population is constantly ‘reminded’ of the wealth, prominence and influence of their Jewish population (While dealing with their own economic downturns, along with said strife..) these goyim start publicly deriding Jews. Jews then employ their political influence, creating laws that severely punish such “Hateful” speech. Eventually, those laws are ignored, and the Jews are sent packing, usually after the nation is fiscally insolvent, and the Balkanized populations are at each other’s throats. This has happened every single time Jews have applied the Talmudic principles in nations they have subjugated. And it WILL happen again.

    16. Jim Says:

      Right David, and not just the Talmudic jews. The atheist kikes are just as bad if not worse than the “religious” ones at pulling the wool over the eyes of the dumb goyim. Look at Karl Marx for example. He turned the principles of Aryan based socialism on its head and substituted the destructive ideas of jew communism. Even so, he was pretty wise to the motives of his fellow tribesmen. He once said; “What is the god of the jew? Money.”

    17. Yahoody Doody Says:

      “Let’s dispense with all the ad hominem attacks and act like civilized White men instead of a bunch of silly ass school girls”…says Jim

      That’s an excellent idea, Jim. I fully agree.

      Why dont you tell “Tim” that, Jim, because hes the master of ad hominem attacks. I only object to them, I DONT MAKE THEM. Why dont you let him defend himself? Are you, like blaskshirt, now his spokesman and protector? He insults and abuses everyone here who has a different opinion than his own. He regularly calls other posters jerks, morons, idiots, retards. And you think that I should refrain from “ad hominem attacks”? That’s rich!

      Didnt you just say: “Beware of any so called “White Nationalists “who denigrate any branch of our great White Race.”

      And I agree with that too! Either you said that or someone else is posting under your name.

      “Tim” thinks its funny to call people dagos wops polaks, he calls white women sluts and bitches. And you scold me to be nice! When did I ever say anything like that?

      He hates Christianity, the American constitution, your Founding Fathers, western morality in general. He doesnt speak well of almost any white leaders — except for those who are either dead or in prison (in other words, who are out of the way). And hes the only one here who admires and praises non-white communist dictators like Hugo Chavez and Evo Morales! — That’s the typical line of a radical commie jew whos posing among us as a WN. And this while preaching hatred for some whites and setting one white ethnic group against another. He wants to march all nordics into the pit? Really? If that isnt a raving communist jew I dont know what! The real person slipped through there. And you defend him? Youre either one of his multiple personalities, or youre very naive.

      Wake up and smell the wolf in sheeps clothing in your midst. He’s a agent provocateur and an imposter. He may fool some, but he doesn’t fool everyone.

      Yeah, lets dispense with all the ad hominem attacks and act like civilized White men. By all means. Lets dispense with “Tim McGreen”!

    18. Jim Says:

      I see your point, Yahoody, I have a lot of difference of opinion with Tim, but I am sure he is not an agent provocateur. As White Nationalists, we all have various opinions regarding how to best defeat the jewish enemy and re-establish White control. We can all learn from each other, and while we may not agree with a commentator on certain points, but as long as the general direction is anti-jew, anti-nigger, and pro-Aryan, we should not resort to name calling. On the other hand, if the commentor is clearly an enemy of our Cause such as “Nancy”, I say, “no holds barred”.

    19. Yahoody Doody Says:

      Thank you for an open mind, Jim. However, Im not even so sure about the genuineness of “Nancy”. Weve had “Emily” and “Susan” — and any number of fishy ladies in Tims fertile stable of personalities. He loves to argue even with himself (eg. Tom McGreen/Tim McReen)…The good cop/bad cop… you know. Who does he think hes kidding? He can pull off something like that for only so long before becoming obvious. So “Tom” has been dispatched. I dont write much, but I do read, and Ive been reading here for a long time, and I know a phony when I see one.

      A lot of people, I note, have suspected “Tim” and Blackshirt of being the same person — LONG BEFORE it occurred to me. I didnt even believe it at first. So I cant claim to have discovered that. I still dont know for sure. But they always suport each other, agree with each other, praise each other, and their posts sometimes follow in a series within minutes. Just too fishy! They got careless there. Someone was going to notice. And I wasnt the only one.

      But frankly, Jim, I d prefer a “clear enemy of our Cause” (such as “Nancy”) who at least is out in the open and honest about it, rather than an infiltrator who sneaks into our midst pretending to be one of us, while seeking to stir up trouble amongst whites. That we dont need.

      Eventually they slip up and reveal themselves. Jews, as we know, are experts at infiltration and subversion and control from within. Thats their specialty. Thats how they take over businesses, corporations, and whole nations. Infiltrate and control. Think about it!

    20. Yahoody Doody Says:

      “As White Nationalists, we all have various opinions regarding how to best defeat the jewish enemy and re-establish White control.”… says Jim


      Yes we do all have opinions, Jim. That’s our right. But something I’ve noticed over a long time and through life experience (not just here) is that the one who rants the loudest about Jews is probably a Jew himself! Thats his form of disguise. They over-compensate. They try to lure you out that way and get YOU to say something.

      I first noticed that when I was a teenager, but Im onto it now. If theyre raving antisemites, or raving racists, theyre probably trying to get YOU to say something crazy and incriminating. So watch out!

    21. Jim Says:

      Yahoody, I respect your opinion, but I think that you are acting a bit paranoid. You are absolutely right that jews are experts at infiltration and subversion, to but lets not go to the extreme of finding “agent provocateurs under every bed post. It is certainly possible that “Nancy” is indeed a kike agent, but more than likely she is a typical liberal feminist who has been totally brainwashed by the system. I think that both Tim McGreen and Blackshirt are sincere White Nationalists. They appear to have been influenced by Tom Metzger, whose opinions I respect but have differences with. Yahoody, I think that you a sincere White Nationalist too. Please, just stop this goddamn pissing contest with Tim, and lets get back to the real business of exposing the REAL enemy. Thank you.

    22. Tim McGreen Says:

      Don’t worry, Jim. Clowns like Yahoody Doody come and go. He’ll soon run out of things to say and then disappear.

    23. Yahoody Doody Says:

      I ll not run out anything to say as long as you give me more abusive quotes to use. I dont have to be inventive. Its all been straight of your own mouth, smart alec. Dont like that, do you?