14 July, 2010

The Value of Talk

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by Dr. William Pierce.

“These are important conclusions, and I believe it’s worth our time to restate them. We have two very fundamental problems in the United States: Jewish control of the mass media and a degenerate and irresponsible electorate which can be manipulated totally by the mass media. Both of these problems have crept up on us during this century, but they are real, and they are decisive. There is no easy way around them.”


For the audio version of this article, go [Here] and scroll down to 05-22-1999.

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  7. 9 Responses to “The Value of Talk”

    1. tbow002 Says:

      You Have to Rule the Social networking sights with truth…

    2. Virgil Says:

      Democracy is the rule of the smart by the stupid!

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      I wish the gooks had kept that rotten prick John McCain as a POW in Vietnam. The world would have been a much, much better place without him around. I understand he recieved special treatment from the gooks because his daddy was a big-shot admiral. Christ I hate him.

      I remember having written to one of my Senators (“my” Senators…yeah, right) during the US/Jew-led war against Serbia. I pleaded with him to stop the conflict before any more innocent people got killed. He was decent enough to write me back (not a pro-forma letter) but told me he was going to support the President no matter what. Well, the Gods punished that Senator a few weeks later by killing him.

    4. George Wallace Says:

      1. No citizen who receives a check from the government (pay or entitlement) should be allowed to vote. 2. Any amendment to the U.S. Constitution should clarify and not change law. The U.S. Constitution MAY NOT be changed…it can be clarified. The emancipation proclamation, for example, changed the law of property and immigration. It did not clarify the American law that allowed the ownership of property for centuries and was recognized by the British Crown, including bills of sale and property titles. Two fundamental problems in America are the vote that must be restricted and illegally changing the constitution with amendments; most of which must be repealed. America trades with China – China is the biggest communist country in the world – China = America – America is communist. They not only changed the Constitution; they overturned it and threw it out.

    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      Doesn’t the Constitution state that treaties with foreign countries can supercede US law? I should read the Constitution more often, but it’s so badly written, like the Bible.

    6. George Wallace Says:

      If you are American, you KNOW the context and mind set of the Constitution. For example, the Writers owned slaves. What’s that tell you? The Writers UNDERSTOOD and KNEW that Americans could, should and would store arms in their homes and carry them where they chose to oppose a tyrannical and oppressive government. The Writers never thought that would be in doubt or challenged. It was UNDERSTOOD. The 2nd Amendment CLARIFIED (it did not change law) that the Constitution and the law stated, unequivocally, that Americans could, would and should store and carry arms, sufficient to successfully oppose the government through military means. To the writers, the right to store and carry arms was abundantly clear. To weak minded people, there is doubt which has and continues to strengthen the enemies of America both internal and external. America was created for FREE individuals/citizens engaged in FREE trade in their pursuit of happiness. Now Americans are enslaved through massive taxation and the redistribution of wealth. That and trade with communist China demonstrates that America has been consumed by global communism and the Constitution destroyed.

    7. Nom de Guerre Says:

      No government can serve for all times and all people. America today=KWA, a majority mud population, and mud worshiping Whites. China on the other hand is a 90% ethnic Han Chinese people, with an authoritarian dictatorship, that despite all the backdraws suits the Chinese people, and no Chink leader is about to double cross the Han by importing cheaper labour or shipping out of the country factories. We have no consensus in this country except what the jews and shabbaz goyim dictate that we should have, in a sense we have no country itz just a business adress.

      No we can’t rely on Kahnstitutions to safeguard us, we have to have the hammer, and the law of the duel

    8. Nom de Guerre Says:

      The bitch goes to Afghanistan, with her girlfriends in tow, she promises more bloody fighting to occupy the country for the Jew world order, not her blood mind you, not the blood of the Slick
      Villie. The kwan herd, some yahoos types are starting to bewail
      the loss of their children, one mother the other night expressed it after the loss of a son who commited suicide after 2 tours in Iraq. “Its a damn shame.”

    9. Nom de Guerre Says:

      I really don’t think those founding felons looked any further than the end of their nose, or maybe that was the noose when putting together the constitution, let’s say it was written under duress, probably put over with alot more finesse than the ’08 Bankster bailout, but essentially the same scare tactics. Did the world change one iota? I mean as defeated GeneraL Cornwallis predicted we’d be back under the Jew banksters of London Towne lickedy split. What is really essential for any nation, is to protect it’s racial pool, And America did the opposite, it spread out too fast and brought about the growth of sectionalism, thin dissolution of the founding stock , and ruin. All for the Banksters who are always quick to replace you, with a coolie or niggah.