23 August, 2010

Black Names

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You’ve always wondered why negroes have weird names like “Shawntrell” or “Quintonius” instead of normal names like “Bill” or “Steve.” Well, now you know: it’s all your fault, Whitey!


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  7. 55 Responses to “Black Names”

    1. The Red Skull Says:

      Good Greif!Some words just go together like Good Greif,Mumbo Jumbo,and Stupid Nigger.Then you can string them together for fun sentences like —–“Good Greif!-What kind of Mumbo Jumbo is that you Stupid Nigger?!?”

      Years ago this German Scientist in Africa(Starts with an S)can’t think…..but he spent years “helping” and “Fixing things” for all the stupid niggers there,he was even in a young indiana jones story….

      Anyway,he said that the nigs were like “little children” who bore constant watching,and if we were ever dumb enough(thanks jews) to import them into our societies, that they would eventually destroy us and themselves because thats what he saw in their nature.

      @Antagonistes—-Hard to believe niggers are really THAT stupid….too bad our real enemies –the Jews arent,and they use the niggers as a cultural battering ram against White Society.And the niggers who are naturally prone to destroy and defile,are more than happy to just be their nigger selves and live off the dole Whitey provides.

      @Herr Ein—Thanks for that pertinent info.I admit a lack of study about the anthropological foundation of White Nationalism,but i wrote his(Agassiz) and Boas names down for further research…..Thanks!….See!VNN at once informing and educating,and illuminating those dark areas where we all can learn—-!

      However—I do know that the “eugenics ” program started here in the US,moved to England,and was adopted as Racial Doctrine in Nazi Germany.See…We were on the right track to breeding a better Aryan,surely the jews had to derail this if they were to dominate the world.

      @NdG:Yes the Niggers were wisely isolated by nature,then man,or in this case the servants of Satan…The Jews,stepped in to make them niggas be everywwhere dee White Folks go cause them jews was goona curse us with dem niggers AND make a buck at the same time.

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      Blacks have always had crazy names. Back in the 40s, my father went to school with a colored boy named General Washington. It must have been a hoot to “General Washington, please come to the office” over the intercom. Then there was a craze among Blacks for Roman names, like Cornelius, Julius and Nero. Napoleon was also a popular name for Negroes at one time. At least those names were entertaining and imaginative, unlike the made-up West African sounding names they give themselves now.

    3. Susan Says:

      Blacks cannot say certain sounds easily. Example: they cannot say the word “ask”. It becomes “aksk” when they say it. They give their iglets names that they can pronounce easily, particularly names with the “sh” sound. But, then, they usually call the iglet something like “boo” or “poo” or “shay”. Believe me, I dealt with enough blacks when I was a social worker down in niglanta years ago. Naming iglets is just a temporary diversion to these nitwits. Just like having iglets is simply an unintended consequence of f***ing. In fact, social workers years ago used to joke that niggers gave as much thought to having iglets as someone who would buy another bead for their “add a bead” necklace. Add a bead–add a baby.

      God, that reminds me of all the niggers years ago who would come in to the DFACS office to add their latest iglet to their welfare caseload. Some of these idiots didn’t even know they were pregnant until they were in the hospital having it! I remember one big fat cow who told me she just thought she was having stomach aches. Good lord!!!

    4. Howdy Doody Says:


    5. Tina Carter Says:


      Blacks have no problem saying certain words — just watch shows like Cosby, or classic movie like Who’s coming to dinner.

      Most of them don’t say doesn’t mean all of them are not able to say it. It’s not for nothing they are very good singers — and many white girls sleeps with them…

      Although, there are certain things blacks can’t do — I think most of us know what they are…