15 August, 2010

What Will Work, Part II

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by Farnham O’Reilly.

“There are, as of today, still a substantial amount of White people who are of pure blood; i.e. — White on the outside. But that is doing us no good, because very few of us are White on the inside. I am talking about moral purity. Our elites understand this very well, and that’s why they first concentrated on corrupting us with entertainment, pornography and sexual degeneracy (their favorites), destruction of the marriage as an institution, and radical feminism with the resultant destruction of the family unit. This all had to be done before they could proceed to making us lose our racial identity entirely.”


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  7. 66 Responses to “What Will Work, Part II”

    1. Jim Says:

      The Jewish Question is the proverbial “turd in the punch bowl” or the “800 pound gorilla in the liviing room”. It is the truth that dare not speak its name. The jews have made it VERBOTEN in the Western “democracies” to point out the undue negative influcence that the kikes have ALWAYS exerted upon their host populations. After WWII, the noose on free speech began to be tightened to such an extent that the average ‘Kwan or “Your-a Peein” doesn’t have a clue. NOW is the time to proclaim to the world that the jewish “emperor” has no clothes. The jew’s lies must be exposed before he brings the whole world down in a Gotterdammerung. NO JEWS. JUST RIGHT.

    2. th Says:

      I once worked at a facility in North Carolina and there was an older Cherokee man there as well. He was actually the most interesting character to talk with, while his world was not doped on movie stars, sports and the usual distractions. He had a particular disgust for niggers, so not bad so far right? He told me he was adopted by a baptist minister and wife and recieved the daily rituals of that faith. He told me that all his life he couldn’t accept these teachings and that it was inside of his soul, that these teaching weren’t accepted. Blah blah I know, but the guy would tell me that the white man would soon perish because of the teaching and corruption of foreign peoples and he meant the jews. He was actually a pretty intelligent guy. He knew of the fall of past empires and who was to blame and it came down to the usual suspects, that dirty empire destroyer the jew. Like the writer in the post, I have no loyalties to the land once known as the USA. The post tells us all the thing that most of us already know, but have no plan to implement. Sure we can individually not participate in jewdom, but what about the future of the aryan man and his family? There are societies within this land that have exempted themselves from the daily rituals of the poison, they are the amish, quakers and the like. Surely I am not suggesting that we all become amish, but a reasonable like society. These folks live among all the depravity and thrive. Sure some of their children follow the lures set out by the jew ,with its shiny illusions. What I am trying to say is it an idea. We need to seek powerful and intelligent leaders and great ideas. We in the movement have been spinning our wheels for way to long.

    3. torrence Says:

      My response to this article after a cursory scan is the same that Hermann Goering shouted after he first heard Hitler speak:

      “That’s the Stuff!”

      This article deals with the corrective that has been missing among our people. There has been enough effort put forth in the cognitive development of White folk, but the effort has been woefully inadequate in the moral, cultural and spiritual eduction of our Folk. The author points to a return to Christianity which has provided a firm moral foundation to Europe for 1000 years. This is more problematic for Aryan Folk today, but the point is made that a widely accepted moral foundation is needed.

      The imperative of this article demands from us thoughtful reflection and a response. I hope this article and the ancillary issues aroused to mind make this one of the most discussed topics this board has yet to record.

      More later.

    4. tbow002 Says:

      MORE History must come to light. I would love to see as much research into Commiunists, and Jews specifically, pre-1933 to see what direction they had planned for Germany. Were they doing exactly the same things they are doing today with race and race mixing, immigration, wealth and job redistribution etc etc? I had heard there was talk back in the 20s and early 30s of opening Germany’s borders up to veritable African and Middle Eastern invasion. Documentation of all Jewish and Communist activity of these times would be of immense value…

    5. Jimmy Smith Says:

      Very impressive article – Particularly the point on financing the white race ourselves, rather than using Jewish bankers who rob us blind, and keep us from the good paying jobs by proxy, as they only finance themselves. The procreation point is a huge issue as well. The elite Jews run Planned Parenthood and are out to kill White Aryans in-utero.

      We are morally scattered, we need to come together to protect and guide the young Aryan mother’s facing unplanned, but not unwanted pregnancies – by giving them the moral high ground on the abortion issue. This can be done by setting up our own guidance center that encourages and finances their decision to keep the child.

      My best friend in High School [Dixon] informed me that he has 3,000 family members in the Seattle area, [most are Masonic] and are a direct descendant of Henry Yesler [economic father of Seattle & its First millionaire]. Dixon, who is Norwegian, also informed me that he is related to former United States Ambassador to the United Nations, John R Bulton [2005–2006], Dr. Phil McGraw [TV Psychologist], Jay Leno’s good friend and mechanic – Dave Killackey, and many local Washington State Government officials [Judges, Prosecutors, Cops etc…].

      Dixon tells me they are all PEDOPHILES, and that his Uncle, a Kirkland WA police officer, is in fact the largest dealer of Child Pornography on the west coast, dealing to all the State Politicians, Microsoft Jews, and other elite Jews and Freemasons. This is the power structure we are up against. One that uses Child Pornography and sex with children to keep people bound in their own immorality, their rightful place, under the Jew who owns them, as it is epidemic among the elite’s. The Jews control the police and courts, and can implicate whoever they want, whenever they want.

      The hard part is convincing people of this reality. 121 children in Washington State care have died mysteriously since 2002, mostly Aryan children, used as sex toys by the elite’s, only to be discarded after they are done, the epitome of Jewish hate for the Aryan, if people only knew this they would revolt tomorrow. But the Jew owned news Media won’t tell the whole truth, as they are immersed in it as well, and the populace is both ignorant and apathetic. Pathetic!

      If this doesn’t get you fired up against the Jew, nothing will. The time is ripe for action!

      In memory of Children protected to DEATH by CPS:



    6. Bob Says:

      JS: Informative post, and more than merely plausible.

      Paedophilia is a function of the Promotion of Homosexuality. Note this article on the Franklin coverup:


      also, the travails and tragedy of Fred Seelig, and his children, 50 years ago, with commentary by Revilo P. Oliver:


      14/5 Bob

    7. Nom de Guerre Says:

      My question is , Why save this worthless bunch? You want to see some change? The only way for a secessionist movement to succeed is concentration not isolationism.. I firmly believe the Confederacy would have won the Civil war, but for one factor alone, it could’nt confine the conflict to a 100 mile radius around Washington DC.. I used to wonder why the South chose its Capitol at Richmond, it makes sense now. You want your command and control post as close to the enemy as you can possibly be.

      Thats the problem with America, it is too vast, there’s always been an escape hatch..
      fight and you may die, run, and you’ll live… at least a while. And dying in your beds, many years from now, would you be willin’ to trade ALL the days, from this day to that, for one chance, just one chance, to come back here and tell our enemies that they may take our lives, but they’ll never take… OUR FREEDOM!

    8. Nom de Guerre Says:

      The South would have been more successful if only one State had seceded, Virginia, and it could have counted on arms from the other surrounding states.

    9. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Lets get off the high horse or hobby horse, whatever. So the jews and co. give us the keys to the kingdom, I’d rather have the keys to the pits of hell!

    10. Antagonistes Says:

      Farmhand O’Reilly seems to be espousing a return to Christianity.

      But this is all very vague–when it comes into sharper focus, problems will arise.

      Such as–What Christianity are you advocating? And how do you do away with such things as “Hate the sin and love the sinner”? How do you deal with the redistributionist teachings of Jesus? How do you keep the universalist teachings of Christianity from promoting race-mixing?

      Farmhand’s contention that Whites are basically a bunch of saps to be emotionally manipulated by the most adroit emotional string-puller is also more than a little offensive to me.

      Aryan morality existed among the Germans of Hermann’s time and the Greeks and Romans before that without benefit of Christian moral teachings.

      Let us recover our Aryan nobility and the rest will follow.

    11. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Farmhand’s contention that Whites are basically a bunch of saps to be emotionally manipulated by the most adroit emotional string-puller is also more than a little offensive to me.

      There’s a salt shaker(kosher) of truth in that , provide the proper timing and setting and it’s a desired effect. My problem with this article is its so far off base, like who in the hell is this guy addressing? Are their really Xian kinsmen out there? The guy really needs to update his vocabulary.

    12. Nom de Guerre Says:

      O’Reilley is right to a point about the guilt thang being the marketing strategy of Xianity, so why did Whites give up their Pagan beliefs for the jew cult? Answer: The Romans had already began a campaign of destroying indigenous religions through out central and Northwest Europes, centuries before Xianity came on the scene. It was just small matter with disastorous consequences for the Roman elites to espouse Xianity.
      Xianity is a dead thing, but as Savitri Devi said , like other dead things, he still has the stink. God bless Amerikw, Jeboo luvs ya, what would Jeboo doo doo? Big screen jeboo with rexalla and Jack, it ain’t gonna do a bit of good.

    13. Blackshirt Says:

      Many of O’Reilly’s points are well taken, but he completely loses me with the Christian bullshit.

      Our problem isn’t a lack of Christian values. Putting the Jew god back in our schools isn’t going to solve any of our problems. Making Christard morals number one again isn’t going to save the White race.

      Once again we have a commentator/writer pointing out problems we already know, but trying to sell us solutions that don’t work.

      As for the abortion posturing, I’m 100% for abortions… for non-whites. I want to make sure abortions are always free and available for the brown and black folks. Now that isn’t very Christian, is it?

    14. Jim Says:

      The jew knows one thing that the White man seems to have forgotten; namely that ultimately only ONE RACE will have dominion over the earth. One hundred years ago, the dominant position of our Race seemed secure. True, the Russkies had their asses whipped by the Japs in 1905, but that was only because the White Man shared his technology with the Northeast Asians, who are good copiers but lousy innovaters. The jews shrewdly maneuvered the White Nations into the First and Second World Wars and that was the end of the White Man’s dominion. We need a fresh start.

    15. Jim Says:

      A fresh start will only come when WE have as much of a hunger and thirst for World Domination as the jews have. Yes, I said WORLD DOMINATION!!!!! Let’s stop pussyfooting around with all this A3P and David Duke shit. The mud races respect only ONE thing; that is FORCE. We won’t be loved but dammit we will be respected. Looking at some of the sorry specimens of our Race today, you would never suspect that we came from a Race of CONQUERORS, HEROES, INVENTORS, AND PHILOSOPHERS. IT IS WE, THE ARYANS WHO ARE THE GOD’S CHOSEN PEOPLE; NOT THE KIKES. We need a new Religion/Philosophy based on Aryan Values, Blood and Soil, and MASCULINITY. I nomiinate Adolf Hitler as our first Martyr-Saint.

    16. Justin Huber Says:

      Unfortunately, a lot of the writers at the Occidental Observer web site can’t stop drinking the Christian Kool-Aid.

    17. Jim Says:

      Christianity is a religion of slaves; not of MEN. The Religion of the Aryan is a Philosophy of Courage, Honor, Racial Pride, and Integrity. This sickly “love thy nigger” state of mind has done more than anything else to weaken our Manly drive to dominate the lesser races for the greater good of the Aryan. The jew, Paul (Saul) used this jewish slave religion to destroy the Mighty Roman Empire. When the pagan Germanic tribes pressed down on the borders of Rome, they eventually fell also to the jewish poison, and the Dark Ages set in. Only the Strong will inherit the Earth. The meek won’t inherit shit.

    18. Jim Says:

      Morality is whatever benefits the Aryan Race. Immorality is anything that is detremental to the Aryan Race. That is the secret of jewish success. “IS IT GOOD FOR THE JEWS?” Our downfall began after 1945, when we started to put the interests of jews, niggers, and every other inferior race above our own. An Aryan Imperium would not mean cruelty or genocide of non-white races. If they leave us alone, we will leave them alone. The Aryan philosophy is “live and let live”. All races should have the right of racial and national self determination-BUT the White Race is under no obligation to share its technology with any other race. White invention has enabled the population explosion in the turd world. The population explosion SHOULD have happened in the White Nations; which would have happened if we had not been “jewed” into selling our birthright for a few shekels.

    19. Tim McGreen Says:

      I’d like to ask this O’Reilly fellow at what period did he think our Race was living in some kind of Golden Age of modesty and chastity. I’m a fairly good student of history and I don’t know of any such Halcyon period. Abortion is hardly anything new, nor is promiscuity, horniness or pornography. Is he asking us to give up the innate sex-drive which makes the perpetuation of our Race possible? Does he want us to live like Quakers? If anything our Victorian/Bourgeois/Christian moral “values” are an impediment to White racial survival. I say we need to become a lot more IM-moral.

    20. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Unfortunately, a lot of the writers at the Occidental Observer web site can’t stop drinking the Christian Kool-Aid.

      It is difficult, and I live in the midst of that mindset here in the bible thumpin belt, but it is waxing, very anemic and if it was’nt for the jew tube with its marrano jews , you might say Xianity had bitten the dust 50 years ago. For all intents and purposes they might as well drop the facade and just call it Judaism 101. I do appreciate some of the charlatans like Jack and Rexella Van Impe, who really make it look stoopid and childish, Or some nigger Gorilla with his tail between his legs struttin’ the podium. Jews and everything about them have to go

    21. Tim McGreen Says:

      “Nom de Guerre Says:

      16 August, 2010 at 10:11 am

      Farmhand’s contention that Whites are basically a bunch of saps to be emotionally manipulated by the most adroit emotional string-puller is also more than a little offensive to me. ”


      I take your point, NdG, but let’s face it….Whites have no sense of unity (except when it comes to supporting their favorite niggerball team), whereas the “adroit emotional string-puller” (ie, the Jew) is a tightly-knit and ruthlessly determined enemy who is out to destroy us any way it can. We most certainly are being manipulated by that bloodthirsty tribe of alien parasites, no question about it.

      From the FOX Jews Channel to the Christard Science Monitor to National Pinko Radio to you name it, the Jews are pouring the most foul and destructive anti-White poison into our heads around the clock. But “returning” to Christianity and Christian “values” is no solution. We have to become more ruthless and pitiless than the Enemy is.

      Whites are the most permissive and tolerant of all the races, but also the most terrifying if we are pushed up against the wall. Gentlemen, I tell you that we are now being pushed up against that wall.

    22. Nom de Guerre Says:

      I’d like to ask this O’Reilly fellow at what period did he think our Race was living in some kind of Golden Age of modesty and chastity

      Good comments Tim.
      Saw the PBS special the ” Civil War” the other night, It appears that Dishonest Abe Lincoln gave a deferment to the Shaker Cult from the draft, but no such leniency for the Irish, who proceed to burn the draft office down and half of Manhattan, and string up about 100 or so Darkies urinating to be free.

    23. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Thats the Irish for yaa day late for the riot and drunk!
      Abe had the edge on um, since the Union troops had routed Marse Roberts Confederates at Gettysburg, he could pull the troops back to New York to put out the fires of Irish revolution

    24. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Thats the Irish for ya, a day late for the riot and drunk!
      Abe had the edge on um, since the Union troops had routed Marse Roberts Confederates at Gettysburg, he could pull the troops back to New York to put out the fires of Irish revolution

    25. Nom de Guerre Says:

      When I’ve visited Rome, seen the ruins of the forum, the coliseum, the Pan-theon, visited Berchtesgaden, seen the Obersalzburg where Adolf Hitler once hiked, what need have I for a nebulous holy land of the jews?

    26. Tim McGreen Says:

      The author points to a return to Christianity which has provided a firm moral foundation to Europe for 1000 years.

      Hoo-boy! That’s a good one…..”Moral foundation”. You almost had me going there for a minute.

    27. Tim McGreen Says:

      “When I’ve visited Rome, seen the ruins of the forum, the coliseum, the Pan-theon, visited Berchtesgaden, seen the Obersalzburg where Adolf Hitler once hiked, what need have I for a nebulous holy land of the jews?”

      Excellent point. Why would any civlized White person want to visit Da Hol-ee Lan’? Nothing there but snakes, scorpions and camel shit, along with dirty Arab cut-throats, pick-pockets and peddlars of cheap trinkets. And of course lots of weird-looking Jews mumbling and rocking back and forth like mental patients in front of that wall. Absolutely crazy.

      I would love to visit the Obersalzburg before the Jew land-specualtors turn it into a posh ski-resort for wealthy Euro-trash. And somebody should re-build the Circus Maximus in Rome. Get rid of those ugly Vatican buildings and restore that city to its pagan grandeur.

    28. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Christianity is being subsumed into a “new and Improved jew cult called monotonous jew worship. Seems absurd, but that’s what the tribe is up to now. You’re gonna be hearing more of the kosher bull shit being fed to the flock. that the Mudslims are just like us only they spell God Allah. Apparently the jews just can’t get us diversified enough, without some genetic modification to mate with lower species, just like Dr. Seuss. the jews want to take evolution back to the broth.

    29. Nom de Guerre Says:

      All pinko on the inside, heh King Kong, Trigger,Bossy, obongo, Hussein, Antwun

    30. Nom de Guerre Says:

      It just un-Christian for that Irish trash to burn down a draft office, and protect their economic livelihoods and women and children, from nigger interlopers and Abe Lincolns press gangs!
      George Templeton Strong, fukkin Yankee liberal who hire his own replacement a Dutchy( Dergogatory term for German)

    31. Jimmy Smith Says:

      I’m told the “elite” Hebrews, created Judaism as a means to control the thoughts and minds of the “lower-class” Hebrew, to keep them down in their “rightful place”, and it worked so well [Judaism]; they created Christianity as a means to do the same for the Gentile-goyim population.

      The “elite” Jews use Judeo-Christianity as a means to rape children by [Circumcision], this is how they maintain their power lusting mega high’s – they get real power from having sex with Children, particularly the rape of Aryan Children right under our nose.

      Christianity is clearly not the answer, but secessionism and self-finance are, along with a morality that does not allow the elite’s [Jews] access to Aryan children for sex. I’m told Pedophilia is a huge issue in the power structure, as it controls absolutely, and anyone currently entangled in it is ultimately a slave to the Jew – who controls the courts and punishment.

      We need an area in the US where we can all move to and Govern, a place where we have political authority, and are responsible officially for directing our affairs, policies, and the economy of our new seceded State.

      If we got organized, we could all simultaneously move to a County, [Idaho] run for public office, take over the County, and then eventually the State. I’m willing to sell my property in western Washington State [300K] and put it towards a new development in a remote unpopulated County, but only if we all got on board simultaneously.

      I’m told the city of Brownsville Texas is all German, but the County and State are controlled by Masons [Bush], and therefore would not work, yet is an example of this potential.

      This is the only way through!

    32. Tim McGreen Says:

      Smith, your heart is in the right place, but your head? I won’t go there.

      Running off to Idaho would be like making a Custer’s Last Stand. It would be like climbing up to the top of the mast of a sinking ship. Never mind the Masons and the Bushes, we can do better than that.

      I don’t know why there’s so much resistance to the idea of an armed uprising. Have we really been that cowed by the Jews, the police, the churches and the press? Even old Tom Jefferson would have urged us to revolt. To quote Marx (who was right about some things), we have nothing to lose but our chains.

    33. Jim Says:

      Tim, I highly doubt if old Tom Jefferson, if he were alive today in the ‘Kwa would advocate an armed revolt. A premature armed uprising would only give the jews a green light to decimate the entire White Resistance. Trying PREMATURELY to establish a White Homeland in the Northwest or anywhere else on the North AmeriKwan continent would be suicidal AT THIS TIME. Now is the time to educate and awaken those White Men who will be the Vanguard of the Future White Revolution. It is difficult to be patient while our fellow Whites willingly participate in their own genocide, but the tide is slowly beginning to turn, and its NOT turniing in favor of the jews. “Awaken and Educate” must be our War Cry for now.

    34. Tim McGreen Says:

      Jim, if we wait for the Amerikwan public to “wake up” and become “educated” we’re all going to die of old age. Every revolution in history was started by a small group of fanatically dedicated people, not the middle class, not the public, not the sports fans. To hell with all of them, they will join our side when it’s safe to come out from under their beds.

      The time for revolution is NOW.

    35. Jim Says:

      Tim, I agree with you that the time for revolution is NOW. Where I disagree is the premature undertaking of an ARMED uprising against ZOG at a time when the majority of Whites wll NOT be on our side. All revolutions BEGIN with the educating and awakening of the masses. In order for any revolution to succeed, at least ten per cent of the population MUST be firmly behind the insurgency, and from thirty to forty percent not opposed to it. In old Tom Jefferson’s day, the Brits were not armed with nuclear weapons and chemical/biological agents. Lets not kid ourselves. At this time ZOG is powerful, and unfortunately has the majority of Whites dancing to its song of death. We will not all going to die of old age before the Revolution, we are just going to get a few more gray hairs.

    36. Jimmy Smith Says:

      Our forefathers certainly armed us with the rights to take on any parasitic oppressor who might highjack the Country, but I have to agree with Jim here. Not to say that you are wrong though Tim, I just don’t see it as currently being viable. However, it is the work of the individual still remains the spark that moves mankind forward, knowing is not enough, we must apply, willing is not enough, we must do – Goethe.

    37. Nom de Guerre Says:

      To misquote Nietzche: All governments have stomachs to remind them they are not Gods. It is true that Governments must have worshippers, and no government I know of in the world has such a vise grip on a herd of humanity quite, like Amerikwa. Was it the jews that did this? I hardly think so. It was the American civil war, and the victory of Puritan Yankee liberalism that assured that Capitalism would reign supreme, that everything would be evaluated in terms of dollars and cents. Were not going to break the cord with this behemoth without a sea of blood and guts, the jews are partly their masters, but partly their partners and middlemen.. Believe me the most conservative of this crowd would have no qualms about firing on anybody. They need to die

    38. Nom de Guerre Says:

      It’s going to happen in your life time, in the place where nothing ever happens as Hemingway said about America. Your whole life , your world view will change, because change is inevitable. I look around see the crumbling infrastructure and wonder, just how can all this be destroyed? “Work of giants , until mighty fate put paid to all that”

    39. Ein Says:

      th says– “There are societies within this land that have exempted themselves from the daily rituals of the poison, they are the amish, quakers and the like. Surely I am not suggesting that we all become amish, but a reasonable like society. These folks live among all the depravity and thrive. Sure some of their children follow the lures set out by the jew ,with its shiny illusions. What I am trying to say is it an idea.”


      The Amish and Quakers are allowed to exist because 1) they are tiny and non-powerful minorities who post no threat to the overall system, and 2) because they do not address Jewish issues or pose any threat to Jewish control of our government and our greater society. As long as these small groups live isolated, out of the way, off in their own little corner, and do not bother anybody or rock the boat, they can exist. They are tolerated.

      They are more or less seen as quaint, anachronistic oddities, tourist attractions. You can go and tour Amish Country, buy some baked goods, some hex signs, and stay in a farmhouse, then go back to New York or Philadelphia and tell your friends about your interesting experience among the quaint Amish. But they don’t mess with the powerful.

      If they were to become larger and more politically influential, or to be seen as a threat to the Jewish-run system, there would be found ways to claimp down on them. There would be sudden hysterical revelations about “child abuse”, drug running, tax evasion, or some such scandal, and the media would all be screaming for investigations and stricter laws to regulate them. They would be transformed overnight from amusing public curiosities to intolerable public monsters that need to be brought under control. Since they take no position on vital political/social/racial issues they are left alone. But we could not enjoy the same examption.

    40. Nom de Guerre Says:

      What would Chairman Mao think of the Amish?
      He would say they were people without a soul. There are no islands in this world, it’s connected in all spheres. We have a right no a duty, to overthrow this corrupt regime and its jew handlers, read the Declaration of Independence. Some how things have gotten so twisted, so convoluted by people wanting to arrest history, that we have no historical events occuring, because the jews and their media have put a lid on the pot so tightly , and pumped in raw sewage from the mud world, that no domestic revolt can occur.. But good, when the day of revenge comes , when this rotten regime is toppled we’ll have list. There won’t be exceptions to the rule, no throwbacks, like conscientious objectors or Quakers, that the jews can hide behind to beg for mercy. You’re either with us or against as Dubbya said

    41. Nom de Guerre Says:

      The Quakers, the Shakers, the Mormons,, all that rot about religious libertys, its just an inroad for the jews, now the jews are quaking about the mosque in jew dawk shitty,”Oh vey dis is Amerikwa!” Whatta ya think Mayor Bloomburg? Oh vey, we have seperation of church and stadt. Okay lets hear from ADL chairman Abe Foxman.
      “Oh vey its so sensitive, at this time and place, now if the imam could only make a sensible contribution to our organization, we might feel a little more secure.” We sure don’t want to go back to dem Hitler Days.

    42. Antagonistes Says:

      Let Farmhand establish his Christian community in the Northwest.

      Pretty soon will appear among them Jews, saying “Christianity is a semitic religion. Let us Semites interpret for you. After all, your Lord was a Jew. Only the semitic mind can understand another semitic mind. We will give you our perspective on the Scriptures.”

      Viola! Soon they have all our afflictions.

    43. Jim Says:

      The jewish scam money system is collapsing all around us. A new alternative is now INEVITABLE. If the White Race is to have any future we must have a total mental, cultural, and spiritual revolution before any action can be undertaken on the physical plane. We must throw off the PSYCHIC yoke of the jew; ie: selfish materialistic values, trash culture, tolerance of miscegenation, White guilt and self loathing, and all the subliminal messages we are bombarded with every single day, courtesy of the kikes. Most importantly, we need a cohesive Aryan political movement and a STRONG Leader.

    44. Tim McGreen Says:

      Herr Ein, there is a problem with sexual abuse in those Amish communities…incest, rape, pedophilia, that sort of thing. The reason the authorities don’t go after those straw-hatted scumbags is that the Amish generate a lot of tourist dollars for Pennsylvania. Sure, the Amish have some kind of court to deal with various offenses, but sexual abuse is only punished with reprimands, mandatory reading of certain Bible verses and not much else.

      After the Revolution, there will be no more of those weird, off-limits cult-type communities where all kinds of terrible and bizzare things go on. Everyone will behave like normal, productive citizens or get sent to labor camps. No more secret clubs like Skull and Bones and no more secretive communities like the Amish and the Mormons have.

    45. Antagonistes Says:

      In some church districts, which encompass only two or three dozen families scattered along back roads, there appear to be many crimes like Johnny and Eli’s to forgive. No statistics are available, but according to one Amish counselor who works with troubled church members across the Midwest, sexual abuse of children is “almost a plague in some communities.” Some police forces and district attorneys do their best to step in, though they are rarely welcomed. Others are slow to investigate or quick to let off Amish offenders with light punishments. When that happens, girls like Mary are failed three times: by their families, their church, and their state.


    46. Antagonistes Says:

      Those Amish kinda lean in the Moslem way in regards to women.

    47. Antagonistes Says:

      Farmhand, if you are reading this . . .

      Tell us what Christianity you espouse.

      I will be quite honest–I want to believe.

      But I have seen nothing that convinces me.

      Historical criticism, textural criticism–they make the supposed claims of Christianity very weak. The historical basis is severely lacking. And the historical basis is supposedly what the whole scheme is based on.

      I agree with the Christian virtues, at least the personal ones—faithfulness, chastity, family, thrift, hard work, etc.

      The social ones, the egalitarian, altruistic ones–well, I don’t like them applied indiscriminately. Applied to my own kind; they’re OK, although sometimes with clenched teeth. But applied to other peoples–I don’t feel right about that.

      So, Farmhand, tell us where you are coming from.

      And those Christian virtues I mentioned–faithfulness, chastity, family, thrift, hard work–I think the best of the Pagans had those.

      But I fear that the worst of the Pagans do not.

      But neither do many of the Christians.

    48. Justin Huber Says:

      I’ve always thought more of leaders that dealt with religion more abstractly. For instance, Adolf Hitler or even George Washington invoking “Providence” or the “Almighty”. To me, these kind of references to a higher power are a lot more sensible than going on and on about Jesus or some other specific religious figure or religion itself. So many of the articles that appear on the Occidental Observer web site immediately go South as soon as they start in on the whole return to “Christianity” theme.

    49. Ein Says:

      Yes, I am aware that there are issues with child abuse and other such problems among the Amish. I recall reading something about this within the past several years. But that’s irrelevant to my point here. My whole point is that they don’t take a position on major social/political issues, or get involved in the mainstream picture, so they are pretty much left alone.

      In other words, they don’t mess with the powerful, so the powerful don’t mess with them.

      But if they were to take a position against racial integration, for instance, or immigration, on on Palestine, then all of a sudden their virtual exemption from criticism would come to an end. They would be reviled (in the MSM) as immoral, anti-social cults that cry out for regulation. You could expect to see FBI raids on Amish Country, and horrified magazine articles describing the dreadful conditions there.

      I think, too, that the Jews like odd cults like these because they make the Jews stand out less and look less bizarre, less alien, by contrast. The more “diversity” the better, in this case! The Jews love it. They can hide behind it. As long as these groups don’t mess with Jewish power, they are allowed a certain amused tolerance and they can “do their own thing” with a wide lattitude.

      The bottom line, as with everything else, comes down to how the Jews view things. We gentiles are then allowed to see things, people, and issues through that Jewish lens. Is it “good for the Jews?” becomes the determining question. If it’s good for the Jews, then it’s admirable (or at least permissible). But if it’s not good for the Jews, then it’s intolerable and it must go.

    50. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Anybody watching the latest Mormon P.R. ads on the jew tube?
      There doing all they can too look diversified and freakwal, with muds, and mulatto offspring of white women. Oh of course you have renegade mormon saying there’s still racism.
      Anyway you slice it mormonism is a freako cult, but not much Jew and improved status will help them.. I still think the hurdle for the jews in founding their new jew worshipping monotheistic cult, will be an attempt to merge Xianity with Islam… A sort of leveling off of any spirituality left in this creeds, and replacing it with pure mechanistic materialism

    51. Nom de Guerre Says:

      You’re right Ein, the jews luv the oddball cults of Xianity as a cover. I wouldn’t be surprized if the recent Mormon ads, weren’t paid for by jews.

    52. Tim McGreen Says:

      I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. Once any church or religious organization in this country starts to openly criticize the US govt or its criminal policies, that church or religious organization can look forward to an audit by the IRS, a lot of unflattering press coverage and the loss of its tax-exempt status. That’s why they keep their mouths shut about political issues or anything else that’s important. Just praise Jesus and pass the collection plate around. Those religious groups fear Washington more than they fear their own gods. That’s why I despise them as much as I despise the Empire itself.

      And I guess we have some kind of Amish love-fest going on around here?

    53. Nom de Guerre Says:

      I’ve yet to see or hear any of these Bible thumpers take on the issue of Mexishit invasion.. The secular world is more up front than the religious crowd, and spiritual also… Oh but they love to tell you about Jaysus, luv, luv, luv. While the Mexishits crowd in.. I can say one thing for the Trojans they may have let in the Trojan horse, but they sure didn’t build the god damn thing! One of this Baptist churches locally were offering karate lesson for mexishits, the others send their teens, mostly daughter to mexico or nigvilles to construct homes for them, while white elders are shuffeled of to nursing homes to be fondled by Jamal and Joses. urinating to be free

    54. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Read Poe’s fabulous short story ” The Cask of Amontillado”, a man being drunk, chained and then bricked into the wall! Jose and Maria just workin’ day and night on that brick wall.

    55. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Are you getting claustrophobic yet in the land of open borders?
      The jews and elites aren’t actively seeking our demise, they just let the shit happen. I mean what kind of effort does it take for Obongo, or the jews to issue a holy writ, undermining state legislatures, who all the time bow and kowtow to Washington D.c..
      Pick up the rag, how much of it is full with State gets funds from DC to build schools for mexishits, or Injun gamblin’ casinos laundering Mexican drug money help support state budget. Hell the fukking Mexicans are running car lots to launder the drug money. Any beep beep from our freedom luvin, jaysus lovin churches? Oh vey will do something will elect a Jaysus lovin Kwanservative, who went Iraq for Shitreal.

    56. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Everywhere across the spectrum. the Political world of the Goys, the religious institutions , the media are being navigated by women, so nothing ever gets out of the soft mewing about what brand of cereal joey had for breakfast. Isn’t it so nice and gooey?
      The Purrrfect tar baby. Oh thats not nice for Joey Blagojevich to say bad worlds, look at Blue Gum Obongo he so nice!
      Looks like the talking dolls have been reading these blogs, and being called talkin’ heads, Miss marble of the 6 o’clock jews program gets to stand up and read the jews of the day, wearing a Hillary type jump suit, sagging breasts and all.

    57. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Yeah, the talking dollies and their male consorts, sometimes a blue gum Demetrick . What a thrill! Oh I’m sorry Katy is away to today overseas In Pakistan to deliver hot oat meal to all those poor rag heads… Just look at this map, wow, 1/5th is under water… Oooh and there is Ms. Hillary the bitch, flyin over the disaster area with her rainbow girls dropping out inflatable teddy bears with hugs and kisses. Oh no here comes those meanie Iranians, bad, bad bad.

    58. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Sometimes I get the feeling these NorWestern homelands are as nebulous as Prester Johns Christian homeland in lower Cathay that was the popular felix Arabia of the middle ages. The kwa is not the entire world, but it is the lower 48 and shrinking.
      I’ll belief it when they send me a bus ticket and guaranteed accomodation and job when I get there.. lets face it were on our own road to hell, so wtf lets elect a leader to lead us over the cliff.
      No we don’t have enough imagination to fool ourselves like that anymore.

    59. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Sometimes I get the feeling these NorWestern homelands are as nebulous as Prester Johns Christian homeland in lower Cathay that was the popular felix Arabia of the middle ages. The kwa is not the entire world, but it is the lower 48 and shrinking.
      I’ll belief it when they send me a bus ticket and guaranteed accomodation and job when I get there.. lets face it were on our own road to hell, so wtf lets elect a leader to lead us over the cliff.
      No we don’t have enough imagination to fool ourselves like that anymore.

    60. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Would you settle for a Mudtopia homeland???I wonder if Farmhand is some sort of wizard riding around in a cart pulled by shetland ponies? Just send me 2 boxtops from your favorite cereal and a self adressed stamped envelope, and I’ll send you a map to the NW mudtopia.

      We’re really so jaded now, so mesmerized by the jew tube, they really did a good job, Why even the other night when they covered the story about the gunman in McKinney Texas, they had to use some sort of visual reality cartoon. It looked so fake.. They are playing mind games now, its all they have left.

    61. Nom de Guerre Says:

      They can’t even afford reporters and film crews anymore. Ha ha , the fukkers are really foldin up the tent.

    62. CW-2 Says:

      Well Franham has identified the problem, that’s good, but other observers and prescient thinkers such as William G Simpson focused on these issues back in the 1940’s!
      His solution, a return to Christanity, has its merits in so far that Christianity has historically satisfied the needs of the Aryan imagination and set minds at ease. However, today most Christian denominations are firmly in the grip of the jew and many clergy are in love with globalism and multi-cultural insanity.
      So what to do? Our primary objective as Jim says must be to “Educate and Awaken”. Our message is getting through but we need to turn up the volume. Our window of opportunity is widening not closing and zog’s inevitable attack on Iran will be a golden opportunity for us. Possibly then will we have sufficient strength to issue a proclamation of White Independence as the Irish patriots did in 1916 when Brit-zog had its back to the wall.

    63. Tim McGreen Says:

      “His solution, a return to Christanity, has its merits in so far that Christianity has historically satisfied the needs of the Aryan imagination and set minds at ease.”

      I don’t know about Christianity setting minds at ease. There were a lot of crazy and sometimes deadly controversies in the early Xian movment regarding Heresy, Arianism, Gnosticism, etc. And then of course there was the bloody split between Catholics and Protestants that created one hundred years of violence and turmoil in Europe, a bloody split that only benefitted our Semitic enemies. Additionally, many pagans in Germany were slaughtered on orders of Charlegmagne, were they not?

      And all those unanswered/unanswerable questions of theology! Was Jesus divine or human? Was he God or the Son of God? Are Christians supposed to observe the Jewish Sabbath and Passover, like Christ did? Was Christ a Jew? Who is supposed to lead the Church? Why is there more than one Church? Which is the “right” Church? Which is more necessary for salvation, good works or faith? Can one lose one’s salvation? Can the Jews be saved? Which is more important to concentrate on, Christ’s birth, his teachings or his crucifixion and resurrection?

      What is the Holy Spirit? Is it another god? Who is God the Father? What does he do? Are there three gods or one? Is the Virgin Mary a goddess? Are the Saints lesser gods? Do we pray to them or to Jesus or to the Father? When is Jesus coming back? Why didn’t he stay the first time? How do we know he even really existed? Why are there so many discrepencies in the Gospels? Did Jesus have siblings? Did he have a girlfriend? What was he doing for all those years before his ministry? When was he born? Where did he die? If Jesus died for our sins, then why is there still a Hell? And if God created everything, then he must have created the Devil and Hell too, right? Is that something a good and merciful god would do?

      We were so much better off worshipping the pagan Gods and the Emperor.

    64. CW-2 Says:

      Interesting points Tim. The more challenging aspects of Christian theology certainly generated much intellectual controversy, sometimes ending in unnecessary conflict, but for many Europeans Christianity provided a needed element of hope in their grim lives. Not just simple people found this beneficial, Peter Paul Rubens was a sincere Catholic, likewise J S Bach was a committed Lutheran. Both men found in their faith a source of artistic expression.

    65. Tim McGreen Says:

      Good points, CW-2. My favorite composer, Haydn, was a devout Catholic, as was his younger friend Mozart. I believe Dr. Goebbels was also a devout Catholic. So there were definitely some good Papists around, contrary to what Old Doofus might say.

    66. war is a racket Says:


      Hitler’s and the Vatican’s recognition of Croatia in WW2 showed that it was also a very good catholic state. The same fate found the Serbs of the Military Frontere again the 1990s. I know, Hitler loved the white race. Apparently, Catholic Croatian Christians are white, and Serbian Orthodox Christans are untermenschen, subhuman niggers.