15 September, 2010

Hardheaded Altruism

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by Dr. William Pierce.

“Yesterday I received a letter from a National Alliance member who works in a hospital in Phoenix, Arizona. Most of his patients come to him through the emergency room, and he was lamenting to me the fact that the majority of them are non-White and most of them don’t pay for their treatment. Furthermore, a large percentage of the non-Whites are illegal aliens. He kept score for a week and reported that approximately 45 per cent of his patients were Hispanic mestizos, 9 per cent were Blacks, 11 per cent were American Indians, 5 per cent were Asians, and only 30 per cent were Whites.”


For the audio version of this article, go [Here] and scroll down to 10-02-1999.

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  7. 17 Responses to “Hardheaded Altruism”

    1. Virgil Says:

      No mercy should be shown!

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      Dr. Pierce was right, our Race’s misguided sense of compassion for the colored inferiors of the world is literally killing us. Just remember, for every pickaninny that some White doctor or aid worker in Africa manages to save from malaria or malnutrition, a noble lion, rhinoceros or elephant is going to lose another several dozen acres of land to live on. More pickaninnies means less room for wildlife. And after devouring the Dark Continent, the niggers will swarm into Europe like a plague of locusts.

      That’s why I love it whenever the Blacks and the Muslims kill a bunch of White aid workers in godforsaken places like Afghanistan and The Congo. Then the friends and relatives of the White victims moan and groan that the aid workers were just trying to help. Well, fuck them. I’m glad they’re dead. Maybe in their next lives they’ll learn to help their own kind first.

    3. Nom de Guerre Says:

      And among the greediest of these businessmen seeking a bigger market for their wares were the Christian priests, hell bent on converting savages and saving Black or Brown souls. Christian universalism certainly played a major role in the destruction of our world. We should have lynched every missionary who had the crazy notion that Blacks needed Jesus instead of their own voodoo gods or that Mexicans needed the Catholic Church instead of their jungle temples, where they liked to cut the hearts out of their prisoners and eat them.

      http://www.facebook.com/people/Molly-Nau/1430016741 shitskins comin to roost in the family tree, up in Mormon cuntry

    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      Thanks to the Catholic Church and their horny, race-mixing missionaries, we now have 80 million Mestizoes to deal with. Oh, yes…and Islam would NEVER have existed if it weren’t for Christianity. One more thing: Christianity destroyed the Roman Empire. By the Gods, I’d love to get rid of that religion before it kills us all.

    5. Nom de Guerre Says:

      two of my fav-o-rite films were mud films, Mel Gibsons “Apocalypto”, and Chaka Zulu… Although Mel didn’t show the Injuns eating the sacrificed corpses but just piling them up in corn fields. The film Chaka Zulu I saw in the Netherlands, and I’ll be damned if that film will ever air in the jewnited states.
      Once told my Baptist deacon brother about the chinks delicatessan of female fetuses, his response was “oh I wish they wouldn’t eat their babies”

    6. Nom de Guerre Says:

      You can say what you want, but I still find the worst lot of Xians to be the ones that started out excluding mudz, like the mormons, or other protestant denominations, and than later seeing the light, or rather their tax exempt status in question, and then allowing muds into their congregations. They are race traitors par excellence

    7. Jim Says:

      Christianity has been the main culpret in the destruction of the Aryan’s sense of racial solidarity and love of his own kind. Christianity rests on the false assumption that by Believing in an idiotic dogma, an individual becomes a “child of god”, regardless of whether he is a Nordic Swede or a black assed nigger from the jungles of Africa. It is natural for a man to feel love for his own family, kin, and race. Christianity has perverted this sense of altruism in Aryan Man and universalised it to include every sub-human and diseased mongrel, and has emasculated the White Man with appeals for effeminate meekness and weakness, and the rejection of the traditional manly Aryan values of Courage, Honor, and Racial Pride.

    8. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Christ insanity, has been the jews flagship for destroying the White Race, event though it’s been tailored by jew rumpelstiskin to suit his new world order program, it could be a problem, like if sprouts come up from the parent stock of a grafted tree. Jews hate all things natural, thats why they have to distort the world, and the vehicle for that is false religion.

    9. Nom de Guerre Says:

      There is a word to describe a person who has lost sight: blind, or lost hearing (deaf), but the other senses smell, touch, taste? Religion especially a jew religion has to make the victim deny the last 3 senses. The old adage “seeing is believing” as been a useful tool for the jews, especailly since the advent of photography, prior to that the jews ineptitude with presenting3 dimensional figures couldn’t conger up the lily white girls lovin up to niggers artfully enough.to make them want to go and bed down with the gorillas.
      White in Amerikwa were the perfect guinea pigs for the jews, there wasn’t any art or fabulous sculptures, or culture, just a quack jew religion

    10. The Red Skull Says:

      Just about anybody who works at a hospital can tell you(if they are honest about racial matters)that our hospitals are a veritable breeding station for popping out mexi-shits as fast as the Gov’t can pay for ’em.We are losing the breeding war.The evidence is there,in the hospitals,where they should sterilize every non-white that gives birth.Also in all the colored faces you see in many big city classrooms.Your world is dying White Man.

      Something like 70% of the children born and under 5 are non-white.Himmler showed us the way with the “lebensborn” program.When lots of Aryan babies are on the table,whining for a diaper change,our race has a future.When lots of mud babies are on the table -we are dying.The two basic laws of nature are: SURVIVE and REPRODUCE.

      Our people have forgotten this basic tenent of life,we must re=learn this hard fact or perish.

    11. M. Kraus Says:

      Simply trying to outbreed the brown masses would have no effect, anyway. You would just have more competition for increasingly scarce resources.
      Whites can only survive by eliminating non-Whites from our living space. We don’t even have to be a majority for that to happen. We just need the will to do it.

    12. CW-2 Says:

      How many of you guys have been to India? I haven’t, but a friend and his wife have just spent 3 weeks independent travel there and were keen for me to hear their experiences. The average uneducated Indian male doesn’t even bother to conceal his comtempt for Whites; he deliberately takes a shit as close as possible to tourists and likes to jerk-off within sight of White women.
      It’s pretty clear that the majority of the non-White world are just waiting for the opportunity to eliminate us. Whites, from champagne socialists in their limmos right down to joe six-pack on his couch, are burying their heads from uncomfortable reality. They don’t know it, but we are hanging on by the skin of our teeth, and the threat posed by our nuclear arsenals.

      What’s next on the jew agenda? Nuclear disarmament, for White countries only of course.

    13. Susan Says:

      Nothing will change fellas until somebody or somebodies has or have the courage to start a White Party and see just who will come and join us. Neither the Nazis nor the Tea Party will get the job done.

      It will have to be the White Party where RACE is the only thing that gets you in the door.

      Posting on the internet isn’t going to do a damn thing except waste our time and make us older.

      Every day I get sicker and sicker of being alive in this fucking stinking country.

      At this point, I’m hoping for incurable cancer in the next five years. At least there’ll be an end to my suffering. I’m just glad I’m 56 and not 16 or 26.

    14. Annie Oakley Says:

      Susan, I hear you. The race is the only answer, the White Party. I really really like that. Now who has the balls to start it? Maybe me?

    15. Tim McGreen Says:

      Please, Susan! You shouldn’t be wishing for your own death, you should be making preparations to bring death to the Enemy. Which would you rather experience, being bedridden in a nursing home, soiling yourself all day while colored nurses and janitors smack you around and steal your jewelry, or meting out rough justice to the Jews, asshole cops, crooked politicians and wretched White race-traitors the way Lee Marvin and Charles Bronson dealt with the Nazis in “The Dirty Dozen”? As I’ve said before, this could yet be a great era in History to be White!


    16. Neptune Says:

      The Red Skull

      Watch this video of a school in North Carolina. How many White boys do you see in the video?


      I am 100% convinced that this is the future of America:


      Look how a computer company promotes race-mixing and uses blacks in its advertisements when blacks have no idea of how a computer works:


      I also have seen Microsoft’s advertisements in which blacks are shown as computer experts. An illusion.

    17. Hoody Doody Says:


      The only White boys on this page are are SPECIAL education and one sedated in the background.