29 September, 2010

Jews Dealing in Human Organs

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White women, drugs, pornography, kidneys – is there anything Jews won’t traffic in?


  • 8 Responses to “Jews Dealing in Human Organs”

    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      Quick, Jews! Bury this story and distract the public with another Lindsay Lohan scandal or a cute YouTube video featuring a dancing kitten!


    2. J.J Says:

      Filthy hook nosed kiken vermin.

    3. Luke Says:

      I have been passing these Dr. Frankenstein kinds of stories that have been hitting the news on the web about all these jewish organ harvesting, spare body parts brokerages to a couple of Christian-Zionist toe kissing fans of this evil gang – in what appears to be a useless attempt to gently help these idiots see the light about who they are worshiping. I have yet to get any response from any of them, though. Either they just delete the unpleasant news and ignore it – or, their egos are so enormous that they can’t admit they’ve been snookered, or else they are simply too intellectually stupid to grasp the truth about what sort of evil their favorite little pets are capable of doing. Or, hey – maybe these Christian Zionist jew worshiping types approve of jews using gentiles as spare body parts supermarkets?

    4. William Says:

      Yes, there is ONE thing that the Jews will not traffic in………
      and that is the TRUTH! Watch now as the Jews rally, led by
      Cass Sunstein, to keep the truth about 911 hidden.

    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      The main purpose of Christ-insanity was to get the goyim to stop worshiping the Aryan Gods and Emperors and to worship the Jews and their glorious God of Israel instead. It’s the export version of Judaism, i.e., Judaism for gentile consumption.

      Christian Zionists are regarded by the Jews as being nothing but a bunch of useful idiots and fools. For once I agree with the Jews.

    6. God help white women and children Says:


      Any white man who supports strip clubs, massage parlors, hookers and pornography is supporting the Jew to destroy white women and children, and should be shot on the spot, along with the perps. No remorse.

    7. tsar Says:

      The Jewish connection in organ harvesting of Serbians in Kosovo.

    8. tsar Says: