25 September, 2010

Open Thread

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Post whatever you want…

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    1. Valhalla Says:

      ZOG puppets debate value of free speech on the internet:

      What kind of harm are these statements doing? Could there be any value in such venting? And what, if anything, should a free society do about it?

      At the newspaper’s website, moderators delete individual racist comments that are brought to their attention, and will take down a whole thread if such comments persist.

      Some journalism observers believe real names should be required to post comments, some of which would never be chosen for publication in the traditional “letters to the editor” section.

      “It astonishes me that they allow such blatant expressions,” said Robert Steele, a journalism scholar at DePauw University and The Poynter Institute.

      The comments sections of media websites are meant to foster community discussion and keep people engaged with the site, which in turn generates revenue for an industry still struggling to make money online.

      … is it legitimate to allow individuals who are swinging a sharp ax, and often doing so with a hood over their heads in anonymous fashion, to have this forum that can not only create harm but breed hatred?” Steele asked.

      As champions of free speech(sic) and enemies of censorship, journalists take care to tailor any proposed limits.

      “I recognize the value of citizen dialogue,” Steele said. “But when the comments are poisonous … you have to go back to the issue of why you would allow the dialogue.


    2. Nationalist Says:

      Documentary on Finding Supermodels in a Country Full of Mudbloods

    3. Howdy Doody Says:

      After writing a good post I recieved a 404 error. So much for tonight or the first post.

      I suggest since the blog has nothing but problems go write your else where then pasted it here so you don’t lose it if it gets lost.

    4. Howdy Doody Says:

      After writing a good post I recieved a 404 error. So much for tonight or the first post.

      I suggest since the blog has nothing but problems go write your post else where then pasted it here so you don’t lose it if it gets lost.

    5. Jürgen Says:


      Look at what happens to this dumb-ass, shiftless, idle nigger
      at the end of this short clip here:


    6. Jürgen Says:


      I so love this parody:


    7. Jim Says:

      I greatly admire the courage of the President of Iran to tell the truth about the 9-11 cover up. Why doesn’t any WHITE leader have the guts to stand up to the lying kikes? Did Aryan moral courage die with Adolf Hitler?

    8. Neptune Says:

      Information taken from CIA World Factbook website

      Percentage of White population:
      Canada: 66%
      Mexico: 9%
      Haiti: less than 5% (assume 2.5%)

      GDP (gross domestic product) per capita:
      Canada: $ 38200
      Mexico: $ 13200
      Haiti: $ 1300

      Coefficient of correlation between percentage of White population and GDP per-capita:

      This means that there is a 97.41% relationship between race and income in the 3 countries.

    9. Neptune Says:


      The ex-President of Italy Francesco Cossiga stated that the 911 attack was an “inside job” by the CIA and MOSSAD.


      Ex-Italian President Says 911 an Inside Job

    10. Curious Says:

      We should start a political movement opposed to migration and affirmative action, but wants to increase welfare to legal citizens. Superficially this will benefit blacks, but as welfare weakens capitalism, it weakens their jewish and white traitor allies.

    11. O*R*I*O*N Says:

      Congrats to VNN team for having the front page online again.

    12. Neptune Says:

      Watch this video of a school in North Carolina. How many White boys do you see in the video?


      This picture may be the future of America:


      Look how a computer company promotes race-mixing and uses blacks in its advertisements when blacks have no idea of how a computer works:


      I also have seen Microsoft’s advertisements in which blacks are shown as computer experts. An illusion.

    13. William Says:

      The leader of govt in Iran tells the truth at the UN about the 911 attacks (by Mossad) on America, and the JEW/AIPAC press goes wild trashing him. Now, if ANY American can look at the 16 ft wide hole in the wall of the Pentagon before the wall collapsed and believe that a large Boeing commercial airliner disappeared into that hole, then that American is no Americqn at all. That person is a traitor and a coward. It is far past time for YOU to demand that your govt tells the truth about 911.

    14. Jürgen Says:


      Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth:


    15. Varg Says:

      @Howdy Doody Is this still a problem? I’m working on fixing it.

    16. O*R*I*O*N Says:

      Why do some of you choose to have your names appear in HTML when it doesn’t lead anywhere?

    17. morris wise Says:

      The question of what to do with 30 million mentally challenged Americans is on most taxpayers minds. Private enterprise is busy searching for simple tasks that are profitable, but none are available. PLEASE solve this difficult puzzle for me and post its answer on the Internet.

    18. Howdy Doody Says:

      William Says:

      26 September, 2010 at 12:51 pm

      The leader of govt in Iran tells the truth at the UN about the 911 attacks (by Mossad) on America, and the JEW/AIPAC press goes wild trashing him. Now, if ANY American can look at the 16 ft wide hole in the wall of the Pentagon before the wall collapsed and believe that a large Boeing commercial airliner disappeared into that hole, then that American is no Americqn at all. That person is a traitor and a coward. It is far past time for YOU to demand that your govt tells the truth about 911.

      3 0

      Please a link, thank you.

    19. Tim McGreen Says:

      “It astonishes me that they allow such blatant expressions,” said Robert Steele, a journalism scholar at DePauw University and The Poynter Institute.’

      “… is it legitimate to allow individuals who are swinging a sharp ax, and often doing so with a hood over their heads in anonymous fashion, to have this forum that can not only create harm but breed hatred?” Steele asked.”

      Yet more proof that journalists are the lowest, most vile form of parasitic tape-worm that ever existed. We aren’t allowed to post any “hateful” messages on their Jewspaper sites. But it’s OK for them to foment war against Iraq, Iran or any other country that doesn’t let itself get pushed around by Big Jew. And it’s OK for them to disparage the character of great men like Senator Joe McCarthy and Father Charles Coughlin. But isn’t fomenting war against other countries hateful? And isn’t character assassination hateful, too? Apparently not if the Jews are doing it.

      Death to Big Jew and his Goy accomplices.

    20. Tina Carter Says:

      Guys if you have a time google “Military Study Warns of a Potentially Drastic Oil Crisis By Stefan Schultz” and “Leaked German Military Report on Peak Oil”

      Notice how media didn’t reported this serious situation. Journalists know which is side their bread is buttered on.

      I work in the resource department. I’ll tell you one thing guys. Jews’ worst enemy is not human, but mother nature. Jews’ survival is depend on living in urban environment. Natural resources like Crude oil, Natural Gas, Coal, and few other items are being depleted fast. Key to Jews’ power, and survival.

      In fact situation is so series that German military wrote an article about “peak oil”. Most races can survive in fact thrive in small community — not the case with Jews. With less resource they won’t be able to control the rest of the world through media, and entertainment industry. It’ll be very hard for us to get rid of them — but this time mother natural is on our side, and future for race look less bleak, and tiny bit more hopeful.

      Perhaps this is my women intuition, but for now it seems Jews days are numbered.

    21. festerbestertester Says:

      I was listening to a radio station the other day. I believe it was something called Westwood 1 or something like that. A commercial came on about diversity and one fellow who lived in an all White neighborhood had a sad voice concluding that living in an all White neighborhood was boring and always the same while another fellow was happily explaning that living in a diverse neighborhood resulted in things changing which made life exciting. Now will everyone please make sure that you do not live in an all White neighborhood since Uncle Shylock says your lives will not be enriched?

    22. Tim McGreen Says:

      Hey festerbester, we should inform all those Zionist Jews in Occupied Palestine that they ought to let Palestinians, Armenians, Greeks, Turks, Arabs, Muslims and Christians live in their Jews-only settlements. After all, I’m sure they want their lives to be “enriched” through diversity. Isn’t that what the Jews are always telling us we need more of?

      Oh yes, and I think all the Jews living here in the USA (as temporary guests only—guests who have long since worn out their welcome) ought to be ashamed of themselves too, since 85% of them live in communities that are largely affluent and Jewish, like Newton, MA, Greenwich, CT, Williamsburg, NY and Beverly Hills, CA. Hook-nosed vermin.

    23. Susan Says:

      After I read this in yesterday’s Atlanta Journal/Constitution I just had to take a sleeping pill and knock myself out I was so upset and disgusted. Did any of you see this garbage by this (white?) woman???


      I’d like your comments on this bullshit please.

    24. Susan Says:

      All the tens of thousands of black on White rapes that are occurring NOW, and the jew media has to constantly refer to events that may or may not have occurred sixty or more years ago.

      This kind of thing is why we need a White group that immediately comes out with a statement to the media. The media relies on the simple fact that Whites are too scared to rebuke these lies, so they continually print them and get away with this garbage.

    25. Jim Says:

      Susan is absolutely rignt. White on black rape is practically non-existant, while niggers rape White women at an alarming rate. Niggers, being a primitive and violent sub-species are hard wired by nature to take what they want when they want it. It is practically unbelievable that the jews have been able to brainwash the White masses so thoroughly that they actually believe that niggers are essentially only Whites in black skin. Anyway, I can’t imagine how any normal White man could ever get off on having intercourse with a nigger woman any more than he could get off on screwing a monkey.

    26. Hoody Doody Says:


      Mental Illness and White Resistance

    27. Luek Says:

      Black on White rape is the norm now and was the norm back in the days of segregation not the other way around. She is basically making false allegations of rape and sexual assault. False allegations of rape and sexual assault is rape and that makes her a rapist. She is raping an entire race, the White race!

    28. CW-2 Says:

      What is the time scale for our recovery and eventual victory? For over a century, certainly since 1914, the White race has suffered one crippling blow after another. Here we are, the species that Nature has sanctioned to command the world, cowering like frightened children while our inferiors rain blows on us both individually and collectively. Such an unnatural condition must stop, but when? I’m beginning to think that this race war could last a century or more and that none of us alive today will live to see the Aryan ‘promised land’.

    29. Tim McGreen Says:

      “I’d like your comments on this bullshit please.”

      Susan, that Danielle McGuire really burns my ass. Worthless White liberal academics like her are rotting out this country from within, while their pussyfied White husbands just watch niggerball all weekend and allow their out-of-control women to do whatever they want. The husband of that vile McGuire woman must be either a 1) capon 2) eunuch or 3) a homo. Assuming Ms. McGuire is not a man-hating dyke who’s in a “civil union partnership” with Cher’s freaky lesbian daughter “Chaz Bono”, that is. http://www.flylip.com/news/images/82-1258793154-chaz-3.jpg

      As far as Rosa Parks goes, she was nothing but a house-Negress who performed tricks for the amusement of her Jew masters. Period. No self-respecting Negro would ever have anything to do with the Jews. But then again, how many self-respecting Negroes are there?

    30. Blackshirt Says:

      Interesting comment on those Apple computer ads, Neptune.

      Advertisements in general irritate me, even without the obligatory Social Marxist message inserted into them by Jews and their lackeys. Of course most of us know this already, but it still amazes me how blatant all of this is these days. It is truly amazing how our people aren’t more brainwashed considering the deluge of race mixing propaganda force fed to them constantly. Whenever I see advertisements I look for the subliminal message, which may or may not be overt. Take that Apple iphone ad that Neptune linked to. It shows two iphones, one with a picture of a white girl showing a small link to the black boy, and the other with a black boy with a picture of the white girl. Really, can it get any more in your face? My go-along-to-get-along family would claim it is all just random, or at the most the company trying to be “inclusive”, but I think not.

      I’m sure some of you see the same things I do when you watch a commercial or see a ad in a magazine. Here are some rules our enemies have when showing people in an ad:

      1. Any small group of people must have a negroid of some sort in it; if more than 3 people there must be a Asian or Mestizo looking person in the mix.

      2. Any large group of people portrayed must have the obligatory batch of negroids, Asians, Mestizos, and a few mystery races mixed in. Throw in a few transgendered and homosexual folks for good measure. Hell, even throw a guy in a wheelchair in the picture.

      3. Whatever is done, a White, heterosexual man must not be shown in a primary position within any group of people; nor must the White man be in any picture selling a “hip” product.

      4. If a White man is shown in any advertisement, he must be shown as physically unimposing, or as a slacker/hipster type, in geeky clothes and with a geeky hairstyle. The White male must NEVER be shown as powerful in any way.

      5. Black and Asian men are to be shown as the smartest and most powerful; black men in particular are to be shown in positions of authority and strength- the police chief, the President, the life-saving doctor, etc. etc.

      6. White men who aren’t shown as hipster/slacker types must be shown as incompetent, impotent, fools who are always taught important lessons by their highly intelligent White wives, who are usually shown besting the moronic White fool playing the husband role. Again, it is to be hammered into the public consciousness that all White men who aren’t slackers/hipsters/homos are impotent and weak fools.

      That’s all I can think of for now, I bet you guys can come up with some more…

    31. Blackshirt Says:

      Oh, how could I fail to mention the most popular picture/theme in the advertisement world today- the mulatto woman/man.

      I often wonder if the advertising executives think they are being clever by somehow “playing it safe” by showing unoffensive looking mulattoes. What I mean is that they realize that most people can’t stomach the image of a blue gummed nigger, even the niggers themselves. So what do they do? they fetch some octroon negress or negro thinking that their image will be more appealing to the public. When a nigger family is shown, the members are almost always some kind of mulatto.

      But I think if you did a study of the most used, “hip” image in the advertising world, it would have to be the professional-looking mulatto woman. You see her talking on her new cellphone, smiling happily with her White girlfriends, modeling the latest fashions, and talking confidently about her awesome experience in her new eco-friendly car. Yes, it is truly good to be a mulatto in the USA these days.

    32. neo Says:

      Y R We in the Middle East ? Because Iran is trying to set up a MUSLIM Economic Trade Union with all of the Muslim countries, like the G8. What does this mean ? NO MORE ZIONIST NEW WORLD ORDER !!!!! Half of the world would not EVER participate in this giant evil scheme. If the muzzies get some nukes, GAME OVER FOR THE ROTHSCHILDS AND THEIR USA SHILLS.

      This is y the Israelis are going crazy to attack Iran. Its going to get much much much much worse before it ever gets better.

    33. Tim McGreen Says:

      How does being a niggaboo equal being hip, je me demande?

    34. Tim McGreen Says:

      I did like that Apple Ipod ad featuring the song “Vertigo” by U2. But wouldn’t you know it, the silhouette of a jigabooness appears in the very first shot. Can’t they give it a friggin’ rest just once?


    35. Hoody Doody Says:


    36. Susan Says:

      I once listened all day to local news talk radio 750 am here in Atlanta area, which is now also 95.5 FM to see if I could hear just one commercial that didn’t insult White men, and there were NONE. Every single commercial run on that station insulted White men in one way or another.

      It is acceptable because good White people like we are do NOTHING.

      CW-2, I believe that we are at the point of no return right now. The population is now at the point where Whites are in the minority in many cities and counties and will soon be nationwide. I don’t think we are yet, are we? I know my county is now majority non White. Twenty years ago this was the nicest Whitest county in metro Atlanta. Spics and nigs have completely ruined huge parts of this county. I live in the northern most White part not ruined yet.

      We need to come out of the shadows and start a White Party to give Whites another option outside of the Tea Party. Whites need to be shown that our economic situation is a direct result of the racial make up, racial politics, and what the JEW has done to White America.

      For gosh’ sake, most Whites still actually believe that librul Whites have ruined this country.

      I sound desperate I know, but I really believe that once the baby boomers are gone, this country is a goner for Whites.

    37. morris wise Says:

      Jesus saves but Moses invests, without investors there will be no jobs.

    38. Blackshirt Says:

      Susan, I was born and raised in the South and I spent a few years in Northern Georgia in the 1980s. Honestly I don’t know how any racially aware White person can still live down there in the midst of all those hostiles/savages.

      I went back to visit the area where I went to boarding school last year and I was saddened to see the state of the area I went to school at. The whole area was overrun by every kind of mestizo imaginable. Who was to blame? Well, I guess you can blame the big chicken processing companies who brought in all these muds because they didn’t want to pay a White man a decent wage to do that work.

      But getting back to the issue of the south, I think that area of the country is already lost. Whites are simply outnumbered down there and it’s only getting worse. Historically Whites have been outnumbered by muds in the South since before the Civil War, so essentially you can blame the slave holders for that. Unfortunately I think Georgia and Atlanta in particular are going to be the center of a African enclave in the future. I call it an “enclave” and not a “nation” because I don’t think the negroes have the capacity to make a successful nation.

      Susan, I wish you the best of luck starting your new White party. I personally think we are beyond all that now, and have been for some time. The only option is armed and/or passive resistance.

    39. O*R*I*O*N Says:

      According to this article, two nights ago a 37 year-old
      danish woman was raped with a “blunt tool” in her own appartment.

      The article does mention the perps to be “foreigners“.

      Semantically this means they could be everything from swedes to somalis. . . . My guess is arabs or niggers.

      The article also mentions:

      * that the woman could have bled to death if she hadn’t been treated in a traumacenter.

      * that the “foreigners” deny the charges of “attempted rape” and “other sexual conduct“.

      * that they are in police custody until Oct. 25th.

      * that several people were in the appartment.

      * and, that the 37 year-old had invited the “foreigners” (30 and 55) to her appartment after a night on the town.

      I will follow this case scrupulously in the danish media to note exactly how long it will take for it to disappear down the memory-hole.

      When will they learn???

    40. O*R*I*O*N Says:

      Isn’t it ironic how brainwashed white women always react with hostility toward the messenger of such stories?

      Let’s say I start warning random white women about this incident . . . perhaps about not inviting “foreigners” back home after a night out . . .

      What are the odds she will decode the actual warning?

      And what are the odds her kike-installed instant logic-blocker will activate and neutralize the warning?

      Importantly: how to circumvent the K.I.L.B.?

    41. Sri Sreggin Das, Mystic Yogi of the Kali Yuga Says:


      Think of it: Something like 80% of Americans claim to have been “born again.”

      Salvationist Christianity claims to have provided the ONLY way to God, and if this path is not accepted, eternal damnation is promised.

      So surely, these twice-born saints know the Bible from cover-to-cover, and the historical context of the doctrines they claim to believe?

      Surely they study this only path to salvation, several hours a day?

      The study cited above shows that it is a farce. Christians know next to nothing about their precious religion. The “born-again” people are coasting on fumes, fumes of a dying religion. It is almost as if they were AFRAID to study it further, afraid that doubts might creep in.

      It is also significant that the people who have a neutral, or hostile, attitude toward Christianity– the atheists and agnostics– know the most about it.

      But this is good. Christianity is a zombie, fit to be celebrated by wearing some whimsical costume on the upcoming and hallowed day of the dead. If the Christoids can be shown something better, something more aligned to their racial interests and predilections, I have hope that they would jump on it.

    42. Brownshirt Says:

      We are at the crossroads in the Kwa. The eternal slide down the biological ladder continues. Large swaths of Whiteland being infested with lower forms of life (Mexican’s and Niggers)… White people flee, while the non humans turn a first world nation into a third world shithole. We expect White people to fight back, when they are scared shitless being called a “racist”.

    43. Tim McGreen Says:

      I kind of doubt that 80% “born again” figure, Maharishi Yogi Bear. Most so-called Christians just casually or indifferently practice their faith. Maybe they’ll show up for Easter Mass once every few years or attend a couple of church weddings or funerals, but that’s it. There are a lot of old, decrepit churches around here that are being demolished or converted to some other use because no one attended the services anymore and they were too expensive to keep open. Funny how you never see an old synagogue torn down or converted into a nightclub, though. Once the Jews build one of their sinister temples, it’s there to stay.

      Being “born again” changes absolutely nothing about a person. They don’t gain any divine powers or special understanding about anything. It’s just the same old “Look at me, I’m going to Heaven and you’re not because Jeebus loves me and not you.” Please…..How childish can you get?

    44. Hoody Doody Says:

      Sep 29, 2010 01:39 NY Time
      Silver 21.86 +0.12
      Platinum 1643.00 +11.00
      Palladium 558.00 -2.00
      Rhodium 2,250.00 0.00

      Click on the metal names to see the associated charts

      Sep 29, 2010 01:39 NY Time
      Gold/XAU Ratio 6.57
      Gold/Silver Ratio 59.94
      Gold/Platinum Ratio 0.80

      XAU 199.31 3.79
      HUI 513.55 13.06
      JSE Gold 2,529.31 0.00
      GOX 234.70 5.72
      TSX Gold 407.13 +10.42

      click to enlarge

      click to enlarge
      60 days 6 months
      5 years 10 years

      Index data delayed 30 min.
      DJIA 10858.1 46.10
      NASDAQ 2379.59 9.82
      NIKKEI 9,581.08 +85.32
      RUSSELL 675.43 7.14
      NYSE 7310.32 46.95
      TSX 12278.88 +88.28
      USD 78.85 -0.09
      Crude Oil 76.49 +0.31

    45. Curious Says:


      It is no use warning women to dangerous men. Women like dangerous men.

      Better, explain to Muslims that it was Christians who exterminated the Indians/”Native Americans”(according to the mainstream view), and that Christians agree with Muslims that women should stay virgin until marriage.

      (And Christians can defend themselves by pointing out that according to Islam, Christianity is the natural ally of Islam against idolaters like the Indians/”Native Americans”)

      Or you could tell the Muslims the WN version of American history, with Solutreans and so on.

    46. CW-2 Says:

      All these ‘born again’ types should be made to read, really read, the Old Testament. Ater reading it most would have some sympathy with the Marcion ‘heresy’.

    47. Tim McGreen Says:

      Actually, when a person gets “born again” they do change……for the worse. They become a lot more annoying, irrational and intolerant of normal, simple pleasures. That’s why I strongly recommend pushing born-again Christians in front of speeding subway trains and off of 12 story hotel balconies. Send them home to Jesus and let him deal with those assholes.

    48. Howdy Doody Says:

      Our brethren who worship distorted views and are duped for lacking the courage to carefully seek out factual history and biology think vdare.com is a White websupremacist site.

      Even our masters of media can’t believe that a people could be so naive to believe things that hurt their own childrens future, and then be arrogant about defending a situation that spells genocide.

      Hello ?

    49. Howdy Doody Says:

      Would some one delte that last timmy post.

    50. Sean Gruber Says:

      Thatz right Howdy, when someone’s opinion offends you, bray: “CENSOR IT.” Every retard has the same response.

    51. Sean Gruber Says:

      Advice to all: stock up on guns and ammo. If right-ish wins in Nov. get just a teense “off script,” ZOG will get rid of Obama and frame one of the tea-tards for it. You heard it here first, darling.

    52. Tim McGreen Says:

      B-b-but I though Howdy liked me? No? Not any more? *sniff, snivel*

    53. CW-2 Says:

      Stock up on dried and canned foods too. Refrigerators aren’t much use when the powerlines go down.

    54. Antagonistes Says:

      Right enough, Cw-2 and Sean Gruber.

      I have often thought the same thing–the one support that could be kicked and bring the whole thing down is the offing of Obama.

      I don’t intend to be like the French in Haiti when the nigras lost the veneer of civilization.

    55. O*R*I*O*N Says:

      The rape article I mentioned a few posts up . . . It’s gone.

      Of the two tabloids that ran it, one has deleted it completely.
      The other has buried it so deep, no one will ever behold it without
      actively doing a boolean search for it.

      It got 1 day in the open MSM.

      1 day. No pictures. No front page.

      Also remarkable: the tabloid paper Ekstra Bladet that ran it usually offers comments for subscribers.
      Whenever an article covers mud-on-dane crimes, however . . . No comments allowed!

      I’m certain this is a standard M.O. of all western, kike-owned MSM.
      Still it’s infuriating to have it confirmed this blatantly.

      Winston Smith in Ingsoc Oceania couldn’t have made this piece of undesirable news vanish any smoother.

      Danish tabloids tossing the truth into the fiery memory hole 1984-style! [Winston’s work in the Ministry of Truth: 06:00, 20:00, 48:05]

      There is Truth, and there is Un-truth. Freedom is the freedom to say
      2 + 2 = 4. If that is granted, all else follows.

      -George Orwell

    56. Susan Says:

      Blackshirt, I fully agree with you about armed conflict being the last thing that will save our race. I absolutely agree with you there. But, I just think that if a White party were begun now or soon, that we could embolden a lot of Whites to move toward armed conflict which in the long run is more than likely the only thing that will save our race and ultimately our country.

      The way things stand now, Whites are nowhere near taking up arms collectively and doing what has to be done. Whites can’t fight an enemy they don’t even know is their real enemy.

      You’re right that Atlanta and surrounding areas are almost totally nigger f***ed. It’s getting worse and worse every day around here, with niggers murdering Whites almost daily around here.

      The latest nigger on White crime that occurred involves an eleven year old nigger and a fifteen year old nigger who beat senseless a 93 year old White man and took about twenty dollars and his cell phone. The old man is fighting for his life even as I write this. I’m contacting the Cobb County DA tomorrow and asking them to charge these niglets with federal hate crimes because there is no doubt that they went after the old man because he was White. I cannot tell you how many of these crimes are occurring every week down here now.

      All the while the jew media tries to tell us that crime is going down.

      It really is quite depressing, but I try to maintain good spirits as I can’t just up and leave my house and job.

    57. Tim McGreen Says:

      Susan, write letters to the editors of your local Jewspapers, like the Ape-lanta Journal Cuntstitution. Call up your local squawk-radio shows and let them know how angry you are about all those Black-on-White crimes and ask why the press always covers them up. Write to your shit-head Congressman and demand that the so-called Federal Hate Crimes law be equally applied. Come on Sue, rattle some cages!

      P.S…..Is that Africoon-Amerikwan John Lewis your Congressman? If so, then writing to him would be exceedingly pointless, wouldn’t it?

    58. Tim McGreen Says:

      Good morning, Gentlemen (TM adjusts microphone, which causes loud, ear-piercing feedback)….Oops, sorry about that. You may be wondering why I have gathered you here on this foggy, drizzly morning at the William Luther Pierce Memorial Spaceport in the Sandhurst Military Academy. Well, I have a few mea culpas to make.

      A few months ago, if you’ll recall, there was a thread on this site about Jethro Tull’s 1973 concept album A Passion Play. I posted that concept albums generally do not stand the test of time. I was wrong. Pink Floyd’s 1979 double LP The Wall and The Who’s 1969 magnum opus Tommy prove beyond all doubt that concept albums do in fact stand the test of time and do so quite well.

      I also once posted that hyenas were a kind of wild dog. This is not true. Hyenas do somewhat resemble the family canidae, but are in fact members of the family hyaenidae. I sincerely regret any inconvenience this error might have caused.

      In March 2003, I called a local radio show and told the host that the Taliban were around when the Soviets were still occupying Afghanistan. Another mistake. It was the Mujahideen who fought the Red Army, not the Taliban.

      Well, that’s all. Thank you for your time. (As TM turns around to exit the stage, he steps on the teeth of a rake, which causes its handle to fly up and hit him straight in the face. He then trips over some wires, which cause the giant loudspeakers to get knocked over, which in turn cause the overhead lights to get pulled down too. Sparks and flames shoot out from every direction as the hall breaks down into total chaos.)

      Where the (expletive deleted) fuck did that rake come from????

    59. shabbos s shabazz Says:

      . . .Urinal-Constipation. . .

      ApeLanta Urinal-Constipation

    60. Howdy Doody Says:

      30 September, 2010
      Columnist: House Reps Want to Release Pollard
      Posted by Socrates in Israel, Israel – the facts, Pollard, Socrates, Zionism, jewed Congress, jewish spies, jewish traitors at 9:45 pm | Permanent Link

      In fact, 3/4 of Congress would no doubt release the Jewish spy if they could, in order to suck up to Israel. (Read this article and note the damage done by Pollard’s spying):


      Lead story on blog now. No comments. What can any one say other than 3/4 of them are just whores on the take with life time retirements after serving ONLY two years.


    61. Mel Brooks Says:

      CNN mouthpiece makes gaffe. Knocks Jon Stewart, implies Jewish media control http://tinyurl.com/CNN-run-by

    62. O*R*I*O*N Says:

      The concept of an open thread is typical of the West. Das Abendland.

      It may hold a lower raw number of inhabitants under its authority than certain other racial civilizations; “near-cultures”.

      However, only the West will ever truly colonize space.

      Stellar exploration is a locical function of all the epochs through which the Aryan race has ruled on this planet. The next level.

      Development of science is what allows for such a peculiar characteristic; such potential.

      Western science is an “open thread”. Oswald Spengler on science.

      Western science has been around for a long time.

      The tradition of scepticism; free inquiry; research; revision; reformation; private enterprise and revolution.
      . . . Philosophy . . . Art . . . Literature . . . Music . . . The Internet . . .

      All these traits have made Aryan man smarter than the other races.

      By non-dogmatic assessment of reality. That’s the key, really.

    63. Howdy Doody Says:


      With friends like Al, who needs——– etc.
      Gentlemen, as for suggesting Tim’s post be deleted, for clarity it has to do with Not threatening on the blog against our duped brainwashed and lied to bretheren.

      Sure call them deluded etc, but IMO you on the wrong path.

    64. Howdy Doody Says:

      This poster own Gods/Dogs.

    65. Tim McGreen Says:

      “Gentlemen, as for suggesting Tim’s post be deleted, for clarity it has to do with Not threatening on the blog against our duped brainwashed and lied to bretheren (sic).

      Sure call them deluded etc, but IMO you on the wrong path.”


      If I may attempt a translation here, I think HD is saying that we should not threaten White Xians with physical violence or punishment when the White Revolution begins. But what HD doesn’t realize is that many of those White Christlings will side with The System against us. They will inform the authorities about our activities, they will be the ones who will use “enhanced interrogation techniques” on us if we are caught and sent to one of their Abu Ghraib-style prisons. Just because someone is White doesn’t mean they are going to be your friend or that they can be salvaged or deprogrammed. Smarten up, Doody. Your life may depend on it.

    66. Howdy Doody Says:


      Oct 05, 2010 11:06 NY Time
      Silver 22.64 +0.77
      Platinum 1696.00 +33.00
      Palladium 575.00 +16.00
      Rhodium 2,230.00 0.00

      Click on the metal names to see the associated charts

      Oct 05, 2010 11:06 NY Time
      Gold/XAU Ratio 6.56
      Gold/Silver Ratio 59.10
      Gold/Platinum Ratio 0.79

      XAU 203.88 +7.11
      HUI 525.17 +19.72
      JSE Gold 2,598.01 +60.46
      GOX 241.56 +9.23
      TSX Gold 407.54 +11.06

      click to enlarge

      click to enlarge
      60 days 6 months
      5 years 10 years

      Index data delayed 30 min.
      DJIA 10,889.20 +137.93
      NASDAQ 2,387.57 +43.05
      NIKKEI 9,518.76 +137.70
      RUSSELL 679.29 +3.15
      NYSE 7,397.31 +124.78
      TSX 12,456.83 +133.89
      USD 77.91 -0.54
      Crude Oil 82.70 +1.23

    67. Ed! Says:

      It will do no good to push a Christian out into harm’s way, Jesus will save them every time!


    68. Howdy Doody Says:

      stacythemagnificentmommy said…
      I am absolutely sick over this. I had no idea this is what it had changed to. Forget blowing up any thing else in our country, the terrorists have already won.
      We absolutely will not be flying anywhere for anything until this stops. Body Imagers and Pat Downs alike.
      How am I to teach my daughter about appropriate/inappropriate touching when govt officials are allowed to touch them inappropriately?

      November 15, 2010 1:07 PM

    69. Howdy Doody Says: