3 December, 2010

Alex Linder on Men/Women

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“Let me expand, so you can grasp what you obviously can’t pick up. In middle-class society, women are always deferred to. Somehow that became the way. On top of that cultural more, ruling jews formalized the deference, or hierarchy, legally. And through media and academy justified it and reinforced it with political correctness taboos so that even questioning this order of things would seem unthinkable. All of that is wrong and bad. But it’s far from the only misline they’ve laid down.”

I’ve seen this “whuppedness” in even macho guys. Take my late grandfather as an example. He was a Midwestern, middle-class man’s man, who hunted, fished and wouldn’t take any crap from foe or friend. Yet, 99.8% of the time, he deferred to my grandmother, letting her decide things. It’s an odd feature among modern men, this deferring, and it tarnishes the best of them:

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  7. 35 Responses to “Alex Linder on Men/Women”

    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      I don’t think it’s anything new that powerful men should consult with or defer to their wives. Throughout history, many women were the real power behind the throne. Cleopatra, Catherine the Great, Elanor of Aquitaine, Empress Alexandra, Elanor Roosevelt, Lady MacBeth….You know what I mean?

      But what has happened to the White American man? You look at photos from 100+ years ago and you see White men lynching niggers, killing Red men, going to whorehouses and pushing their way forward across the continent no matter what the eastern liberals, abolitionists, temperance societies and Quakers had to say about it. You know what happened? Two devastating world wars, wars that killed off millions of our Race’s best young men. With all those courageous White men out of the way, the Jews and Globalists quickly swept into power and began ruining our civilization from within.

    2. Jim Says:

      As usual, Alex is spot-on. When the kikes took over the ‘Kwa totally during the nineteen sixties, they pushed radical feminisn, and made the White male ideal to be the ” sensitive and wimpish white guy” who caters to every whim of the woman and is ashamed of his masculinity. At the same time they pushed the image of the “super masculine nigger buck” who always gets the White gal and out performs the wimpy white guy in every way. The jew perfectly understands feminine psychology and knows that women are attracted to POWERFUL MEN. By disempowering the White Man (figuratively CASTRATING HIM) and empowering the nigger, the jew has effectively replaced the pre-nineteen sixties White Masculine social structure with one that is based on nigger values. If you don’t believe me turn on the jew tube some morning and watch “Jerry Springer”. Not only would that kind of shit not fly fifty years ago, but Jew Springer and his nigger buffoons would probably be sent to the nearest nut house.

    3. Garrett Says:

      Never ever let a woman take control…ever. Never be subordinate to them in any situation…work or play it does not matter. Your the man, so be a man. If they don’t like it let them walk.

    4. Mark Faust Says:

      This problem is mostly a white one. If you look at most other races\cultures it is plain to see that great pains are taken to put women in their place. This lack of natural male instinct in modern white men is of course strongly reinforced by the Jew and its agenda BUT, don’t lose sight of the fact that white women are as their male counterparts smarter and more crafty than non whites. This gives them an edge in the gender role they play that non white women do not have. Also, women ENJOY fighting and arguing much the same as the Jew does, white men gravitate towards logic and order, therefore they will concede to a woman to avoid the annoying conflict that would be should they stand their ground. Years ago a quick backhand would be a solid and effective way of avoiding the conflict, now that isn’t an option due to the legal ramifications.

    5. CW-2 Says:

      Nature intended men and women to work together in harmony. When our race was strong and flourishing no force could stand against the winning combination of an Aryan man and women working as a unit. Then along came the jew sowing the seeds of disharmony. Women want men able to provide protection and leadership, that is the role of the male, the honorable role of the female is as advisor. The guy must make the decisions but gals are good at subtle advice.

    6. Luke Says:

      It’s been my life-long observation that women, and I’m referring specifically to white females here, seem to lack the ability to analyze a life-situation or dilemma that presents itself to them and then make the correct decision for the long term. This is a common characteristic of allowing emotion to drive your decision making instead of using facts, past historical experiences and references, and cold, hard logic to guide your decision making process.

      Another thing that I have experienced is with white women who’ve been tainted to some extent with this jewish spider venom of ‘female superiority’, but at some subconscious level, these women are still seeking a man’s advice and guidance whenever they are faced with an important crisis or even a slightly complicated decision to make. It’s as though, deep down, despite the comical air of female superiority – most normal women instinctively feel a need to trust a man’s opinions and they feel a need for his guidance.

      Anyway, I’ve always believed that the most important decision that any white woman ever makes in her life – is what man she will allow into her life and into her britches. In the old days, prior to The Pill – I think white women were far more careful in their choice of men, and no matter how good looking a guy was, if he was a good-for-nothing bum and didn’t project the image of being an honest guy, a good provider and someone who would be dependable – very few women would have anything to do with him.

      The Pill changed all that, and today we see the sad consequences for our White, Western society – chicks chasing losers, losers busting out illegitimate kids, passing on their loser genes, while the white guys who are far better marriage and father material in the traditional sense, but less gifted at conning a pair of panties to the floor wind up with a lifetime of rejection and no offspring. So, what the Pill really did was to give white chicks the ability to hit the sack with the worst sort of guys, and along with abortion and now the morning after pill, the end result was the negative downturn in the genetic quality of the white race, which has been enormous. Plus, it’s also had an indirectly negative effect on the motivation of young white men to get off their butts and work hard to get a good career going and to make something out of themselves – because they can now get plenty of sex without having to earn it the way white men once did.

      Exhibit A for the prosecution: Whiggers.

    7. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Seems like I recall an old Instauration article- “Homosexuality is the result of race mixing, prior to that there were no “He”-males and “She”females they were just themsleves.. Were the Cimbri women foolish when they cracked the skulls of their infant children and hung themselves from the rafters of their huts no, they were very wise because they knew life in slavery was no life at all.

    8. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Pure jewish Marxism, hold up high the weak and stupid, belittle and condemn the strong and pure. Oh wait, that sounds like Christianity too…..


    9. Howdy Doody Says:

      All Women Know for a fact they only have to go down to their first husband at any county court house and take their fool for everthing he’s got, and have his rights taken from him at will.

      Accusation’s by a White woman can be 100% baloney, but the joooish system inacted b.s. laws that make the police must go after White men.

      All Women are taught this and know this.

      Over 50% of White women have crushed their men legally and othe wise and far too many that I have known of did it for a for $ and a second child hood, sure men have done it too, but they are not legally supported for being a dumb ass.

    10. Sgt. Skull Says:

      Exhibit B for the prosecution: Drooling mulattoes who often times have white mothers that were stricken with jewish induced jungle fever.

      It’s gotten to the point where any criticism of women is dismissed as a case of male chauvinism. That, or you’ll be dismissed as a bitter loser who can’t attract a woman.

      If one stops and reflects men are now expected to totally cater to women the way women catered to men pre-1965.

    11. Olaf Gunnerson Says:

      The reason is simple….The feminization of the White male through the media orchestrated by Big Jew.

    12. Mike Hammer Says:

      Enjoyed this post and discussion.

    13. Bigduke6 Says:

      We have a case of the tail wagging the dog in today’s society especially in joocago. It was sad to see a diddy bopping sock monkey taking his white woman to the abortion clinic at Planned parenthood in Chicago. She looked distressed and confused and was clutching her sweatshirt at her stomach. It was a sad sight. The sock monkey looked like the TNB he did not care a bit. I wanted to run the freaking sock monkey down with my car. It is the jews supporting the dilution of our white European culture through diversity. You should read the shit that comes out in Today’s Working Women magazine in joocago which is a joorag magazine written by joo lesbian bitches. What an abortion of an age we live in.

    14. Bigduke6 Says:

      Alex Linder is on target with this article. We are encountering the breakdown of our society by diversity and the feminization of men. And if you look at all the feminist books and literature it is chiefly written by joo bitches. The evangelical church is now totally feminized. Wuss daddy pastors are no longer preaching God’s plan that a woman is to be submissive to the man. We have a bunch of girley men in the pulpits not standing behind men. We need more “straight” male scholltachers and Sunday School teachers to be a mentor and example for fatherless children. We need more church elders with balls to stand up for men and God’s pattern in marriage.

    15. Arminius Says:

      Following up on the points Howdy Doody Says:
      The weapon of the Jewish strategy is to play off the (aryan) woman against man by fomenting their vilest instincts. Not only in the talmudic operating courts for a dirty dollar or for revenge about a trifle, or freedom from any obligation, whether materially or morally.
      But worse is the promotion of women into positions where they have the power to dominate, command, order or dress down men. No normal woman would be capable of doing this, unless their minds are perverted- and perverted mostly by the Jewish lie of the “equality of the sexes”. No self respecting male could take that either, hence he is threatened with economic destruction.
      And yet these “women in power” (not “powerful women”) are totally dependent on Jewish promoters hiding in the background. I always smile, when I see and hear female CEOs, directors etc. Better still, we should laugh at female “leaders” of nations, governments, ministers, prime ministers or chancellors (like that hopeless Merkel)- how many of them have been “in charge”, and none of them left any trace whatsoever?
      Just look at the most recent darling of world wide Jew-controlled media- Aung San Suu Kyi of Burma, and you know, what I mean.

    16. Howdy Doody Says:

      Bigduke6 Says:

      4 December, 2010 at 8:38 pm

      Bigduke, the evangelicals where I live are willifully ignorant treasonous slobs and are 100% in line Media/NPR/NKVD lies/B.S. about war, race and that YT is evil and that the Congoids like the the devils in shoe leather are put upon humble wonderful opressed folks etc..

      The White evangicals idiots who are also vindictive against any one who one refutes them and they are extremely arrogant pro war and open borders, they preach self hate to each other.

      One thing some might not understand is that in my experience most all evangelicals were raised in White areas and went to school with White children, they don’t understand how their progeny will be affected and is being lost. Today in kwa ALL White children in Public suffer.

      Arrogant I say because they are 100% unread, and so to they use bulling and intimadation leftist one liners, and they are truly ignorant bastards at least the one I have known.

      Interesting that I have known honest very intelligent evagelicals “two” but they were and are 100% treasonous and ignorant of history and race and care not if they children breed with savages which they did.

      After having had affairs with several married women wrecking families and doing dirty business dealings, and worse does not cause them to reflect.

      Yes, of course there are non Zio brain washed anti-evangelical Christians, but where, lol !

      Evangelicals are bullies at heart against all that they can do it to and think that they can get away with it.

      oh yeah and you can bet on it that they jellicals would drop the dime or be a Larry Fairfax in a NYC minute.

      Oh, and before I forget, the worst business horror con job rip offs I ever suffered were 100% Fundie Nutz too.

      You got Old dutch nutz ?

      jooos have infiltrated all Christian organizations long time now.

    17. Tim McGreen Says:

      I’d like to see how “equal” women would be if White men went on strike for two or three weeks. Just think ladies, you car breaks down and there will be no White guy around to tow it to the service station or repair it. Same thing if your AC breaks down or your computer crashes. No White man to repair the roads and bridges you drive on, no White man to fix your leaky faucet or escort you to your car after dark. No White man to fly or repair the jet plane you want to fly in, no White male doctor available to transplant any organs or remove any cancerous tumors.

      Within a week, women, along with the Jews and the colored folks, would be BEGGING the White man to end his strike. None of those useless eaters could literally live two weeks without the much-maligned White man to do everything for them. Civilization would rapidly deteriorate into chaos. Women would spend all day just screaming at each other and crying. Blacks, Jews and Mexicans would quickly resort to eating their own offspring to keep from starving to death. And the Orientals would have no one left to steal technology from. That would mean China and Japan would quickly turn back into stagnant, backwards societies ruled by shoguns and warlords.

      The White Man’s strike would be a disaster for everyone EXCEPT the White Man!

    18. Tim McGreen Says:

      “Plus, it’s also had an indirectly negative effect on the motivation of young white men to get off their butts and work hard to get a good career going and to make something out of themselves – because they can now get plenty of sex without having to earn it the way white men once did.”


      They can? How? What am I not doing right?

    19. Tim McGreen Says:

      Luke, your post was spot-on until that part about getting “plenty of sex”. I’m afraid I had no choice but to penalize you for that.

    20. Luke Says:

      Tim McGreen: I am motivated to concede your point on the ‘plenty of sex’ remark. It is a rather bizarre twist of Mother Nature’s sense of humor, that the very species of female who are the absolutely most desirable and best looking specimens – are very rarely willing or inclined towards issuing a preponderance of beaver rations to their white boyfriends or husbands.

      I’ve been fortunate enough to have one such white lady in my life who’s dictionary did not contain the word ‘no’, for which she still maintains a special, honored place in my memories – but, for the rest – I’ve often found myself wondering if white women somehow believe that hoarding their favors is the secret to keeping a man happy and hanging around.

    21. Bigduke6 Says:

      Howdy Doody,

      Good response, thanks. Yeah, the biggest crooks are the fundies.

    22. Ted Denny Aylmer Says:

      What about Otto Weininger (self-hating Jew) and his view that femininity and Jewishness are very similar! Contemporary ‘Sex and the City’ women are materialistic and money-grubbing and generally treat White Men like crap (50%+ divorce rate)… this is exactly how Jews treat us as well!!!

      It is clear we are knee-deep in the Kali-Yuga part of the Cycle of Ages and that the worst aspects of contemporary Women are coming out and this includes all the stuff Weininger described as well.

      Hopefully we hit bottom and recover, SOON!

    23. shabbos s shabazz Says:

      White strike is a grand notion. Some jewess should write an 1100 page book on the subject.

    24. Virgil Says:

      Vive la difference!

    25. Susan Says:

      I realize that this isn’t going to be quite as aggressively agreed with by you guys as all the other simplistic comments made about females, but here goes:

      Has it ever crossed any of your minds that just as White men are not what they should be in a jewed society, neither are White women? Has that simple notion ever entered any of your minds?

      It is simply stunning to think that you all are so quick to diss women, and blame the current state of White manhood, but not understand that the White woman, too, has fallen victim to the jew agenda. I realize that you blame feminism and other jewey endeavors for what passes for White relationships, marriage, family issues, etc., but don’t you all get it?

      White women are as much victims as are White men. Folks, we’ve ALL been fucked by the jew and his weapon of mass destruction of White society, better known as the nigger.


      I am old enough to know this. And Garrett, you should be, too. You are as old as I am and remember what White women were like before the decade when everything changed: the sixties. While I may have some issues with my mother, she was never a flighty, silly female. And neither were any of her good friends. Sure, I knew some goofy mothers, but they weren’t our friends.

      She was as solid a thinker as my father was. She was not as well educated as my father, of course, as he was a Ph.d. She was a hard worker, a loyal wife, and a good mother. She didn’t like non Whites and she knew why and she never had her head turned by silliness. She stood firm in her values all through the sixties when others “went with the flow”.

      Too many of you take a few examples of poor womanhood and translate that into an indictment of ALL women everywhere for all time. I knew plenty of level headed White women when I was growing up. They were partners with their husbands in every way.

      They loved each other and the marriage was a partnership with each contributing equally to it and the family.

      Fellas, before our race was screwed by the jew, White womanhood was considered the epitome of class, grace, elegance, and dignity. Even when White women were humiliated by their husband’s bad behavior, they held their heads up high.

      Many of you are younger, much younger than I, and weren’t around when it was MEN who left their wives for some young female. The first wife had supported the husband, emotionally and in other ways, during the early, lean years of the marriage, borne and raised their children, kept house and entertained friends and family. She had been a good wife and mother.

      Then, because the man decides his money now entitled him to some new young thing, usually someone he really didn’t even know or communicate with that well, he unceremoniously dumps the first wife.

      And, it was HER life, and that of their children, who suffered financial hardship and a severe change in lifestyle. The man continued to live in a big house, while his first wife and children, moved into a smaller home and had their lifestyle similarly altered.

      It was MEN behaving badly back then. Now, it’s mostly WOMEN behaving badly. Two wrongs don’t make a right, fellas. It was wrong when men did it to their wives, and it’s wrong when Sally does it to Joe now.

      And we, by our continued silence, have allowed this disgraceful situation to ruin White lives. We should be ashamed of ourselves for sitting quietly by while the jew destroys White civilization.

    26. Garrett Says:

      Susan, how do you know how old I am or should be??

    27. Lukje Says:

      Susan: I share your disapproval and disdain for white men who dump their wives and run off with younger women. But, I want to make sure that you and everyone else understands that I am not talking about white men ( or white women ) who watch as their spouse eats their way to the size of an overweight hippo and who never exercises and who takes their spouse for granted, because nobody should be required to remain stuck in a relationship with someone who you live in mortal fear of ever seeing naked.

      And, this is a two-way street, just in case you think I’m one of those ‘male-chauvinist types’, who the feminists used to whine about constantly. Neither man or woman should ever take their partner for granted, and each should do what’s necessary to maintain their physical fitness.

    28. Donald E. Pauly Says:

      Susan Says: 6 December, 2010 at 1:02 pm
      White women are as much victims as are White men. Folks, we’ve ALL been fucked by the jew and his weapon of mass destruction of White society, better known as the nigger. WE ARE ALL VICTIMS.

      Well said. It is too easy to forget the the Jews are to blame for all the evils in our society. A Jew divorce lawyer finds it easy to manipulate a White woman with weak character.

    29. Sean Gruber Says:

      In a war, you don’t sit around contemplating your navel.

      People, let’s have less soul-searching and more firepower pointed in an outward direction – toward our common enemy – the JEW.

    30. Susan Says:

      Garrett: I assumed you are the same Garrett who posts on VNN forum. If you are not, then forgive me for making an honest mistake.

      If you are the same Garrett, just what is your problem dude? You are every bit of fifty, if not older. My point was that you should remember what White females used to be like in this country before they were ruined by the jews, feminism, and niggers. That’s all.

    31. Tim McGreen Says:

      Susan, I think what you need is a 19 year-old pool boy or two to fool around with!

      Ernesto, Ramon….put down those pool-cleaning nets and come here. Yes, I know there are dead bats in the pool, but I have an assignment for you two blockheads. I want you to go to this address in Georgia and look for Susan. She is well into her 50s but she needs some special lovin’, if you know what I mean.

      one week later…..

      Oh, I see you brought back a photo! Nice work, boys!


    32. Susan Says:

      Tim: Just what exactly is YOUR problem?

      As a matter of fact, I am slim and have long blonde hair and a fairly pretty face, and look good for my age. But, if it makes you feel better about yourself or anything else, just keep on thinking I’m some dumpy old bag. lol

      The last thing I would be interested in is some 19 year old anything. I don’t have any interest in somebody that young, nor do I think that a 56 year old male has any business with a 19 year old female. For obvious reasons, of course. At least obvious to me.

      Lukje: If a man or woman marries someone who later on in the marriage gains some weight, then why is it not even part of the equation that there should still be love between those two people. If a man or woman still loves his/her spouse, why is it not even thinkable that he/she would care enough to try and help the spouse who has put on weight, or who might be experiencing some other kind of problem.

      Whatever the heck happened to the concept of love between two people that allows for each member to come to the aid of the one who may be in need of help or comfort.

      This is where you guys completely lose me. The wife gains weight and she is out with the bathwater!!! The wife gets older (of course, the man gets older too, but apparently that doesn’t matter–lol), and that entitles the man to either dump the wife or become involved with other women.
      No ifs, ands, or buts.

      It must be sad to be so shallow.

    33. xx.weirich.xx Says:

      Okay, well, I am a female too and while I agree with the fact that a lot of women are weak and dumb, I will say not all are.
      I’m in high school, and there is not a single guy that gets better grades than I do, and I don’t even have to try. I hate hate HATE niggers, jews, homosexuals, etc, and trust me, I am working to get the message out to people so they can see just how bad the problem really is. I would never degrade myself to date or sleep with some sub-human freak as such, and I don’t run around whoring myself to everyone within a thirty mile radius. I complain and act out against those that do, and the same with white men with sub-humans. I’m white, blonde-haired, blue-eyed, and fit, and a man that is the same belongs with someone like me. I do not want to spend all of my life as a housewife, but I would have no problem standing alongside a man worthy of my good blood. I work hard outside out of school, I help out with the house, care for people that are deserving of it, and I am NOT compassionate of niggers, jews, and so on. I full-heartedly agree with selective breeding, I use the school system and the internet to get out Hitler’s messages of Aryan superiority, and I hate people that don’t. I hold much potential in business and would NOT use it to help sub-humans, and thus I see not WHY I should stay at home raising children.
      I do agree that a lot women are generally crap though. My high school is full of bimbos that would unfailingly give themselves away to a nigger, half-breed, or whomever, and don’t see a good man when he’s there. And, to make this worse, the guys do the same thing! I have two cousins that have slept with a nigger (one of them has a kid by one, and the other just fucks whoever, including mexicans) and I have disowned them both, along with my family. These girls don’t care at all about anything that matters; rather, they smoke, drink, do drugs, get fat, as well as anything else they can do that is detrimental. Trust me, I know, I see it too, but that does not mean we’re all the same.
      But anyway, we’re in the middle of a crisis, with the government being overrun by nigger Obama, jews, mexicans, fagots, you name it, and what are we doing? We’re arguing about GENDER. Shouldn’t we all be more concerned with what method WE’RE going to use to take back OUR rightful place in the government? This is ridiculous…

    34. John52 Says:

      Interesting post xx.weirich.xx, you don’t sound like a typical white woman who is in HS.

    35. xx.weirich.xx Says:

      Yeah I know I don’t, but I don’t want to be either… the typical white woman in high school is a pretty sad specimen. I’m pretty used to people not believing that I am who I am, but believe me, I am who I say…
      My dad made sure I was raised to be proud of the fact that I am white, and to dislike anyone who isn’t. We lived in a big city when I was growing up so I know pretty well now how important it is to keep away from niggers and focus on getting somewhere in life rather than getting dragged down with mutt babies or drugs or some shit like that…
      I will agree with you guys that there are a lot of trashy girls out there, but there are also a lot of trashy guys… that doesn’t mean all of us are though.