28 December, 2010

Aussies Getting Heaping Shovelful of Boas/Montagu Race Theory

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Race doesn’t exist. Ask any Jewish expert. “Blacks” are just figments of your racist imagination:


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    1. Howdy Doody Says:

      Back 1976 or 77 “The Nature Of Aggression” came out a thick tombe of b.s. with a man not using his REAL name.

      That book is and was a blood Libel.

      Criminals who get the support of all their bretheren no matter what they insane loyality has never been known in the Western World not even Germany came close. Emphasis on Insane of course.

      Let me add that little diddy they did back on Dec. 31 1999 scaring people to turn off all their electronics and buy a ton of shit while at the same time doing the Dot Com scam, was just a test of our mentality at large for the larger crime of mass murder and insurance fraud in their N.A. headquarters.

      Dirty Bastards.

      Thank you

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      Nina Jablonsky….JEWESS.

      Look, Jew bitch…..It’s more than just a question of skin color.
      Negroes have flat noses and big lips, kinky hair, rubbery bones and small brains. And they have no sense of emotional control or intellectual curiosity. How does your pigmentation theory explain all of that???

      There are many physical, genetic and intellectual or psychological differences between the races, none of which evolved in the same ways, at the same time, in the same places or at the same rate.

      And if any group of people can be considered “mutants”, it’s yours, Jew bitch. Jews are mongrels and hybrids. They are comprised of the undesirable elements cast off by other races. You are a race of bloodsuckers and destroyers. And besides, you Jews are so ugly and repulsive that the word “mutant” instantly springs to mind as an apt description of your cursed race.

      I know how you rat-faced vermin think….We’re all “equal’, except for you Jews, who consider yourselves superior to us lowly goy cattle.

      I wasn’t always this hostile to the Jews, but thanks to the likes of “professor” Jablonsky, it gets easier and easier to hate them and to wish for their ultimate destruction.

    3. Virgil Says:

      Tim McGreen is absolutely correct!

    4. whtdev Says:

      The whole race is only skin deep canard again.

      If you took two skulls, one from a white man and one from a nigger. Then placed them in front of a person with an IQ above room temperature. The person would be able to tell which skull belonged to the white man and which one belonged to the nigger.

    5. Leviticus Jackson Says:

      Expert researchers Dr. Shlomo Junkstein and Golda Crapowitz M.D. have proven through 30 years of research that contrary to prevailing opinion, Tobacco is good for you and relaxes the throat. Quoted in their latest research article written in the prestigious Brooklyn Medical Journal, Dr’s Junkstein and Crapowitz have announced their findings overturning 60 years of research that stated the opposite opinion. Quoting Dr. Junkstein, previous studies that said that Tobacco causes Cancer were flawed because they didn’t have computer modeling like we do today. We have now proven beyond a doubt by using computer modeling that Tobacco is totally harmless and contains vitamins and Probiotics which make it extremely good for you. Asked what he would say to the unconvinced? Dr. Junkstein told them to go out and smoke a good stogie.

    6. bangkav Says:

      The White ‘natives’ are getting restless here in OZ due to high third world immigration numbers and soaring crime rates involving gangs of africans ,lebs and others.
      Most Whites that I talk to are aware that we are being overtaken. Immigration has never been an election issue because the criminal poli’s know that it would be voted down by Anglo-Celtic Australians….just like every other White country really.

    7. CW-2 Says:

      Jews are amazing in their persistance in peddling a pack of worn out lies and crap. Even in 1963 Carlton Coon in his book ‘Origin of the Races’ gently introduced to the general reader the key concept that the major races had a very long history of separate development. Research over the past 40 years has confirmed that view.

    8. Antagonistes Says:

      There was a naked woman in my locker room.

      She said there was no difference in the sexes. She told me that I had nipples just like her. She told me that my testicles were only ovaries that had descended.

      She had me convinced, but I couldn’t help but notice that more and more black boys were oogling her. They looked like my daschhund when he corners a rabbit.

      As I got my gear and left, she was just about completely surrounded by the black boys — they were touching her, tentatively at first, then more boldly. She was telling them about some Jewish sociologist who thinks that there are not only no genuine sexual differences, but there are no racial differences between Whites and Blacks.

      She was cut off in mid sentence.

    9. bangkav Says:

      Apropos this topic…interesting article


    10. Tim McGreen Says:

      Thanks for the interesting article, “bangkav”. Strange how the so-called scientific community, which is supposed to be dedicated to discovering the truth no matter where it leads, is so openly hostile to the truth. Who are they afraid of offending, anyway, a bunch of niggers? Some liberals in the Jew press? Are they afraid of being called names, or of being shunned by their fellow scientists? How cowardly can they be?

      And to think I once had genuine respect for scientists. Now I regard them with the same low, mean contempt I have for priests, journalists, politicians and bureaucrats. Pimps and street-pushers are more worthy of respect than any of those miserable wretches.

    11. Sean Gruber Says:

      “Jews are amazing in their persistence in peddling a pack of worn out lies and crap.”

      Correct. It’s an example of jew aggressiveness. They are like evil pit bulls with rabies and on PCP, nothing stops them except a bullet to the back of the neck. They will keep pushing and pushing and pushing poison on our people, until and unless they are all shoveled under.

    12. Thom McQueen Says:

      What the hell does a “labour chairman” know about science?

      I agree with everything Dr. Waston said.

    13. whtdev Says:

      Scientists are not so much afraid of being shunned or called names. Scientists are afraid of their money being cut off. Many of today’s scientists are not truth seekers. They are intellectual prostitutes.

      Most research is funded through the government. Jews, through their control of government, defund any scientist whose research isn’t kosher. If cutting off the money does not work, the Jews can use the media to discredit the scientist or maybe even have him jailed.

      The holocaust is one issue where a scientist could end up in jail if he just follows the facts. Due to advances in technology, many aspects of the holocaust could be proved or disproved with a forensic investigation. If a forensic anthropologist conducted such an investigation, he would probably end up in jail for being a holocaust denier.

    14. Tim McGreen Says:

      Notice all the so-called “studies” that are always being reported in the Establishment press? One study claims that too much coffee may cause breast cancer. Another study says that coffee may help prevent some forms of cancer. And then another study posits that chocolate may prevent AND cause some kinds of cancer. Or what about the effects of aspirin? Does it cause heart attacks or prevent them? It depends on which so-called study you want to believe.

      Like whtdev says, it’s all about money. Those universities and “research institutes” are always looking for new sources of funding, like hungry goldfish waiting for someone to drop a few flakes of fish-food into the aquarium. So they come up with a lot of bullshit “results” from their equally bullshit “studies” which are designed to create a lot of media attention and thus hopefully bring in more funding. More and more and more funding. That’s what it’s all about.

      Most scientific research is a crock of shit, a tax-free money-making racket that does nothing to advance science, medicine or human knowledge. If I were the King of this land, the first thing I’d do is place a heavy-ass tax on all so-called “non profit” organizations, including and especially universities, foundations and research institutes.

      A fig for all your phony-baloney research and studies, you eggheaded assholes. Get a real job before I ship you all off to a labor camp in the Arctic Circle.