6 December, 2010

Race: Sometimes It Matters, Sometimes It Doesn’t

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Confusing, isn’t it? Here, race apparently matters. (Trivia: did you know that Whites can be “African-American,” too? If a White man was born in, say, South Africa and he later moved to America and became a U.S. citizen, he’s an “African-American”):


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  7. 5 Responses to “Race: Sometimes It Matters, Sometimes It Doesn’t”

    1. Virgil Says:

      Groids are untermensch!

    2. nignogger Says:

      According to the most recent court cases, legal rulings and adjustments to the race classifications by the US govt in all federal and state agencies, a white/asian SA national does not qualify as “African American”. In the early 80’s, california high tech companies with US govt contracts were under AA pressure to hire ‘exceptional negro engineers and programmers’: an impossible task. To copmply with the AA quota, these sftwre and hardware co. were hiring Indians and paki’s and classifying them as “black”. This became rampant in the San Jose area. The jews at the EEOC shrieked, like looking at a swastika on the white house, and sued these companies. These companies won! “black’ was ambiguous and many Indians are darker than many US negroes, but lot smarter and great work ethic. The jews went back to the drawing board at that is why the term “african American” is used: for that reason. Recent whites fleeing SA from negro crime/violence tried to get that status for AA jobs but the EEOC jews made changed in the interpretations in the law.

    3. Sgt. Skull Says:

      So Afro-Americoons have different plaque that can lead to a higher rate of cardiovascular disease? Gotta be some sort of racist conspiracy by the American medical establishment.

      Call Abe Foxman. Call Morris Dees. This is unconscionable in 2010 multicult Amerikwa.

    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      UPI is still around? Why?

      The liberal PC writer of that UPI article must chant “african american, african american” in its sleep. Liberals love using PC phrases like that to show how enlightened and morally superior they are. But to me, they are just annoying effete jerks who are too damn stupid or stubborn to admit that their ideology is nonsense.

      Deep down, even the liberals know that there are differences between the races. That’s why the liberals don’t send their kids to all-Black public schools in Washington, DC, Oakland, Chicago or Brooklyn. That’s why they live in upscale neighborhoods that colored folks can’t afford to move into. Liberals are condescending hypocrite assholes.

      Hey Negroes, those White and Jew liberals don’t like you any more than we do! But at least we’re honest about it.

    5. Donald E. Pauly Says:

      “Hey Negroes, those White and Jew liberals don’t like you any more than we do! But at least we’re honest about it.”-Tim McGreen

      The Birdman, of Blessed Memory, would have given you Quote of the Day for this one.