30 January, 2011

Egypt: Israel’s Problem is America’s Problem

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If the U.S. had a sane foreign policy, the turmoil in Egypt wouldn’t be our concern. Unfortunately, the U.S. has a crazy foreign policy which revolves around safeguarding Israel. Egypt and Israel have fought each other in two wars (in 1967 and 1973), both of which Israel started, either directly or indirectly. Currently, America pays Egypt to be nice to Israel, but with this new trouble, who can guarantee niceness?


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  7. 40 Responses to “Egypt: Israel’s Problem is America’s Problem”

    1. CW-2 Says:

      Certain elements of the British press, mainly The Telegraph; hardly an unbiased source of ‘news’, are hinting that influential movers in the US State Department are not unhappy with the latest developments in Egypt. Indeed the new world order crowd would like to see the banned Islamic Brotherhood take control in Egypt and use the Suez canal to put the squeeze on Europe.
      It sounds a bit farfetched, clearly the Brit establishment hasn’t forgot the fiasco of 1956, but perhaps we are witnessing the point at which the new world order and zionist programs part company.

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      Egypt was at war against the Kikestan Entity in 1948 and 1956, as well as 1967 and 1973. In those days, the Egyptians had Soviet MiGs and T-55s (as well as a few surplus Panzer Mark IV’s) in their arsenal, because the USSR was helping the Arab states to provide a check against further US/Zionist aggression in the region. Once that Soviet protection disappeared in 1990, ZOG and the Kikes were free to run wild in the Middle East, unchecked and unchallenged by anyone. Let’s hope ZOG’s 21 year reign of murderous terror in that part of the world is finally coming to an end.

    3. Sgt. Skull Says:

      Oy Vey! The kikocracy is losing control over Egypt. What is a joo to do now that their new world order of gentile nations totally subservient to the whims of Izzy is beginning to crumble?

      The Kwa pays Egypt handsomely to make nice with Izzy. Izzy got thrashed in the opening days of the 1973 war with Egypt until tricky Dick Nixon airlifted huge quantities of war material to them, which turned the tide in their favor. Observers stated that so much material and equipment was diverted from the U.S. military in Europe that the Soviet Union could have easily taken Western Europe by force had they chose to do so. Just goes to show you who’s number 1.

      Maybe things will get interesting now that Izzy’s Western flank is threatened by instability in Egypt.

    4. Bigduke6 Says:

      It is amazing we send billions to bum fuck Eqypt to buy peace. But in the end ,it is not working. All that wasted money going to the sand nigger leaders to be embezzled.

    5. The Red Skull Says:

      Its nice to see ZOGs grip on Egypt slipping.The money we give them goes to support the “pro -west”–read Pro -Israel dictatorship of Mubarak.–Funny how the Jew-S Has no problem supporting Dictatorships that are Pro -Izzy.The money just hasn’t been “trickling Down” to the common people of Egypt,and their tired of being ground down while the Elite live high on the Jew -America Fund hand-out HoG.

      When will AmeriKwans wake up like that?

    6. Luke Says:

      If any of the regular VNN posters can confirm or prove this rumor to be valid or false, please post your information. I heard a rumor, though, that sales of Preparation H are soaring in Israel, as unconfirmed reports are surfacing that jew hemorrhoids are mysteriously reaching levels of inflammation that have previously been undocumented in 3,000 years of Hebrew recorded history.

    7. Bigduke6 Says:

      I have a dream. That the US cut off foreign aid and completely pull out of the mideast and Africa. The training wheels have to come off some time time. Let them all duke it out and we will see who wins. They will still need to sell their oil to someone anyway.

    8. Arminius Says:

      The situation is Egypt seems to be momentarily out of control, for the police is already beaten, have disappeared and the military is now fraternizing with the rioters in the streets. Nothing is left of Mubarak’s authority. And on top of it, his Washington-Tel Aviv “brothers” already deserted him.
      But wait a little. Certain circles (Mossad, CIA, etc.) must have been aware of the approaching storm. It can’t be an accident that international Ziocunt ElBaradai arrived a few days before the outbreak of the unrest- and immediately joined the opposition. There are other pointers, too.
      Let’s have a look into the near future, at least a guess: Mubarak’s successors are already secretly installed, the Egyptian masses will be promised “more democracy”, “free elections” and of course “political reforms”. Propaganda and plenty of money courtesy US-taxpayers will ensure the desired outcome.
      After the dust has settled down, the old policy of national betrayal, economic mismanagement, corruption and obedience to Israel will continue just as before. Don’t expect the Orient to change!

    9. Tim McGreen Says:

      For Christ’s sake, Arm…..Your pessimism is unjustified and doesn’t help matters one bit. Egypt has never stopped being an enemy of the Zionist Entity, you know. It’s only the sell-outs at the very top who were bought off with bribe money from Uncle Shmuley.

    10. CW-2 Says:

      Armimius is on the money, the smooth unfolding of events in Egypt point to the ‘revolution’ being guided by the usual suspects. Mubarak has outlived his usefulness to his masters so the globalists have decided ‘regime-change’ is necessary to steer Egypt in a more compliant direction.
      What that ultimate direction is we don’t know, but we can bet the globalist are keen to use Egypt’s burgeoning population in a way designed to further tighten the squeeze on the White world and Europe in particular.

    11. Luke Says:

      As much as we all credit Israel and the snakes who inhabit that stolen piece of real estate for their evilness, I think we all should also grudgingly agree that they are the world’s most organized and well honed gang of evil snakes, too. Heck, they have been at it for 3,000 years – and its about the only thing they do better than anyone else, right?

      Hence, knowing how forward-thinking these jews are and understanding that they have a habit of being long-range thinkers in most of their nefarious behaviors, it would not surprise me one bit if it turns out that they had anticipated this Egyptian fiasco and were ready with new set of puppets and stooges waiting in the wings, to slide into the spots vacated by the group of stooges that the people chased out of power.

      After all, friends – isn’t that how they operate here in the USA? Remember, as Eustace Mullins once wrote: they always try to own both sides of the coin, so no matter what side comes up – they always win.

      Which takes us right back to The Linder Principle: No Jews, Just Right.

    12. Nom de Guerre Says:

      You’d think the jews were invincible, but they’re not. As the Spanish proverb goes “a fool knows more at home than a wise man at his neighbors.” Again, and again, and again as the jews henchman FDR said history doesn’t repeat itself but it does rhyme!

      The outburst in Egypt and the Mahgreb is more than a dust storm in the Sahara, it is a psychic upheaval preparing the way for the last imam, the Mahdi. It is the collective will of the faithful of islam. Allah be praised.

      Fear you evil Zionist cabal, the geni can’t be confined to the bottle any more, fear you shabbaz goyim capitalists, we know your achilles heel, the black soothing ointments that grease the wheels of your military industrial complex, may allah throw sand in your ambitions for a jew world order. Allah and the prophet Muhammed have delivered the lancet to pop your abcess of ambitious greed, into our hands.

    13. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Down with Yahveh, cut him down to the ground to the sides of the pit , that zionist puppet doggy that wagged the tail of the great Satan.
      Cut of the pools of flowing nourishment that feed the beast, that flow from the holy of holies in Mecca.. Oh my faithful you have been betrayed by the false brotherhood in Mecca.

    14. Nom de Guerre Says:

      How dare you wag my tail you impudent jew dawg yahveh!
      Come to my throne room and beg for mercy you worthlessh cur.
      With your yapping telivitsz, and trained teams of professional puppets.

      I’ll feed the crocodiles of the Nile your worthless sacks of camel dung, you scumbags whose mother was a scorpion, and father was a ragmerchant, who sold his wive to Pharaoh on numerous occasions. As if the great Pharaoh would want such shit bag of jewess for anything but cleaning latrines.

      How witty and clever to find a turncoat like Moses, to lead you shits out into sinai, to turn you all into stones to be pissed on

    15. CW-2 Says:

      The ‘collective will of the faithful of islam’ may be the establishment of the Caliphate, and that outcome would seem to threaten Israel, but the jews are quite prepared to work with this ground swell of popular feeling within the Arab world if it suits their goals.
      The long term aim of big jew is the destruction of the White race, they have been busy at that for the best part of 3000 years. Getting us to fight wars for them, particularly if such conflicts achieve more breathing space for them in the mid-east, is part of their planning.
      If the reactivation of the Caliphate gives rise to expansionist Islam then Europe will inevitably be drawn into serious military conflict with the jihadists; a win-win result for big jew.

      PS the first victims of these ‘democratic forces’ won’t be jews but will be the Greeks and Copts of Alexandria. Wait and see.

    16. Nom de Guerre Says:

      The jews goal? Or is that their golem? Hades is knocking at the door, I say we make them wait a little longer!

    17. Nom de Guerre Says:

      And those Greeks and Copts, whom do they worship? Aren’t they worshipping a jew god, Jesus? Are they really innocent, didn’t they let the jews conquer them? They are already victims, since conversion to xianity, They betrayed their own gods

    18. Tim McGreen Says:

      Yikes, according to some people here the Globalists are invincible. If the winter is mild, it’s because the Globalists planned it that way so they can promote their global warming agenda. But if it snows all winter, that’s because the Globalists wish to go skiing on Mount Olympus. If you stub your toe while trying to open the refrigerator in the dark, the Globalists made you do it! Why, the Globalists can read your very thoughts……..

      All Hail the Mighty Globalists. We are but mere wretched mortals who must cringe and cower before thee. Avert thine gaze, for the Divine Globalists are in thy presence.

    19. CW-2 Says:

      Yeah, the globalists are responsible for everything, Allah be praised!
      As we speak they are in Davos moving the chesspieces around like the Olympian gods they are :-)

    20. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Want makes people skeerd of jews? What the neighbors think.

      Get rid of the abortion of Xianity, and the jews would lose their vortex of power. Better the sultans turban, than the popes miter, or should we call that a yarmulke?
      The biggest enemy of the White Race is and has always been, xianity and its fanatical adherents now morphed into liberal, and the dumb kwanservative sheep who still believe the fairytale myths of a creation. The real knock out blow to xianity must come in the kwa, if the kwa don’t come to mohammed, mohammed must come to the kwa.

    21. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Yeah the jews up in Davos are flippin’ a coin, on one side the cross, and on the other side the crescent

    22. The Red Skull Says:


      In an interesting sidebar–The 2 “Skulls” who post here regularly(Sgt Skull and The Red Skull) on the Mighty and Noble VNN– are “tied” at 14 green checks each for most popular comment!–How COOL is that?!

      Ps –I gave everyone a positive check ’cause your all so smart and witty!

      VNN–A Great Place for Whites who really know WTF is goin on..!

      Yea—Don’t worry about the “Egypt thing”—the KluelessKwans over here will not bother to worry and wake up until NiggerBall is off and the Liquor stores are closed for some reason.

    23. Gerald E. P. Morris Says:

      The most important Lesson for us to extract from current Levantine events, be they in Tunis, the UAR or Yemen is the usefulness of the Web as a tool of Revolution. Mind, WE won’t be too welcome on Mark Zuckerberg’s little “Facebook” boondoggle, but the point is, the IP stack makes a splendid tool for propaganda, organization and even operations level communication.

      Arminius has shown some well considered skepticism, though I won’t project so much doubt or credit the old kikes with having conceived all this shit and implemented it. Take it from an expert hacker and GNUru, the vast majority of the ruling jewnta here and in I$rael alike are WAY behind the curve where using computers and the Web are concerned. They started playing catchup just a few years ago.

      I suspect that at the worst, the Mossad/CIA spooks have been instigating provocateur actions like looting, vandalism and such to discredit the poorly organized and led masses. THIS is the kind of SHIT jews enjoy and are most competant at. Same goes for their little pervert pals in the CIA, MI6 etc… The danger to the Egyptian People, Arabs and ourselves comes in a protracted siege, which will wear out all the unorganized, but honest folk who are on the asphalt for good reasons, leaving the field to the full time creeps and crudz. THAT is why shits like ElBaradai jumped on the wagon, and to a lesser degree the same for the Islamic Brotherhood.

      No doubt there ARE relative amateur yid activists all sticking their tentacles into this mess, and there clearly are signs of sundry contingency plans being activated. After all, the “Laughing Cow,” which is what Egyptians call Husni Mubarak in part because his face actually does resemble that symbol of Laughing Cow cheeses, is 82 yrs old! Pharoahs customarily have their successors lined up well before their retirement.

      In coming months, Aryan Revolutionists should devote themselves to study of this situation, and initiating plans on that basis.

    24. Sean Gruber Says:

      I wager this well-publicized, well-organized “fight for freedom, democracy, and human rights” is another “Orange Revolution” (or “Cedar Revolution” or “Denim Revolution,” etc.). Totally kike-led. Who are these people who have time to organize a revolution against – an evil dictator? No, just an old man who has done no worse than any of his predecessors – or woulda-been successors.

      I have watched exactly 40 non-consecutive seconds of the “valiant protests for young people for democracy and social change” as covered on CNN 24/7, and the smell of jew was so strong, I laughed and turned it off. Jew-scripted, jew-staged.

      Remember Gruber’s Maxim: If it’s big news, it’s big jews.

    25. Sean Gruber Says:

      (The key is to ask yourself: what, concretely, are the “heroic protesters” fighting for? If the answer is something concrete, like “they are fighting to get rid of Mudbarack because he looted the treasury and they are starving,” it’s legit. But if the answer is something like “they are fighting to get rid of Horseface because he is against youth, the future, human rights, motherhood, democracy, a free society, openness, progressive values, and All That Is Good,” then you know it has to be bullshit. If you can’t figure out what they want BESIDES rent – as in rent-seeking, which all groups want anyway – then it’s the jew. Motive here? Subverting Egypt completely, with an Egyptian Sarkozy type, would help the shitty lil cuntry a great deal, wouldn’t it?)

    26. Sean Gruber Says:

      It’s just like jews to buy off the top leaders of a country for years, unless that country is totally compromised – and then suddenly scream that the weak, compliant, friendly, whorish leaders are the Second Coming of Hitler who MUST GO NOW. If thousands of “students” et al. instantly take to the streets in well-organized drills, well-dressed, with the latest microphones, printed signs, media-savvy spokespersons, and WALL-TO-WALL WORLDWIDE MEDIA COVERAGE 24/7 that leans heavily on terms such as “freedom” “heroes” “fundamental change” etc. — then what you’re seeing is another slick jew op.

      This op has been repeated dozens of times in our century (remember the 1960s?), and in fact stretches back (in post-Renaissance times) as far as the Glorious Revolution in England and especially the French Revolution.

      I will go further. People taking to the streets to whine and cry to the larger world that they are pure, innocent victims is a very suspicious phenomenon. It’s theatre. It’s phony. It’s feminine. It’s kikey. Picture George Washington or Thomas Jefferson staging a “sit-in” for the newspapers of their day, or marching in the streets with signs about “human rights.” Get the contrast?

    27. Sean Gruber Says:

      Oops… “unless” should be “until” in the above. Apologies.

    28. Tim McGreen Says:

      I will go further. People taking to the streets to whine and cry to the larger world that they are pure, innocent victims is a very suspicious phenomenon. It’s theatre(sic). It’s phony. It’s feminine. It’s kikey. Picture George Washington or Thomas Jefferson staging a “sit-in” for the newspapers of their day, or marching in the streets with signs about “human rights.” Get the contrast?”

      No Gruber, I don’t. You obviously listen to a lot of right-wing radio. Try reading a book or something instead.

    29. Sean Gruber Says:

      I listen to no right-wing radio, Timmy. Go back to jerking off over “freedom-fighters” like this one:

    30. Miller Says:

      It appears Mubarak is being replaced with a “new thug on the block” under the false flag of “democracy”.

      Obama met secretly with the so-called “Muslim brotherhood.”

      Those looting the treasures of Egypt are said to be government agents. Likely quite a few dirty Jews amongst them, drooling over gold and priceless antiquities.

      Expect a phony Islam movement in Egypt to soon begin bombing crowded marketplaces killing ordinary civilians.

      In other words, Israel is acting to secure for itself the Sinai Peninsula and the Suez Canal.

      This is the Neo-con “Egypt is The Prize” grand scheme for Jews to control
      the middle east and its oil.

      Hence, the “Washington takes no side in this matter” and the feeble response of World Jewry.

      This would be a good time for The THIRD REICH to attack Israel with ethno-specific biological weapons aimed at the Ashkenazi subspecies, deployed in Israel’s water and air with full intentions of it spreading globally in the diaspora.

      What do you think?

    31. Bob Says:

      Some of the posters here ascribe almost supernatural powers to Jews, Zionists, CIA, Mossad, etc. Anybody who has worked in a government or military bureaucracy knows that this is far from the truth. It is highly unlikely that the powers that be instigated the uprising in Egypt. Why would they? Aren’t there easier ways to accomplish regime change if that is in fact the end game? Egypt is awash in unemployed and underemployed angry young men with plenty of time on their hands. The largely spontaneous uprising there is fueled by their frustration and testosterone. As the NWO economic noose is tightened, such mass “taking to the streets” will become common, even in the west. The Jews and their henchmen have overreached. They cannot hope to ride such a tiger. I believe we are witnessing the beginning of a worldwide descent into anarchy. Who knows what will come out the other end, but can it be worse than the feminized “idiocracy” we live in today? Maybe some pockets of sanity will emerge.

    32. Tim McGreen Says:

      Goober, I think you should enroll in a remedial course before being allowed to continue posting here…………

      PS…The old “jacking off” accusation is trite. Of course, I never expected anything better from you, seeing as how both your imagination and ability to express yourself are extremely limited. What bon mot will you utter next? “Suk muh dik”, perhaps?

    33. Tim McGreen Says:

      Miller, I think you are giving Kikestan far too much credit. No doubt they are trying to manipulate the situation from behind the scenes, but the Little Shitty is only the size of Delaware and has a paltry 5 million Jews in it. By contrast, they are surrounded by over 300 million Arabs and an additional 700 million Mohammedans. The JewSA is starting to crumble, so the Hebes can no longer count on Washington to save them. True, the Zionist criminals and their dupes have had the upper hand for the last 63 years, but that is a mere blink of the eye when considering how far back the history of that region stretches.

    34. Howdy Doody Says:

      Destruction is their game, supremency is their lust.

      Look at NYC, Camden, Philly, Detroit, St.Louis, or any ex great city that is ruins today, and the weak are fearful to walk in.

      IMO, they enemy aliens take personal pleasure knowing that White’s are fearful in most area’s of the regime where there is non White population.

    35. morris wise Says:

      Over 30 thousand violent members of the Muslim Brotherhood held in Egyptian prisons will be executed before Mubarak and his staff depart for Tel Aviv. He will be setting up a government in exile hoping to return in less than 90 days.

    36. Tim McGreen Says:

      I guess I shouldn’t be so cranky. After all, I did recieve a generous 23 thumbs up for my post at the top of this thread. So what if a few nit-wits post some nonsense that I don’t like. Those thumbs-ups are redeemable at all participating Piggly-Wiggly stores.

    37. Mary O Says:

      I agree with Sean Gruber’s viewpoint. And, I am so glad to read his opinion as I was starting to think that I was the only person in the world who didn’t see this “revolution” as genuine.

      Tahrir Square, and only Tahrir Square, is continuously flash-mobbed by kerchief-wearing women dancing and prancing in long chorus lines. And, Soros didn’t hand them $10 each for the performance?

      Why does Al-Jazeera show so many protest signs written in perfect English?

      And, Tunis was too slick for words. Mohamed Bouazizi was said to have immolated himself after being slapped and then berated in public by a woman cop. To counter the vaguest suspicion that he had a problem with western-style feminism, his sister was interviewed and testified that he supported both herself and their sister in their effort to further their educations. Can’t be too religious, now can we?


      At age of 19, Mohamed halted his studies in order to work fulltime, to help offer his five younger siblings the chance to stay in school.

      “My sister was the one in university and he would pay for her,” Samya Bouazizi, one of his sisters, said. “And I am still a student and he would spend money on me.”

      Did this guy really set himself on fire? It happened in some remote town in the middle of nowhere … President Ben Ali visited his bedside, but he was conveniently bandaged head to foot.

      In Egypt, Mubarak courageously committed himself to trying to deal with the difficult situation. A military man, he stated that he wants to die in Egypt. He told the people that he will not run again, but that he will stay in office until the next election. Reasonable, most observers would say.

      But Hillary can’t wait to push in some “interim” Czar, someone who would be Israel’s pal.

      The revolution may in fact be necessary and sincere, but the Egyptians should take their time and settle the issue in the correct manner.

      That which is important is never urgent.

      Finding the right leader is important, but too much hurry will only ensure that the wrong person gets the job.


      Senior administration officials said that the “transition” wording, used by both the White House and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, was carefully chosen to indicate a desire for a representative, interim government to run Egypt until scheduled presidential elections are held in September.

      Clinton, who appeared on five morning television shows to convey the message, resisted invitations to call explicitly for President Hosni Mubarak, in power for three decades, to stand down. “Both existing and any new members of any government” need to take “concrete steps toward democratic and economic reform,” Clinton said on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

      “We are not advocating any specific outcome,” she added. But “it needs to be done immediately, with a process that brings people to the table, and that the Egyptian people can see.”

      Saying that “no one is satisfied” with the steps Mubarak has taken since the protests for political and economic freedom began, Clinton said a transition process was needed “so that no one fills a void . . . what we don’t want is chaos.” The reference was to fears that radicals will move to take over what thus far have been largely secular protests.

    38. Tina Carter Says:

      It’s good to be vigilant, and not accept everything at face value. Nonetheless, one must also look at the evidence — western government (Jews) are divide. So this must have been surprise for them. The reason why Jews, and their western puppet wants to control this situation is simply they want it to spread it to other arab countries — specially Saudia-Arabia, and Kuwait.

    39. Nom de Guerre Says:

      The Moslems certainly have the numbers to squash Izzy, but do they have the fanacticism that forms human wave assaults, certainly the Palestinians do, perhaps the Iraqui Shias also. Izzy may be looking at gaining a stranglehold on the oil rich middle East, but they could never hold it. What could they do ? Kow tow before the Chinks, when the Jew Ass Oh Vey Golem slips into turd whrlld status?

    40. Cphas Keith Reyes, PhD. Says:

      Israel; America’s Biggest Problem

      The Jews illegal occupation of Palestinian lands is based on a ridiculous statement in the bible of 3,000 years ago that the mythical God promised a homeland called Israel, to the decendant of Jacob, called Israelites. This like other statements in that unenlightened book, is total nonsense, The name Israel was given to Jacob who the superstitious bible tells us was given to him after he wrestled all night with an angel of God. Prior to 1948, there was no land called Israel. Israel was a middle eastern nomadic tribe. It was just recently in 1948 that America and England manipulated Palestine into giving its western strip as a homeland to the persecuted Jews in the diaspora. The name Israel was given to that western strip of Palestine. The injustices of Israel against the Palestinians is the utmost ingratitude to a people who gave them a homeland. America continues to support the injustices of Israel against the Palestinian people, flaunting the UN and international condemnation of its illegality. This support is rooted in the fact that the jewish lobby in America has its finger on its economic and political pusle. On the basis of this strategic lobby, Israel is now showing hostility towards any peace initiative by the US administration. In such a situation America has forfeited its moral credibility in world affairs. So long as America continues on this course, it will not be regarded as an impartial voice in world affairs; the distrust of the Arab world and the third world will always be fraught with indignation against its biased policies.
      Keith Reyes, PhD.