30 January, 2011

Feminism vs. Reality

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Allowing women in the workforce makes as much sense as washing your car in the rain:


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    1. Bigduke6 Says:

      Form follows function and men and women are designed to perform specific roles and functions in society. So says science, biology, psychology and physiology. It is denial of reality and against nature. Carl Jung states women who want to assume mens roles are mentally ill.

    2. Bigduke6 Says:

      Have you ever heard of a mangina? That is a needy, male (not a man), feminist who sells out his brother for womans acceptance. He is the shithead wearing the Hillary for president button. He is the wuss going on thw Avon Breast walk ao he can be one of the gals. He is the most sorry, worthless turd of a man.

    3. Adolf Hitler Says:

      I can see why most of you will be choking the chicken on a nightly basis, or sleeping with a white trash girl with the IQ of a barnyard chicken. Nothing like killing off the white race by insisting that your white women be dumb as pine boards. Your offspring will have the IQ of smart horse. Great, nice move. A strong white race is a result of bright parents. Genetics 101.

    4. Bigduke6 Says:

      The white race is quickly becoming a minority in Germany and England. The US in two decades will see whites as a minority. The white race is declining because white women choose careers over children. No one is saying we want dumb women. And I would rather breed with a down home trailer park honey than one of those corporate mommie track yuppie scum shemales, with the stay home Casper Milqtoast husband
      Trailer park honeys make better breeding stock and know how to treat a man. Carl Jung said a womens main duty is to worship her man.

    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      It’s amusing to see those bureaucrats falling over each other in the rush to be offended by that guy’s remarks. And he’s right, those preggos need to stay home and take care of their White babies. Let some unmarried young career girl have her job instead. I’ll bet that “offended” pregnant woman gives birth to a wonderful “bi-racial/bi-cultural” mulatto or half-Chink. Just a guess.

    6. Leviticus Jackson Says:

      I for one, wish the world would go back to the way it was when I was growing up. Intact couples with the man working and the woman staying home looking after the kids. The reality is, we don’t live in that world any more! We need to work with what we have! We need to use our brains to win over our women! I have been quite surprised at how many “career” women wish it were the other way around. Remember, they are caught up in the system just like we are and they are naturally going the route which will give them the best economic advantages. That is, a professional career. I don’t know who this woman is but there is a very good chance that she is married to a White man and she is going to have a White child. While what Rozell said might of been 100 percent true. By saying what he did in the way he did totally destroyed his credibility. He might even lose his job and is now totally useless as an asset to us. Men like to be blunt and to the point. It doesn’t work that way with women, they think differently. To bring women over to your point of view, you need to be more skillful with words. The most lowly car salesman knows this. Why not a former state senator! Knowing what to say and when to say it is what it’s all about boys. That’s how the world works.

    7. Frank Toliver Says:

      The truth and what people want to believe are totally different. The truth is that our race is dying. The only way our race continues is for women to have children. If they are involved in having jobs, they have less or no children, and our race slowly dies. This has nothing to do with wanting women to be stupid or oppressed. We simply need to have our women having children. The best scenario is that women if they want to work, work from home, work a small business or pursue their interests while taking care of their children. Each white women needs to have at least 3 white children for us to continue on as a race, four or more if we ever hope to reclaim our territory. Women pursuing careers is another form of genocide, and so many women are working in useless careers and those that expose them to nigger males, like sociology, teaching in inner cities, and psychology. This lie that there are untapped resources in niggers and spics is another lie women swallowed whole without question like a bunch of nitwits.

    8. Bigduke6 Says:

      Both my great grandmothers came over from Europe, got married at 15 and had no formal education. My grandparents and great aunts and uncles all did well for themselves. No one needs a high IQ or formal education to be a good mom or dad. In fact it just may be the other way around. Nowdays people are being educated into imbecility. It seems a lot of kids from affluent and educated families
      are the ones with the hang-ups.

    9. Bigduke6 Says:

      Frank Toliver you said it well. Thanks.

    10. M. Kraus Says:

      Women follow strong men. If we want women to follow us as White Nationalists, we have to be stronger than all other men. That’s all. No carefully worded arguments will do the job. We slam our fists into the faces of all who challenge us…and women will follow us. We don’t have to “sell” them on the idea of White Nationalism. That has not worked in the past, why do we think it will work now? Just lead. Women will follow.

    11. Karen Says:

      Hey guys, I have been on both sides. I did stay home to raise my two boys for a while anyway. When I went to work I did so reluctantly. My oldest son was 17 and my youngest was 7. I only went to work because of economic hardships to keep our home. When you force a society into economic difficulties and women have to join the work force you have a communistic regime. Weez all equal under the eyes of financial capitalism and it’s twin communism. I too really wish the situation would change. I miss the real manhood that we once had. The world wars destroyed everthing.

    12. Tim McGreen Says:

      The economic conditions in this country are so hostile to middle and working class people that I’m sure millions of young White couples have indefinitely postponed having children. Worse yet, they might adopt a non-White baby or two instead!!!!!!

    13. -jc Says:

      Its not the economic conditions but the “I want it all, I want it now, and I want everyone to help me get it by inflating the currency so that I can get a cheap loan” mentality. Bankers prey on this kind of thinking and the program to destroy White civilization is proceeding apace because of a system that panders to such weaknesses.

      Having a mortgage or even a giant property tax obligation for the inflated price of a home is not home ownership.

      Some common sense could cut the bankers off and lower housing prices. Look around: They’re too scared to loan money and it is lowering real estate prices already; too bad its destroying the equity that those without mortgages managed to save but that’s what people get for not paying attention and doing something serious about it.

    14. Karen Says:

      It was not I want it all in my case, I realise that with some it really is that but some of us wanted to keep our home at least long enough to raise our children in a stable way of life which is being in a home with small town schools. My husband and I lost our home after all. It was not for all the reasons that so many were blamed for, wanting all and overspending. We had a run of the mill home and this was our castle for our children. We had one car to our family.

    15. Strong Woman Says:

      Why are all you men so afraid of smart accomplished women? Why do you feel so threatened by them? Don’t you know that it is the women who raise and instill in the children the qualities and character that get carried on to the next generation? I see some of you like to cite famous quotations like “a woman’s main duty is to worship her man”. Hogwash! Here’s a quote for you: “The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world”. Instead of trying to keep your women under your thumb, you should be encouraging them to develop themselves so that they can assist you and be true partners in making your children the leaders of tomorrow. Women aren’t just brood cows meant to punch out a litter of little white kids so as to increase the white population. Shouldn’t the quality of the race be of paramount importance? Children who grow up in ignorance and poverty learn to expect less out of themselves and out of society. Parents are the most important examples to a child. What kind of example is a mother who has little education or skills beyond cleaning house and cooking meals? How can she help her children with their education and inspire them to achieve and better themselves if she has no idea how to achieve for herself? I suspect that those of you who eschew women in the workplace have little education yourselves and probably very few of you work in any sort of professional capacity. I just wonder what the percentage of manual laborers post on this board? If all women stayed home for 18 years to devote themselves solely to the upbringing of their children, our economy would collapse from the absence of their contribution to it. They do many jobs that are necessary and that they are uniquely designed to do, such as nursing, teaching, and many other of the service occupations. The vast majority of jobs women hold are relatively low-paying occupations that most men wouldn’t do anyway. We no longer live in an agrarian society, but in a society that is service-based. Most of us aren’t down on the farm raising corn with the older children helping out in the fields while Mom slaves over the wood cook stove and scrubs the clothes in the nearby creek. Needs were more simple then. Now things are quite a bit more complex. While I agree that in the best possible worlds it would be ideal for a woman to be able to remain at home with her children who are under school age, there’s no reason why a woman could not hold a job during school hours and still be able to fulfill her mothering responsibilities. This is an old argument, and you men here are WAY behind the times. Bring yourselves into the 21st century for goodness sakes! Quit whining about the past, you can’t turn back the clock. You sound like a bunch of backward ignorant fundamentalists who can’t face reality. Unfortunately, in today’s economy and with the lack of social supports that many European countries provide their own citizens, such as free preschool child care and financial assistance for working families, many mothers with small children must work in order to help their husbands provide their families with a reasonable standard of living. And what about all the single mothers out there? Are you willing to give the single mothers in your community some of your hard-earned cash so they can stay home? Wouldn’t it be better if that mother had the job skills and education to get the best paying job possible? What constitutes a reasonable standard is, of course, a matter of personal opinion, but for me, that would be a lifestyle comparable to one’s neighbors. Standard of living is all relative, but a child who is forced to live in a manner that is much below that of others in his environment is detrimental to his self esteem and sense of fairness. What parent would want his child to suffer need? So if you men have the earning power in yourselves to provide that standard of living for your families, all well and good. But those of you who find that your jobs don’t provide that standard (not your fault), why not welcome the assistance your wives can provide? It seems to me that the only reason to object in that case would be because a wife that has some earning power represents a threat to your power over her. Just like allowing blacks and jews and whoever else you hate to have any power represents a threat to your own false sense of superiority.

    16. George Wallace Says:

      Feminism is an artificial ideological construct, NOT a derivative of any physical axiom. The PROOF exists in “affirmative action.” A Quinipiac poll reveals that most Americans don’t want affirmative action. Affirmative action is unconstitutional and antithetical to the intent of America’s founders. Affirmative action confiscates an aspect of a man’s property. The Constitution precludes the government from confiscating the property of a citizen. All “men” are created equal per the verbiage of the constitution. That specifically and in particular excludes, through deliberate ommission, savages or “natives” and females. “Equal” status means men compete without government intervention; without affirmative action, quotas or extra points. All “men” were created equal, the outcome of their lives was not. Feminism and affirmative action exist because women CANNOT compete with men. Feminism and affirmative action were constructed because women CANNOT compete with men; they tried and lost. Men won the competition; so be it. Feminism and affirmative action are unconstitutional. Feminism is artificial, false and entirely without any natural or physical basis. Feminism is a concept from the Communist Manifesto and is anti-American. Feminism must be eliminated through the REPEAL of affirmative action. REPEAL in the past, REPEAL now and REPEAL FOREVER!

    17. -jc Says:

      But the bottom line, Karen, is that you lost your home and demonstrated to your children that you rolled the dice with what you “invested” in a depreciating assest with resources that could have been spent on less expensive rent, etc. Most of have bought-into the dream of home ownership in an entirely different way than my parents and their parents.

      We had a seven year mortgage, when I was a kid, and I delivered the mortgage payment to the widow down the street who then lived in a rented home. We paid the place off in five years because my dad, raised during the Great Depression, by a widowed mother, on a free & clear farm, was ashamed of debt. Most lost their homes during the Depression due to property taxes because mortgages were not fashionable.

      Watch the video online, Death and Taxes, Gordon Kahl was fighting against what had changed during the war and continued to change. What had changed was a consolidation of the banker’s grip on America and Americans. Farmers were being dispossed wholesale without much more awareness than we see today but there was considerable protest: Listen to Yori Kahl’s observations about the Permian Basin being a hotbed and the need to make an example of someone as the IRS does every year about tax time.

      One of the saddest things about Whites because I expect better of them is how quickly they forget those who came before them and the lessons they should have learned and taught their offspring.

      Karen, with all due respect, we’re not in agreement about what’s important to one’s children, one’s people, and one’s nation. The deed to the ranch is simply a handle that the usual suspects– let’s call them bankers– use to get ahold of people and squeeze the life out of them for usury and then leave their offspring with no inheritance. My hope is that our people figure that out rather than continue to grasp at whatever is dangled in front of them: If that happens and a stable currency is established then we’ll have a chance to allow prices on necessities like homes, vehicles, and everything else we think we need so badly bought at what the Brits call “high purchase” will adjust back to reality.

      Hitler’s program for a people’s car, for example, was to make a one-car-family possible. Bankers didn’t. And They crushed him for it. We have some collective, uncomfortable belt-tightening, not to mention a serious woodshed experience in our futures whether we want to face it or not; I suggest we make an effort to learn from it rather than attempt to justify what brought us to it. These are the lessons we must learn and demonstrate to our children as how one takes responsibilty for mistakes and moves on.

    18. Tim McGreen Says:

      With all due respect to JC, Whites need to help each other out when things go sideways, not make speeches about what our parents did during the Depression.

    19. Brigantes Says:

      Have women taken over Stormfront.org?

      “Your account has been disabled for the following reason: Your insults are tedious and you are on the wrong forum.

      Date your account will be reenabled: 03-02-2011, 01:00 PM”

      This because I did not agree with a certain BNP basher,not because I love the BNP but because his sourse for info was completely discredited on numerous occasions.I insulted nobody.

    20. -jc Says:

      Ostensibly White Knight, Tim McGreen Says:

      2 February, 2011 at 8:17 am

      “With all due respect to JC, Whites need to help each other out when things go sideways, not make speeches about what our parents did during the Depression.”

      And we do that exactly how other than your advice that “preggos” need to stay home rather than go to work?

      Was it something I wrote about something your wrote previously you haven’t gotten-over?

      My position is the assume that those posting here have broad enough shoulders to handle truth and the opinion of others. And, if something gets posted that I think hurts rather than helps, I’m sometimes going to offer my opinion. For example, “investing” in depreciating assets like motor vehicles and homes at interest rates that exceed the inflation rate, regardless of whether the vast majority of people do it or not, is bad advice. To remain silent about the conventional wisdom promoted by the usual suspects in the mass media and the real estate and mortgage banking industries appears to serve no one I care-about.

      Karen’s motives are noted but the bottom line is that there is no different penalty for first degree versus second degree default on one’s repayment comittments. I give the woman credit for being White, being here because she wants to participate rather than have someone say, “There, there… ” This is full-contact news & views; for everyone else there’s Stormfront.

    21. Frank Toliver Says:

      ‘Strong Woman’ for god’s sake shut the fuck up. You are the type of psycho who is the problem. Nice short story length single paragraph diatribe from the grating in the door of the psych ward.

      Main problems with your arguments are as follows;
      1. Over educated women who think they are smarter than the common masses are overwhelmingly liberal, and hate white people. They spend more years than any other group unquestionably absorbing anti-white propaganda. You must think a mother without an MBA, Doctorate and Masters degree will end up raising violent retards.

      ‘Less educated’ women usually have more real world smarts, as they learn from their own experiences, and don’t have all of the doublespeak making them doubt their experience. Also, all that time spent working takes time away from creating a family. Also, the more time they are spending in school, the more time they are in a fake world without real consequences.

      Shit I could go on, but as always women continue to spending tens of thousands of dollars pursuing shit careers so they can help niggers and retards out, NOT TO DO OR CREATE ANYTHING SUBSTANTIAL.

      2. Our real wealth has been vastly diminished by jews. Women shouldn’t need to work if they don’t want to, but whites and other producers are supporting a burden of tens of millions of non-whites, and dozens of countries.

      Think about this and chew on it; where would our society and average standard of living be if we weren’t being robbed blind every second of the day by jews, niggers, spics and liberals?

      3. No one here thinks we are living in the 1800’s just you and your messed up, patriarchy-fearing, feminist brain do. You are the result of brainwashing by our enemies, and you can’t even see it. I pity any man who is beholden to you. And there are millions of jobs which don’t need to be done at all like fast food clerks, telemarketers, social workers for the browns and most government jobs, by neither men nor women.

      4. No, I do not want to support single mothers unless they are widows or honest to god victims of bad men (even then they are culpable if they chose men they were warned about). I did not knock them up, it is not my responsibility to support them.

      I couldn’t read anymore of your chunk of screed because, you are a psycho. The finest & most accomplished woman I know is a racist who ran 6 companies in her lifetime, raised 3 kids, can cook like a no one else I know, and would be considered under educated by you. She didn’t need your type of whining, she just did, stood up for herself and men respected her. (Hint for the ladies, most men are a pushover for women, even without the threat of sexual harassment lawsuits and legal action.)

    22. Howdy Doody Says:

      Strong Woman Says:

      31 January, 2011 at 9:29 pm


      Your a White Women ?

      I doubt it, and if you were your a part of the problem that thanks to Madison Avenue enemy aliens who engineered the weaker sex to get the vote has only proved to be of many nightmare pillar’s for US ever since.

      Oh, please shave your lip, and please have manners when out in the public common’s thank you.
      Karen, the engineered War’s absolutely has lead U.S. to this day all across the West, and our Mortal enemie’s dare not speak it aloud.

      60,000 young men under 32 years of age perished in just this one day tragedy, the non wounded were scared by this too.

      9.5 millon White men in uniform perished in this War to end all wars, 98% under the age 32, and then what was it 18 million Whites perished from was called the Spanish Flu ?

      NKVD troll love VNNF more than any other forum is my bet.

    23. Howdy Doody Says:

      Frank Toliver Says:

      2 February, 2011 at 10:35 pm

      ‘Strong Woman’ for god’s sake shut the fuck up. You are the type of psycho who is the problem. Nice short story length single paragraph diatribe from the grating in the door of the psych ward.


      Yes, the NKVD types Love VNNF.

      Thank you.

    24. -jc Says:

      Strong women make solid choices, produce quality offspring, and have good work capacity– physical endurance. Strong women need strong men, like them, support them, and are praised by them, rather than promoting themselves in such forums.

      Genetics is simply more important than environment in determining character– even in humans. And that is why I hold out hope for the offspring of those of us who bred women with an inflated opinion of the importance of their nurturing.

      Don’t get me wrong: I love real women, especially strong ones, and prefer their company to the company of the vast majority of men I’ve met. I just don’t regard most women as having their priorities straight, these days, and I blame primarily the lack of meaningful feedback from men because they’ve allowed institutions their labor supports to facilitate so much of women’s counterproductive behavior.

      Like the Marines, we’re looking for a few good women to move our genes forward rather than think to correct us– women that don’t wither under critique. It should be clear that if you don’t want our fruit you’re shaking the wrong trees and should have known it by reading first.

    25. Tim McGreen Says:

      Just kidding, JC, I have no respect for you.

    26. Virgil Says:


    27. -jc Says:

      Since I don’t vote here or elsewhere, I’m not the best one to see the point in the Like/Dislike feature added to these pages not long ago. Do we care what feminists, women, trolls, the disenfranchised, etc., think about what we post? I’m guessing that the presumed position of most VNN stalwarts is unpopular with those who trouble themselves to try to make an impression on the teneral readership.

      Do we care about so called gender bias? http://mjperry.blogspot.com/2011/02/some-new-gender-gapsgender-disparities.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+blogspot%2FmmMP+%28CARPE+DIEM%29

    28. -jc Says:

      Make that “general” readership (typo).

      As a postscript, it was woman’s suffrage, the 18-year-old vote, and in fact granting the vote to other than landed men, natural left-liberals all, that really doomed democracy.

      Someone once wrote that America will collapse of her own weight when the poeple realize they can vote themselves a subsidy from the public treasury.

    29. -jc Says:

      Make that “general” readership (a typo).

      It was woman’s suffrage, the 18-year-old vote, and granting the vote to other than landed men, not to meniton non-Whites, mostly natural left-liberals, that have worked to make democracy moot. Someone once wrote that America would collapse of “her” own weight once the people realized they could vote themselves a subsidy from the public treasury.

    30. Tim McGreen Says:

      The crazy thing is that most White women, especially the “hot” ones, do not consider themselves to be feminists and probably wouldn’t care if most of their “equal rights” were taken away from them. Before women had the “right” to vote, we had Presidents who were fat, bald, short, etc. Maybe they weren’t “cute”, but for the most part they were competent. Now all Presidents and Senators have to be smooth-shaven, tall and photogenic because those are the kinds of extremely important qualifications women voters look for in a leader.

    31. Howdy Doody Says:

      IMO 75% of the bully dykes just play the roll of harrassing society as their ugly pos’s with a hairy lip and etc.


      Big Bucked Toot toothed might enjoy this this one.

    32. Howdy Doody Says: