1 January, 2011

Spanish Nationalist Goes to Prison

Posted by Socrates in Catholicism, dispossession & destruction, jewed culture, Jewish Tyranny, Socrates, Spain, White martyrs at 6:13 pm | Permanent Link

Even “macho,” Catholic countries are eager to please the Jews by jailing truth-tellers:


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  7. 11 Responses to “Spanish Nationalist Goes to Prison”

    1. Jürgen Says:


      And to think that this is happening in a country where so many White Nationalists, led by Francisco Franco, fought and died in order to free
      it from jewish communism in 1939.

      The communists controlling Spain in 1936 exiled Franco to North Africa,
      but Adolf Hitler ordered the elite Condor Legion of the Luftwaffe to
      bring Franco back to the mainland of Spain, starting the Spanish Civil War.

      The filthy jews were so pissed that, even after World War II, Spain
      remained free from their clutches, thanks to the Führer. White
      Nationalist movements are really gaining steam in present-day
      Spain, as people there are realizing more and more the age-old
      adage: “With jews, you l-o-s-e!”

    2. CW-2 Says:

      State the historical truth and spend time in the slammer, that is the reality in Europe today not only in Spain. Since Franco’s death in 1975 the commies, jews and globalists have slowly come out of their rat holes and are now the dominant power in Spain. Although there are many good people in Barcelona, that region is the centre of jew power in Spain and is fast filling up with assorted turdworlders.
      But there is hope, Franco’s tomb outside Madrid still draws the faithful. First order of business, get Juan Carlos’ head on the end of a stick.

    3. Blackshirt Says:

      I’ve noticed that there has been a large movement by the Social Marxists within Spain and in the rest of the Western world to discredit Franco’s Spain, glorify the “Republican” forces and their allies, and to turn modern Spain into a multiracial Marxist police state. This is just one more step in that direction.

      I listen to NPR for news sometimes and there always seems to be a story ever so often that portrays the Communist forces against Franco in a sympathetic light. Not surprising if you notice that a majority of NPR’s announcers and staff are yids. If you look into the leaders of the “Abraham Lincoln Brigade” you will find that most of them were Jews.

    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      Excellent post as usual, Herr Blackshirt…..

      I posted a comment on this subject last night, but it has yet to materialize. No matter. And so at the risk of repeating myself, I will just point out a few things, namely, that anti-fascist (and possible marrano Jew?) Pablo Picasso’s “Guernica” painting is continuously praised by Jews and Liberals because it portrays the suffering of Spanish civilians at the hands of the Luftwaffe. And yet Picasso lived in National Socialist liberated Paris throughout the war years and was NEVER bothered by the Gestapo! The same goes for that famous lesbian Jewish couple, Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas.

      So what do the Jews have to say about all of that, je me demande????

    5. Virgil Says:

      So many lampposts, so little time!

    6. Gerald E. P. Morris Says:

      The government in Madrid today is nothing but the lineal descendant of the Stalinist-anarchist mob that comprised the “Republican” forces which il Caudillo kicked the shit out of with his MOROCCAN troops. Be advised that when non-Aryans who KNOW and loathe jews eagerly volunteer to serve Aryan causes, it is best to accept their help rather than stupidly spurn them, and drive them into the arms of kikery, as Hitler and Koch did in the Ukraine, never mind that Slavs are far closer to the Aryan trunk than Moors…

      There were plenty righteous Aryan forces who fought against the jew mob. Aside from the Moroccans, Italian volunteers and the Luftwaffe, the Church and old aristocracy provided the most enthusiastic support for Franco. Unfortunately, the Church now has been riddled by literal communists and freemasons in addition to none-too-crypto-jews to the point that while His Holiness pronounces anathemas against the politics of perversion openly proposed by the neo-reds, many of the priests actively support these very parties. Then there are the accusations, based both in fact and fiction of severe perversion within the Church itself, which render Papal opposition to red-jews utterly limp. Thus, by breaking the power of the Church, the jews have been able to implement various social-democratic/communist regimes throughout the old Roman West.

    7. Tim McGreen Says:

      The present unhappy situation in Spain will not last forever. The political map of Europe changes dramatically every few decades.

    8. CW-2 Says:

      The first thing that greets the traveller arriving at a Spanish airport, apart from the curious absence of passport control, are large signs exclaiming ‘zero tolerance for verbal racial abuse’. We need to turn the volume to max and start using the ‘N’ word whenever possible.

    9. Tim McGreen Says:

      CW-2, are you one of those Brits who goes on vacation, I mean holiday, in Majorca? How’s the coloured situation there?

    10. CW-2 Says:

      Tim, I can’t comment on Majorca as I haven’t been to that typical holiday destination. The demographic situation in the major mainland cities is bad enough, though mild compared to Britain and France. The globalist are busy sticking turds wherever they can find a gap. Even the villages outside Madrid have their enforced quota of single negro men and resulting piccaninnies.
      Two things which struck me on my first visit to Barcelona back in 2002 were the availability of hard core porn videos on sale in the sidewalk newsstands, and dozens of pictures of mixed race kids displayed inside the major churches. These kids didn’t appear to be up for adoption but perhaps were intended to enourage the church goers to ‘celebrate diversity’.

    11. The Red Skull Says:

      Poor Spain!Whatever happened to th “good ol days” when we could kick the commies directly in their crotch.Spain was a “FACIST” country until Francos death in 1975.That was ONE positive result from WWII!Then after the Caudillo died,the Commies liberals and jews came out of the woodwork to start their destructive work.Now Spain is getting overrun with niggers from Africa,and the EUZOG likes it that way.

      May the Spanish people find the greatness and courage to fight off the forces of evil international jewry again!