19 March, 2011

Jews vs. White Beauty

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Jews hate White beauty because, as a people, they’re ugly. They’re often physically slight, with stooped shoulders and skinny legs – in other words, they look wimpy. Many Jews have big ears and big noses, which gives them a rodent-like appearance.


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    1. George Wallace Says:

      A TIN HORN DICTATOR has turned America into a terrorist hotbed. An American Congress cowers before him, shirking its duty to DECLARE WAR. By what criteria has America MURDERED CITIZENS and INVADED A SOVEREIGN NATION? Did China KILL protestors in Tianamen Square? Has Castro oppressed political adversaries? Does Mexico murder and sever the heads of opponents to the Mexi-Narcocracy? When will the Juciciary prosecute this unconstitutional act of war? When will American-Americans implement the U.S. Constitution?

    2. Tim McGreen Says:

      There are three basic types of Jew:

      1) The Porcine Jew:



      2) The rodent-like Jew:



      And the Serpent-faced Jew:

      Thank you, that is all.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      What is my “comment awaiting moderation”? What’s to moderate?

    4. J├╝rgen Says:

      ONE MORE

      Tim, you forgot another type of jew, lol:

      4) The cropped android jew bitch:


      Where is my can of “JewBeGone”?

    5. mrcrouton Says:

      I think Jews fornicating with their immediate family members for thousands of years might have alot to do with it.
      And indeed they are hard on the eyes and angry about it!
      But that’s what incest does.

      Marrying your niece a good deed according to their holy Talmud, but it also keeps the money in the family.

      You can read all about it in this book, Genetic Disorders among the Jewish People by Professor Richard Merle Goodman.

      It is interesting that the collective beauty seems linked to the average individuals beauty. So since Jews are ugly, everything they do is ugly,(ie modern art, rap etc..)

      Northern Europeans are beautiful, and their society is beautiful (without Jews attacking it out of envy).

    6. Joe Neunzig Says:

      Although the jew face comes in many versions one aspect they all share is beautiful they ain’t!

    7. Tim McGreen Says:

      These 4 lovely specimens are in a class by themselves. Gentlemen, may I present Homo Neanderthalis Judaeus:





    8. Tim McGreen Says:

      Part III in the ongoing study of the differences between Jews and Humans:

      First, an Aryan girl:


      and now, a typical Jewess: (note: please do not view this photo on a full stomach)


    9. Kirksville Anti-racist Says:

      Um, Sarah Silverman? Natalie Portman?

    10. butch Says:

      natalie portman at the the right angle or without heavy makeup, looks very jewy, a false beauty.

      sarah silverman, hahahahahaha, you must be kidding, you do know that she shaves her moustache regularly!?

    11. Big Man Says:

      Its amazing what hollywood can do to buff-up such turds – I’ve seen Sarah Jessica Parker in person on NYC street. No lying, she is quite ugly and tiny in stature.

    12. Kirksville Anti-racist Says:

      Big Man, that’s no revelation–Sarah Jessica Parker looks pretty ugly on screen as well. I notice though that no one has any rebuttal for Sarah Silverman or Natalie Portman.

    13. Tim McGreen Says:

      Kirksville, if you are referring to that photo of the disheveled, uncouth-looking Jewess I posted, she is none other than Amy Winehouse. As I’ve said before, the Jews are comprised of the most undesirable elements that have been cast off by other races. They are the grease trap, the kitchen sink strainer, the town dump of humanity.

    14. Tim McGreen Says:

      And to think we once had pop culture idols like Jenny Lind and Mary Pickford. How far we’ve fallen.

    15. Don Quixote Says:

      Yea sarah parker is a good example of the mongrelized edomite esau jew. she is ugly indeed. and their lust for blood is sickening and horrific.

    16. Bret Ludwig Says:

      An aside about the statements in the link about black haired, green eyed women. Years ago I was discussing the Parsees with someone and remarked that “he Parsee women all look like Liz Taylor, with a darker skin.”.Taylor had violet eyes, which were very unusual-could she have been part Parsee? It’s a thought. I don’t know.

    17. Dr White Says:

      If I did not know better I would say the hate filled little… Tim McGreen is attempting some reverse psychology here


      Both these women have very similar facial and eye structure, except one has dark hair and is strung out on crack

      And they are all Neanderthal some have just interbred with other things (Head bobbling sassy snakes, pigs, rats, monkeys, stupid neck clinching frowning lizard hybrids etc)


      They are all domesticated from the Neanderthal, just as the dog is domesticated from the wolf. The question is what, what was exactly was the Neanderthal??

      What do transsexuals (catamites) homos, jews, amoral psychos …and most other dogs all have in common?

      Theare all originally engineered by man and masters within very advanced civilizations or by the devil himself to destroy them. As the kykes are showing here


      The 1st 3 being weapons for that effect thereof.

      There is also a movie called Prime Suspect 3 where the jews state, that they do not believe transsexauls are born that way, but engineered from extreme abuse. (If someone is abused so wrongly, they would only think it is right they are born with a vagina…like “Buffalo Bill”

      This is why they blocked homosexuality as being labeled a mental disorder in 1976…despite the fact most homos do not like being that way, so they could not get the help that they need. And also made up the false memory foundation.

      They are still continuing with their funny farm breeding business they learned their inbred band of theives stole from more advanced civilizations or invented, that these pe(s)ts are all bred from. As discussed by former FBI chief Ted Gunderson in his “finders” network evalution.

    18. Eric Gunther Oberhauser Says:

      JEWS are living proof that niggers F**K dogs.