26 March, 2011

Online Book

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The Jewish Strategy by Dr. Revilo Oliver:

(a .pdf file): [Here].

An html (non-.pdf) introduction to the book: [Here].

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    1. CW-2 Says:

      Essential reading, though somewhat depressing. As Professor Oliver observes, the jew although composed of millions of individuals functions as a unitary organism, similar to the social insects. This is their greatest strength, but perhaps we can turn that against them.

    2. Franklin Ryckaert Says:

      In films about nature you often see how packs of hyenas hunt big animals,buffaloes for exemple.First they run into a herd causing panic.Then they isolate one animal, surround him and attack him from all sides.The buffalo though bigger and stronger cannot defend himself against the pack of hyenas and is killed.The buffalo fights as an individual,the hyenas as a pack-and they win.If the buffaloes had decided to also fight as a pack,they could easily defend themselves.But they don’t,it is not in their nature.In the human world the hyenas are the collectively acting Jews and the buffaloes are the individually acting Europeans.They too could easily defend themselves IF ONLY they would act collectively. But they don’t.Is it not in their nature either?Is there no hope for them?Well there has been a short period in recent history(no more than 12 years) when Europeans DID indeed act collectively and DID defeat the Jews.But that- as we all know- ultimately failed.Since then any form of collective behaviour of Europeans is severely criminalized.The only hope lies not in a collective mass movement,but in the creation of a collective CABAL acting very much like the Jews themselves.That cabal should try to remove Jews (and their Gentile minions) from all seats of power and, occupy those places for themselves .Once this cabal is in power and control of the media secured the masses will follow.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      I just finished reading the entire book. Thanks for posting it here. I certainly enjoyed reading it and agree with most of what Dr. Oliver said. He was one of the 20th century’s greatest minds, along with Oswald Spengler and Bertrand Russell. My only complaints with the book are Dr. Oliver’s clunky theory on the origins of Christianity, esp. his comparison of Christians vs. the Chrestiani. That part sorely needed an editor’s red pencil. And a few translations of his obscure German and Latin references would’ve been appreciated. He certainly could not be accused of wearing his erudition lightly.

      Anyway, thanks again. Despite the complaints I listed above, I am pleased to say that Dr. Oliver’s writing style, while at times too scholarly and and pedantic for my liking, is not nearly as formidable as I had feared.

    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      I am pleased to say that Dr. Oliver’s writing style, while at times too scholarly and and pedantic for my liking, is not nearly as formidable as I had feared.

      Why do I write “and and” in my posts so god damn often? Sorry about that. It annoys me and I’m sure it annoys others, too.

    5. Nom de Guerre Says:

      You’ve got my vote Franklin. Lets go hunt some ORCs

    6. Bret Ludwig Says:

      A great book, as is another short RPO volume, The Yellow Peril.

      His magnum opus, though, is Christianity and the Survival of the West.

      All online if you look.