28 March, 2011

U.S. Supreme Court to Hear Sex-Equality Lawsuit

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What you’re supposed to believe: despite being equal to men, women still can’t get fair treatment in the good-ol’-boy workforce.

The way it really is: if anything, the workforce is too female-friendly already. Women should stop complaining and thank their lucky stars that 1) they live in a country where most men don’t object to them being absent from the home for 9 or 10 hours per day; 2) height, weight and strength requirements have been abolished in most vocations in order to accommodate them; 3) they can become pregnant, miss months of work as a result and still expect their jobs to be waiting for them.


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  7. 19 Responses to “U.S. Supreme Court to Hear Sex-Equality Lawsuit”

    1. mrcrouton Says:

      The Walton family are WASPS and I think the Jews hate the fact that this WASP family outdid the Jews in the retail business. It gnaws at them.

      They also have very deep pockets that any lawya would want to sink their hands into.

    2. George Wallace Says:

      Any court or judge that even hears this PETITION FOR BIAS and special treatment should be prosecuted with extreme prejudice to the fullest extent of the law. The Constitution provides FREEDOM to citizens and businesses, it DOES NOT provide special treatment for any reason especially because a citizen or business lost. In America, the Constitution allows winners to win and makes NO special provisions for LOSERS. Any concept of equality means a person is equally free to pursue happiness; it does not mean that the government assists or participates with the individual and it does not guarantee the outcome of a person’s effort or life. The Judiciary in America is the PROBLEM. The Judiciary FAR exceeds the bounds of its mission and authority as it deliberately misreads and interprets the Constitution rather than, simply enforce the law as it is written in plain English. The Judiciary makes unconstitutional decisions, then makes further unconstitutional decisions on those unconstitutional decisions. The Judiciary is so extremely un and anti-Constitutional that it’s criminal.

    3. Nom de Guerre Says:

      it DOES NOT provide special treatment for any reason especially because a citizen or business lost. In America, the Constitution allows winners to win and makes NO special provisions for LOSER

      Gee, I wonder what all those bailouts were for?

    4. George Wallace Says:

      Napolean, The Constitution was in effect until Abraham Lincoln ripped it to shreds. You have to pay attention. There is a world of difference between current circumstances and events and the specific and particular law of the Constitution. America must be RECONSTITUTED and that process will begin with the REPEAL of most of the Amendments and the repatriation of foreign subjects who illegally immigrated or illegally gained citizenship as large population segments with foreign homelands – mass, immediate immigration (i.e. invasion) was never intended. The Constitution not only does not provide for the Federal Reserve Board but it requires an anchored currency. The Constitution says NOTHING about BAILOUTS in any form. When the tide goes out, you find out who’s swimming without a bathing suit. The Bernie Madoff SCHEMERS got caught and the Bernie Madoff SCHEMERS bailed themselves out. The question is, who gave America to the Madoffs? Some insidious force caused the Constitution to be impotent and took America over. America must be RECONSTITUTED.

    5. dn Says:

      I think the wogs have some good traditions when it comes to women.


      women are the “world nigger” empowering ZoG with their mindless consumerist wasting of male created wealth.

      two girls I met recently are off on a trip to Georgia and Armenia so will be amused to listen to their gang rape stories when they get back.

    6. Tim McGreen Says:

      Governor Wallace, I appreciate where you’re coming from, but what we need is a full-blown, all-out REVOLUTION, not a re-construction or re-constituion. The Jew/Zionist/Capitalist/Globalist/Plutocratic Enemy will not give up one ounce of his power voluntarily, it will have to wrested from him at machine-gun point once and for all time.

      And since WAL*MART is owned by southern White male gentiles and Seligman the Berkley lawyer is a scheming, money-grubbing Jew, and since the whole case is about giving women yet more special treatment and accommodations in the workplace, I think it’s safe to say how the Sonia Sotomayor, Ruth Bader-Ginsburg, Steven Breyer and Elana Kagan-controlled ZOG courts will decide it.

    7. Tim McGreen Says:

      You go into any bank, office, school, store, airport, hospital, library or newsroom and all you see are women. Nothing but female employees yakking to each other all day, either in person or on the phone. Then they take 90 minute lunch breaks and call it a day at 3:30. The poor dears, I didn’t realize how they were being discriminated against. Thank god a selfless Jew lawyer from Berkley is going to help them.

      So where are the men? They’re in the back or on the road doing REAL work, like rebuilding engines, towing some old lady’s disabled car out of a snowbank, fixing a broken gas-line at 3 am, delivering heavy packages in a UPS van all day, digging coal mines, captaining ships and not getting any kind of thanks for any of it, that’s where they are.

    8. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Real Work? You want to know what does the work, its called fuel like oil and nuclear fuel rods, the sun , the wind. Man at his best is just nothing more, nothing less than the will to power. Hell an ant can carry 10 times its own body weight, and the worker ants and bees are all females. This whole Constitution thing smacks of judaism

    9. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Take a tour of the Kwa, what do you see? Work being done, mostly mexishits doing the pick and shovel, vacuuming the bank drive bys and blowin’ off the leaves. UPS, Fedex mostly delivering junk and pills to seniors. On every corner is either a CVS or Walgreens, or Jeboo temple along with assorted Fat food joints, saw a sign other day, on the marquis of Walgreens, “this store is being compounded” WTF does that mean? The whole fukkin thing is a Wally turd whrlld.

    10. dn Says:

      written in response to a feminist bitch this morning:

      “Women’s fertility is not just a concern for them but or both men and women just as men’s fertility as both sexes need each other to survive and persist as a people over time in the face of hostile tribes.Men have not invented an artificial womb yet.
      Without a welfare state or immigration neither sex would be safe in their old age from the consequences of childlessness.

      anyway better discussed face to face.

      I would agree that men would leave all discussion of female fertility alone if women agreed to leave everything that came from the brain of men alone ,such as computers and mobile phones and cars , thus staying in the kitchen with their wombs (we would allow women to use kitchen devices we invented ) :)
      I still prefer to have french men around to cook for me though:)
      I agree that men don’t understand female fertility just as women do not understand intellectual creativity as they have been so keen to demonstrate for all of recorded history.And there is nothing wrong with that just as men should not feel bad for not having a womb although most modern men act like pussies.

      I am just mentioning the AIDS dissent thing because I was surprised by it and how good guys like Duesberg are and convincing and I had just assumed for years they were full of shit without looking at their arguments.
      It could be interesting to read up on I suggest.There are films such as House of Numbers that can be downloaded. This is my gift to you if you want to control your body and reclaim a sexual freedom was was denied to you because of HIV fear.
      I also agree that your body belongs more to you than to the rulers, who are after all materialist men for the most part.To me Feminism is evidence of body and mind belonging to those of the media who spin ideology and faith.Of enslavement not liberation.
      But it is up to you to decide which side is true or false as it took myself a few weeks to absorb all the stuff and I am a scientist and as reluctant as anyone else to admit to having been made an asshole out of.

      Feminism is one of these things that has pretty much run it’s course and failed just as Communist states failed.But it was not something was was meant to succeed just as with Communism ,both served their purpose and killed lots of people (Kulaks, Foetuses etc).Both were sub-ideologies.It is pretty damn obvious with Zionist America bombing the fuck out of Arabs every second who runs the world so taboos about Jews are passe.

    11. Nom de Guerre Says:

      The capt’n on board the uss enterprize or was it “Con” stitution was busy making porno fliks

    12. Tim McGreen Says:

      Nom de Guerre, the next time your 1981 Honda Civic breaks down have Oprah fix it for you, OK?


    13. M. Kraus Says:

      A statistician hired by Seligman found that at Wal-Mart, women make up about two-thirds of the hourly employees but fewer than 14% of store managers. And in nearly every job category, women earned less than men, even though they had, on average, more seniority.

      Well, there’s a surprise: the statistician hired by the jew lawyer found that there was basis for a case against Wal Mart. I wonder what Wal Mart’s statisticians have found? No mention of them, oddly enough.

      Please, no comments about how one can “prove anything with statistics”, because that’s not true, but statistics don’t tell the whole story. Warren Farrell has already debunked the notion that females earn less and get fewer promotions because they’re “second class” employees working for old sexist men who hate women. That’s a bullshit argument, but it’s a compelling one for feminists and jew lawyers everywhere, and of course the media loves that myth so much that it will never present anything that contradicts the Good Woman/Evil Man story.

      I have worked with female employees who were incompetent, childish, perpetually angry and crazy, but you won’t see any of those types portrayed in Cultural Marxist Media.

    14. George Wallace Says:

      Life is like a football team. You hire the people best able to win the game. Or you can hire losers and go out of business. But, in Ameirca by the Constitution, you are FREE to do whatever you want. You can hire men, lizards, Bangladeshies, mules, falcons or girls…anything you want. The Juiciary has failed to find that the Constitution guarantees that Americans and their businesses are FREE to do what they want. Have you ever seen a Caucasian basketball team? Why the hell would anybody try to tell WalMart what to do and whom to hire. By the way, that would be communism…maybe that’s why we trade with China; we’re communists redistributing our wealth to our comrades.

    15. Tim McGreen Says:

      It goes without saying that the Jews are targeting WAL*MART not because of any humanitarian concerns, but simply because it is a retailing empire worth billions. However, I hardly feel sorry for WAL*MART. They do treat their hourly employees with something that borders on contempt. And they were among the first US retailers to sell only Chink-made crap, thus forcing all the other domestic retailers to do the same. What that has done to the USA’s manufacturing base does not require any further commentary.

    16. Joe Says:

      Joke of the day:An American,German and Bosnian woman are discussing how they trained their husbands to do household chores.American woman:”The first two days I saw no change but on the third he was already doing the dishes,changing diapers and vaacuming”.German woman:”after five days I saw he was doing everything I told him”.Bosnian woman:”after three days I could see out of my right eye…”

    17. Bigduke6 Says:

      Mrs Yuppie can get her masters while her husband is making the dough.

    18. M.D. Says:

      “You go into any bank, office, school, store, airport, hospital, library or newsroom and all you see are women. Nothing but female employees yakking to each other all day, either in person or on the phone. Then they take 90 minute lunch breaks and call it a day at 3:30.”

      Bank tellers, clerks, secretaries, customer services agents are usually womens’ jobs. When I start to see them taking over the police force or construction (the whole two or three individuals I’ve seen in my life don’t count as “taking over”), then I’ll start to worry.

      I haven’t been able to find a job that will let me get away with taking longer than my assigned 30-minute lunch and to leave at my whim, can you point me to one? That would be great, thank you.

      That being said, I have yet to see this so-called anti-female discrimination in any workplace, I have yet to see or experience unfair treatment, I’ve never seen any “sexist men who hate women, blah blah blah,” so I don’t know what all that yapping is about. I’m afraid I can’t sympathize with, or relate to it. Why do women at Walmart make less than men? It could be something as simple as most of them are working mothers and either only work part-time, they have less availability, they have to leave or take time off when their kids are sick or have to cart them around to this practice, that school function, etc, and most probably don’t do some of the physical work the guys do. I’m going to pay the person more who is always there, can do more and has more flexibility. That’s being “fair.”

    19. Tim McGreen Says:

      MD, you don’t know what you’re talking about. Until a few decades ago, most jobs were done by men. Women were usually only employed as nurses, secretaries, phone operators, teachers and librarians. And yes, unbeknownst to you there are jobs where people can take an hour or more for lunch during a certain period of the day. Obviously, you have only worked in shit-jobs where you can’t even pee without clocking out.

      So shut up.