24 March, 2011

Where Are the Jewish Converts?

Posted by Socrates in Hollywood, Jewish arrogance, judaism, Socrates at 5:39 pm | Permanent Link

Jews: so “superior” to everyone else. The late actress Elizabeth Taylor was a convert to Judaism. On that note, isn’t it funny how, in all of the marriages between Jews and gentiles, the latter always convert? The Jews never convert to Christianity. In other words, the goy always pleases the yid by giving up part of his/her heritage.


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  7. 20 Responses to “Where Are the Jewish Converts?”

    1. Klassikality Says:

      Converts are never fully accepted by the “real jews.” Goyim can try hard to kiss ass and act like a yid, but they will never be a true kike.

      I remember seeing Taylor on Larry King’s show referring to herself as a “jewish girl.” Good riddance to that bad trash.
      Hollywood has lots of half-jews: Michael Douglas, Goldie Hawn, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jake Gyllenhaal, Shia LeBeouf, Harrison Ford, Paul Newman, Scarlett Johansen, Sarah Jessica Parker, Matthew Broderick, River Phoenix and many more.

      Ford has said that “as a person he feels Irish (fathers side) but as an actor he feels jewish” (mothers side) works out nicely ,eh?

    2. torrence Says:

      “in all of the marriages between Jews and gentiles, the latter always convert?”

      Right, I’ve noticed that too. Could be that if it were the other way around, especially in Hollywood, it could be a career ender.

      In a parallel setting, we always see spineless Goyim like ALL politicians and even the ‘pope’d photographed with Yarmulke’s on their heads before the wailing wall or in some synagogue participating in a Jewish ritual of some sort. Have you ever, and I mean EVER, seen a Jew participating in a Christian service or even being photographed with a cross in the picture?
      If you have, seriously…..please post the source. I’d like to keep a copy for my records.

      Find joy, comrades, that we have an understanding of the things as they exist around us today. We possess insight into the nature of the problems, the cause and source of our distress and a knowledge of what fundamentals must be corrected to arrive at a decent, life-affirming order. These are really distressing times, but our truths are what sustain us.

    3. Tim McGreen Says:

      Jews marry gentiles in order to genetically expand the power of their Tribe deep into gentle territory; Gentiles marry Jews for personal gain.

      See the difference? The Gentile marries the Jew only for the sake of personal ambition, whereas the Jew is thinking about what’s best for his Tribe when he marries a gentile!.

    4. Leviticus Jackson Says:

      Thank goodness that horrible woman is gone! She might of been blessed with beauty when she was young, but her life was that of an alcoholic, drug abusing, racial renegade! The quicker she can be forgotten the better!

    5. Tim McGreen Says:

      It’s true, Hymiewood really screwed up Liz. That decadent jet-setting Jewish lifestyle eventually turned her into something of a Norma Desmond character, a tragic parody of herself. Prolonged exposure to Jews often results in bizarre, self-destructive behavior, followed by insanity and death.

      She married two Jews, Eddie Fisher and Mike Todd. Fisher was still married to the shiksa Debbie Reynolds when he married Liz (that no-good Jew). But I think the only man Liz really loved, besides the effeminate bleached-Negro entertainer Michael Jackson, was the late, great Welsh actor Richard Burton. She did marry him twice, after all. I imagine PBS will be running Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf? and Cleopatra this weekend. I always enjoyed seeing Burt and Liz together on screen.

    6. Bret Ludwig Says:

      Liz converted to Judaism in conjunction with marrying Eddie Fisher, just as Marilyn Monroe did so before marrying Arthur Miller. The motivations were apparently similar. It’s noteworthy that in the case of Miller he did not really WANT her to convert, he WANTED a shiksa wife. In the case of Fisher, I read his biography some years ago, if I remember right he wasn’t that concerned either way. His son DID become a fundie Xtian later on and he told the son “I’ve lived as a Jew and I am going to die as a Jew” or suchlike when he tried to peddle Jebabble on the old man.

      Jews do occasionally convert out for marriage, but NOT in Hollywood.

      Jews converting out is way more racially dangerous than the other way around. See Oliver and his constant discussions of “Marranos”.

    7. abc Says:

      It’s despicable in two ways.
      1. Religious
      A Christian converting to Judaism is spitting on Jesus, calling Him, like Jews do, a bastard, and insulting Mary too, like Jews do.
      2. Racial
      A white woman opening her legs for a Semite.

    8. Varg Says:

      Not so sure Christianity is ‘our’ heritage.

      Converting to judaism is probably a wise move for a christian if they want to move up the ladder to semitic heaven.

      Remember, this is who you share heaven with under christianity:

      “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free man, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” – Galatians 3:28

    9. Karen Says:

      This is really all a sham. Christianity and Islam are offshoots of judaism period. It really is all judaism folks. They all pay tribute to the big sheeny in the sky and on earth.

    10. Tim McGreen Says:

      Karen, I know what you mean but Judaism isn’t so original either. The Jews borrowed heavily from their Egyptian and Sumerian neighbors when they put their Jew religion and Jew Bible together. Christianity is a real mongrel religion…It’s a Hellenized and Romanized version of a near-eastern messianic Jewish cult, with some Zoroastrianism and Hinduism / Buddhism thrown in. Islam is a “freewheeling” interpretation of Christianity and Judaism, mixed together with traditional Arab mythology.

    11. Karen Says:

      I do realize what you are saying and very well said. I understand what the jews have done with other people’s beliefs from so long ago. They even stole “Ya’h from the Canannites. What they have accomplished is totalitarian. And no matter what god or how many gods they profess it is the stolen one called Ya”h who rules all others in their dillusional minds. This is judaism. They have by far the most repulsive story of creation compared to others even in ancient times. lol I should say they really twisted the Sumerian myth into nonsense.

    12. Bigduke6 Says:

      Sammy Davis Jr. and uggh Whopee Goldberg both converted to Joodyism. The joos must have been hard up for converts with Whoppie.

    13. 2012 Says:


    14. seth Says:

      The gangster Arthur Flegenheimer (Dutch Schultz) converted to Catholicism.

    15. seth Says:

      Also, Dyan Cannon is now an enthusiastic Christian, though she was raised in the Jewish religion.

    16. Tim McGreen Says:

      Dyan Cannon?! That’s a name I haven’t heard or seen in years. She was kind of hot looking if I remember correctly. But like Ursula Andress, Brit Ekland, Ann Margaret, Brigitte Bardot and Catherine Denueve, it’s probably better to remember how they used to look 40 years ago, not how they look now.

    17. Karen Says:

      Christianty is judaism. judaism for the goy.

    18. CW-2 Says:

      There is a big internal problem within Christianity, namely how to reconcile the respect, almost adoration, given by contemporary churches to the Jewish people with the fact that Judaism is a supremacist faith which is not only “hostile to all men” but is at its core fundamentally evil.
      No amount of painting over the cracks, such as the Identity Churches or the even earlier British Israel movement can hope to defuse this inconsistency. This crisis within Christianity can only deepen as the rank and file church goers come to see their leaders pushing for globalism and open borders.

    19. Bigduke6 Says:

      Tim McGreen you have great taste in women. And that was the day actresses had a little meat on their calves and lots of talent. The first lady I fell in love with was Elizabeth Montgomery. Feminuts love to hate Barbara Billingsley, but there are few woman of style and grace anymore. Love her or hate her Jackie O was one classy woman. Oh yes and there was Marilyn, too bad Hollyweird stwered her wrong
      But Marilyn cannot be surpassed even today.

    20. Ein Says:

      No proof, but I have always strongly suspected that ET simply returned to her original roots, when she publicly “converted”. By converting, she covered the lie she had been living. She came to fame (1940s) at a time when being an open Jew was not well received in the USA and most of the Jewish actors were crypto. So she passed as a goy. Later, having gained wealth and fame, and the national attitudes having softened, she “converted” back to what she had always really been. That’s my hunch. Her entire family has all the marks too (art dealers, show people, stock brokers — not one of them has ever worked; all skimmers, and obsessed with accumulating money).

      She also has the looks of the classical Jewesss, though a particularly good-looking one without a doubt. Living iIn my apartment building there is a rabbi and his wife. His wife looks EXACTLY like a spitting image of ET when she was younger. I would have thought they were sisters.