9 April, 2011

Abortion: an Anti-White Obsession for Jews, Liberals

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Did you notice how the federal budget negotiations in Washington were mired down partly by the issue of abortion? To the Jews and liberals, nothing is more important than keeping abortion legal. After all, abortion keeps the White population down and it also allows women to pursue careers without being “burdened” with kids. It’s a two-fer! As an added bonus, abortion sends a message that White lives aren’t very valuable. (Make that a three-fer!). Of course, the abortion movement – like other liberal movements – was led by Jews.

Here’s an article about one of the Jewish founders of the abortion industry, Dr. Bernard Nathanson. It was Nathanson who coined the now-infamous phrase “pro-choice.” He later converted to Christianity – as if that could change his ethnicity. [Article]. Bernard Nathanson’s obituary: [Here].

Here, a Jewish senator insists that taxpayer funding for abortion providers will continue forever: [Article].

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    1. Tim McGreen Says:

      I have read that 98% of all fetuses with Down’s Syndrome are aborted. That is excellent news. I have also read that 35% of all abortions in the US are done on Blacks. That too is excellent news. Of course that still means about 57% of all abortions are done on Whites.

      Hopefully, the nigger problem will soon become nothing more than a sideshow. The real problem will be dealing with billions of Muslims and Mestizos. Those vermin never get abortions.

    2. John Says:

      There should be a law which restricts abortion on the basis of race. Whites would be banned from getting abortions while muds would be encouraged.

    3. M. Kraus Says:

      If tensions in Washington weren’t already high enough in Washington between Republicans and Democrats, Congresswoman Louise Slaughter may have added a little more fuel to the fire.

      During a rally Wednesday on the National Mall in Washington, the Rochester-area Democrat said Republicans newly elected to the House of Representatives last November came to Congress “to kill women.”

      “It is a very difficult time for us here in Washington,” Slaughter said. “There is nothing in any of their bills that have anything to do with the health of a woman. You are allowed to have an abortion if you have been raped, or it’s a matter of incest, but you have to have a receipt… did you know that? It’s sort of like an old German Nazi move: show me your papers.”

      Oh yeah, exactly like that.

      Republicans want to “kill women”? Has this old hag been tested for dementia?

      The rhetoric from these “representatives” just gets sillier every day. Anything that threatens the Jew World Order must be loudly and hysterically denounced, preferably with a mention of Nazi Germany, because we all know that it was the incarnation of pure evil.

    4. CW-2 Says:

      It makes me sick that these jews after doing their evil either ‘repent’ or ‘convert’ and live out their retirement in comfort and tranquility, just like Lazar Kaganovich in the days of the Sovietjewion.
      Meanwhile these jews secretly gloat over killing millions of potential White leaders and others who would have lived lives of achievement. It is an egregious crime.

    5. Harsh Harvey Says:

      Margaret Sanger and Lorthrop Stoddard were both very pro-Birth Control because it fit into Eugenics and keeping the mud population down. (Stoddard even sat on the board of directors of the American Birth Control League).

      Eugenics is going to be easier if we can abort undesirable Jewish, mud, and niggress fetuses, thats all.

    6. Miller Says:

      sterilize and castrate the undesirables.

    7. Tim McGreen Says:

      “sterilize and castrate the undesirables.”

      EXACTLY. And give them a lobotomy, too, so they’ll calm down and become as docile as houseplants. Then, and only then, should we start talking about human compassion and all that other bourgeois sentimentality.

    8. Red Drapes Says:

      The jew the perpertraitor of the false and poisonious formula.

      Beer is a terrible “solution” for the brain and only makes you stupider, but more assured in your problems while doing it, you are supposed to go to college to enhance your mind. It may be benificial in it’s medicinal qualities (helping the heart or whatever but does nothing to actually solve your problems as any homeless drunk can demonstrate to you)

      The jew in movies such as Animal House encourage you to go to college and drink all the beer you can. When in college, you are supposed to enhance your mind as readily as possible. I think the name “Animal House” (the jew wants you to be more of an animal and less of a “Roman” or “Menes” such as those “Aryan” Omegas were) it, as do the characters in Caddyshack. (Compare Ted Knight to Bill Murray and Rodney Dangerfield to the gopher and all the inner turmoil that they cause)

      Jews prohibit eating of pork, because of if you were to eat it raw you would then ingest it’s genetic solution far more readily. And this would prohibit you from gaining a more human form as much as drinking the blood (or soul juice) of “pure Aryan” prepubeset boy.


      -In the old days of the ghetto, the “Patriarch” of the community would drink the blood of the pure Aryan lads to be able to tell the rest of the community the “solutions” to their problems.

      But whether it’s encourage to take some genetic solution in your rectum so it is ingested most readily, or have some guy’s sh-t and ass-it on your dick (Do you see where I am going with this? Hint they call it ass-it because it dis-solves) They have all the bad solutions to problems they created. But have you ever heard the saying “jew girls don’t do anal”? It is always one soltution for the jew, one for the white man.

      If you do not think these things are poisiouning your food, you’re crazy!

      They came up with ” modern conservatism” as a solution to “economic parasitism” while leaving the jew out as any sort of problem, and are far too arrogant to even appear to fix that. They come up with disinformation websites for the same reason. Knowing that people get the jew is a parasite, they will unconscienly be aware of a sort parasite and virus, but always giving a bad solution to the problem.

      The apostle John even had Jesus say that jews were the sons of the devil and the first murder (Cain), and he said they that Cain was of the wicked one. But then gave many poisiousness and suicidal lies to cure their ills.

      What these devls know is the extermination of the “genetic” concentration known as the white race, and power and goodness it contains there within, is the end all solution to all their problems, which is why they created the solution of abortion.

    9. Tim McGreen Says:

      I think that photo of the thumb-sucking fetus was first shown in LIFE magazine in the 60s. Of course, the fetus was dead when the picture was taken. Disturbing.

    10. van helsing Says:

      yes blacks are aborted at higher rates, and i read that in NYC they account for 60% of all abortions. hyman must tire of having them near.

      also, if one has a white woman who is gang raped by undesirables (as if desirables would do that), then that is probly a good candidate for abortion as well.

      mcdonalds also looks like a bad place to hang out these days. not that i ever do.