25 April, 2011

America Goes from Being a Rich, Masculine, White Republic to Being a Feminized, Multicultural Debtocracy in Just a Few Decades

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But don’t worry. It’s all part of the NWO plan: transfer wealth, power and technology from Whites to non-Whites. No big deal. Just think: you’ll be taking orders from Brown Man in no time. Neat-o!


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  7. 32 Responses to “America Goes from Being a Rich, Masculine, White Republic to Being a Feminized, Multicultural Debtocracy in Just a Few Decades”

    1. Wolf Says:

      Question: What new technology have chinks invented in the past 1000 years?

    2. Jim Says:

      It is an Iron Law of Nature that a strong masculine society will always triumph over a weak feminized society. The jews have been the primary culprits in destroying the masculine racial WILL of the White Race. It remains to be seen whether or not the chinks will successfully resist the destructive power of the jews, but if they do overcome jewish power,and maintain their strong racial consciousness. the future may belong to China. The Great White Race must soon AWAKEN and throw off the jewish virus FOREVER.

    3. Jim Says:

      The White Race must recover its manly will to conquer, dominate, and PREVAIL over the lesser races. One hundred years ago, the White Race reigned unchallenged over the earth. Since then, we have screwed up big time. We have let the jews, females, and do-gooders take our power away from us. We have given the mud races our technology, our women, and most tragically, OUR BALLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4. Miller Says:

      At this point, all we need are uniforms and weapons. That, and a good number of assets in the police and military forces.

      We could easily defeat any army of muds.

      America’s majority White military is being trained for Race War/Religious War as we speak. We need a White leader to bring our boys home so we can start reducing the surplus population of muds and Jews.

      We will do so under the rubric of defeating Islam to save the West: A NEW CRUSADES.

    5. Bigduke6 Says:

      all these numb nuts who voted for Chimpbama and change, we’ll be luckey to have change in our pockets.

    6. Bigduke6 Says:

      Wolf, the chinks don’t need to on invent any thing, the U.S. govt amd industry will justt give all our technology away to them.

    7. Joe Neunzig Says:

      Question: What new technology have chinks invented in the past 1000 years?

      Answer: Cloning. If you go to Chinee Land you’ll see billions of them!

    8. Luke Says:

      “Jim Says:
      25 April, 2011 at 11:45 pm

      The White Race must recover its manly will to conquer, dominate, and PREVAIL over the lesser races. One hundred years ago, the White Race reigned unchallenged over the earth. Since then, we have screwed up big time. We have let the jews, females, and do-gooders take our power away from us. We have given the mud races our technology, our women, and most tragically, OUR BALLS!!!!!!!!!!!”

      Jim hit the nail on the head, but when we have white men who claim to be fighting the jew, but who’ll turn right around and heap scorn and spew venom in the direction of any legitimate white nationalist who might say something entirely truthful – but a wee bit unflattering, about the masses of Negros, Mestizos and other non-whites who are being imported into white nations by the very same jews who that jew-fighting white man claims to be opposing, then the question has to be asked: Can the white man ever grow back his racial balls, as Jim advises?

      J.B. Campbell is one such white guy, and he writes for the Veterans Today website and sometimes I’ve seen his stuff on Rense.com. After reading one of J.B.’s recent articles, I concluded that he seems to have allowed the very jew he claims to be fighting to brainwash him into feeling guilty for the white man’s victories over his racial competitors in the past, when a white man with a real set of proud, white racial balls would be celebrating and reveling in those victories, not apologizing for them.

      But, J.B. is not alone in his bizarre confusion and convoluted thinking on racial matters. There are many other whites in the so-called ‘patriot’ movement who can also see the jew as the enemy, but who demonstrate clear signs of jewish induced anti-white, white self-loathing, and a de-racination mental conditioning.

      News Flash to such people: Face facts. The jew is waging a race war against every non-jewish race on the planet, and whites are their #1 competitor and we therefore are #1 on the jewish priority list for extermination. You cannot possibly hope to fight and win a race war when you have bought the jewish brainwashing that conspires to snooker you into denying the existence and importance of race. I advise you to stop apologizing for, or making excuses for, being white and to also stop apologizing for your far healthier and far more racially confidant white ancestors who weren’t brainwashed by jews and who knew how to kick ass and take names, when the occasion and circumstances called for it.

    9. Tim McGreen Says:

      This all started 40 years ago, when Nixon’s Jew war-criminal Secretary of State Henry Kissinger persuaded Nixon to establish relations with Red China, ostensibly to politically isolate Red China’s former ally the USSR. It goes without saying that Kissinger and his Jew/Capitalist cronies are now very, very wealthy.

      Looking back, it’s shameful how we stood by and let those lying criminals and parasites take our whole industrial and economic base away from us, while they made vague promises about replacing those good-paying manufacturing jobs with new jobs in the “services and information” sector. In other words, shit jobs that pay $7 or $8 an hour with no benefits.

      If it’s any consolation the Chinks will eventually experience massive job losses too when the International Capitalist Bloodsuckers close down their Chinese factories and move them to Cambodia and Laos. After all, why should they pay a Chinaman 50 cents an hour when they can pay a Zipperhead 25 cents an hour?

      The people responsible for this crime are relatively few in number….Most of the US Congress, the economists at Harvard and Johns-Hopkins, a few thousand financial and corporate machers and their flunkies in the Establishment press. They are all that is standing between us and White freedom. Would it really be that hard to eliminate them, once and for all time???

    10. CW-2 Says:

      Exactly Luke. We have absolutely nothing to apologize about. Our ancestors made the modern world and if at some stage they gave the mud ass a well deserved kicking, well that’s great, they had the foresight to provide us with breathing and breeding space.

    11. Nom de Guerre Says:

      “It goes without saying that Kissinger and his Jew/Capitalist cronies are now very, very wealthy.”

      Wow Tim, another classic expose!
      I happened to be looking at a an old yearbook from the Gulfstream Aerospace, that closed shop completely in 2002 and shipped its production to Mejico. At the final board meeting in Jew Dawk Shitty, you see the goys sitting down to Wine and Dine, and guess who is in the backrow standing ? Why Henry Kissinger and Donald Rumsfeld! The list of culprits should include Ronnie Raygun, I read that Commander Rockwell listed him as an ex-pinko.

    12. Joe Says:

      Wolf,the chinks design most of their state-of-the-art weapons (such as fighters) from plans of US systems sold to them by the Israelis.

    13. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Like the Bird man said, it would only take about 100 well placed bullets.

    14. Brian Says:

      Ya, I know all about the Jews and their destructive behavior, BUT what kind of people would let themselves be lead by the nose toward their own destruction. The fact is, the vast majority of whites deserve what’s coming their way. They are just as much as enemy of the average Jew is

    15. Luke Says:

      Sadly, Brian is to a considerable degree – right in his assessment. I have an old military acquaintance who went through 4 marriages and finally wound up with an Asian woman. I’ve tried my level best to educate this guy and to help him connect a few of the simplest to connect dots, and it’s like I’m talking to him in a language that he doesn’t understand.

      What little I have been able to drill into his thick skull – he will parrot back to me that same old self-hating, white guilt ridden, suicidal, genocidal poison that I got so sick of hearing from my Talmud Vision device that I killed my TV watching about 20 years ago. Thankfully, I only see this guy about once a year – because being around him literally makes my flesh crawl. He’s not only a disloyal race mixer, but he’s turned into the enemy of his own race.

      I think it might have been Bud White on the old Free Talk Live radio podcasts who once asked the question: “How can an entire race of humans have their ethnic survival instincts turned off?”.

      That describes what Brian is referring to, I think. And, if CW2 ever does manage to kick off – those kinds of whites will be standing in our enemy’s camp and will be eager to kill those of us who are unaffected by the jewish spider venom.

    16. Tim McGreen Says:

      Luke, all you have to do is ask the guy: “What’s the matter, a White girl isn’t good enough for you?” Fortunately I don’t know of any such race-mixers among my family or acquaintances. Now that I think about it I actually don’t have any friends or family who would condone such racially destructive behavior. They may not be overt “racists” but by the same token they probably would not associate with any race-traitor.

      And kudos to Brian for telling it like it is. The sad, painful fact is that a lot of Whites, for a variety of reasons, deserve to be shot. Many of them will get what’s coming to them after the inevitable White revolution.

    17. Bigduke6 Says:

      Nom de gurre, I accidentally pressed a thumbs down on this touch screen. Like your post about Kissassinger and did a thumbs up.

    18. Bigduke6 Says:

      About 20 years ago I read an intel article how the freaking commies could walk right in to a library of MIT or high tech Institute with a lap top and hand scanner and steal our engineering and manufacturing processes in minutes. And chinks with laptops are comming to the kwa on student visas and robbing the U.S. blind financially.

    19. Tim McGreen Says:

      That’s true, Big D, the Orientals just brazenly steal all of our technology and we let them do it. All those Chinamen you see on the MIT and Cal Tech campuses report back to Peking. Orientals are never to be trusted, and that especially goes for the Jew, who is the most scheming and treacherous Oriental of them all.

    20. Bigduke6 Says:

      How does a SWDM find a lady who is a WN? Any ideas? I have been venturing out of the Peoples Republic Of Jewcago and starting to meet more racially aware friends. I have been going to a couple country bars, but I have to drive over a hundred miles to get there. I have black and mexican women hitting on me all the time. Funny how black and mexican women are looking for masculinity where white woman are looking for men they can control. I have been on some dating sites where the lady says seeking Jewish men only. Now if I would put looking for WN lady only, the feds would send the thought police to knock my door down.

    21. Bigduke6 Says:

      Besides the jews, chinks, spics and niggers stealing anything that is not nailed down, they are stealing our women.

    22. Nom de Guerre Says:

      We now get an elementary school here named after a Mexshit communist Caesar Chaves, just like a nigger a mexican always steals a famous white mans name like Caesar.

      What do you think would happen if the Chinese elites would employ other orientals to drive down the labour costs? Go figure, when they sent Uighers to work in Han areas, the Han literally stomped them to death. Same goes for Sambo in Afreeka if you don’t belong to the same tribe you end up on the menu. Whites are so fukking dumb they don’t deserve to live, and I attribute that suicide to 2000 years of jeboo religion

    23. Howdy Doody Says:

      # Joe Says:
      26 April, 2011 at 8:13 am

      Wolf,the chinks design most of their state-of-the-art weapons (such as fighters) from plans of US systems sold to them by the Israelis.

      Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 7 Thumb down 0

    24. Nom de Guerre Says:

      Went to the local employment service today, what do you see? Sambos and Sambas shootin’ the shit, Spics helpin’ other spics. Some economy huh? This Shitty has no industrial work other than making plastic bags and burritos, all the machinery for tool making was shipped out by kikes in the 90s after hostile takeovers the likes of Carl Icahn. Once upon time this Shitty ,not really in the industrial heartland, was producing aircraft, thats all gone to Mejico, if not China. The Agriculture the oil, with the exception of natural gas is all played out. If you want my estimation the Amerikwan economy only lives off the dead Whites that built this place.

    25. Nom de Guerre Says:

      The only economy now is feed and breed muds, and jeboo temples.

    26. Bigduke6 Says:

      Another thing did you noticed a lot of spies caught stealing military and industrial secrets are jews or handled by Israel.

    27. Tim McGreen Says:

      Big Duke, I would suggest that you do not go out of your way to find a racially-conscious White girl. It seems to me that most of the so-called WN or NS girls around these days are either freaky goth types or big, crazy fatties. Just find a nice gal and as your relationship develops you can gradually get her to see things from a racial perspective. Without scaring her away, that is. I think deep down there are a lot of White females who have racial sentiments, they just can’t find a decent White guy who is willing to help bring those sentiments out.

      That’s where you come in, Big D.

    28. Tim McGreen Says:

      Nom, it sounds like we both live in the same shit-hole of a city. The one I’m in was a major center for textiles and dyes from the mid 1800s until the Depression. Then all the mills moved down into the South, then to Mexico and now they’re in China. All they’ve got left around here is the haunted house where two Indians murdered their sister because she married a traveling White salesman…what a legacy!

      The local middle school is filled with Crips and has gone through about half a dozen principals in last 5 years. Everywhere you look you see the ruins of a once great city……the abandoned downtown hotel that is now a Rent-a-Center, the pile of rubble and broken glass that was once a stately Victorian-era train station, armed gangs of feral mestizos roam the streets at will, elderly White folks cower inside of high-rise apartments that are surrounded by rolls of concertina wire………..

      Those Marines fought and died at Guadalcanal for this????

    29. DMS Says:

      Wolf asked: “What new technology have chinks invented in the past 1000 years?”

      Does the use of pulverized scrap plastic as a milk extender count? That’s kind of clever, in a way.

    30. Dave Says:

      Tim is right. Every girl I have ever dated and my wife were thoroughly brainwashed guilt ridden whites. One by one I put on the charm and slowly brought them to a racially aware state. It is the only way. And, unless they have already bed down with the dark side or spewed out a mud you can almost certainly help them to see. Remember a real women wants to be led by her man, if not overtly, still deep down they do. So make them love you first,then ease them into it.

    31. Howdy Doody Says:


      When I first read about this, though I grew up in a large city chocked full of these monsters from Afreaka, the crime was enough to make you sick to believe these bastards were not shot by the police.

      P.C. Whites give off a strong aroma to niggers that trigger “Get Some” in the simian brain!

    32. Bigduke6 Says:

      Thanks Tim for the great advice. Will let you know how things go.