8 April, 2011

Generations of Holocaust Survivors

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On a TV talk show in the year 2095:

Show host: “Now, let’s bring out our next guest. He’s a 6th-generation holocaust survivor from Brighton Beach, New York, Irving Ben-Picklesnoot…(applause). Ok. Well, now, I understand that your great-great-great grandmother was gassed 4 times at the Dachau camp, is that right? And you, yourself, remember it all?”

Ben-Picklesnoot: “Uh, not quite, but you’re very close. My great-great-great-great uncle, Hymie Cohen Goldgrabber, was gassed 6 times at Treblinka. Yet even today, I can hear the sound of the gas-chamber door opening and closing. His experiences are my experiences…”


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  7. 10 Responses to “Generations of Holocaust Survivors”

    1. Howdy Doody Says:

      I wish this were funny but the sick bastard’s if they there were a bastardtized USA left in 2095 they would do it.

      Look what they did to Congoids as they prey on White’s daily.

      Is it any wonder that jooo’s have their own Serious Security in their hood’s in that capital city that had a mass murder and massive insurance fraud crime that has not yet met that bar of justice a decade ago.

      A decade ago.

      It is no wonder they could not let TED TURNER buy CBS back 1987, as they know the value of controlling the filthy media.

    2. lewiswestgard Says:

      “The Holocaust” is the sword and shield of the state of Israel.”

      Their alleged “Holocaust” has permitted them to slander nearly all non-Jews, including the wartime Allies, the Neutrals, the Papacy, the International Committee of the Red Cross, all accused of having, it seems, let the Germans “exterminate the European Jews”.

    3. Sgt. Skull Says:

      I’ve come up with a get rich quick scheme. I will produce t-shirts that read:

      “I vas gassed and lived to tell the story”

      Of course, since hebes must out muscle even each other at telling atrocity stories there will be demand for more t-shirts so that Jews with absolutely no shame would be screaming for shirts that read:

      “I vas gassed three times AND shot and lived to tell the story”

      They’ll also look great on coffee mugs and hats. They will be marketed to holocaust museums around the country. I’ll become a multimillionaire in no time.

    4. Tim McGreen Says:

      You would think the Jews would be happy to learn there is no evidence and in fact no way that 6 million of their fellow tribesmen could have been “gassed” in WWII. But the Jews are such sick, perverted, neurotic, hate-crazed liars that they actually like believing that lie. It gives them a twisted sense of joy to create morbid fairy tales about gas ovens and lampshades. The Jews are narcissisists who delude themselves into believing the whole world is obsessed with them. Well, I’m obsessed with shutting them up…for good.

    5. Harsh Harvey Says:

      A heeb was angered at a pro-Palestinian event in my area recently. He kept referring to World War 2! Well 75 million people total died in WW2, and (allegedly) only 6 million kikes died.

      Why are the small number of kikes so much more important then the rest, hmm?

      The Jews keep pushing this non-sense in 2010, like 80 years later and people today just are not buying it!!

    6. Zoroastro Says:

      Pathological liars.

    7. Joe Neunzig Says:

      And now for something completely different… the real holocaust of WWII the fire-bombing of Dresden by the allies (funny how you never hear the joos whining about that!).

    8. Mel Brooks Says:

      A few years back there was some alter cocker (Yiddish for “old shit”) making the rounds of local charities and colleges here in the SF Bare Area.
      She was peddling the idea of “recalled memories” in later generations of Hohoholycost survivors. Well, with the ranks of survivors, however legion, shuffling off the mortal coil , they gotta have some angle on this racket to keep it going. Around this time some jokester placed an ad in a Jewish singles rag, describing himself as a 27 year old Holocaust Survivor. Of course some member of the Cherzen Pipple called him on it. Apparently the argument escalated until our prankster accused his tormentor of denying the Holocaust. At which point, the Ewe backed off and apologized. Cognitive DIssonance much? The belief in the lie was more important to this jew than the fact that his opponent was obviously playing them all for fools. How on Earth can you deal with a mindset like that?

      You don’t..

      BTW, my grandmother once got hit in the face with a jar of Pond’s Cold Cream…I suffer with headaches to this day. I demand reparations from Unilever.

    9. Nom de Guerre Says:


      If you aren’t being flooded with jew sob stories about the holy hoax, they are airing special about the special folks all the god damn time. Like this shitty Ken Burns special “Jews n’basebull! Why the fuk don’t that libtard sak of shit from New Hampshire write something Like “Jews and Organized crime”

    10. Tim McGreen Says:

      Ken Burns is a douchy liberal all right. Like every typical northern White lefty he loves old timey baseball, Abby Lincoln and jazz. I find most of his documentaries to be too laid-back and filled with corny nostalgia. And of course, he has to find a “Black angle” to every story.

      But here’s one good Ken Burns style “mock-umentary”: